Archive | January 27, 2015

Cooking MasterClass Discussion For MasterChef Junior Season 3: Week 4: Tag Team Sushi Challenge

Picture Credit: MasterChef Junior/Fox Last week’s show was tons of fun – from the judges taking on a geriatric fashion look to the terrifying release of alligators, turtles and snakes and all that fun stuff scurrying around the MasterChef Kitchen. However, it set the tone for both segments of the show – one focusing on […]

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MasterClass Meltdown Of The Day: Phillip Phillips Sues 19E For Career Manipulation

(Sigh). Seriously, this is beyond ridiculous. I am still trying to wrap my head around this American Idol News Item. According to The Hollywood Reporter, American Idol Season 11 Winner, Phillip Phillips, is suing the company for manipulating his career via his recordings, special bookings and appearances. In other words, he is suing them for […]

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