American Idol Season XIV: Sneak Peek: The Top 24 (Almost) Revealed

I don’t know which is more exciting – the fact that we get to hear the Top 24 in this video below or that American Idol Season XIV has finally re-embraced the Top 24 Semi-Final format?

Yes, finally!

I have only been harping and harping on a return to this format for the past four years or so.

So, I was heartened to see that we have a Top 24 to wrap our minds and hearts around, which should make for an exciting and judicious semi final round.

As you can plainly see and hear (well, mostly hear, but I digress), we have some very, very good singers this season with distinctive sounds.

And, it was a step in the right direction to include Michael Buble’s version of “Feelin’Good” in this video because it is very relatable to a wide audience. We need to get those rating numbers up, Up, UP!

American Idol Season XIV premieres on Fox Wednesday, January 7th at 8:00 PM .

Which singer/sound intrigued you the most? And wasn’t this a great idea?

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14 Responses to “American Idol Season XIV: Sneak Peek: The Top 24 (Almost) Revealed”

  1. Hello…Now, that got my attention! How lovely it would be to actually see the top 24 and hear them a couple of times before the voting begins!!!

    If they were to showcase two or three during each audition and Hollywood week, that would be Awesome!

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  2. Hi Rosanne and Vonnie! I came by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays!) I am so excited and hopeful about Season 14. It disappoints me that the ratings sunk so low that they cut out the Results Show! It just doesn’t seem right to have everything rushed for one night only. I have heard a few of the contestants, but have some time to pick out my favorites. I don’t know what Idol can do except find an exciting contestant or more to being back some former Idol watchers. I love this show!

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  3. This blog hits the nail on the head for me of why I’ve lost interest in watching American Idol.

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  4. Idol Girl – thanks for the link but I disagree with most of it. Although Idol can drag on, I still like their format the best. You really become invested in the singers.

    The Voice moves too quickly and so much great talent is eliminated far too quickly. I lose interest because of this.

    Idol is making significant changes this season and is bringing back the Top 24 format which is stellar news. Best format ever.


  5. Merry Christmas to you too KariAnn. I meant to add a blog topic about the Christmas season but it has been a season full of surprises at my end and I was far too busy. Thank you so much for your support.


  6. I stopped watching Idol religiously after season 8. I’ve always hated the auditions part of Idol, specifically the William Hungs that try out. I’ve always hated the Hollywood part of Idol, specifically when they had to go through the groups drama. I’ll tune in out of curiosity to see which singers were chosen when the voting part begins, but it’s definitely no longer appointment viewing for me.

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  7. I find it very aggravating when someone like Sanjaya hangs around for far too long or we wind up with a winner like Taylor Hicks.


  8. I find it very aggravating when someone like Sanjaya Malakar hangs around for far too long or we wind up with a winner like Taylor Hicks.


  9. Dear Idol Girl,
    You should give the auditions a second chance. I also used to dislike the auditions because I didn’t care for the fact that they made fun of some of the contestants. But as I recall, they didn’t do that last year with the new panel of judges including Harry Connick, Jr. It was much more pleasant to watch.


  10. My family members that used to watch Idol have quit watching it. My friends have quit watching Idol. My co-workers have quit watching Idol. I take that as a not so good sign.


  11. Vonnie & MCL-Sam Woolf has a new 5 song EP just released on I-Tunes! It’s so beautiful! Such amazingly written songs, and I love the sound of his voice. I wish he could have been signed to a major record label. He such seems to have alot of potential for being big recording artist. AI really missed the mark with that young man!


  12. Hi Anita!

    Thank you for the info on Sam, I will go in search! I too love the sound of his voice; cant wait to hear his songs!!!

    I don’t listen to the top 40 spins anymore…has Caleb done anything???

    Hi Kariann,

    Hoping you had a Very Merry family had a very Joyous Christmas, very quiet and low key (just how I like it, LOL)

    Hi All,

    I am looking forward to this season of Idol. I hope that TPTB fixed some of last years flaws and my main one being…a whole lot less cameo shots of JLo and the judges table! I also hope that this year the judges take on a more mentoring roll instead of Bus Drivers!!!

    Let the Auditions Begin!

    Wonder how many times we will hear “Let It Go” in the auditions???


  13. Vonnie,

    I remembered how much you loved Sam and wanted he and Alex in the finale so badly. To me, Sam’s voice is more wonderful than ever! I know people continue to say he doesn’t sing with any emotion. I don’t totally agree. He certainly doesn’t sound like a robot on that EP. It’s a gorgeous piece of work, and he’s only 18 years old! People just need to give him time. Sam is only going to get better and better.

    Caleb released a new album in October, but it has sold very poorly. I’ve never checked his album out. I’m not a Caleb fan, but I do feel bad for the guy, even though he’s come across as a jerk on occasions. I haven’t heard anything about Jena. Alex is working on new music right now. I’m definately looking very forward to that!


  14. This is a soft rock station I listen to:

    They love themselves some of the American Idol alumni! They’ve been playing a couple of songs by Phil Phillips (“Home”, “Gone Gone Gone”) and Daughtry (“Waiting For Superman”). For Christmas, they play songs by Carrie Underwood and Mandisa. They’ve updated the playlist with some new songs recently and now have a song in rotation by Danny Gokey (“Hope In Front Of Me”).


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