American Idol – What Is Wrong With You?


How could this show get any lousier? How?

How? Well, I’ll tell you.

They select 15 girls to perform in the semifinal and then decide – on air mind you – to feature only 10 of the girls.

Why? It makes no sense and it is exploitive and manipulative. A ratings ploy before NBC’s The Voice Season 6 bombards the airwaves next week. Well, methinks it didn’t work but whatever!

And, to add fuel to the smouldering fire which is ready to combust at any moment, a few of the non-selected girls, such as Kenzie and Austin Wolfe, were front runners. And they deserved to be! During the early auditions and the Hollywood Rounds, they exhibited poise, class and professionalism.

So, pray tell, American Idol, why were these young ladies cut? Why? Voting parties were held across the Country for 15 girls and, just like that, 5 dreams were shattered. So, we, the voters, want an explanation. And we are serious in stating this request.

Then, the girls who were selected to perform, had to run from their seated position so they could breathlessly perform their number – live – in front of millions of viewers – and after sitting for minute after minute, hour after hour (in some cases), wondering if their name would be called next. Is it any wonder that some of them fell apart on stage?

And, listen, I love fabulous teen singers as much as the next person – case in point – David Archuleta from Season 7.

But not one girl showed any potential to coming close to what David accomplished during Season 7, although I suspect that Austin and Kenzie would have achieved this had they been allowed to perform.

Also, where were the older female singers? The Nadia Turners, the Jennifer Hudsons, the Pia Toscanos – the list is endless. Some of these teen singers are clearly not ready for prime time nor do they have enough musical experience and knowledge to draw from.

The Top 24 format was the best format. Go back to it already and put us all out of our misery!

I was so sad for the staff – in particular, composer, arranger, vocal coach, Michael Orland, and band leader, Rickey Minor, who clearly must miss his gig with The Tonight Show With Jay Leno after what transpired on Tuesday evening on American Idol. He via me back for this? He deserves better!!

On Wednesday, February 19th, the 15 guys will perform. Oh, excuse me, 10 guys. Lovely, just lovely.

I am out of words. Your turn to add your 2 cents in the comments section below.

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17 Responses to “American Idol – What Is Wrong With You?”

  1. MCL,

    Unless the format of the show is changed, the show will continue to deteriorate. The major issue is the lack of partnership and involvement among the “judges” and the contestants. Unlike with The Voice, the judges come in too late to be of significant help to each contestant. Whatever the critical problem may be – song choice, interpretation, presentation, song key, accompaniment – the judges on TV are dealing with the issue beforehand and pro actively while the AI judges are dealing with it after the fact and reactively. So take Emily Piriz last night as an example. HCJ may have been correct, probably was, in his assessment of her song choice and interpretation. But it was too late to prevent damage to her chances. On TV a judge would have been far more involved in the choice and the interpretation/presentation. They would be invested in avoiding some very simple mistakes. There is no way for the AI judges to be invested. One can see the stamp of each judge on TV on the contestants. And it makes for a far more professional show and growth in the contestants. On AI it is entirely up to the contestant. Contestants on AI succeed in spite of the judges. I just assume that is what AI wants, although it makes no sense to me.


  2. At this point, I would strongly discourage any one who has any sort of shot at a singing career from going down the American Idol path. The risks far outweigh the benefits.


  3. I’ve been thinking about your comments DonB – and all the other comments on this thread and the previous thread. While I agree that AI is manipulative beyond a doubt, hurtful to pick 15, then choose 10, setting them up for failure… advise after it is too late to be of use to the contestants – case in point Emily Piriz – this is how I feel. AI is looking for that unique talent ‘that could be a star’, but – in my opinion, is going about it totally without class. What compromises this kind of ‘star’? This kind of singer would be able to pick out the songs that suit them best, both lyric wise and melody wise. it would be instinctive for them. Yes they could probably use help in managing stage fright, how to work the stage etc. Those singers that have to be guided, molded – Justin Bieber? – all too often end up failing. Stars are born, and not very often made. Frankly I don’t believe that AI has really ‘found’ a great number of the type of stars they are looking for. Part of the problem is that the voting audience gets caught up ‘in the moment’ connecting to the back stories of the contestants, all the voting hype, watercooler conversations etc. then fail to support the artist they voted for because – lo and behold AI is back for another season and you get to get ‘caught up’ all over again – with the next group of contestants. This often leaves the previous years’ winner dangling, with minimal support. Before any TV singing competition how did people pick the artist they wanted to support? By their voice, and voice alone, on the radio/tv/movies.

    Sorry, I have certainly rambled on covering many lines of thought. Bottom line I feel sorry for all the contestants and may not continue to watch AI any longer.


  4. Very well said awestruck. However, there are some exceptional people working behind the scenes and I wish they had more input. Even over the judges. Who knows, maybe they do? And I don’t mean the producers!


  5. This really is the show we love to hate, isn’t it? All the work those other five girls did to prepare for last night, and AI just pulls the rug out from under them. AI’s best days are definately behind them, and I’m sure that’s always going to be the case. They are really going to be in trouble when the Voice starts next week!


  6. If only I could go all ‘Smaug’ on this show:) You all would love the final result.


  7. Anita – right you are!! We shall see if they tweak it. Would be great to see some of these eliminated singers. Very disappointed.


  8. Nice kudos to the 5 guys who were eliminated tonight. They must have read my article and all the other articles out there criticizing the elimination method


  9. I definitely agree that this is a very strange way to come to the final ten (or is it final 13?). And why did the public bother voting last week for their favorite when the winner wasn’t selected for the top ten tonight???

    But as far as singers tonight, I loved, loved, loved Sam. I also think that the last guy, Spencer (I think), will probably go far on looks alone. But the judges were right, he was terrific when he was in Hollywood week and sat behind the piano. I think he is very talented, and has innate performance skills.

    Overall, I think this season is going to be a disappointment. I hope I’m wrong.


  10. Louise. It is moving slowly for us because they did not have a Top 24 Semi Final over a three week period, allowing the voters to really become familiar with the singers. I loved Sam and Spencer as all and wish Savian was there. He was unjustly eliminated after Hollywood Rounds.


  11. Oh, yes, I agree completely about Savian. I was shocked when he was eliminated!!!


  12. I think they are saving Savion for next year. There was no other excuse for cutting him. He was one of the best contestants of the season.

    I agree with your article completely, well, if we actually believe AI is a singing competition, but that’s a whole ‘nother bag of worms. Like you, I would like to hear from the producers exactly what they were thinking when they came up with this “system.”

    I can’t believe that three home folks from Alabama have made it to this level. I like the genuineness of CJ. I read recently the Jesse won an annual singer song writer contest that a local performance venue host in 2013, so she may have more to offer. They tried to cast her in the role of “Hollywood week drama queen” but there wasn’t much of a story there.

    Sam and Alex are the class of the field at this point. If I had to pick a winner today, it would probably be Sam. He needs a little development yet but he has a great voice and the right stuff and he has gotten a pretty positive edit so far. Caleb looks like he may bring some fun to the season. I thought Kristen O’Conner had one of the best performances last night.

    I guess we have to not loose site of the changes for the good they have made this year and hope they don’t over manipulate this season like they did last year. Even though they ended up with a good singer winning, the results were not satisfying after watching the process. This coming from someone who is nearly always for a girl contestant.

    Awstruck mentioned Emily Periz who I liked a lot last week but didn’t care for at all this week. The funny thing is that even though she was covering one of my favorite current artist, Grace Potter,both times. The first song “Stars” was an excellent choice for her and “…Paris” was an awful choice. I think Harry was correct in questioning her sending that message at 19. I saw Grace perform both of these songs here in town several months ago, and believe me, it’s a whole different story when she does the one in question.

    Idol Live was a great new feature. I enjoyed seeing the man in shorts sweeping the stage during commercial breaks. 😉


  13. OMG!!! This show is going downhill fast this season! I don’t think Emmanuel should have been in the Top 30. George Lovett sounded terrible, and then Jennifer praises him and says it’s going to be hard for America to decide! Newsflash Jennifer…No it won’t be!!!


  14. I love Sam and Alex…they are the only reason I am watching…but if they don’t make it through tonight, I am hanging up my idol shoes! I love Harry and Keith, they offer such good advice and knowledge.

    Loved getting to see Adam for the whole five minutes he was on there!!!


  15. Both Adam and Chris were remarkable coaches. As were Michael Orland and the movement coach – forgot her name.

    And, yes, I too believe that they are saving Savian for next year. They told him to return so here’s hoping.


  16. Rosanne-I agree with you about Chris and Adam. Their presence on the show is definately a plus! I just wish things looked more promising.



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