Archive | November 4, 2014

MasterChef Junior Season 2 Premiere Set To Rock The TV World On November 4th

Picture Credit: Fox/MasterChef Junior Ah, yes, it must be November – the month that brings us tons of TV goodies. How can you tell it is “sweeps month“? Well, one of the reasons is the return of the extremely creative and highly entertaining show, MasterChef Junior. Chef Gordon Ramsay has initiated a clear winner here […]

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Jay Leno Returns To Television With Jay Leno’s Garage On CNBC and Tonight Show Appearance On November 7th

Picture Credit: CNBC/Jay Leno’s Garage I should have seen this coming. Did you? I am very happy to share with you that former Tonight Show Host, Jay Leno, will be starring in a new television show, tentatively titled, “Jay Leno’s Garage“. It will be based on Jay’s Emmy Award-winning Web series, which has more than […]

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