Spoiler Alert For American Idol Season XIII Courtesy Of MJs Big Blog

There are spoilers and there are SPOILERS!

There are changes and there are CHANGES!

And, with American Idol Season XIII, the two go hand in hand.

Last evening, MJSBigBlog.Com released major spoilers and schedule changes for this year’s season of American Idol.

And, I was flabbergasted! And confused! There is a lot going on with this year’s program and I am not too certain that I am crazy about some of these ideas. It all seems so forced and unnecessary.

Here is the what MJ had to report:

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. I got a hold of the full schedule for American Idol XIII plus format changes. American Idol will debut with a two-night four-hour premier, on Wednesday January 15 and Thursday January 16.

Hollywood Rounds begin Wednesday Feb 5
Semi-finalists revealed Thursday Feb 13
WINNER CANDICE GLOVER will be featured in a VICTORY SPECIAL on Tuesday Feb 19!
Voting begins Wednesday Feb 19
FAST PASSES awarded Wednesday March 5
The Finale will take place in NEW YORK CITY! Tuesday May 20 and Wednesday May 21

Here’s the format. Auditions are as always, and will take place over a 6 episode two week period. ”The Road to Hollywood” is coming back. That will be the last episode. See the schedule below!

The Hollywood Rounds air in 3 parts. There will be a “Green Mile” episode. by the end of it, the TOP 50 will be whittled down to the Top 31.

Candice Glover gets her very own special! On Tuesday Feb 18. Candice returns to celebrate the long-awaited release of her debut album, Music Speaks. She’ll also be on hand to preview the NEWLY DESIGNED IDOL STAGE and advise the new contestants. The special is named Candice Glover: Up Close and Personal. The American Idol season 12 winner will sing songs from the new album. There will also be a Q&A and surprise musical guests.

Here’s where the big changes come. The semi-finals will come in TWO phases.

The Top 31 will be split into 3 groups based on AGE. Seniors, Intermediates and Juniors.
Starting, Wednesday Feb. 19, One group of semi-finalists will sing for both the judges consideration and America’s votes, in 3 separate episodes.
On Thursday Feb 27, in the first results show, only 16 semi-finalists will advance. This is the first LIVE show.
On Wednesday March 6 in a 2 1/2 hour broadcast, the Top 16 will perform live.
Before the votes are cast, a few will be fast-tracked to the finals.
On Thursday March 7, The Top 12 will be revealed, live.
The finals begin on Wednesday March 12. The Judges Save is STILL A THING. On Thursday May 15, an expanded Idol will commemorate its 500th episode. A finalist will be eliminated. THIRTY MINUTE RESULTS SHOW DURING THE FINALS PHASE.

The GRAND FINALE will take place in New York City at Madison Square Garden. The Final 2 perform on Tuesday, May 2o and the winner will be revealed on Wednesday May 21.

Seriously? Why do we have to divide the singers into three groups? Have they been channelling The X Factor? And what does “fast track” mean?

The one thing that I LOVE is the 30-minute Results Show. Thank you and Hallelujah! An hour was just painful.

And, oh yes, I am thrilled that Season 12 winner, Candice Glover, is receiving her own special. What a great, great idea and I wish this idea had been implemented years ago.

I don’t know what you think, but that Top 24 semi-final format was the best format. Twelve girls, twelve guys, four eliminated each week over a three – week period until your Top 12 was reached. It just worked.

MJ has also added the complete schedule. I always find it comical that I have to saunter over to MjsBigBlog to find the schedule. I can never find it over on the American Idol Official Site. Too funny!

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6 Responses to “Spoiler Alert For American Idol Season XIII Courtesy Of MJs Big Blog”

  1. I think my blood pressure went up trying to follow all of that!

    The fans have figured out all of the tricks in the old format so the changes are just new ways of hiding the sleight of hand. Most of the serious mistakes they have made in recent years, most notably the emphasis on the overpaid celebrity panel of judges, have been attempts to follow Simon’s lead. If they want to copy a competitor’s show I would suggest they look at the one who is eating their lunch.

    Top 24 was definitely a better format and you can tell already that there will be disappointments that come from the arbitrary age groupings. How senior can you be with their age limit anyway? When they announced that the new producer was a long time member of the international Idol family I was pretty sure that no positive changes would be forthcoming and then the return of J-Lo, and recasting Randy removed all doubt. They do have at least two decent judges if they don’t spend too much time pretending to argue with Randy.

    I don’t know if you watched any of the “Sing-Off” series this year or not but, once again, they demonstrated that less is more and that concentrating on “singing” can produce a very entertaining show. Their judges remain the most professional, articulate and knowledgeable that I have seen on any singing competition. Jewel was an outstanding addition to the panel. The opening group number of each of the shows was unbelievably good and they produced several unique new styles in a acapella singing this year. That’s right, I said the group number was very good. Imagine that. Not to mention the finale was also a Christmas special of sorts and was the best one that I saw all season. You have to remind yourself now and then that there is no band. That show is way to geeky for my taste but for some reason I can’t quit watching it. Less is more.


  2. If only Robert Platte could have been a contestant. robertplatte.wordpress.com


  3. Gene, you make some legitimate observations, but I am so excited for American Idol to start that I will try to overlook them. There is one male contestant I feel is a “joke” and hope what we heard on MJ’s is a fluke; otherwise, I am going to be disappointed. There does seem to be a Rocker “Chick” in the mix and several unique singers. I hope the judging panel can be honest and that things won’t feel so manipulated (as in the past). I AM EXCITED!


  4. Hi Kariann,
    This is the only piece I have read about the new season, so I don’t know anything about the contestants. A Rocker “Chick” you say? OK, I’m excited too.


  5. KariAnn – who is the joke contestant?

    Also, the only thing that intrigues me – and that wasn’t mentioned – is that Rickey Minor is returning. I am sure the arrangements are going to be exceptional. And, he is bring Dorian Holley with him. This is all I care about. Well, that, and finding exceptionally gifted singers.


  6. Nothing like changing things up to confuse the old time viewers! But I am looking forward to it–it helps me get through the winter each year.


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