Mega Spoilers For The Voice Season Five Courtesy Of MJs Big Blog

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Don’t shoot the messenger. I didn’t come up with these spoilers.

However, MJsBigBlog.Com has a mighty fine contact who graciously spilled the beans re the selected contestants for The Voice Season 5.

And, they are:

Adam Levine’s Team

Matt Cermanski – Singer Songwriter from Philadephia – Youtube Twitter The Trammps recorded one of his songs.
Donna Allen – According to Wiki, Donna was a backup singer for Gloria Estefan for 9 years, was a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the late 70′s, and had some hits on the UK Dance chart in the 80s/90s, as well as a song on the “The Specialist” soundtrack in 1994 – YouTube, YouTube
James Wolpert – Reverb Nation, Youtube. He looks really young.
Grey – A female singer. Yes. That’s her name. Didn’t have luck finding her on Google
Preston Pohl – Member of a Christian band called StorySide:B. YouTube (Cover of Pumped Up Kicks)
James Irwin – African American singer who performed “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” in Season 4. Nobody turned around. Now he’s on Team Adam.
Will Champlain – Looks like a WGWG from his photo, but couldn’t find anything on him via Google
Tessanne – She’s a Reggae fusion artist from Kingston. She toured as a backup singer for Jimmy Cliff. Was a member of the band Mile High. Her solo song “Hideaway” was a hit in Jamaica. She’s mixed African/Chinese descent. Twitter.
Justin Blake – Pretty sure he’s country singer, Justin Blake – Twitter, Reverb Nation.
Nick Hawk – Correction: Not the same guy. I am disappointed. He’s star of Showtime’s “Gigolos”, Playgirl magazine centerfold. And he sells sex toys. “Actor, Musician, Sexpert, Martial Artist, Dog/Wolf Lover, Explorer, Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Lover” is how he describes himself on twitter. Wow. Alrighty.
Ashley Dubose – Singer/Songwriter, Mother, and full time IT professional. Website with music, Twitter.
Barry Black – Throwback soul singer. Check out his webpage with youtube and song streams.

Christina Aguilera’s Team

Bri Cuoco – Well Oh Well. She’s Kaley Cuoco’s (Big Bang Theory) sister. How about that. She even guest starred on the show. Cover of “Dock of the Bay”.
Destinee Quinn – Country singer, she covered Blake Shelton’s Honey Bee. But she’s on Team Xtina! She was Miss Arizona, USA and Miss Fiat of Scottsdale. Here’s an original song, Liar Liar. Twitter, Reverb Nation.
Olivia Henken – Country singer Louisville native lives in Nashville. Opened for Charlie Daniels, after winning a battle of the bands concert. Check out her pop country song, “Good in Your Goodbye” – Twitter, Website
Timyra Joi – This actress/singer is only 15 and was a “talented tween” two years ago. Oh. She competed in Kidz Star USA 2011. Kris Allen was a celebrity judge and mentor. Check it out. And she won a VH-1 “Save the Music” songwriters award.
Lina Gaudenski – A google search turned up nothing on this pretty blond singer.
Amber Nicole – Maybe this singer, but I’m not entirely sure.
Matthew Schuler – Couldn’t find anything solid on this African American singer.
Josh Logan – Josh was a contestant on Rockstar: Supernova in 2006. Here he is covering “She Talks to Angels.” Yeah. That was a Mark Burnett production too. He’s got a soulful Hot AC thing going on. Check out his website.
Jacob Poole – According to his Facebook, this LA based Christian singer/songwriter signed a record deal in 2006 with JOI studios. Here’s his cover of Payphone. Performing an acoustic version of his song “Better.”. Twitter.
Jacqueline Lee – A google search on Jacqueline turned up nada.
Stephanie Johnson – Pretty sure this is her. Video
Michael Lynch – This singer songwriter covered Maroon 5′s “One More Night” and says Adam Levine is a big influence. Yet…team Xtina!

Ceelo’s Team

Cole Vosbury – Check out Cole’s Facebook. He wrote a song, “Caylee’s Eyes” for Caylee Anthony, the little girl whose mother was acquitted of her murder. OK.
Jonny Gray – Austin TX singer/songwriter was in the military. He released an EP called “Sail it Away.” Check out his ReverbNation, Facebook and Twitter. Performing “I’d Still.”
George Horga Jr. – American Idol 11 Hollywood contestant. Check out his Road to Hollywood. “He now gets to live his dream for his Romanian-born family.” Watch him perform two original songs “Gone” and “The Prayer.”
Kat Roubichaud – Was the lead singer for a Raleigh based band called The Design, a “high energy cover band.”
R. Anthony – Without his first name, nada is coming up. He’s young and African American.
Keaira Lashae – She’s a Reggae singer AND a fitness trainer! Check out her Reggae Dancehall workout. Here’s her YouTube channel, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Website.
Lupe Carroll – Singer songwriter, musician. Check out his YouTube channel, Facebook
Tamara Chauniece – Houston based soul singer. Check out her YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook.
Anthony Paul – Welp. He’s introduced as the “next superstar” here singing the National Anthem. Uhm.
Juhi Pathak – Soulful singer/Songwriter type- Check out her YouTube channel and Website.
Caroline Pennell – Another singer/songwriter! Caroline released an independent CD. Check out her Twitter, A cover of The Lumineers Hey Ho.
Shawn Smith – There were several Shawn Smith’s out in Google land. Couldn’t pin this one down.

Blake Shelton’s Team

Sam Cerniglia – Chicago based singer/songwriter. Twitter and Facebook.
Brian Pounds – Austin, TX based folk/country dude. Check out his YouTube, Facebook, Reverbnation.
Justin Chain – Country singer. Has a thing for ballady weepers. Check out Justin’s You Tube Channel, Facebook
Shelbie Z – Surprise Surprise. Another country singer. She’s got a traditional vibe. Check out this Loretta Lynn cover. Reverbnation, Facebook
Monika Leigh – Check out this singer/songwriter on YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr
Cilla Chan – She and her brother Howard appeared on Singapore’s The Final 1. Check out her YouTube channel. She attended Stanford University. Twitter, Facebook
EG Daily – Planty plant is SUPER PLANTY. What the hell is EG Daily doing on The Voice? She’s a well known voice actress, playing characters on the Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Starship Troopers and more. She co-starred in the movies Valley Girls, Streets of Fire, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure to name a few. She has been established in the business for years. Maybe she’s using The Voice to break in, finally, as a singer and a songwriter. But she’s in her 50s. So good luck with that. Check out her Wikipedia. Comic Con Interview. Video for “Say it Say it” from 1986.
Holly Henry – Google search brought up nada.
Ray Boudreaux – Twitter. Couldn’t find any music. There’s another singer with the same name, but he’s not the guy. This Ray is a young man.
Brandon Chase – Young country singer, released an EP titled “Country Enough”. Check out his Website, YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook. He’s purdy!
Emily Randolph – She’s a 15 year old (still?) singer/songwriter type from Tacoma WA. Check her out at Reverbnation, and her Website
Austin Jenckes – Seattle based singer/songwriter has released music independently. Check out the singer’s Website, music at Reverbnation, Facebook. Nicely-done music video for his song “Take Me Now”.

So much for the spontaneous chair turns! Alone else here feel that the judges are christened with some spoilers of their own before the actual Blind Performances?

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4 Responses to “Mega Spoilers For The Voice Season Five Courtesy Of MJs Big Blog”

  1. Yes, Rosanne – I have felt they know a little something ahead of time. I do like the judges interactions with each other. I do enjoy The Voice, but American Idol will always be #1 with me! I am so excited to find out who the new judges will be.


  2. no, i don’t think there is any forewarned knowledge given to the judges. that isn’t how mark burnett works. this is a tv show. idol had a recording studio behind it.


  3. not looking forward to the two ‘old’ judges being back. yeck. i found interesting this statement: “Josh Logan – Josh was a contestant on Rockstar: Supernova in 2006. Here he is covering “She Talks to Angels.” Yeah. That was a Mark Burnett production too. He’s got a soulful Hot AC thing going on. Check out his website.”

    i was a giant fan of mark burnett’s rock shows and loved many of the performers. i googled josh and watched him sing a number of songs. interesting because i can’t remember him at all and there are so many that *are* memorable to me.

    but then, i was not into john paul stevens AT ALL on idol, and yet i was totally hooked with he and his singing partner as ‘midas whale’.


  4. I finally got done watching Season 4 of The Voice. What an incredible season! Definately the best one I’ve seen yet. I thought every one of the Top 6 was stellar. Congrats to Danielle! I LOVE, LOVE this girl’s voice!! I believe she’ll be just as great a singer as Carrie Underwood, perhaps even better, considering she’s only 16. I really want her to be Danielle, and not the next Carrie like so many keep saying. Everyone’s anticipating that she’s going to be a huge Country Star, and I totally believe she will be. I think it’s so refreshing that they had a contestant with so little experience performing for others, unlike so many others do. She grew and grew each and every week into a beautiful star! It was just remarkable to see! She’s a very special girl!! I’m sure a big Michelle Chamuel fan also. I really was inpressed with the Swon Brothers, but it was so exciting that Michelle beat them into the Top 2, and rightfully so. Her performance of Annie Lenox’ “Why” made me just break down and cry. She poured her heart into it so much, that it blew me away! I really didn’t mind which one of the girl’s won that night. Although I definately feel Michelle is more artistic. I’ve bought many of their studio recordings on ITunes. They both deserved the title so very much!!!


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