Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 4 Performance Show: One Hit Wonders And Personal Choice

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Well, the Top 4 ladies are set to go but MCL not as much.

In case you missed it in in the last two topics below, I have a nasty stomach virus. Although I will watch the show from the comfort of my bed, there is no way Jose that I can churn out a legible Vocal Masterclass article.

However, I am blessed with many informative members here in the MCL community and I encourage you to visit the comments section for their input on Wednesday’s performances.

The American Idol Top 4 performance show begins at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on Fox.

Enjoy the show everyone and good luck to the Top 4 singers!


About Masterclass Lady

Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

31 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 4 Performance Show: One Hit Wonders And Personal Choice”

  1. We’ll carry on for you Rosanne because we know you’re getting the rest you need so your body can heal and you can get back here with us throwing in all that wonderful wisdom.

    Well here we are, at the final 4. I’m shocked I’ve hung in here this long this year because I haven;t been excited as I have been in previous years. I think I’m just watching to see if I;m still as good with my predictions as Ive been in the past. I think our top 3 will include Kree and Candice . I think the real battle tonight will be between
    Amber and Angie. They are both good to me but I don’t think either of them will pull in the votes that the other two do. It’d be great if Candice won, but I just don’t think the majority will get behind R&B like that.

    It;d great if they let all; 4 of them continue to perform like Don said, until the finale. It’d keep their audience with them because they really need it. They say their ratings this year are lower then they have ever been. And speaking of ratings rumor has it across the net that they are blaming it on Mariah , that her contract won’t be renewed , and that she’s currently consulting with lawyers … at least so says the ladies this morning on “The View”. It may be just rumors though.

    In my personal opinion I would say that the show is plummeting for a lot more reasons then Mariah. I think people are just tired of seeing the same level of talent , hearing the same songs and consequently ending up with the same kind of results. For a lot of people that just gets old. I think they should tightened up on the audition process , quit letting so many average talents through and narrow it down to the unique and different. and pick from there. Bring some musicians in that know what to with such talents. I think people get tired f seeing the same old ting year after year, because it becomes predictable. Its very predicable to me. I guess thats why I’m loosing interest.


  2. Thank you so much Brother Karl. I honestly felt not bad yesterday then sort of relapsed today.

    Oh well…it will be nice to just lie in bed and watch and enjoy and I look forward to all of your commentary and analysis after the show.

    Maybe the producers will do as Don suggested and have a Top 4 until May. Wouldn’t that be neat? And, as you say, the audience would remain intact.

    That Mariah rumor is just that – a rumor. How can they blame her for the show’s short-fallings? She is a gracious, although loquacious, judge and I love her.

    The problem is the talent line-up and the format right from the onset of the season. Top 24 – 12 TALENTED guys and 12 TALENTED girls. Works like a charm.


  3. I have also refrained from watching AI this year. Even the contestants seem somewhat unphotogenic. As I have stated here earlier, I need to become the AI ‘adult supervisor’ to make it better.


  4. Hope you get feeling better Masterclasslady! Missing Janelle !


  5. Busses are gased and rolling…Amber’s McArthur’s Park was horrible…I am so discusted with this show…Gracious!!!


  6. MCL,

    I am going to do my little version of a vocal masterclass or miniclass! I am not you! I do hope that you are taking it easy, getting plenty of rest and just taking good care of yourself. It’s not uncommon to have a bit of a relapse with a nasty bug.

    I am out here on the west coast waiting until I can get to see the show for myself. So my thoughts will be posted much later. I look forward to seeing what these talented ladies bring us tonight!

    As far as the show, its problems go far beyond Mariah. They need to go back to a three judge format and stop the pimping and cheerleading and then throwing contestants under the bus! Keep it real! I would like to see guest mentors on the show. They also need to spend the big bucks to get more songs cleared, so that we don’t have to hear the same retreads every single season. But most important of all is the audition process. No agendas! Get the best voices you can find, make sure there is diversity with both males and females!


  7. Mindy – email me your article and I will add it as a blog topic. Don’t post it in comments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ditto for all your other comments. This show has become dysfunctional. Haha


  8. Wow this show is out of control. People running around all over the place. Haha


  9. Agreed about out of control. They need to put a muzzle on Minaj. Mariah does try to be gracious .
    Comments were very poisonous tonight towards certain contestants.


  10. for the first time i liked one of kree’s songs, her second, ‘whiter shade of pale’.

    and, i loved those drummers with their swooshing drum beating. that was fun to watch.

    other than that it all seemed rather slow…


  11. Hands down Angie won the night. She is one determined, savvy, multi-dimensional and immensely talented young lady.


  12. Actually I was a bit disappointed with the vintage music. There are many more’ one hit wonders’ . Their people responsible for selecting lists of possible music could have been a bit more creative


  13. It certainly was a wacky night. I got so sick of the over-praising and standing ovations for Amber, I actually sent a twieet to the judges during the show. It is so obvious the judges have an agenda or are following orders from TPTB. Amber is singing exactly as she did 5 weeks ago – and ballads remain her forte.

    All my voting went for Candice, and for the first time I voted the entire two hours. For having a bad cold, I think she did well. “Emotions” was my favorite performance of the night. I think the duet “Stay” with Candice and Angie was really good. I really enjoyed it.

    It sounded like Angie was way off on her second song. Yet, Rosanne you thought she did the best.

    I am still trying to figure out what happened with Jimmy Iovine coming out there. I felt sorry for Candice. However, it is Kree who I feel sorry for the most! Poor girl was put through he– this week, with Nicki being beyond rude. So, no announcements tomorrow, and next week we get another TOP 4 challenge. I hope Amber is sent home. Then we’ll have a terrific TOP 3.

    Get well soon, MCL!!


  14. MCL,

    I am glad that I checked back here. I will e-mail you my vm for tonight. It just ended here on the west coast!


  15. Angie was so freakin’ incredible! The rest of the girls need to WATCH OUT!! I wassurprised that Candice sang Emotions. At this stage, she needed a song that really showcased her amazing voice. I really do love Amber, but I was very disappointed with her McArthur’s Park. It just wasn’t a great vocal performance for her at all. Then the judges give her a standing ovation, and I’m like What??? I was happy that Jimmy and I were on the same page. Someone needed to be the voice of reason, and it sure wasn’t the judges. Despite this, I’m still hoping Amber doesn’t go home tomorrow night!


  16. Kariann,

    Ditto to what you said…Last night was horrible! When Candice was standing on the stage and they were arguing with Jimmy over Amber…pathetic!

    You are right Amber sang exactly like she has been, pitching and very thin on her upper range!!!

    Kree and Candice got the busses last night…we can see who they want in the finale!!!


  17. Grr…Pitchy…and flat at times too!!!


  18. And another thing…Kree sang last night just like she has been singing during the entire competition, why last night start to take issue with it? You can’t tell someone they are going to be singing on the Grand Ole Oprey one week and dissing them the next…

    I still want a Candice/Kree Finale…I would love to see Amber go home tonight…Angie next week…


  19. Vonnie-I didn’t like the way the judges treated Kree either last night. The games they play on this show are so irritating!


  20. Last night’s song choices were very disappointing. I was looking forward to a great show, but was disappointed. None of them blew me away–not even Angie. Sorry, but I just don’t enjoy her voice enough to ever buy her music.


  21. Louise – I have heard a few comments similar to yours about Angie’s voice. I think she is a skilled vocalist but her timbre is quite bright and doesn’t really fit the traditional pop sound. Kind of an acquired taste. I love it but understand where others would not.

    I think next week’s show will be better – I am hoping, at least. 🙂


  22. Last nights show was a riot ! It’s like people are loosing their minds.People crossing in front of the camera who nobody knows. All the judges standing ovations , telling Kree to her face Candice was better, Nikki coming on the stage, the judges firing back at Jimmy because they didn’t like what he said , Ryan bringing Jimmy out to respond. Its like thee folks bozonkoo’s . What ? For a minute it almost seemed like I was looking at a bunch of “off camera” moments that i shouldn’t be seeing, except they were all on. Unbelievable!
    Wild! They

    Now Angie: She wasn’t the best of the night in my personal opinion, but I will say she certainly seems like shes putting a whole lot more into it these days. In my opinion she needs a little more control –

    Oh and one other thing – having nothing but female voices singing for 2 full hours is beginning to get to me. I don;t know what its , but I almost can;t take it. I’m like Louise, I just didn’t enjoy last night that much at all

    Kariann – You are the 2nd person who said you think that no one is going home tonight. I know Ryan said there is going to be a surprise but …are you guessing or do you know something that we all don’t all know ? 🙂

    Couple more comments then I’m out. Kree did something last night that have been the death of many Idol’s tenure in the competition. The first one was Justin Garinni (I know I messed that last name up). What she did was, when the judges gave her the negative negative critique, she looked as she dismissed the judges comments and spoke to the audience directly and said “What do you think” audience? No one who has done that on this show has won, because its’s viewed as , arrogant. Its says to judges “you don’t know what you’re talking about, my fans love me”. Up until now, Ive been saying I think
    Kree will win, I may be wrong, but I think that is going to cost her and it won’t be because of the judges comments. It will be because of her own.

    Lastly Candice said something last night that I’ve heard a lot of winners of many different competitions say, she said “Ive always imagined myself winning this”. Most people say, “I can’t believe I made it this far “. or “This is unbelievable !” Candiceis not there she said very confidently said “I’ve always imagined myself winning this “.


  23. Brotherkarl…Ihope Candice’s Dream comes true!!!

    You are so right…last night was a fiasco! Out of control…I agree and said last week that all girls singing is boring, they are start sounding alike…

    Yep! you are right on about Kree dissing the judges, no one has ever done well by doing that!!! Candice was gracious and only said when asked, that she had a cold!!!


  24. BrotherKarl – hahahaha oh lordie I love your comments. No filter! Truly hysterical.

    The show was sort of a fiasco wasn’t it? At one point, ( I had been drifting off) I looked up and saw Jimmy Iovine onstage and everyone having verbal fistfights. Oh my goodness! Ryan looked like he wanted to be swallowed up by a big black hole. Or sucked into another dimension. Crazy!


  25. . . . but Ryan was the one who brought Jimmy out onto the stage!!!


  26. Louise – Thats exactly what I said (LOL). Rosanne did’nt see it because she said she had dosed off . It was like a wild party and everybody including Ryan was high. Mariah had got out of her chair and sat in Nikkis chair (can you believe it ) and Keith hunched up to her and put his arm around her. OMG !! Its like they had all lost there minds for a minute.


  27. So Ryan instigated this? Oh my goodness – what is happening to him? Sounds scripted to me. Seriously scripted.


  28. i just checked itunes…’a whiter shade of pale’ by procol harum is number six. wow. so others liked kree’s second song too. this sure proves that not granting rights for a song to be sung on these shows might not be financially wise.


  29. p.s., number six on the rock song list, forgot to say.


  30. It bothers me what the judges have done with Kree. They haven’t been fair to her showering her with so much praise week after week, instead of giving her some constructive advice, so she could show more growth. Instead, now they are bussing her, which I think was their plan all along sad to say. I know I haven’t been a big Kree fan, but it makes me sick how they take advantage of these wonderful kids. It’s like the judges decided that they want to eventually get rid of the Country girls, first Janelle, then Kree! Ugh!!


  31. Anita – Kree is not my personal favorite but I thought the judges’ treatment of her last evening was beyond insulting and disrespectful.


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