Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 2 Of The X Factor: The Top 4

The Top 4 are scheduled to perform on The X Factor Wednesday on Fox from 8:00 – 10:00 P.M. with the results to be revealed on Thursday at 8:00 P.M.

I guess each act will be performing two songs apiece. Otherwise, this will be the longest show in reality show history.

I can’t wait to see how Simon is going to weave his magic and his moola to propel Emblem 3 to the top.

It’s going to be quite the magic act, since Carly and Tate have held the 1-2 spot back and forth since the live shows started.

At any rate, expect drama and manipulation galore at the judges’ table tonight. But then, what else is knew, right?

Enjoy the show and add your comments when you can.

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41 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 2 Of The X Factor: The Top 4”

  1. Tate ~ 2 for 2, I loved both of his songs! Should win the whole shabang!!

    Carly ~ again 2 slow songs, no difference from any other week…her phrasing was odd!

    Emblem 3 ~ I think it should be them going home, but I am sure they will stay!

    Fifth Harmony ~ I loved their first song, I was not crazy about them repeating the second song, I think Simon messed that one up!


  2. I think Tate is winning XFactor. He was really good on both songs and he is so likeable and humble the voting demo loves him. I also think he will be successful in the country market.

    I disagree about E3, I felt they were really good. I doubt they will win because the teens cannot compete with the voting demo and the voting demo is so hateful and so bullying to these boys? Douchebag3 really? They are like over eager puppies to me. Typical boy that age swagger. Simon will sign them so they have no worries win or not. I watched Xfactor UK and 1D had much of the same bullying and hate as E3. People actually cheered when they were voted out. Saying they were cocky, not humble, couldn’t sing etc, now look at 1D.

    Loved Fifth Harmonies 1st performance but thought the 2nd was not good. They need to have the lead singer IMO be the one who is now utilizing the Melanie Martinez bows. Love her voice.

    The one I am worried about is my fav Carly. I think she was exposed on both songs. Yes the girl can sing but IMO she broadwayized her first song and her Imagine was sung well but not emoted well. Noway near as good or moving as David Archulettas. I truly felt sadly that Carly was the worst of the night and where as others had moments, she fell flat.
    I still voted for her for 2 hours but alarmingly her line was way more open that usual.

    As I always do at the close of the voting window, I place a call to each contestant to check for busy signals. Only Tates line was busy.

    My guess is in a shocker E3 goes home just as 1D did at 4. They are very polarizing and either one loves them or loathes them.


  3. Aubry,

    E3…they sound very good as a trio but not individually…they are young and not polished; yes, Simon will sign them, no doubt about that. But none of that matters cause the tweens love them! I don’t think they will take over the pop world, their vocals just arent good enough!

    I think at this point all four of these contestants/groups will be signed, I think Simon will sign Fifth Harmony as well, look what he has done with Il Divo!!!


  4. Aubry,

    Forgot to say…I don’t read any other blog other than here…that is awful what people are saying about E3…that’s why I don’t read elsewhere!


  5. 3 posts later, you’d think I would remember all I wanted to say before I posted it…Simon has picked some Awesome songs for his groups, wish he would have picked another last night for Fifth Harmony, but, ah well, the songs he is picking for E3 are great!


  6. I think E3’s vocals are above par compared to many Pop stars. As I have expressed in detail previously stellar vocals are not the important factor (sadly) in the pop world. It is more about “look” “style” “charisma” and being seen as hip, cool, now. E3 has all of that with good vocals. What they lack can be erased or fixed in the studio. Live so much screaming will be occurring that no one will be able to hear them anyway.

    Then there is always growth. 1D is so much better 2 years out than they were. I have no idea if it just the practice or if they had voice lessons. But if you want to hear what I am talking about youtube their Xfactor UK performances. Some were kinda rough but I just knew they would be huge.

    I am not sold on Fifth Harmony. I love 3 of the 5 girls voices and 2 of them grate and IMO take away from the sound vs add to it.

    Carly, I am worried about :(.

    Tate will also be fine win or not. He will be signed and he will put out a cd.


  7. If Carly is not in the finals next week, I am not watching. She is so good it’s ridiculous. And Emblem 3 were auto tuned and singing with background vocals. Either that or they are very gifted at singing solo and harmony lines at the same time. Lol. The camera cut away when this happened but it happened.


  8. Lol…MCL 🙂

    I think this is what’s happening in the pop world; recording studio’s and live sounds like two different people!!!


  9. Vonnie – how sad and true!!


  10. MCL I am not watching the Voice since Melanie and Amanda got the boot.

    All of the contestants had the same back up singers and you can see them in he wings. Even Carly and Tate did. Fifth Harmony too. again why E3 is singled out is beyond me. One of the reasons I still prefer Idol is lack of OTT production.

    I give up about E3. Most everyone on blogs loathes them. The twitter set loves them. IMO They are not bad and at least they are current and fun.

    My gut says they are leaving us tonight. Simon will sign them.


  11. I think Emblem 3 is awful. Simply compare them to the two acts they covered this week (Peter Frampton and the Beatles) when they were at the same age. There is no comparison, nor will there ever be. I can’t stand the groin groping. It doesn’t surprise me that there are people who like them, which reminds me why I don’t listen to the radio.

    You guys might want to check out Tate’s real back story. I’m sure he is the good ole boy he appears to be and all of that but the show has made it appear that his singing experience has been limited to what he does while slinging asphalt into potholes. Actually, he has been the lead singer of a regional touring band who has opened for everybody from Blake Shelton to Alabama since 2005. He has been replaced by a female singer now. The band is “Outlaw Junkies,” BTW. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t his first gig either. I wish these shows would just tell us the truth instead of creating this “Queen for a Day,” rags to riches storyline. I hope he doesn’t peruse the red neck rock side of country represented by his first song. He’s a better singer than that.

    The girls had their best night so far, but like the boys, I don’t see artist there. Just tools of some producer that will tell them every song to sing and every move to make. You could make a presentable act out of them with enough time. I don’t care one way or another.

    From what I’ve seen and heard so far Carly is the only real artist in the group. Tate is a very competent journeyman commercial singer’ and paired with some of the great writers in Nashville, will do well for himself and his family. Carly, on the other hand never just sings an off the rack song. She tries her best to make it her own each and every time. As with the work of any artist, you won’t always like their latest creation. That’s pretty much where she left me with “Imagine.” “Less is more” is the lesson she should take from it. I also think she should have done “Blackbird” instead because she said a while back it was that song that sparked her interest in singing. Of course Simon has over reacted to a girl named Carly singing “Blackbird” in the past but I think it was a political thing rather than artistic. I think that she needs better guidance than Britney is equipped to give her as well. My nightmare for her would be for her to come back next year singing her latest release and it be like Birney’s. Kisha’s or even Melanie Amaro’s. She didn’t have the best night, but that’s the way it is when you create new things, sometimes people will like them and sometimes they won’t, but at least there is still the potential for something else new to come out next time.


  12. Gene…I think you are right about Brittany not being the best mentor for Carly…Yes! why in the world would this show not tell us the truth about Tate…LOL…we know the answer to that…ratings my friend, manipulation at it’s best! Oh! Well, he does have a great voice…Carly too, they are both going to do fine and the little boy band too!!! 🙂

    I think the girl group needs to go down to a trio…the girl who usually stands in the middle with the long brown hair needs to stay, believe it or not I don’t know any of their names! Five is too many, three would have been perfect and would have given the boys a run for their money!


  13. Oh No she didn’t…What was that face Brittany made? Really?

    Yay, Fifth Harmony!!!!


  14. Vonnie – I don’t blame her. I think she is worried about Carly and so am I. She is a stellar talent. As usual, the most talented will not win.


  15. Not to worry MCL…I think E3 will go home!!!


  16. I don’t think Simon will let that happen. It’s his show.


  17. Sure he will!! He has said he is signing E3 win or not! He signed 1D and they did not win.
    Often non winners do better than winners in the music biz.


  18. Well, I guess Simon wanted to see a smile on my face. Hahahah. You were right Vonnie.


  19. See MCL…all is well..E3 will be okay, like aubry said, Simon will sign them!

    Next week Brittany will have to change song choices for Carly next week!!!


  20. Did you notice how I made sure that we all understood song choices for “next week” LOL


  21. Yep middle aged america got there wish. IMO E3 will have
    the last laugh. Carly is a wonderfully trained vocalist but except for
    Broadway there is no market for her. I wish there was but her sound does not sell. Girl groups just don’t make it these days just ask Diddie. He tried and tried and failed. Tate (I had no idea was as pro as he is) could but
    mark my words E3 will.

    I hope Carly wins always have and still do.


  22. I am not a country music fan, but must say I love Scotty and Tate’s voices! Tate should do very well as a country music artist…

    Carly may not make it as a pop artist now, but she is young, Disney will no doubt put her to work right away…and then down the road, with the right guidence she should do very well…

    Fifth Harmony and E3 have one thing in common…Simon’s money and ability to market groups!!!

    I think the top four will all do very well…


  23. Carly does not IMO have the bubbly outgoing fun personality that Disney requires of
    its young stars. Rachel was perfect but Carly is an old soul and very serious. Maybe Glee will pick her up. But I do not see her on Disney. Maybe David Foster will take her under his wing. That would be cool.

    I thought Tate had it in the bag but now knowing he has already had a tour band for years and never made it, I wonder. I hope he does make it as I like him.


  24. I really think that David Foster will lap her up. I think that he is so skilled and brilliant at marketing artists that don’t usually cater to the tastes of the pop audience. Artists of quality like Michael Buble, Josh Groban etc.

    Carly falls into that category quite easily. Her voice is so mature and her musical ability so sophisticated that I would be surprised if the two did not join forces. But then, she is still in Simon’s clutches so a Foster/Sonenclare collaboration may not be possible. Time will tell.


  25. MCL I am glad you agree that David Foster would be perfect for Carly. I really do not
    think that Simon will sign Carly. His taste is not sophisticated. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part but with the winner and E3, Simon will not want to take on more than that. He did not take on Drew or anyone other than the winner last year and he has done nothing with her.

    His eyes light up looking at E3. I really truly think the general public has been beyond cruel and heartless to these boys. As someone on MJ’s said, it reminds me of the loathing dished at Chris Daughtry. All the same nasty adjectives. I knew he would be mega successful and he is and so did Simon.


  26. Aubry – these boys are very well connected. Their parents and several of their family members have had outstanding success in the entertainment industry.

    So, methinks Simon is interested in them for the simple reason that they already come packaged with strong backers.

    I don’t get it quite frankly. They look awkward and silly on stage. A complete mess. Not a whole lot of substance there.

    So, for all of these reasons, they will probably become successful. Success in the music business is all about the marketing and if you can spin it correctly, you can make anyone a star.

    But, in terms of longevity, Carly’s career will surpass E3, simply because she has so much too offer with each passing year. And she is an artist of substance and this quality is imperative for long-term success.


  27. It’s encouraging that the two best performers in the competition, a child prodigy and a veteran road warrior, with the most solid body of work, and who have been the fan favorites week after week, have made it to the finale on this show. Talent is so seldom a requirement for success in this world, but we have an exception in this case. The girls seem like nice kids and have been entertaining on a lower level but in anything less than a backward parallel universe, have no chance of winning or placing. Thanks for playing and you get what’s behind curtain number three as parting gifts.

    Britney may be the hottest cold fish I have ever seen. I think she could spare a small hug or sympathetic smile for these kids that she is mentoring when they are on the hot seat. She makes Simon look like a normal, caring human being. Carly could have used a mentor more in tune with her style and skill level, but it’s sad to say that of the four available choices, Britney was probably her best bet. I hope that next week that she will take the less is more approach and if I have one thing that I would like for her o do different it would be to move her mic away from her mouth enough so that you can see her face and mouth when she is singing. She has a very expressive face; both naturally and through her theater experience and we miss a lot of the show looking at her microphone. Britney could teach her how to address the camera in a way that shows her face more as well. Win or lose I hope she finds someone with the skills to help her grow in the right direction. It’s not Simon. I look forward to seeing her grow and perform in the future.

    Maybe Tate could strip it down and lets us see who he is. I want to hear his voice, not an impersonation of Garth or whoever he might be covering, and I would like little to no band and no backup singers. A stool, Tate, a little bit of guitar, a spot light and a rip your heart out country song.

    Who are the boys connected to in show biz?


  28. MCL, I think E3 will hit it big quick. I doubt they have longevity but will make enough for a lifetime in 3-5 years. I do not think we will hear much from Carly for a few years. Maybe an EP and a David Foster Christmas Special. Broadway shows etc.

    Alas many contestants come connected. Look at Kat McFee. They just choose to not let us know it.


  29. since i still have sour grapes because simon voted off vino, i was thrilled that his ‘pets’ were voted off. i think they’re cute, but, it was more about him not getting what he wanted, than them getting top three.

    as i was waiting for the announcement i thought to myself, ‘okay, use logic, carly and tate have always been one and two, surely that will continue’. obviously both she and brittney (and me) were very concerned. it is amazing that brittney can be that worried (seeing her face), but then, never once hugged carly or even looked at her when the announcement was made. at least she has a dog she touches.


  30. How does one measure a successful career? Many say that Taylor was the worst winner of all time due to record sales…I loved Taylor and think he is very successful…he has worked non-stop since idol, and is now headlining in Vegas. Is he at the top of the charts? No, but he is earning a check and seems very happy where he is!

    Carly will do fine, and as far as Disney wanting only bubbly personalities, I disagree, Disney has greatly broadened their horizons. Because she is so young, I would hope that someone takes her under their wing and brings her along slowly…Brittany of all people should be able to fill her in on being a child in the spotlight!

    E3 may or may not be big…I have heard many say and have said myself about some of the contestants that I thought they would be huge, but they leave the show and flop. I don’t think they have the chops to have longevity…boy bands don’t last too long, the girls that go gaga over them grow up and by then the guys are older and want to lose the boy band image and then go out and try a solo career…longevity in this business means you have to appeal to a broad range of people who will buy your music!!!


  31. Gene,

    I like your idea of Tate and a spotlight…what song would you pick for him to sing?


  32. Sorry…I just thought of the heart wrenching song I would like for him to sing Hank Williams ” I’m so Lonesome”


  33. A great song for Tate would be “Angels Among Us” or Garth Brooks”, “The River” or “Unto Us This Night A Child Is Born”.

    The last is a Christmas song that my choir actually recorded years ago and is available on iTunes. (Hint, hint).

    All kidding aside though, these songs are tear-jerkers and pull at the heart strings. Of the three, “The River”, if sung with a gospel choir, would be phenomenal.


  34. Ooohhhhhh!!! Good choices MCL

    Then for an upbeat song he can sing Elvis’ Blue Moon of Kentucky or Train I ride, just cause they are my two favorite Elvis songs!!!

    What would you have Carly sing? I for one would love to hear her sing Etta James’ ” At Last” and something a little more upbeat.

    For Fifth Harmony…something acappella, at least for the first if not the whole song, only them no back up singers!


  35. Thanks Vonnie. Yes, you are correct. Fifth Harmony should sing something a cappella but I bet Simon would still use pre-recorded background vocals. Lol

    Carly? Hmm. You know – it is difficult to select a fast song for her because she has only revealed the more serious side to her personality.

    But check put her performance of “I Am What I Am” from La Cage Aux Folles. Jaw-dropping. http://youtu.be/cFPIrhQyyiQ. Her phrasing and vocal delivery is impeccable. It starts slow but speeds up after the first few lines.


  36. MCL, that performance by Carly is jaw dropping and oh so good but not right for XFactor. Simon would be all over it as too Broadway. IMO Carly needs an upbeat pop song with range and meaning. Of late she seems to have a disconnect with her lyrics. She sings beautifully but to have a moment she needs to let the meaning touch her because if it touches and moves her, she will touch and move voters.

    I will think on a selection. I am not that versed in solo female artists. Diamond overkilled Whitney. Simon has said he is sick of Adel. So I at the moment have zero ideas.


  37. MCL,
    I like your suggestions for Tate but I haven’t had a chance to listen to the one that you mentioned for Carly yet. I would like to hear Keith Whitley’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes” from Tate and the Eagle’s / Linda Ronstadt’s “Desperado” for Carly. There are too many others to list. Our own Kelli Pickler has done a remarkably good cover of “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”


  38. Aubry – I didn’t mean to suggest this song for X Factor. I just wanted the readers to see that, given the right song and message, Carly can sing an uptempo song.

    She may want to have a look at the Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles song catalogue – lots of great songs to choose from and would be perfect for her soulful voice and persona.


  39. Stevie Wonder’s ” For Once in My Life” would be neat. Start slow and then quickly segue into an uptempo.


  40. ” For Once in My Life” would be an interesting choice. “Little Stevie Wonder” was maybe five years older than her when he did his version of the song so it fits well for age appropriateness too.


  41. Tiffany’s song….I think we’re alone now or Aaron Carters…I want candy
    would show Carly’s youthful side!

    Fifth Harmony…something along the lines of the group Straight with no Chaser style


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