Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 3 Of The Voice: The Top Six Perform

Is anyone except me not surprised that Team Christina has zero singers left in this competition?

As soon as Top 8 Finalist, Dez Duron, signed on with her Team, it was game over. She doesn’t play fair and, indirectly, disses the other judges and their singers.

As a result, the fans ignore her and her protégés like the plaque. It’s hard to root for someone who is not a team player and noticeably condescending to the other singers.

However, that being said, I think Dez is going to do just fine. He lights up the stage when he performs – really has the entire package.

This week the singers perform two songs each. That’s exciting and I cannot wait to hear these performances. The singers are diverse and extremely talented. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Monday evening. Can you?

The show airs Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on NBC.

Catch you in the comments section. 🙂

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33 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 3 Of The Voice: The Top Six Perform”

  1. Christina got what she deserved at the expense of Dez . Some of the looks on his face last week suggested that he knew what was coming. I’m afraid she will be intolerable for the rest of the season.

    Two songs each tonight will probably expose some weaknesses but there should be lots of good entertainment as well.

    Is there going to be another double elimination this week?


  2. from what i read, i think the judges all get along now.

    i didn’t expect christina’s team to get that far because she was loading it with the same kind of singer. i could remember the other teams as individuals by name, face, or voice. to me, her pop singer females all seemed ‘the same’.

    blake had a lot of country singers but he had them battle each other, i think he was looking for the best country singer rather than having a stable of country singers, and it seems he was the wiser strategist.

    i saw somewhere, i think it was people’s choice awards, where christina is nominated for an award for judge. and one of the guys..maybe adam. i thought, ‘what, no blake?!’. blake to me is so key to that show.

    christina isn’t as horrible to me as she has been in the past.


  3. Christina seemed to have turned over a new leaf at the beginning of the season. She was charming and polite and had supportive and constructive criticisms for all of the contestants, not just her own. I recall commenting that she must have been to charm school in the off season. She has reverted to her old behavior in the last few weeks as her contestants have been eliminated. I agree with your assessment of how the coaches built their teams. Christina built a clone team of what has become the least popular category of singing competition contestants, the pop diva, while the others were more diverse.


  4. Well, I was on the Christina bandwagon but quickly changed carts after she reverted to her mean-spirited behaviour. Obviously, she has incredibly low self-esteem and I do feel sorry for her.

    But her singers were sabotaged because she does not connect with the viewers in a positive way. It’s sad because she extremely intelligent and an excellent mentor to the singers – until she makes it personal


  5. MCL, I respectfully disagree about Xtina. She seems too believe a BIGGER LOUDER Voice is the better voice. She does not seem to take note of tone, phrasing, uniqueness etc. She had the opportunity to have these remaining 6 and passed on them or cut them.

    Then once she see’s the contestants she didn’t choose connecting better with the viewing audience she gets mean spirited and attacks.

    IMO the only finalist who could possibily make it in the music biz is Melanie. Softer voice, unique tone, easily recongnizable by voice and look.

    The show wants Cassadee but to my ears her tone grates.

    Amanda is screechy to me.

    Nicholas and Terry while good I can’t see or hear them being successful on radio. The ship for there genre of choice has past.

    Tevin is a wild card. Big Voice, Sweet guy but is he unique enough and marketable enough? IDK.


  6. “She’s not even looking at me.” –Xtina

    amazing that christina was singing to melanie (‘oh please notice me, i am still relevant’). although i actually did like her suggestions. it just wasn’t the time or place.

    and complimenting the set director and it turns out to be melanie and adam. very interesting indeed.


  7. I thought Christina was doing better this year. I haven’t seen last night’s show. She certainly has made the show more interesting – especially when comparing it to the X-Factor. I really liked Dev and thought Cody was a good singer. MCL, you’re probably right, she has an attitude problem. Well, she’s leaving…


  8. Okay! I’m gonna say it…I don’t get all of the Trevin (?) Love…

    There are some good voices left on the Voice, but I am not sure any of them are going to be huge recording stars…if Blake could get Cassaddee to go country, she would top charts…

    Yeah, I thought Christina singing last night was un called for…I thought CeLo was off his rocker last night too…I love Blake and Adam!!!

    MCL…I love the Snow Flakes!!! 🙂


  9. Well…as I finish typing, I don’t see the snowflakes any more!!!


  10. Haha Vonnie. WordPress turns the snowflakes on at this time of year. Not sure why they are gone now. Will have to check. 🙂

    I love Trevin, Nicholas and Amanda. Those are my Top 3. Add Cassandra on there and that would be my pick for Top 5

    Terry was shouting off- key and Melanie was whispering off – key yesterday.


  11. Has there been a female winner on the Voice?

    I must admit, I am so hit and miss with this show!! I have watched the last few shows, so I don’t really have a connection with any of the singers…Now, that said, I am finding myself liking the guy with the long hair, the 70’s throwback guy! And I do like the little girl with two toned hair…I didn’t care for her songs last night, I like her Jazz tone and wished that she and Adam would have done something along that line!!

    Snowflakes are back on!! It may have been a problem with my device!!!!!!! 🙂


  12. Christina wasn’t as bad as I thought she might be last night. Like Hunter i thought some of her suggestions for Melanie were pretty good. The contempt that Melanie has for her is palpable and is why she wasn’t looking at Christina during her commentary.

    Nicholas remains my favorite which means his chances of winning are slim and none. What a great tone this guy has and he’s weird enough to remain interesting for a long time to come. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” has got to be the best Pop song of all time. I never tire of hearing it. I would have preferred a straighter cover of it but Nicholas is an artist and will make any piece his own. I think he had everyone backing him on “September” from “The Action Kids” to “The Funk Brothers” and The Shindogs.” He only needed “Paul Revere and the Raiders” to have a complete ‘60s or ‘70s after school or Saturday morning TV experience.

    Amanda is my second favorite and delivered a very solid pair of performance. If she has a short coming it is a lack of distinction in her voice but she is a very competent and versatile singer and performer.

    Melanie is also a favorite but not because she is a great singer. I think she needs work even to sing in the style she is currently pursuing. As MCL said she was off key a pretty good bit last night but what I like about her is her artistry. She lives and breathes it. She has a complete vision of herself as an artist and has created a unique character for herself. She is at a disadvantage in a contest of this nature where there are group performances that don’t suit her style although she did well in the group song last week with Dez, Cody and Nicholas. I believe Christina’s repeated remarks about how the prop director was favoring her with stage dressing was intended to make Melanie mad and make her blow up on stage or at least throw her off her game in future performances. In short, she was bullying the cute little artsy teenager. Way to go Christina.

    Trevin was one for two last night. I think Cee Lo’s meds had clouded his judgment when he suggested “Walking on Sunshine” for the big guy. He did a good job with the J-Hud song but it begs the question; what would you do with this guy? The Usher cover was a disaster. I’m not sure where he fits in.

    I agree with Vonnie that Cassadee should consider going Country. Like Terry, she’s a good performer but there isn’t anything special about her voice or style.

    Did you notice the ad for the Michael Buble Christmas special next Monday after the Voice?


  13. Gene….I took notice of the Michael Buble’ special for next week…love that guy, and, he’s even gonna have Blake on his show!!

    You were right on with your post, absolutely agree with everything you said! I wasn’t sure if CeLo was off or on his meds last night!!!

    And on the Christina note…girl…cover the girls up…ain’t nobody wantin’ to be seeing all that!!!


  14. Haha Gene and Vonnie – you make me laugh. Christina and her “girls”. Haha.

    Anyway, I have the PVR set to record my Michaal. He and Blake
    are good friends so it should be a fantastic show. I also recorded Blake’s special and look forward to seeing it.


  15. Plus she (Christina) airbrushes all her photos. That picture above looks NOTHING like her. I haven’t seen any of the show since I last posted. Thanks for keeping me updated :)!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I can’t believe it’s December.

    I have to share that over the weekend I drove to Atlanta (5 1/2 hours) to hear the classical countertenor that I personally believe to be the best in the world. There are 2 main countertenor camps: there’s the David Daniels camp and there’s the Andreas Scholl camp. I’m solidly in the Andreas Scholl camp and he was beyond superb. His encore was a stunning popular melody written by an Israeli composer (I will figure out his name later) with the lyrics of “Im Stillen Nacht”. Absolutely gorgeous – what a treat!!


  16. Hi there Darlene!!! 🙂


  17. Vonnie,
    I think Britney has her beat “coming” and no one tops J-Lo “going,” so yeah, give the girls the night off for a change. Not that I have anything against decollage. Maybe she is jealous of Melanie’s clothing choices.
    I didn’t know that they were playing the truck song on the radio? That was a pretty good song.

    I’m glad you are set to record Michael Buble’s special. I knew you were a big fan. You may be disappointed with Blake’s though. The best part is he and Miranda doing a Christmas version of “Home.” If the early part of the show becomes unwatchable for you, be sure to skip to the end for this number.

    Hi Darlene,
    I’ll have to plead ignorance about classical countertenors but I admire your dedication to drive that far for a concert. It sounds like you were well rewarded.

    I think Christina airbrushes herself as well!


  18. LOL…Gene!!!

    I started to watch Blakes Christmas Special too…I can see why it came on late!!! Didn’t finish it, I made it to Reba!!!


  19. Double elimination tonight…any guesses who’s going home???


  20. I don’t like double eliminations, especialy this late in the game. I don’t really want any of them to go but I will take a guess and say Terry and Trevin. They were pimping them pretty hard last night which makes me think they are in trouble and the show would like for them to stay a while longer. The iTunes chart has me concerned about Amanda though and has Terry with the highest sells this week, charting at number 2. iTunes sells pretty much dictated the elimination order last week. Who knows?


  21. Welp…I wouldn’t have guessed that!!!


  22. I had a feeling this would be Top 4. However, I would have traded Cassadee for Amanda.


  23. Now we have two lame duck coaches.

    I thought Amanda looked like a real pro tonight. She’s the only one that I believe could go to work tomorrow as a top level professional singer / performer. Melanie never sang a complete song on key or in a way that could be called a fully relisted performance and yet, she exuded a confidence and had magnetism about her that let you over look her short comings and pull for her to get better. She was always interesting and was one of two who I looked forward to seeing what they would do in their next performance. I was proud of the way Amanda, and especially 17 year old Melanie handled their departure from the show and I hope they find success further down the road.

    The duets were interesting. I don’t know who chose the song for Trevin and Terry but it appeared that the goal was to cast them in a bad light. Cassadee and Amanda had a decent song choice and performed pretty well together. I thought Amanda was carrying Cassadee at times. Nicholas and Melanie performed as if they were very aware that this was the end of the road for one of them. It was the most enjoyable performance of the night for me.


  24. I found it curious that Amanda has two featured performances tonight – one with Nee-Yo and then one with Cassadee. The NBC honchos obviously favoured her.


  25. But so did Trevin and Nicholas, although their part in the Matchbox 20 number wasn’t as much of a showcase as Amanda’s. So that left Cassadee, the presumed frontrunner for the last two weeks, this week’s front runner Terry and Melanie who also did well in iTunes sells in the previous two weeks without a special performance opportunity. Hmm. Cassadee may have been able to substitute for Amanda in the performance with Nee Yo but I don’t think it would have looked or sounded as slick as it did with Amanda. I’m not sure what her background is except for backing Adele but she is a very well prepared entertainer.

    I definitely would have preferred Amanda to Cassadee, as you said, and I would have substituted Melanie for Terry. Then the whole field would be unique and special in some way and the balance between the males and females would still be there.


  26. Terry’s best performance was “Baby I’m Amazed”, that song fit his range! The last few song choices for him has been was out of his range…Steve Perry??? In my opinion only Steve Perry can do Steve Perry!!! These songs make Terry sound screechy and shouting!!…is there a market for him?

    Cassadee should be thinking Country at this point…the big girls in the pop world will eat her up!

    Trevin…is there really a market for him?

    Nicholas…love his vibe, but again is there a market for him?

    So I would say out of this group, put a country hat on Cassadee and call her the winner!!!


  27. Oh! Loved Rob Thomas last night!!!


  28. i find it interesting that when the coaches were asked who might be safe that blake actually said a name, and that he was correct.


  29. i just looked at itunes, in the rock category top ten, terry mc has FOUR songs, at numbers 1,2,8, and 10. that’s pretty amazing.


  30. p.s., that’s more than anyone else. a number of them have two.


  31. That’s hard to believe Hunter. I don’t know what they see in Terry. He’s ok but there doesn’t seem to be anything special about his vocals. I can’t see him as anything more than a singer in a regional touring band. I think the judges were a little cold toward Amanda because she threatens Trevin. She was robed.


  32. gene, she was robed ? and robbed too. 🙂 🙂 i loved *watching* her…she is a very sexy appealing woman, not in a blatant way.


  33. There are limits to spell checks ability to keep me from looking like a dumb adz.

    I’m not sure if they ever mentioned on the show that she had been on tour with Alicia Keyes or not. I recall them saying several times that she had toured with Adele though. It’s interesting to look at the You Tube videos of her on the stools behind Alicia and low and behold look who is sitting next to her, none other than last year’s winner of the Voice, Jermaine Paul. Small world.


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