Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 2 Of The X Factor: The Top 13

The Top 13 are scheduled to perform on The X Factor Wednesday on Fox from 8:00 – 10:00 P.M. with the results to be revealed on Thursday at 8:00 P.M.

Yes, you read that correctly. It is indeed a Top 13 show instead of a Top 12 show as Simon Cowell and Company have decided to bring back wrongly eliminated contestant, 13-year-old Diamond White.

I guess, given last year’s scenario with winner Melanie Amaro, who was brought back to the show because of similar circumstances, we can assume that Diamond will win or at least go very far into the competition?

I love how this show make up its own rules as it goes along. Funny stuff.

Enjoy the show and add your comments when you can.

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19 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 2 Of The X Factor: The Top 13”

  1. My favorites from tonight:

    Tate ~ he should already be a recording super star!

    Carly ~ beautiful vocals, she should be making records too

    Beatrice ~ I love this girl, wasn’t crazy about the song choice, but her vocals are awesome!

    Fifth Harmony ~ Simon has found his female Il Divo, brilliant, loved the vocals!!!

    Vino ~ loved this song on him, didn’t like him walking away while Simon was talking and shaking hands, but liked his performance!

    Hmmm…Demi and Simon…what’s up with them…didn’t get the feeling it was produced???????????


  2. Hey all …Okay heres comes all of my blah blah blah

    This show … I don’t know. It was my favorite. It might be my last season with it though. To me it’s just way over produced. Tired of the back and forth with the judges criticizing each other. Although my favorite voices are Jason Brock’s and Carly Rose this season, in my opinion there are only couple extremely good talents that I personally think are ready right now for the business. Thats Tate, Lyric 145 and Emblem 3 (in that order). I’m just ready for the rest of them to get voted off.

    Diamond? Shes good to me but I don’t know why they brought her back as she won’t win. Melanie …that was different. I knew when Simon dismissed her that that was an error. To me Diamond is just as good as any off them. Not great to me though.

    And Vino .. well, I feel the same way about him that Demi does. He’s a great singer, but his act to me just doesn’t seem polished enough for him to be a superstar. He is a great singer but he carry’s himself like a younger rapper. For me … his voice is incredible but his act is just too” street”. He needs to lose the hat and the jeans, all that walking across the stage. Its just not something you see a solo artist in “his genre” do. And the emotion he expresses when he sings is sometimes overwhelming and takes away from his actual voice.He seems like he’s just doing his own thing, Shaking hands with the girls while Simon was talking .. I don’t know. Its hard for me to enjoy his talent because he seem to be projecting more the story of his own life than a talent or the story in his songs. For me its distracting.

    I’m also with Simon regarding Jason. To me he is one of my very favorites there this year but his look, the clothes and the songs LA is letting him do to me are sabotaging his whole act.

    Hmmmm. This is not who I predict to be a winner, but if I had to pick a winner today, it’d be Tate (and I am definitely not a fan of country).


  3. Hey there brotherkarl….yeah! I thought that very rude of Vino last night, and I hadn’t thought about his actions alot, but you are right, he does carry himself more as a rapper/street than a soulful R&B singer, he’s definitely not pop!!!

    I like Jason too…not sure where LA is going with him other than trying to get him voted off!

    I don’t think I like the judge/mentor thing or maybe it is the way they categorize the groups! Maybe if they each got to pick 6 that they wanted to work with and mix up the groups, I dunno…but Simon seems to have a better handle on a couple than their judges does!!!


  4. And yes Tate as the winner!!! 🙂


  5. Yawn. I didn’t even think to watch it last night, The Voice had it’s posponed episode on so I watched it. I don’t think that I would support any of these artist in the real world. Tate is the most ready for prime time, Jason is ready for a cruise ship and Carley Rose for the Broadway. The groups are the least interesting for me. LA Ruined Vino. I think that is his job.


  6. gene, you are funny (jason is ready for a cruise ship). yesterday’s show was better. actually i haven’t watched it yet, i skimmed through it and will watch later. i just watched vino and tate. tate was great..i think having a great song helped. i’m not a country fan per se but i really like him. i believe carley rose is a veteran of broadway already. it is LA’s job to ruin vino?? 🙂 vino was better this week than last but not nearly as powerful as his four audition performances (performed without LA’s input). i would expect that it was so loud and screamy that vino may not have heard simon talking. that definitely didn’t score him points but i’m sure if he watches back he’ll be mortified at the appearance of his actions.

    brother karl…i’m sure if vino loses his jeans, pandemonium may abound. 🙂 🙂


  7. The X-Factor has added something to their show that is lacking in it’s competitors; the leader board. Well, they did sort of borrow the idea from DWTS, but it needed to be done. That will keep them honest as far as the perception of who is doing well is concerned, so they will have to depend on other methods to influence voters.

    It appears that the collective wisdom of the Masterclass posters has the pecking order just about right at this point. Tate, Carly and Vino were at the top as you might expect.

    I was able to watch both of this weeks programs last night and I agree with you that the performance show was better than last week. Less is more, but they knew that when they did the over proceed show last week. It gives the impression that they are working all of this stuff out for the first time and that Simon is a genius when he abuses his fellow judges for using the tools he gave them. I would have to say that whoever is writing his material is better than in the past. They are writing from the “regular guy” point of view so we find ourselves agreeing with him more

    Bon Voyage Jason! He did have a good tone to his voice but he worked hard at sabotaging himself.


  8. I’m a skeptic as far as the leader board is concerned…people tend to get lazy when they can see who is doing well vs bad!!! They most likely have a couple of favorites and then will stop voting for say, Tate, and then vote for CeCe cause Tates at the top…then Tates at the bottom, goes home and CeCe stays…and that my friends would be sad!!!!!


  9. Vonnie;

    Good point !! One thing for sure is, I believe it definitely will change the way the game goes. I’m like you. I think people won’t vote as much for those at the top …especially if they see they are consistently there and then someone who is not as good finds themselves in the running. And I also think it will effect the performances as well. Those who remain at the top won’t work as hard and the confidence of those at the bottom will shake. Ce Ce is great example ! Not one of my favorites at all !! But she seemed to be so confident, even overly confident back when she and Paige were competing against each other. Now it seems thats she has just lost it and is totally intimidated and working to win as if she’s desperate. I think she’s at the bottom rightfully so but knowing you are at the very bottom has got to do something to you especially when you think you’re “all that”


    Jason to me has an incredible gospelly type voice. To me he sounds a lot like a very famous gospel singer named Daryl Cooley (one of my favorites). The problem I think is …that crazy look and the weird productions. I don;t know how L.A. let him go forward like that, last week and this week.To me , while I love his vocals, the performances were awful. As much as I enjoyed his voice, I really think the voters got it right and thats hard for me as he ,to me, had one of the best auditions. L.A. said he didn’t want to do the “over 25’s” and to me … even though 2 of his are currently at the top … you can tell.

    I tagged Tate day one. I like Carly, she’s great for a kid. Vino, he’s got a great voice but just a bit much for me and Diamond, I just don;t get why they brought her back. To me everybody else on that stage can go home today. They are forgettable. Who I would like to see in the top with Tate,.Carly and Vino are Emblem 3 and Lyric 145. I’m not a fan of either of those kinds of music but I really enjoy watching them perform and grow as artist’s .


  10. when i watched ‘the leader board’, i assumed that was a one time thing. i assumed it was a ‘trick’ to get more people to watch X Factor rather than watch The Voice. they waited til the very end to announce it, thus keeping us with their show. i doubt they’ll do this next week. dwts doesn’t show the ratings based only on viewer votes. with the judges votes added in it can be entirely different each week even though the fans votes could be relatively consistent each week. obviously when one person is booted, the voter may then jump to another voter…or quit voting.


  11. what i *did* like about announcing who was safe: they just did it. not all the usual games and suspense and the twisted meanings stuff like they usually do it…bamn, they were safe or not. i felt bad for jason. i also found it very interesting, the quick clip where jason is back stage talking with vino about his performance, saying how he was thinking it was really good, and then he heard the judges say quite the opposite.


  12. Hunter:

    Yeah … pretty interesting. Everybody knows where they are in less than 5 minutes, instead of a whole long drag out hour full of suspense … well at least for the line up. They and everybody knows exactly where they stand. No one has to wonder


  13. Vonnie, Karl and Hunter,
    I thought about what you are saying but I think the fans have a long history with this type of show of altering their voting patterns based on the “perception” that an artist is in a safe position and it’s ok to shift their vote to someone else. Posters here have said in the past that they did that when voting for Idol contestants. I think it’s a plus for the fans, as well as the artist, to have the “facts” to base their actions on rather than the line the show is trying to sell. We assume that the order that performers are made safe is related to the number of votes they receive but the shows usually don’t say that and the results are frequently hard to believe. I’m not sure how being misled is in any way preferable to seeing the actual placement.

    I think the leader board will allow the top contestants more freedom to be artist and the lower ranking contestants, as well as their fans, will be on notice that it’s go or go home time. I’ve always believed that if you have a favorite and intend to vote, you should vote only for your favorite. Why should we care who comes in fifth place? They will only be a footnote in history.

    I liked the quick announcement of the finish order as well.


  14. Yeah!!! I gues it will make the one’s at the top work harder to stay there and the one’s at the bottom work harder to get to the top…but….at some point fans of the lower votes are going to give up when they see the same one’s at the top and then viewers are going to drop off when it gets closer to the final show if they already know who’s gonna win!!!

    Brotherkarl…I see CeCe as being a bit/alot desperate now too! She really should have went home, Simon should’nt have let that gone to voters choice, he should have sent her packing, “eye of the tiger” was horrible, and then her sing off song was desperate and she did alot of shouting instead of singing!!!


  15. Vonnie,
    I think fans have historically rallied behind their favorites when they thought they were in trouble. Look how many times Haley found herself in the bottom three on Idol but the fans kept her in the game. What you suggested may happen with voters when their contestant is on top is more likely to impact the outcome than when they are at the bottom. At least they can make their decisions based on facts instead of the line of bull the show is feeding them. I think this change is in response to fan complaints about these shows and the decision to keep the leader board or not will likely be made the same way.

    For what it’s worth, I thought the placement was close to right. My only regret was that Cece couldn’t go home too. They should buy her a pitch pipe. Also, you noticed what Simon said when one of his groups finished fifth. He said they would have to make some adjustments and try again. That was exactly the right message to take from the information at hand. Go, or go home.

    Did you know that the new woman on Nashville that is / was fooling around with the guy running for Mayor is Brad Paisley’s wife? The two little girls that play the daughters sounded pretty good last week.


  16. Gene,

    I didn’t know that she was his wife…how cool is that!!! I really like this show, it’s good to have a mix of music and drama wrapped together, I like Glee too…but would rather watch Nashville.


  17. Great comments everyone. Was on vacation last week so anxious to get back into the swing of things.

    Question: Why do so many singers have tuning issues? Mind you, I am happy they are actually singing this year. No more lip sync! Unless the sound tech is messing with their pitch via the sound system.


  18. MCL…I have noticed too, they either seem flat, sharp or just falling completely out of a note ( not sure if that is the correct term, lol) but years ago, before autotune, records and live versions sounded the exact same…which makes me wonder if this may be why some artists are not doing as well with live tours, cause they sound horrible live, some don’t even sound recognizable in person…Taylor Swift anyone???


  19. Vonnie. Haha! Don’t get me started with Taylor Swift. Her tuning is terrible. And, like you said, I think many of our artists depend on auto-tune BIG TIME. So sad.


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