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The Reason Why American Idol Should Shun Big Name Stars To Serve As Judges.

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This is why American Idol should hire non-celebrity judges..

According to RollingStone.Com, Steven Tyler had a lot to say about his two-year tenure as American Idol judge and it wasn’t pretty:

“Tyler now admits that Aerosmith’s troubles (his often nasty public spat with the other band members starting in 2009) were the principal reason he signed up with Idol in 2010. “It was something to do while the storm blew by, to be honest,” he says, calling the show “not my cup of tea.” Regarding his two-season stint, for which he was reportedly paid $10 million a season, he now says, “I loved it and hated it. It was a great job, I sat next to J. Lo and I made a ton of money. It was a moment in life and it became larger than life.”

The downside, he says, was the workload and his supposed role as the new Simon Cowell. “It was just hard work: seven-hour days and then I went and did the [Aerosmith] album for eight hours after that,” Tyler says. Of criticisms that he and Jennifer Lopez, who is also exiting the show, weren’t hard enough on most of the contestants, he explains, “The show’s about kids and what you do to nurture their talent. They wanted me to take the piss out of the kids and I don’t have that in me. That’s not what I’m about. That’s more about that other guy. Not me.” Tyler declined to comment on rumors that money issues were a factor in his departure from the series”

Now, as much as I appreciated the fact that he didn’t pull a “Simon Cowell” on the show, thus sparing the singers unnecessary humiliation, the other side of the coin is that he, basically, sleep-walked through his responsibility as a coherent and supportive judge.

He signed on for all the wrong reasons – some personal and others gratuitous – the nifty $10 million price tag that accompanied his contractual signature.

How was this kind of mind-set supposed to help the singers learn and grow? His cliche for the singers via the words It’s a beautiful thing” became meaningless after being uttered a zillion times.

Is it too much to ask that American Idol seek judges with the appropriate credentials, such as a record producer, a Broadway coach or music arranger? You know, people who really understand the inner workings of what constitutes a great performer?

This article will be rendered meaningless because, with Mariah Carey’s involvement and possibly Nick Jonas, it will be declared null and void.

Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not holding my breath. Are you?

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56 Responses to “The Reason Why American Idol Should Shun Big Name Stars To Serve As Judges.”

  1. Rosanne, It’s a reality show first and foremost. I actually think that Steven’s remarks are quite telling, if they are true. If he was given a set role to play as judge it proves that they are just puppets on Simon Fuller’s string as everyone has suspected all along.

    Maybe he is trying to save face or move beyond the, self perceived, humiliation of being an AI judge. Maybe he is trying to get back some of that edgy rocker vibe to his persona and shed the tender side that he let come through on the show. He is supposed to be a “bad a$$” for his type of music and performing, not a gentle soul. So I don’t know how much of what Steven says, post Idol, that we can take to the bank. I do think that he is “tip toeing on a land mine” (to take a line from one of his songs) when he speaks about Idol. I know that his mind can’t be as sharp as it used to be after all the drugs. Couple that with aging and he maybe shouldn’t talk about it too much or he will be getting a few phone calls from Simon Fuller’s libel attorneys.

    On the other hand, the comment that he made to Heejun when he sang “My Life” by Billy Joel;

    Steven Tyler, “You really took the piss out of that didn’t you?”

    That statement might have been a direct result of a meeting (scolding) that the producers had with Steven to try and get him to fulfill his intended role. So with all of those considerations we still don’t have a true insight into what goes on. At least I don’t. All I know is that Mr. Tyler better be careful with his statements. I know he has plenty of money to fight a law suit but I don’t think he has as much as the AI machine and Fox TV. Maybe he’s looking for some “hush money” to be floating his way….LOL.

    Just a few thoughts……


  2. I think that this performance by Nick Jonas may be why he is being considered. The only thing we have left to contemplate is; Which of these judges is going to play the “bad guy”. I think we may have the answer in this video, if Nick does indeed get the job:

    We were surprised by Howard Stern’s gentleness on AGT and American Idol may be going for another surprising twist with having a seemingly gentle personality come out and really give scorching criticism to these contestants. From what I hear, Britney Spears is not exactly nice in her role as a judge on “The X Factor” and that is the opposite of what I expected too. So IMO they are looking for people in the music industry who can “act” the part that the producers give them to play. I don’t think that JLo, Steven or Randy had the ability to do it in a convincing way. They weren’t good actors and actresses.

    Mariah has acting experience too and in this clip Nick does a pretty good job of being a complete and total jerk as well….LOL Hey, they have got to get people talking at the water cooler so people will encourage others to tune in.

    “Hey, did you see what Nick Jonas said to that poor little girl. That was just cruel! I never thought he could be that insensitive. He’s a real jerk.”

    That statement would compel an additional viewer to tune in the next week and so on and so on.

    In every drama their has to be a bad guy and it’s most effective when it’s someone you least suspect IMO. Not to mention, it’s a way for a person who is trapped into one image to shed that image and lose the “good boy” image without having to do something outlandish on stage like Adam did. It could be a way for Nick to transition into other acting roles and music with more mature and edgy lyrics. I’m probably wrong about this as well. Just me thinking again….LOL


  3. Hey All

    OMG !! Rosanne ….I don;t know what was sadder …. the things that Steven said in that article OR rehearing the news that Nick Jonas is being considered as a judge. OMG. He’s 19 years old. What? … What kind of wisdom can a kid give who has put no time in and is simply an overnight discovery. I guess its really not about the contestants getting the right coaching at all during the short time around the show. Its just about ratings for the show.

    Hearing Steven say ” The show’s about kids and what you do to nurture their talent … That’s not what I’m about”. It CLEARLY says … it was ONLY about the money. Its really not important at all to them how these people effect the contestant ( I had heard at one point they were even considering Charlie Sheen . Seriously)

    At any rate …the answer to your question … If they think they can raise the ratings then, yes they need the big names. BUT if they’d like to go off the air giving America some of the biggest superstars this generation have ever seen THEN I think there should be a different kind of judge on the panel. Not someone who just sees it as an opportunity to further their carreer and make few mill and move on.

    You;re an music instructor Rosanne so I understand your desire to see someone there who can coach them musically. I agree. What I;d like to see is someone o the panel that can coach them in projecting a great super star stage presence and in making proper decisions for a long running career after Idol, like Motown did for the new stars it raised back then. OR ELSE 3 years after their appearance they’ll be back buffing tables and if they are lucky singing at a state fair where none of the kinds even really remembers who they are.

    Rosanne …I don’t know. I think by doing what Idol is doing they’re missing a great opportunity to create some very huge names who’ll be talked about for the next 30-40 years. If they don’t do this for the contestants now then Idol will have to toot its own horn at that time because there will be no one made famous by them to toot it for them.
    The young people who were made stars on Ed Sullivan that are living, still talk about that show today. They’re able to do it because he made them stars. Idol won’t have that
    if they don’t produce any.


  4. Spelling and proofreading is awful as usual ….. I meant to say “where none of the KIDS even really remember who they are “.


  5. Taymaro and BrotherKarl. American Idol sounds desperate and needy when they bow to these superstar judges. I mean, seriously…..

    Imagine if Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was on the panel? Or Broadway legends like Bernadette Peters or Betty Buckley? I know, my Broadway-bias is coming out again but they truly are the best in the business and know how to develop and refine superstar performing skills.

    I know of one young rising star in Canada who has procured the services of an award-winning Broadway producer/director to refine his stage technique. It is a learned skill. What appears natural and spontaneous in concert is, in fact, a diligently rehearsed program from start to finish.

    Legendary artists like Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Jermaine Jackson, Donny Osmond etc. etc. would complete the picture. Perhaps, one judge for the younger audience but the rest should be more experienced.


  6. Rosanne

    If somebody like Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber were on that panel …it would take their show TRULY to an entire new level. OMG. That would be the show from heaven !! And I;m with you. That is exactly the kind of background that is needed for the show if its to produce SUPER stars. In 10 years from now we’ll know if Idol created super stars or not or if all they are giving us is “fly by nights” or 1 hit wonders. Clay Aikins, in my own opinion, has one of the greatest voices Idol has ever introduced in its history, but I wouldn’t say he’s ever reached the kind of super star status that Idol could have seen to fruition. If the qualifications of the judges were on the standards that YOU are talking about … Clay would be an Icon the world would never forget.


  7. MCL: To repeat, here is–if I had the BIG HONCHO power–who I would have on my judging panel:)

    Myself: As a long-time viewer, I could offer the perspective of a TV viewer.

    Scott MacIntyre: Once his choppers were made ‘Tv friendly’, he would be good since he has been through the ‘process’. Also, with his educational pedigree, he would bring a level of musical knowledge that would raise the level of the show. Also, since he is ‘visually challenged’, he would remain undeistracted by clothing. Plus, his book is a great read.

    Aretha Franklin: ‘Nuff said:) Once we got her on a SERIOUS health and wellness program, she would be off to the races. Plus she is a legend and has worked with contemporary producers. And there is also her knowledge:)

    Ms. T:): Just think of how many viewers would tune in to hear a vocal coach offering the contestants guidance. And the show would gain new ‘street cred’ if you were a judge.

    Per ‘The Dawg’, I would make him a mentor and let him help with the arranging:)


  8. Nest Saturday, I will be attending the VIP ‘M&G’ with the AI11 Top Ten in Columbus:) I may be the only person.

    Continuing, since they have all indicated that they would like to bring back the ‘old school’ sound of the 70s and make it relevant[just visit; Daryl Hall showcases MANY new groups who are using the ‘old school’ sound and making it current]


  9. Continuing:)

    I will also be ‘gifting’ them several of my LPs plus a large number of CDs


  10. Continuing 2:

    It will be interesting to see their reactions when I give them the materials and also TELL them that I will be happy to answer any of their ‘old school’ questions:) I am also giving them some other materials.


  11. I will aslo be happy to offer friencly critiques based on what I was at home on the telly:)


  12. Yes, BrotherKarl, Sir Andrew would certainly increase the vocal standard on American Idol.

    You know, I never thought of Clay, but he would be wonderful. He is intelligent, articulate and extremely musical so he would be another excellent judge I would think. Good catch, BrotherKarl.


  13. I have given some thought to a past Idol castmate – especially Adam. Clay, and Taylor. However, their fan bases would make Idol all about them. Idol is trying to raise their audience and ratings rule. They seem to “need” famous people to attract a younger viewing audience.

    I thought having Brad Paisley might work. He has young children and would have something in common with Mariah. I think his personality would balance out hers. Who wants a rude, cruel judge like Simon Cowell? Not me! I am happy Steven didn’t give into that part. However, I do agree he wasn’t a good judge.


  14. Or, they could get someone like you, Rosanne! You could use a few million dollar paychecks! ;o)


  15. KariAnn – we could all use a million dollar pay cheque or two or three!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂


  16. I was driving home today, thinking about our judge dilemma…a country judge, and one that doesn’t already have a full plate, I thought of the perfect judge!!!



  17. Vonnie – that is a great selection. But, something tells me he is a bit too reserved for the job. He seems introverted off-stage.


  18. And the newest big name who wants to throw their hat in the ring …… Mr Snoop Dog aka Snoop Lion.

    Its ALL about the money. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say 1 million dollars would set me straight for life. Well Mariah is getting 17 million for 1 year (that 17 lives) on top of the millions her and nick already have . And I’m sure next season ( if there is another) …it will be more millions . Just to sit across at a table and say “that was beautiful or that was bloody awful” . And then the contestant works his butt off, gets through all of that , wins and then walks away with a little car and signed to a label thats all ready to drop them the next year. Man ….I TRULY went to school for the wrong thing and definitely am in the wrong line of business. O M G. If somebody like Snoop can even be considered …then I’m going to seriously need somebody to teach me how to get into that world.


  19. Brotherkarl,

    I did some research on your boy Snoop Dogg…aka Snoop Lion! He is now a reggae singer; after a trip to Jamaica, he now thinks he is the reincarnated Bob Marley. He is going to make a movie about his re-birth called “Reincarnated” original, huh? This awakening prompted the name change!

    Snoop Dog introduced a friendly version of “fo shizzle my nizzle” to mean “you know it friend”…hmmm! I thought he did that saying for a commercial or something??? I don’t listen to snoop music, and certainly don’t care for his acting!

    Snoop wants to be an idol judge because of the 18 million dollar pay-day that was offered to Mariah!

    He is set to release a reggae album sometime this year!!!

    At the time of this press release, idol had not responded to his proposal…


  20. Charlie Sheen and Aretha Franklin have also shared an interest in the third judges seat!!!!!!!!

    Aretha…yes, definitely…Charlie…??????


  21. Hello……………………

    I think I’m not going to watch idol this year! I didn’t watch all of the voice or Duets, tired of the same old, same old. Tired of reality shows in general.

    Where in the world is everyone?


  22. MCl,

    Please remove my posts…after reading more about snoop dogg, the phrase that I posted is horrible and I should have never posted it…I had no idea that it meant anything other than what I thought it meant, “youb know it friend”.

    I apologize with all my heart if that phrase offended or hurt anyone! MCL, I will not post here again, I am so sorry to bring this to your site.

    I feel absolutely horrible! I am so sorry!


  23. Vonnie – I am still around. Just sick with a stupid summer cold. How many of these do I need to get?? Sheesh.

    What did you say that was offensive? I will remove your posts but not sure what to remove? Hahaha

    Please stay here and comment away. No one here is offended. We are just in the dog days of summer here and in veggie mode. Haha


  24. Hey Vonnie.

    I;m with Rosanne here. I don’t see anything that you have posted that has been offensive nor has there even really been anybody here lately that could even be offended. Its only been about 4 or 5 of us here all summer long. For a good while you weren’t even here yourself. I think a lot of folks are just getting out of the house for the summer. (I know i have been as our central air has gone out and its too hot)

    I know you know that I’ll really miss you if you stop posting as I’ve said many times before (even tried to get you to come over and post on my site .. but I guess … anyway).
    So many others have expressed here how they enjoy you as well . I speak right along with Rosanne … you’ve got some friends here that really don’t want to see you go.

    I really wish I knew what was posted that was so offensive. Rosanne hasn’t see anything. I haven’t seen anything and there has been nobody here.

    Oh well… Hope you reconsider.


  25. MCL,

    The fo shizzle post, please take that down…it does not mean what I thought and it should have no place spoken or written!

    Thank you MCL…you and brotherkarl are the absolute best!


  26. Oh really? Will take it down. Not sure what it means but will delete it for you. :). Glad YOU are back.

    Really under the weather here. Yes. I know! Again! How many colds and flu can one catch in four months? Apparently 3!! This better be it!

    Will try to add a new blog topic tomorrow. Thanks all!


  27. Thank you MCL…I hope you are feeling better soon!


  28. LOL Vonnie, The Fo Shizzle part just means “For Sure”. It’s the second half in the urban dictionary that is offensive and shouldn’t be uttered.

    I too hope you get to feeling better Rosanne.

    I went to the Idols Live! concert in Charleston, SC. I had a really great time!! All the performances were great but a few stuck out in my mind. I will be posting Youtube videos and pictures pretty soon.

    Joshua Ledet was amazing during his performance of “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. I gave him a well deserved standing ovation. It wasn’t planned or discussed with my guest but it just happened. We both stood up cheering and clapping loudly. I looked around and nobody else was standing up and I was getting some pretty nasty looks from those around me. I was very surprised to see that it was almost an all Caucasian attendance. That really caught me off guard but I guess the looks were about all the standing ovations that he got on the show. I couldn’t help it. It was that good!!

    Hollie Cavanagh’s performance of “Rolling In The Deep” was outstanding as well as Elise’s performance of “Whole Lotta Love”. Colton was great on Piano Man and his original song “Never Gone”.

    Jessica Sanchez, DeAndre Brackensick and Joshua Ledet gave a very fun performance of “Proud Mary”. That performance was just over the top fun!!

    Those are the ones that stood out but I enjoyed the whole show.

    We waited around at the end for the performers to come out front and greet their fans. 9 of them came out. Everyone except Phillip. There were children and fans waiting for 2 and a half hours out there and they kept chanting his name on and off but he didn’t show. After two and a half hours a man finally announced that he’d already left and wasn’t coming. It was very hot and humid and I think they should have announced that earlier. We did get to meet DeAndre, Erika, Jessica, Joshua, Colton, Elise, Skylar, Hollie and Heejun. They were all very pleasant but Colton, Joshua, DeAndre, Erika and Hollie were very gracious and seemed to be flattered and appreciative of the fans. And as I said Phillip didn’t even bother to show up.

    But over all we had a great time and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I will post links when I get the videos posted to YouTube!


  29. Taymaro…But I posted the whole thing without knowing what it meant, now I feel absolutely horrible! 😦

    Thanks for the info on the tour, I have been wondering how the kids are doing!!

    Roseanne, I am really worried about you, I hope you are feeling better soon!


  30. Vonnie and Taymaro – I am better today. Has been very busy here with family events and I think I was just incredibly exhausted. Off to bed soon but wanted to check in and thank you for your concern.

    Taymaro – thank you for the concert info. How strange that Phillip didn’t acknowledge his fans. Could he have been I’ll? If not, then it is inexcusable.

    I will add a blog topic tomorrow about American Idol news so this site becomes relevant again. :). Thank you for your loyalty and patience.


  31. Rosanne – Its good to be hearing that you’re doing better. You are allowed no more flues for the year. 🙂

    Taymaro – Sounds like it was a blast! If te wasn’t we know one person who really enjoyed it . That part about the standing ovation was hilarious :-0

    Vonnie – Prior to your email I didn’t know what it meant ..but I did the little research and found out. Its not a word that I have ever used, but I do understand now why you felt so bad. You explained that you didn’t know, so thats good enough for me,

    Love to you all !!


  32. Meant … Sounds like it was a blast! If IT wasn’t we know one person who really enjoyed it .


  33. Rosanne, Glad to hear you are doing better. I hope that you continue to improve rapidly. I don’t know why Phillip didn’t come out but it was so freaking hot it was almost unbearable. The humidity was so high everyone was pouring sweat. We were all packed in like sardines with everyone getting as close to the barriers as they could for the best view and to be able to present their items for signature. I was surprised that nobody fell out from heat exhaustion. When the performers came out they were just as uncomfortable and at one point DeAndre even put his hair up and started fanning his face with his hand but he was a trooper and kept going. He and Jessica got in a quick smooch as I have read they are dating now. DeAndre kept his hair up for a few seconds and then he was asked by a fan to put it back down for a picture. He left it down the rest of the time even though he was sweating profusely. That is how you show appreciation for your fans! A little girl was being held by her father and was trying to sing for everyone of the performers as they passed by her location. Nobody stopped and listened to her except DeAndre. She actually sounded amazing and DeAndre started mouthing the words with her and moving to the rhythm of the song she was singing. She hit a pretty spectacular note and his face lit up and he said, “Sing it girl!” and grabbed her and hugged her before continuing on down the line. That was very nice of him and probably made that little girl’s day.

    Karl, Yes, I had a great time!! It was awesome and my guest did too. I will post the videos today.


  34. Brotherkarl,

    I am so sorry…I had no idea what that meant, I had read where snoop dogg had created a friendly version of that and didn’t think any thing about it, then I was reading another site and found out the meaning…I feel so horrible, I would never say or do anything to hurt you or anyone intentionally. This is why I told MCL that I would stop posting.


  35. Vonnie- It wasn’t offensive to me at all , not even after I found out what it meant, I just understand now why you felt it was so wrong .. so having said that ….. no more apologies :- ) You’ve been reading me long enough to know I’m pretty blunt …and If I was offended or even felt it was wrong …. TRUST ME, I would have said something even if it was my friend , Vonnie 🙂 It takes a whole lot to take me there. We’ve got the real love of God in our hearts working on this end , so we’re good.

    Alright ..lets change the subject here. Last week everybody was supposed to be going to LA to talk about a judges seat. I’ve followed up on Brad and Nick and I don’t know if either of them have even had their “sit downs” yet. Has anybody heard anything?


  36. If I could hug you brotherkarl…you my friend, are wonderful. ***HUGS***

    I still feel like I could cry, and have, got that love of God going on here too! 🙂

    Haven’t heard any more other than Aretha and Charlie Sheen would like to sit at that table too!


  37. Taymaro – of you would like to write an article about your American Idol show experience, I would be happy to publish it. No pressure. Just a thought. 🙂 Let me know.


  38. Oh, there’s a “love fest” going on here! Sure do like *Hugs*.

    I have to find out how things go for you, James! Your plans sound so excting! I have felt the best music ever made was in the 1960s and 70s. Looking forward to your write up of the Idol concert! I know you’ll have a good time as will Darlene!


  39. Oh, Taymaro – you’re also attending the Idol Concert! Now, I wish I would have gone. Everyone, I am sure it will be a terrific concert! Please let us know.



  40. Kariann:

    As I approached the spot where the Top Ten sast waiting to take gtoup photos with the VIP ticket holders, one of the AI people, a ‘road manager’ I assume, approached me and asked what I had. I explained to him that the nearly 100 LPs, many CDs and some DVDs were gifts for the Top Ten:)

    From a logistics standpoint, I had NO problem with him–and his staffers–taking the materials to a safe place. Plus there were NUMEROUS witnesses:) It was funny watching many younger peole casting a curious glance at the ‘old school’ LPs and giving second looks.

    Anyway, during the ‘M & G’, I told Ms. Testone–she, plus several of the others–have expressed interest in learni9ng moremabout the ‘old school–that I had brought a special gift for them all:)

    I am still awaiting either an e-mail or tweet saying they have seen them. I also tweeted Ms. Testone.

    It will take some time to get the article prepared:) However let me give you the following teaser:

    Joshua and Hollie: I gently told Joshua that he sometimes needs to just ‘back off’ when siinging and ‘let the song do the talking’, He told me that ‘No one tells him how to sing.

    I then told Hollie that I liked how she used restraint with her vocals. She gave me a smile and–I think–even gave Hosh a sideways glance.

    Elise: It was fun watching her interact with us. She clearly enjoys beong around us and she seemed interested when I told her about the gift.

    Deandre, Heejun and Erika: When I told Deandre that he could fill in for Eddie Kendricks–lead singer for the ‘Stylistiics’, he sang the refrain from ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’! He KNEW about this group. And he was adorable with his fans. I told Heejun that I LOVED his vibrato and that his voice harmonizes weill with other singers. Erika told me that it took her SEVEN bleachings to return her hair to its natural blond color. I opined that Jimmy maybe put his proverbail foot in the mouth.

    Skylar: I asked her about her favorite gun and that I liked her husky and strong voice.

    Colton: I told him that that ep was WEIRD when he aplolgized after being sent home. I asked him if he had ever heard of Barry White. He HAD!!!! I told him that Mr. White would NEVER have apologized about using too many oversized champage glasses in a concert. He agreed that he needs to be TRUE to himself as an artist.

    Phil: I asked him how he was feeling. He said that he was now fine after SEVEN kidney operations. I told him that I like his folk/rock style and also about my gifts.

    This is just a teaser until I do my formal ‘report’ complete sith pics:)


  41. James – oh my, no filter usage for you. Good! I love it. Enough sugar-coating. These kids need sage advice, something that will help them grow and develop.

    And, for Joshua to be so abrupt with you? Honestly, just take the free critique and shut it already. We’ll see how far he goes in this business with that attitude.

    Love the DeAndre is so knowledgeable about his music – the evolution of the head voice in pop music. Smart guy! He will go far.

    Cannot wait to read and publish your article. Sounds like it is full of goodies for digestion.


  42. James,

    That was incredible!! You have got to be feeling like you are on top of the world. What a blessing!

    Of course as you know Joshua was one of my very favorite singers so I was kind of takened back that after you were given such a great opportunity to meet with him that the first thing you would do would be to criticize his talent the way you did. . He did come in 3rd place after all (much further than the others you mentioned) which speaks volumes for how the general public views his music ability. They are all very young and amateurs, so it’s got to be very hard on their confidence to hear a total stranger give that kind of critique to them to their faces. In my opinion that was kind of insensative. You probably hurt his feelings and being so young and just starting out, he snapped back. I’m not surprised at the way he responded at all. As he gets older he’ll learn how to deal with things like that.

    At any rate , I give you for kudos for making that personal contact and doing exactly what you said you would do in sharing with them the music. I’m feeling all your pride.
    Like you said earlier …may be it wouldnt’ be so bad to have a viewer from the audience like yourself on the panel… give some of that raw un-professionalized street critique which a lot of us do here on “Master Class Lady”

    One other thing …Eddie Kendricks to my knowledge has never sung with the Stylistics. He was lead singer of the Temptations. What amazed me though was when you confused the two in speaking to De Andre , he knew WHO you were talking about and sang to you music of the Stylistics who weren’t even nearly as popular as the Temptations. That was amazing for a guy that young.

    Your teaser today was amazing!! Very excited about hearing the rest.

    Congratulations !!!


  43. Brother. . . .

    If you saw during the competition, Joshua lost control of both the song and his vocals. Yet the ‘judges’ NEVER called him to task. Instead , they overly praised him. Contrast this with how the female half of ‘Team Jollie’ was treated during the competition: At times, outright condescension.

    Now, I have to admit that during the concert, Joshua showed MUCH better control and NO screaming. Also, his tonality seemed much more pure. Since Elise is also a vocal coach, she may have helped him to ‘fine tune’ his vocal control. And–assuming this happened–she would be advising as a peer:)

    Interestingly, when I talked to Colton, he understood:) I suspected his friends and family[and possibly others] told him that it looked strange for an artist to ‘compromise’ his vision. Heck, I see traces of Barry White in young Mr. Dixon:)


  44. James

    I’d be lieing if I said I wasn’t envious of you. I would have paid triple the ticket price to have the few minutes you had with those guys. I’m really excited about hearing more about your interactions with them, to get that little window into more of who they really they are. We’ve seen professional interviews, but to hear just a little bit more of the way they respond to people who are just fans like yourself, is going to be interesting.

    This will probably be long but it’ll be just my typical old blah blah blah 🙂 Anybody that skips over it … I’d understand 🙂 I probably would myself.

    Re: Joshua: I DID indeed see the competition and every time Joshua performed after every show I commented here over and over again strongly disagreeing with the critiques most of the people here made of his performances. I was 100% in agreement with what the judges continually said about Joshua. I didn’t see it as over-praise. I saw it as “right on point”. To me he was consistent and every performance he gave was outstanding – in my opinion almost more so then all the other contestants on the show. Most of the voters thought so too (which shows we don;t all see things the same way). However, I also called that he would never win because his style is not one Idol’s overwhelming majority audience supports. As I said when he was preforming in the competition, the growling and “screaming”, as you guys continually called it, is inherent in the gospel style (that is his background). You’d be hard pressed to find a great in the field of gospel who doesn’t do it. Most do.

    Just a little education about gospel music here: Grammy winner, Karen Clark Sheard , probably one of the best selling gospel legends who records today, almost always sings like that (most don’t know her but trust me, EVERYBODY in gospel does) Aretha’s background is in the church. She sings and has recorded some gospel music (maybe 2 or 3 records) but she is not a gospel artist so you won’t hear that in her singing, but you WILL here it in the singing of most of the gospel greats. Karen is one of Aretha’s favorite singers and has even recorded duets together with her that did very well, but most don’t know who she is. Like country music, gospel is definitely not a universal style that everybody listens to and enjoys, but there is an audience who loves that kind of singing! Its obvious, thats why Joshua went as far as he did. It IS really understandable though why so many here were not on board with him. The audience for it may not be as big as a regular pop audience but its still pretty huge. I’m a fan of gospel music so I had no problems whatsoever with ANY of Joshua’s performances. Thats the audience he’s shooting for. If you remember in one of his first interviews , he said he wants to sing music that will “minister” to others. His favorite, artist Fantasia!! 2nd year winner but who a lot of people find hard to stomach, but he loves that style. For me I thought every one of his performances was superb , but I truly also understand why that kind of singing is not everybody’s cup of tea. While I don’t agree though, I do get the critiques that have been made of his singing here. Different strokes for different folks

    As far as Hollie, I had my critiques of her too. While, to me she was the most improved of all the other contestants, I always commented that I never saw in her what so many of you here at MCL saw in her. I did’nt get that at all and I expressed that here all through the competition. To me she was good but I NEVER thought she would last as long as she did. I felt, about her, pretty much the way the judges did too. She did get better and better though and by the time of her exit I could finally see her act had gotten well polished, but the raves she got here, I NEVER got that. Different strokes though …

    Now Colten ….. Also to me, a very good singer, but you compared him to Barry White. Are you talking about the Barry White who sang “My First, My Last, My Everything” , or is there another one? If its the same one, I’m trying to see the comparison. That Barry White, had a very rich baritone voice, Colten is a first tenor. The Barry White I’m familiar with sings R & B, Colten is more of a contemporary rocker. Totally 2 different styles. Colten was awesome. He certainly has the potential to be as successful as that Barry White, but I don’t know if he;s anything like him, unless you are referring to a Barry White who I’m not familiar with.

    Really looking forward to here more of your experience and to see those pictures.

    Did any of them mention anything about projects in the works?


  45. Brother. . . .

    Traces of Barry White:) I was thinking more in terms of liking to use full arrangements.

    I was referring to the Harry Nilsson song that Joshua sang. When he lost control of his voice and the song.

    And Donna Summer also sang in the church. During the concert, I could almost see Joshua as the next Al Wilson.


  46. Gotcha!! I have to go back and see if I can find that performance. Don’t really remember anything happening like that.

    Looking forwards James.


  47. Brother. . . .

    Should be Russell Tompkins, Jr:) That is whom Deandre could be a substitute ‘oinch-singer’.


  48. James

    Both Russell Tompkins Jr.and Eddie Kendricks were great voices in that time. Very rare. Prior to De Andre I haven’t even heard anybody even come close to voices like those. If De Andre continues the way he’s going I believe he’s going to take that style to a new level.

    Love that voice,


  49. MCL. . . .

    Did you get my latest e-mail?


  50. Well – I did now that you made me aware that you sent it. There it was in my Junk Folder. Maybe it was the attachment. I now moved it safely to my Inbox.

    I love the picture. How cool that you are beside the Top 10 Group Photo. Love it!

    Once you send along your article, I will publish it.

    Thank you so much for this. The readers will love it, as do I. 🙂


  51. MCL:

    I also sent an earlier e-mail with 4’teaser’ photos:) Did you get that also?


  52. MCL:

    Feel free to post the ‘teaser’ photos now:) BTW, I sent an e-mail to the person who manages the AI VIP program asking for instructions on asking how to access the group photo:)

    I told her that I had enjoyed the ‘M & G’ and also hoped that the Top Ten were enjoying my gifts.

    Her EXACT quote: “I believe they are”.

    I will assume ‘face value’ and assume all is ‘on the level’ with that statement:)


  53. James, it sounds like you had an awesome time! I am envious!

    Vonnie, you stay put young lady! We like having you here!

    BrotherKarl, having grown up in the Detroit area – Motown music is part of the soundtrack of my life! The Temptations are my favorite Motown group and seeing them perform in person was earth-shattering! At one of their last concerts (of primarily original singers) they had Mel placed behind the curtain in his wheelchair. You could hear his voice through out the concert, but he never came out. A short time later, he passed on. So, sad…

    I have followed the group all these years and the newest lead singer is just awful. He lacks the honey sweetness used on many of the Tempts hits. Worse of all, he raps and often added Hip Hop to the songs. Just my personal opinion.

    Rosanne, those colds and flus better be gone! Hope all is well. My Hubby is starting to feel better, finally.


  54. James – how wonderful that your gifts to the Top 10 are being acknowledged. You are a great and loyal fan.

    Now, I have to search for more pictures. I only saw the one but, perhaps, it is buried further down on the Junk Folder. I think the attachments are moving them there. Weird. They are just pictures.

    Will get back to you ASAP!


  55. Okay – found them. Having a bit of trouble downloading them. Just waiting… Could be my wireless connection. Will let you know. Thanks so much.


  56. Hey Karriann

    Forgive my late response. Our air went out again at our house and so I’ve been making every effort to stay out of it. Never realized before how much heat the TV and the computer generate when they are right next together.

    Wow!! All this time I never realized you grew up here in Detroit. How awesome ! I did too (I still live in the metro area). The other day some show I was watching asked the viewers “Do you remember your first concert?” And I thought … absolutely… I was 12 and it was the Motown Revue at the Fox Theater” . Glady’s was the first act (I can remember what she had on and she had to be about 19), they all were there … and yes the Temptations were the last act and brought the house down. I will never forget it. I never heard girls screaming like that and running on the stage.

    In 2009, when they shut down the state fair here, the Temptations were the act invited there to close it out. Dennis Edwards was singing with them and what was really awesome was to see Paul Williams son, Paul Jr, singing with them as well. It was amazing !! Their show was awesome and as always they were still in grand Temptation style as sharp “as all get out”. They told some awesome stories and if I remember correctly, they said they had to be there because when they first started it was one of their first gigs.

    Their wasn’t anybody rapping at that concert …Thank God!! And NO hip hop. OMG!! That would have been SO disappointing.

    Thank you for sharing that Karriann …. My school was about 3 blocks away form Motown and couple of the artist were still in school right there with us. Your sharing that brought back so many fun memory’s.

    Thank You.


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