Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven Top 48: Group Three


This week, NBC’s America’s Got Talent’s live show highlight the third group of Top 48 Finalists.

The third Quarter-Round Show lasts two hours, beginning at 8:00 P.M. on Tuesday and airing on NBC.Com.

There are some exciting acts on tap for Tuesday’s show, so we shall see what happens.

Tomorrow night’s show will reveal the results based on live voting after the show airs this evening.

Comment away! The floor is yours!!

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Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

12 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven Top 48: Group Three”

  1. My #1 pick for the 4 from group 3 to go to the finale’s would be

    Jacob Williams, comedian

    Its very obvious that they saw something live with “All Wheel Sports” that we couldn’t see on the set because the audience, judges went wild and all were standing at the end of the performance. I didn’t get it …but maybe they;ll go through.

    As far as “Light Wire”…they were good but AGT has had other groups on in prior seasons that did the same thing that were spectacular. I didn’t get that from “Light Wire” Good, but not spectacular

    Spence Horseman the escape artist for me has been one of the best acts on this season, but last night …his act didn’t measure up to his others … he’ll probably go ….If he does I think he should be called back as as wild card and given one more shot .

    Now…..there is one thing that I am not liking about Howard Stern and Howey and thats there continual praise of Turf. I love Turf. His act is awesome. If it were me I’d probably make him runner up if not the winner, but I really think that their continual praise of him could have a back lash. People will think he’s safe and not vote or people will campaign more for others who need the support …rather than for someone who appears to already have it the bag. I just wish they wouldn’t do that . Not because it’s a disservice to others but because I think it’d be a dis-service to him

    They even said they’d like to see a dance-off between him and Elucive. Really


  2. BrotherKarl – I loved Jacob as well but I think he had better material at his first audition. But he is a lovable guy and has charisma. I like him much more than the other comedian -Tom?

    Light Wire was phenomenal IMO! What they accomplish through technology and dance is incredible.

    The escape artist – Spence- was ridiculously undermined last night. I hope he goes through and, if not, brought back as a Wild Card – like you mentioned.


  3. I actually like Tom Cotter better than Jacob Williams in the comedian category. Jacob is too soft spoken. I have a hard time hearing him and his punch lines don’t really pack much of a punch IMO. Tom Cotter seems much more humble and appreciative of the opportunity and views it as a once in a life time chance. Jacob Williams seems to think of it as confirmation of his talent but just a stepping stone to future opportunities. That’s my take anyway. I would much rather see the seasoned individual whom for some reason just never got a break go further than the individual that is going to be able to use this as launching pad for his future success.

    Turf is like a circus side show IMO. Contortionists are always painful to watch for me. There isn’t much grace or fluidity in his act IMO. His back story of being homeless and a street performer will take him a long way though. You always like to see deserving people climb up out of the rut they are in and succeed.

    I’m torn as to whom I would like to see win but at this point in time I am putting my money on Tom Cotter.


  4. Taymaro – I like both comedians but I lean slightly more to Jacob. He seems like such a sweet guy. At any rate, both are likable and will, hopefully, do well in this competition. I think, though, that Jacob may attract a broader audience because of his low-key personality. Hard to say, but that’s what I’m thinking now. Might change. Lol

    I am with you about Turf. I just don’t get it. He is an amazing dancer/contortionist but there have been some incredible dance groups this year. I love the Spanish-flavored dance group that made it through to the semi-finals last night. Can’t remember the name.

    Next week’s show is going to be great. CanNOT wait to see the mind-reader – again, the name escapes me. Lol


  5. Hey Rosanne and Taymora

    The kids you are referring to are “The Untouchables” and the mind reader is Eric Dittleman who’s act I think is so awesome!!

    Jacob Williams is so funny to me.Its not his jokes just him. Everything about him makes me laugh. I think its the fact that he can tell those jokes and remain so laid back and low key ….is the appeal. If I was in Las Vegas I’d go see him and I think I’d go because he looks like the kind of guy that will keep it clean without all the vulgar language.

    There is something very ery about Turf ..thats the whole fascination. Its just not something you see all the time. I;m sure his story is going to help him in the competition but he really does also have a unique talent. As much as I like him though I’m not sure I could sit through a whole show watching that. Its a street act. For a show though I think it;d have to be dressed up with some story, costume , lights and maybe singers and other dancers. I must admit I do look forwards to seeing him on the show and then while he’s performing i have my hands over my eyes.

    Having said that, I think he’s going to go a long way in the competition, may be even to the winners spot. I do know this though … if Howard and Howey continue to rave about his performances …I think as much as they think they’re helping … it;ll hurt him. The viewers on these shows almost always turn against contestants, when there are judges who continually rave about them since the judges think he’s so safe. I hope it doesn’t happen here.

    What I didn’t get was the “All Wheels Sports” act. Everybody was screaming. All I could think was ..that audience must be seeing or getting something that I can’t see

    One of my favorite acts has been Spenser Horseman the escape artist. But the other night it seemed like he was changing his escape act to a magic act …and I think thats what sent him home. I’m hoping he gets anther chance to come back as a wild card pick


  6. Karl – I have habitual name block. My whole life. I am a numbers gal but names? Except for American Idol, I am a lost cause. So thanks for clarifying this for me.

    In love my Jacob – so sweet and it is indeed his relaxed humor that is so appealing. Plus, I think it comes from someplace deep within him. In spite of his simplistic approach, he seems very complex and that is his appeal I think!

    The Untouchables are untouchable. So refreshing and I love the Latin American vibe. My favorite of all the genres in dance.

    Now, Eric, the mind-reader – he is my pick for the Finale. He is that good. Buuuuut – let’s see what happens next week. Plus, there are still the Wild Card and YouTube shows. So, lots of surprises over the next three weeks.

    I love Spencer, the escape artist and truly hope they bring him back for the Wild Card show. Personally, I think he was robbed of a position last night. Totally underestimated.


  7. If it were my choice …All Wheel Sports would have been out and Spencer in but …it wasn’t. I think where Spencer missed it ..was hiding half of his last act behind a screen …almost making it appear like a magic trick instead of an escape challenge . As dangerous as it was , it just didn’t come off right

    Question: Do you have any idea why it is that they let the judges pick every week when the voters have already picked?


  8. brotherkarl – I have given the judging thing a lot of thought. It’s not really accurate to call them judges if they have no say in who stays and who goes. Otherwise they are just commentators. The audience would be the sole judge in that case and their would be no need for the three of them sitting there. All that said, I think it’s only fair to give them the opportunity to choose between the 4th and 5th place acts and also to give them a wild card pick. When it gets down to the finale they can then make their comments about the performers and turn the reigns over to the voting public. That is my take on how it SHOULD work if they are going to label them judges. I know some people think they should have no say at all and their job should be done when it gets to live TV and that’s a valid argument as well.

    I think that if these three were not doing such a great job that my attitude might change on this but I think they make good decisions and their opinions are pretty close to what the public thinks most of the time.

    P.S. I did not choose Tom Cotter because I think that Jacob Williams doesn’t deserve it. I just think that Jacob will gain the exposure he needs whether he wins or not. Being on AGT will be a huge stepping stone for him. On the other hand, I think Tom really needs to go all the way to reap the benefits of what the show has to offer because he is so much further along in his career. That’s my opinion anyway. I hope you understood what I was meaning by that.


  9. Taymaro – I hear ya!! In my experience, comedy styles can be as polarizing as singing styles. Even worse. It either makes you laugh or doesn’t.

    I do think that Tom needs to advance further than Jacob to further solidify his career. He is smoother than Jacob but the rawness of Jacob is his appeal.

    Karl – re the voting, I like that the judges have some say. They do know, more than anybody, which act will work in Vegas or not. It gives them a measured level of control after finally weaning all the talent down to this Top 48.

    This is what American Idol should do. Also, you are so right about the AGT judges. They are so in tune with the public taste that it does work when they choose the final act for the semi-finals. Maybe that’s why everyone is happy with the results -overall.


  10. I’m always fine with the judges choices. Not only on AGT but on all of the shows. They pretty much do well at getting rid of the riff-raff so that as the show windes down we have some good acts to watch.

    I guess what I don’t understand is …like last night. The last two acts were “Wordspit” and “All Wheel Sports”. From what I understand is … the last groups brought out are the two that have the lowest votes. While I am happy with that particular choice … I don’t know how fair it is to people who voted. Lets just say “Wordspit” got 50,000 more votes than “All Wheels Sports”. That would mean that those 50,000 votes didn’t count. I can see that happening once on the show, but on AGT ievery week …there is one act that gets picked over another dispite the votes. Whats would be the point of one act getting more votes than another, if the one with the most votes is still going to be sent home.

    I ask because as I said earlier …it was pretty obvious that there in that auditorium they saw more in “All Wheels” than what we saw. Usually on these shows I’m on the same page as the judges and have a strong idea of how the audience will vote. I’d be willing to bet money that “All Wheels” had the least votes of the two from the viewers because when they were performing its like all we got was shots of different people doing a dozen different things. We never got one shot of the whole things so it would not have had the impact of the viewers and if it didn’t have the impact, it would not have got the votes. Thats why I think it got that huge response from the audience there but still ended up in the bottom from the voters. I’d be willing to bet that Wordspit got more votes. Not that I think it was a better act …its just that the viewers really did’nt see the other act.

    I don’t know …it just seems like the votes for Wordspit were just discounted and Sharon even though she didn’t wan to do it, had to make the choice. I wonder if we can find out what the actual count was?


  11. Rosanne – I have changed my mind. Because of your post I did some Youtube research on Tom Cotter. He is actually pretty established in the comic community already! And you are right. His material gets pretty vulgar at times. I should have done this before I jumped on his band wagon. When you are invited to “roast” George Takei (Mr. Sulu from Star Trek) you must be pretty established in the entertainment industry as a whole. He has also been on Leno’s show and he was using a lot of the same material as on AGT. Nothing original here at all. He had a regular gig at a club in NY as well. I guess he couldn’t come up with anything original so he is trying to rehash all of his old material for a $1m paycheck and a Vegas gig.

    I think it’s fundamentally unfair when these talent contests allow established entertainers to enter these contests and try to take the prize money away from true amateurs who are trying to make a future for themselves and their families. What are the rules in these competitions? Shouldn’t there be some sort of guidelines set that would disqualify a person if they have had a professional career in their field of entertainment in the past?

    I just think it’s the equivalent of a major league baseball player going back and competing in the Little League division. He should be ashamed of himself.

    Maybe I’m being too harsh but that’s my opinion on the matter.

    I would say that I want to see Jacob Williams go all the way and win the competition now but then I start to think that this could have been the plan all along. What I mean is that Tom may be working in conjunction with Williams to create a public backlash and push Jacob to the win. What can I say? I have that thing that Gene talked about going on. You just can’t trust anyone nowadays.

    GO TURF!!!! LOL


  12. Taymaro – holy! I didn’t realize Tom’s extensive performing background. Now, I am really rooting for Jacob. He just seems more genuine and more unique. His act needs to be refined but that is par for the course for all comedians. And I do think the judges want him in the finals. A comedian, a dance act, a magic act and a knighting act. Top 4!


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