[Spoiler] Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 4 Singers: California Dreamin’ And Dream Songs


This week’s American Idol theme is so strange. California Dreamin? What does that mean? Is anyone actually going to sing the Mamma and Pappa’s song that goes by that name?

Sounds like it would be a great group number – two guys, two girls = a current Mammas and Pappas group.

However, according to Michael Orland’s tweets, we are in for quite the show on Wednesday evening.

In addition to their California Dreamin’ songs, they will be performing songs that they wish they had written.

Below, you will see American Idol’s music director Ray Chew’s song list for this week’s show. Plus the duet numbers. Let me see – how will these pairings go down? Joshua and Jessica? Phillip and Hollie? Yep! That looks just about right.

Does anyone else here miss the Big Band theme? It was such an entertaining showcase for these singers.

Best of luck to Hollie, Jessica, Joshua and Phillip.

And don’t forget to tell all in the comments section.


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27 Responses to “[Spoiler] Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 4 Singers: California Dreamin’ And Dream Songs”

  1. I’ve really got my fingers crossed for Hollie. She’s really got her work cut of for her in order to beat Phillip into the Top 3! I want to see Hollie get her Homecoming so badly! GO HOLLIE, GO!!!!


  2. I am voting for Hollie. She has a beautiful strong voice. She is also a beautiful girl and has handled herself with grace when the judges were being so unfairly harsh. I am do disappointed in the judges this year. I agree with all you said last week Masterclass lady. Thank you for letting me have my say.



  3. Thanks so much Anita and AnnMargaret. I think Hollie will squeeze into the Top 3. For this show to gain any credibility and after the stellar showing of the Top 4 on The Voice, American Idol needs to showcase stellar singers. I don’t think that Phillip quite fits that category, although he is entertaining to watch.

    We shall see. Still hoping for that Jessica/Hollie finale.


  4. I’m hoping that Hollie makes it to the final three too!!!

    I guess California Dreamin’ doesn’t include music from the Beach Boys. 🙂


  5. Woo, Hoo!!! Let’s vote our little fingers off for that Hollie tonight! I’m happy you think she can squeeze her way in there, Rosanne.


  6. Hollie to me is the most improved of all left and since its been so consistent I’m looking for her performance to be “the performance of the night” . Who am I rooting to be “safe” on tomorrow though? Who I’d like to see is Jessica and Joshua ,who are my very favorites. Who do I think will REALLY be there ….Of course … Mr Phillips!!

    I’ll be turning it on right after I look at my VERY favorite show ..Survivor.


  7. Chad

    You put some videos on last week for me on last weeks post. I just wanted to let you know that I saw them and I left comments. Thanks for going the extra mile.


  8. Chad – thank you. I had already added the picture of the song spoilers at the bottom of this blog topic. But it doesn’t hurt to have a link in the comments section. Thank you so much.


  9. I’m having a hard time with that list in keeping the performance order the same for the first set and the second, assuming the order is correct. The California Dreamin’ round would seem to maybe fall out like this.

    1) Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (CCR) Phillip
    2) Sail Away (Etta James / Randy Neuman) Jessica
    3) Raise Me Up (Josh Groban) Hollie
    4) Faithfully (Journey) Joshua

    The coolest songs go to Phillip and Jessica, although this song has more of a Randy Neuman earmark than Etta James, and the biggest go to Hollie and Joshua. Josh gets to suck up to Randy with the Journey selection as well. So, they will probably say Josh won round one.

    If the performance order is correct on the list, it would go like this. (names on the left) Two of those just don’t fit the artist, so the names on the right seem like a better match to me. The first song seems sort of desperate and lame to me. The second is the best song of the night. It’s Bonnie Raitt’s signature song and Alison Iraheta knocked it out of the park. It seems like a better fit for Jessica than Hollie, if she doesn’t over sing it. I didn’t care for the third song but it sounds more like Phillip than anyone else; it has to be his. Man’s World is a great song if you sing it right. Joshua could have a huge moment with this or he will over sing it and ruin it for me. The downside is that it’s been done twice this year already, once by Elise and also by Juliet Simms on the voice. Both of them were outstanding.

    1) And I’m Telling You That I’m not going Phillip Hollie
    2) I can’t Make You Love me Jessica
    3) Volcano – Damien Rice Hollie Phillip
    4) It’s a Man’s, Man’s World Joshua

    I’m not sure this is the way they will match up with these songs. The first one favors Phillip and no one else really and the second one would work for the two girls.

    This Love (Maroon 5) Phillip & Hollie
    Eternal Flame (The Bangles) Joshua & Jessica

    We will see. I think it’s going to be another night where song choice is the most important factor.


  10. Well, it’s official. It’s a Joshua – Jessica finale. They made sure that they gave Hollie two boring numbers. Oh, the games!


  11. Yes, as much as I love Hollie, there is no way she’s going the top three.


  12. Joshua is no bel canto singer or perfect technician, but my goodness, that was the best thing I’ve ever seen happen on the idol stage.
    (and this is coming from a guy studying opera at Indiana University!)


  13. It was pretty special, Preston. Not really my thing but I truly appreciated the confidence and risks he took with his last performance. Just went for the kill!


  14. Please don’t say that Louise! I voted alot for Hollie tonight, and there was even a busy signal, which I take as a good sign. I think both of Hollie’s song choice could have been better, but I believe she did wonderful with Faithfully. I wish she hadn’t piced that Bonnie Rait song. It seems to have been sung so many times on this show. I’ve never been crazy about the song, but so many people love it.


  15. Good for you Anita. She sure wasn’t given the star treatment in song choice or stage production. This is what drives me nuts about this show.


  16. Jessica and Joshua’s last performances were incredible. Josh didn’t quite get as carried away as he usually does. For nineteen, I have to say he really is somethin’. I find when Josh isn’t going nuts, his singing is heartfelt and beautiful. I didn’t like the fact that Jimmy said if Jessica sang her last song as well on stage as she did during rehearsal, then it might be game over. I think tomorrow night when Jimmy is reviewing the performances, I’m just going to hit the mute button.


  17. I miss Simon Cowell!! He wasn’t afraid to tell the honest truth. I have lost all respect for all three judges. I took a short break from voting for Hollie to comment here.


  18. 🙂 Phillip all the way to the confetti bath 🙂

    I loved both of his songs, makes me smile, loved his and Josh’s duet!!!


  19. I’m hoping the first one Ryan says is safe is Hollie! Woulnd’t that cause some murmuring if both Hollie and Phillip are in the Top 3. If that happens and the judges start lecturing the voters, they, the producers, and Jimmy carry no weight with me, and frankly I think it would serve them right. What they did to DeAndre is unforgiveable. I still say he was the best male singer this season. Also the games they have been playing with Hollie have been unfair.


  20. Anita – it is so strange. This whole DeAndre debacle has me very confused and enraged. To me, he has huge star potential. He was railroaded big time.

    That is why I wrote the article about The Voice VS American Idol. All the singers should be given equal opportunity to display their wares and that just does not happen on AI. And, The Voice, started messing with some of the singers but not to the extent that Idol does.


  21. Anita,
    I certainly may be wrong about Hollie, but of the four contestants last night, I thought her performances were the least enjoyable. And I LOVED both of her performances last week. I just wasn’t very happy with either of her song choices. If she does make it into the top three tonight, I will be very surprised.

    The other three each had terrific performances and at this point, I don’t have a favorite to win.


  22. Well, if Nigel tweets shocking results tonight, you’ll know Hollie is safe. 🙂 If not, game over.


  23. Hey everybody

    First of all …I loved last nights show and …Joushua … to me, did what Whitney Houston did to Dolly Parton’s ” I Will Always Love You”, to Jame’s Brown, “Its a Mans World” . It was amazing to me!! Over the top for me!! He took it to the next level. I was a very very big James Brown fan, and when someone can redo a song from somebody that big and leave an impression like that …to me is unheard of. It happens but not that often. Joshua and Jessica have always been my two very favorites in this competition but do I think they’ll make the finale …. let me say this …

    Steven sand Randy both said, Joshua’s performance of “Its a Man’s World” was the performance on an Idol stage ….ever … well …. thats not good for Joshua (its the judges curse) ….. because as I always say … almost all the time when the raves are all the way there like that , then the thinking of the fans is …..he’s got it “in the bag” , “he’s safe” …. and they hold back on the voting (I’ll admit even I didn’t vote as much for Joshua because I thought “his regular fan base will pick up my slack because all his fans know he was awesome”). Now ….Hollie’s comments were not glowing as they have been last night, and her fan base witnessed it ….do you think after hearing those comments that her fan base is going to let her down? Even if her song choice or performance wasn’t the best …if her fans bailed on her just because of a bad night … what kinds of fans are they. I’ve never heard of a star who has never had a few bad nights especially in the beginning of their careers.

    When I start looking at the show, I look at in on tape, 20 minutes before the show is over and I start voting for my favorite before I even hear their performance because I;m going to vote for them no matter what.

    So … I can say …. I would not be surprised if Hollie makes it through, nor would I be surprised if Joshua or Jessica went home (I’d be disappointed but not surprised). Thats what I’ve been saying from the beginning. What would surprise me would be for Phil to go home.That would be the shocker for me because it would prove to me that I’m just guessing, and I don’t have a clue . Holly, just for me and a lot of others, came in on a dark horse and I never expected her to make it this far. Everybody else there … I said that they would be.


  24. Anita
    I heard you say when you call that there is a “busy signal”. Years ago when I would call I would get a busy signal, but I haven’t got a busy signal in years. Every call I make goes straight through.

    I thought the “busy signal” thing didn’t happen anymore. That is puzzling to me …even a little suspect. Can I ask what area you are from. Could it be that certain areas …have problems getting through. That is very interesting to me. Does anybody else have that problem?


  25. I loved Hollie from the start! Her voice is so clean and dynamic and her vibrant personality just makes for and inspirational performer! Despite the unfair criticism from the judges, she just stands there and smiles. What a sweetheart and class act, she is! I agree about the manipulation and favoritism, it needs to stop in order to hold a fair competition! I am rooting for Josh, he is the most talented vocalist remaining. Jessica is great, but a dime a dozen and P.P is really good, but falls short on vocal talent in comparison to the others!


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