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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2: The Finale And The Results


Will Juliet Simms emerge as victor this week? In a few hours, we will surely find out.

Tuesday, May 8th on NBC marks the two-hour Finale and Results Show of the second season of The Voice.

On Monday, May 7th, all four finalists – Juliet Simms, Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann and Tony Lucca sang their hearts out in the hope of garnering the vocal crown.

I honestly felt that all the performances were pretty even and I do mean this in the most positive sense. The show felt like a concert and no one struck me as nervous or awkward on that live stage. They probably were but they are all pros and their performances reflected this.

I absolutely thought that Chris Mann gave a chilling trio of performances. His technique was so perfect and refined.

The only negative I have is in the song selections – I am so done with “You Raise Me Up“. If he wanted to sing a Josh Groban song, there was tons of material from which to choose. Ditto for “The Prayer”. It was simply a vehicle for Christina to show off her wares.

Jermaine’s performances were heartfelt and pure and, although there was some gospel-tinged screaming here and there, I felt that,overall, his vocals were very clean and resplendent in nuance and character. Loved him.

Then there was Tony Lucca. He is a real player on that stage and performing is his vibe – for sure. I think you can pretty much throw anything at him and he is good to go. I just don’t sense any real star power coming from him, even though his voice is actually quite good. Some really solid technique happening with him.

Finally, our lone female, Juliet Simms. Now, she was sick and sounded so at the top of the show. But, as the show moved on she redeemed herself and really brought the house down in a major way with her final performance, “Free Bird”. If this show is looking for unique and artsy with a distinctive voice, then she is the one to beat.

So, there you have it. My personal views for what it’s worth!

Tonight’s Grand Finale should be great entertainment and it will be great to see Justin Bieber. Will Christina stand up and cheer after his performance or put on her diva face once again in his presence?

And, are you popping corn or dipping chips tonight while watching the show. Share all this and more in the comments section.

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12 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2: The Finale And The Results”

  1. I was only able to watch two live shows this years due to my schedule but I think maybe it was the two best. Juliet Simms absolutely captivated me on both shows. Fortunately I will also get to watch the results show tonight as well.

    I think it’s a toss up as far as Juliet and Jermaine are concerned. Jermaine had the emotion and Juliet had the courage and perseverance. I really think that any of the four could win based on the performances last night.

    I , like you MCL, don’t like the gospel screaming but sometimes there can be a perfect blend and I think Jermaine nailed that and didn’t take it over the top and yet still took the entire performance over the top in a good way. He and Blake actually sounded pretty good on “Soul Man” to me. They say that those performances don’t count for votes but I find it hard for the average individual to not take into consideration any performance that the contestants do on that stage. If they falter in any way it might show a certain weakness that a voter can’t disregard. Jermaine didn’t falter in any of his performances.

    I am glad they let everyone know that Juliet was sick because she had two good performances and one great performance. She might have been a smidgen behind Jermaine last night when you consider all three performances combined. Her performance of “Free Bird” might have been outstanding enough to over come that though.

    Chris Mann was great on his duet and his “Thank You” performance but I actually thought that the vibrato sounded kinda weird on “You Raise Me Up”. He didn’t sing out of tune or anything but I am used to those notes just soaring and that song being a lot more powerful and maybe his voice just can’t do that or maybe he thought bringing the vibrato was more important than big ole notes. It did take a little of the shine off of the song for me. Maybe I am out of line in saying that but I only have two credentials, one on either side of my head. Over all he also did a great job though.

    Tony Luccas brought a lot of energy to the stage and also had two pretty good performances. He messed up the lyrics on his “Thank You” song but he still sang it well. He was out sung by Adam on the duet which might have hurt him a little. “99 Problems” might have won him the “cool factor” for the night in which I am pretty sure he was revealing his true feelings towards Christina. A sentiment that a lot of people probably share. He was supposed to be wearing a “Team Xtina” T-shirt, if he’d known it was approved, which would have really driven the message home. I liked the little added humor in the show.

    There really wasn’t anything bad at all about the show. I enjoyed everything. I am going to have to make it a point to watch this show next year for the whole season. I hope they continue on this trend. That is what a singing competition should be in my mind. I give it my seal of approval.


  2. nothingspecial May 8, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Jermaine Paul as winner is a bit surprising.


  3. Indeed. It is! Thought Juliet had it in the bag!


  4. I think she faltered just a little last night as I stated above and I don’t know if everyone bought the sick excuse. I have no doubt that she was indeed sick though.

    She had two good performances and one great performance. Jermaine had 3 pretty awesome performances and even taught Blake how to sing with soul. I think the right person won.

    Does 4% count as a smidgen?…LOL


  5. I wonder what the split was from 2nd to third.


  6. OH, and was Christina wearing panties???? (0o0) Wow if those were shorts then they really lived up to their name!!!


  7. Taymaro – I am actually happy for Jermaine. He was excellent last night and I thought his group number tonight was the best of all. Very much deserved!


  8. Yes, I feel the same way here. But they are all deserving of a career in music. It was a great show last night and tonight as well.


  9. I hate to say this, but something is seriously off with this result. It’s almost like Carson read the results backwards. I don’t dislike Jermaine, but you can’t tell me he was more popular than Juliet & Tony, or even Chris.

    I had a feeling that Christina’s utter contempt for Tony would backfire on her, and end up costing Chris some votes, which it probably did. Having Christina as a coach didn’t help Chris, and with her antics on the panel this year, there was no way he would of won. She turned a lot of people off. Thing is, Tony or Juliet should of had it in the bag. This outcome is very suspect.


  10. I didn’t watch this season of The Voice very regularly, but congratulations to Jermaine Paul! What on earth was Christina wearing? You mean she couldn’t find something much better to wear on Finale Night?


  11. I actually taped the Voice and skipped through most of it, including Justin Beiber. Sorry, but I just don’t get why people think he’s so great. But, anyway! I’ll have to go back and listen to the contestant’s performances though.


  12. Chad – I was surprised as well. But, one thing to remember. The voting will be skewed in favor of the most popular judge as well.

    And Blake Shelton has legions of fans and his likability factor is through the roof.

    Hence, it stands to reason that his fans got behind him and made sure that his artist was the top vote-getter. Not that Jermaine did not deserve the win. I think he is a tremendously gifted vocalist.

    But there was no way Jose that Chris Mann was going to win this thing. Christina’s bizarre antics all season got in the way of a smooth line to the finish. It’s too bad.

    And Adam was playing along with her, so his guy, Tony Lucca, was going no where as well.

    So, that leaves Juliet Simms -Cee Lo’s girl. She was Top 2 which according to voting protocol is reserved for female singers only. Heaven help us if she actually won this thing. A Female Win? Never! Well, Simon has had good results, but he probably pulls strings every which way to achieve them.


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