Season Two Top Four Finalists From The Voice: Chris Mann, Juliet Simms, Jermaine Paul and Tony Lucca

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2: The Final Four Perform


Well, there they are! Pictured above! The Final Four singers from Season Two’s offering of The Voice: Chris Mann, Juliet Simms, Jermaine Paul and Tony Lucca.

Talk about eclectic – there seems to be something for everyone here. I have no idea who will win this race because they are all so very different and appeal to different sectors of the voting public.

So, rather than “stress out” over it, I think we should all just sit back, chill and just enjoy the final week of this show.

Like last season, each singer will perform a solo as well as a number with their vocal coach. It is a great concept and makes for superb entertainment.

The Performance Show airs at 8:00 on Monday, May 7th on NBC, while the Results Show Gala will air at 9:00 on Tuesday, May 8th.

Let’s get the comments rolling!

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13 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2: The Final Four Perform”

  1. If Juliet comes out and performs the way she did last week she may be able to take the title. Actually last week was the first time I was able to watch the show live. I am also going to be able to see the show tonight and tomorrow….woooohoooo!!!!

    I really enjoyed Juliet’s performance last week. I also enjoyed Chris and Jermaine. I don’t think that Chris’s operatic style is main stream enough to grab the votes. Jermain is great too but I think Juliet might just have what it takes. It’s gonna be a close one.

    Oh and Tony Lucca is also talented but I think maybe he doesn’t have the support of the voters that Jermain and Juliet have. We may get a shocker of a result though. You can never tell.


  2. Audrey Lefkowitz May 7, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    Had to comment in this topic even if it does not concern the Voice, but this duo from Britains Got Talent, who were winners of the second nights show, are so spectactular and I am sure some of your members would love to hear them. I felt such joy at their performance and they are international superstars. Jonathan and Charlotte.


  3. Audrey – thank you for adding the link. I saw this performance already but it bears repeating – it is so inspiring.


  4. Wow what a show! That wasn’t a singing competition it was a concert and I had front row seats!!!! Wow!


  5. It was pretty spectacular.


  6. I want to read your reviews of the performances tonight MCL. I am not qualified to judge those performances. There were some that I liked better than others but over all it was great.

    I heard a few flaws but I would have to go back and review them all to pick them out. And even then I wouldn’t have the words to spell them out. The performances were so good over all that a tiny flaw really didn’t matter to me. Kudos to the coaches and the contestants.

    I guess you can’t tell that I enjoyed the show huh? It is so refreshing to watch a real singing competition without all the injected drama.


  7. These four diverse singers put a great show on the stage tonight. Here is the way I saw it and I look forward to reading MCL’s write up later if she’s feeling up to it.

    In addition to each contestant’s solo and duet with their coach, we were treated to a surprise song from each of the four covering one of their mentors’ songs as a tribute to them. These performances were not only a surprise to us but to the mentors as well.

    I’m a Juliette fan and I loved hearing the Lynyrd Skynyrd Classic “Free Bird.” Yes, I hollered “Free Bird” and had my Zippo waving in the air the whole time. The stage craft was outstanding as well. The band’s lead guitarist earned his keep all night but at no time was he better than when he was standing in the jet of steam getting his Gary Rossington on covering one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. It took me back to a good time for a few minutes anyway. Her tribute song to Celo, “Maybe We’re Crazy,” was very good as well. I wasn’t familiar with this song but she seemed more at ease than at any time that I have seen her. Her duet with Celo left a little to be desired. They made a good song choice of Steppin’Wolf’s ”Born To Be Wild “but her vocal lacked the grit and the drive of this well known rock classic. This may have been because she wasn’t well and was saving herself for her solo performance. I think being the only girl, as well as the only real rocker, is an advantage for her, not to mention she had the coveted pimp spot. I like the girl as well as the singer. I hope she does well.

    Jermaine Paul opened the night with “I think I Can Fly” and delivered a heartfelt, powerful performance. I think his enthusiasm over powers his singing ability once in a while, but overall, I liked it. “God Gave Me You” may have been the hardest assignment for the coach tributes. This song is in no way Jermaine’s style but I think the message was exactly what he wanted to say to Blake, so he made it work pretty well. Blake and Jermaine chose an old favorite of mine for their duet. Jarmaine delivered the Sam More lines for the Sam and Dave classic “Soul Man” It lacked three things: a proper Hammond organ (death to the synthesizer!) and two lines, “Huh, alright” and “play it Steve.” Other than that, this odd couple did a decent job. Jermaine is a good guy that I would also like to see succeed in his dreams of moving to the front of the stage after the competition is over.

    Chris Mann started his performances with the first of the duets with his coach Christina. This was a very enjoyable performance of “The Prayer.” Christina isn’t usually my cup of tea but I enjoyed her in this number. I thought it was telling of his skill level that he was deciding what Christina would do during the mentoring session. “This is where you can be Christina.” His second song was his coach tribute “The Voice Within.” What can I say? It was beautifully sung. If I’m perfectly honest, this guys singing ability is head and shoulders above the other three but the question yet to be answered is if it appeals to enough voters to make him The Voice. Christina’s remarks afterword were tacky and uncalled for. Chris was the first to do his competitive solo, singing “You Raised Me Up.” Chris added an interpreter for the hearing impaired to his performance, which I found to be thoughtful, however she was lost to the TV audience soon after the song began. It was another outstanding performance and brought Christina to tears, which in turn caught him off guard emotionally for a second. He managed to maintain his composure and finished the song. I thought his subtle delivery of the offhand compliment to Christina singing sick was very funny. After she went on about herself, he said to her “You were pretty good too.”

    Tony Lucca I was surprised to see Tony yesterday on You Tube singing a duet with Sara Bareilles. That is interesting in itself but it becomes more interesting in light of the fact that Sara has toured with and opened for Maroon Five, Tony’s coach Adam Levine’s band. His performance of 99 Problems rocked but was that appropriate for a prime time show? I’m sorry Adam but there is no metaphor in those lyrics. Tony’s duet with Adam was my favorite of the night. Everybody loves the Beatles’ “Yesterday” and the guys did a nice, simple straight up cover of this great classic. I remember Paul McCartney doing it in a similar fashion, one man, one guitar, one spotlight. That’s all you need with a song like this. Kudos for Tony’s guitar work on this song as well. Tony did the last of the coach tributes with a decent cover of Maroon Five’s “Harder to Breath.” I think he managed to increase his rocker cred a notch or two with this performance. He chose to compliment all four coaches in his remarks afterword while Christina touched up her manicure. I’m rethinking my objections to his first song.


  8. nothingspecial May 8, 2012 at 6:57 am

    I’ll predict a Tony Lucca victory simply based on the logic that he is pretty much the template of the last four AI winners. And really, occasionally ridiculous stagings of performances aside, AI, AGT, the Voice all run together.

    The next most likely victor is Chris Mann, popera contestants ofter receive lots of support on AGT.


  9. Audrey Lefkowitz May 8, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Here is a little gem I found on Amazon of David Cooks new song. Everything I wished for – beautiful sexy head voice, lovely hook, fabulous mix and a lively beat. Cannot wait to see him perform this son.


  10. Taymaro, I also felt like I was at a concert. WOW! I am disappointed that Juliet and Christina were ill. I picked Chris Mann as my favorite contestant the first time I heard him. What a fabulous voice he has. I found it interesting that he chose two songs Josh Grobin sings. In reality, he will be Josh’s main competition. Josh seems to have such a loving personality. This is something Chris needs to work on. I think I would purchase a ticket to his concert! I think he might win.

    Yet, it would be nice to see Juliet win. I think she would have had success on Idol as well. I think she has a lovely appearance and yet comes across as a true rocker. I also enjoyed Tony’s songs and some of Jermaine’s. Too bad The Voice wasn’t around 5-10 years ago. I think Tony would have been quite successful.

    Gene, I also loved the duet of Tony and Adam on the Beatles, “Yesterday”. I am betting it will have lots of downloads. It was so enjoyable. I have to look up the duet with Sara Bareilles! I love that gal; she’s my favorite female judge from ALL the different talent related shows. I hope “The Sing-Off will return this year!

    Question: I saw Sara on a show this week and her voice is so pretty. Now, I can’t remember where I saw her. (Senior Moment.) Any ideas?

    MCL, this was such a polished production. I am afraid American Idol’s TOP 4 might seem a bit boring after watching this show. It was the most enjoyable telecast of the year.


  11. Yes, Kariann, I was thinking the same thing. But, the singers are older and very experienced. They don’t have that “deer in headlights” look when they perform. It makes such a difference. Plus, they can deal with the pressure with more competence and ease.

    However, we have a pretty good Top 4 on American Idol. I think that, given their age, they are turning in some sophisticated performances this season. Watch for Idol to pull out all the stops – The Voice is chomping at their heels. .

    Which makes me think that Hollie is going anywhere soon. She is too solid as a vocalist. If she is eliminated, the show will not be as exciting nor as balanced.


  12. Kariann,
    I’m jealous. I don’t get to see Sara Bareilles on TV but after due diligence here in the research department it appears that she was on HBO performing at the induction ceremony for Laura Nyro into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That is so fitting on many levels. Laura Nyro was an under recognized talent from our generation, as I’m sure you know. Most of the songs she wrote are better known by the artist that performed it such as Barbara Streisand or the Fifth Dimension. Sara, unfortunately is in that under recognized category right now, but is working hard to rise above it. There is no official video of her performing Laura’s “Stoney End” yet, but there is a short clip shot by an audience member as well as a very good interview she gave for Rolling Stone. I loved what she said about Carroll King near the end of the video. I think she is the best of any of the singing show judges. Thanks for mentioning the sighting. I will keep my eye out for better video to be posted later. Did you know that Sara was opening for Sugarland last year at the Indiana State Fair where a tornado struck the stage and I think seven people lost their lives. The storm struck just as she finished her set and moments before Sugarland took the stage.

    I think that The Voice has changed it’s trajectory for the season this year as compared to last. For me the season last year peaked at the battle rounds waned toward the finale performances. This year the battle rounds tended to drag and seemed to be predetermined but the show really has gained steam in the last two years. MCL makes a good point about the relative experience levels of these performers compared to Idol contestants. It makes a huge difference. Juliette is living in the lap of luxury now, as compared to the friend’s sofas and band vans that she has been seeing the country from. It seems to suit her well. She is very calm and comfortable with the crowd and the competition. I think she has an excellent shot at the win, but they are all contenders. I don’t see the Idol voting pattern in last years results.


  13. Make that “didn’t.” I didn’t get to see…


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