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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2: The Top Eight Perform


I hope to catch this show tonight. I’m in Grandmother mode this week plus I have other activities competing for my attention as well so it’s going to be a PVR-kind-of-a-week!

That being said, I honestly cannot drum up enough excitement for this group of singers. I think that some of the Team Captains really made some bad choices during their personal eliminations.

Personally, I feel that Adam Levine should have kept Mathai over Katrina Parker.

And Christina should have kept either Jesse Campbell or Ashley De La Rosa over Lindsay Pavao.

I think Adam and Christina are so competitive that their thought process is starting to blur.

I think one of Cee Lo’s singers will win, but I feel that Christina’s Chris Mann also has a real shot at the win.

In the end, it’s going to be a guy. All the guys from each team were automatically advanced via the highest public vote tally so there you have it!

Keep the comments section busting with your thoughts and I will join in when I can. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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15 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season 2: The Top Eight Perform”

  1. MCL, I agree! Mathai was my fav. I have never liked Adam Levine. He is such
    a tool.


  2. Aubry / ha! But he is less “toolish” as of late. Almost distracted. Wonder if he has too much on his plate?


  3. Well, for me, Juliet and Chris Mann stole the show. They should be Top 2 IMHO.


  4. Juliet Simms was the very definition of “bringing it.” I wasn’t wild about her tone at the beginning of the song but by the time “man made the ‘lectric light” it didn’t matter anymore; I was hooked. Elise did this song extremely well in the sing for your life round on Idol this year, so the bar was set pretty high, but I would give Juliet an A+ on delivery alone. I watched her performance two more times and bought the download. She sounds better on the iTunes version. I think Hollie could learn a lot from this girl about throwing caution to the wind and just letting the performance come out.

    Chris Mann was very good tonight as you said. He left me wondering what a label would do with him. Having seen the phenomenal Jackie Evancho last night on DWTS, it became clear to me that Chris might be able to see a few albums go platinum as well.

    I enjoyed Jermaine Paul as well and agree with Adam that he finally sounded like more than a back-up singer. You have to love Jamar’s positive attitude. He’s making the most of every minute of this experience.


  5. mcl, i just went to read your tweets. you talked about profanity being allowed..was that christina? cdt it was bleeped out..they must not have caught it in time for edt zone.

    i loved what you said about chris mann in the tweets, i wouldn’t have known that.

    juliet simms was sooo good!!

    christina has been so disparaging of tony lucca throughout the season. it just makes her look little. but she seems to always bring it back to herself: when she talked about juliet’s performance she seemed to say, ‘i got that kind of reception when i performed that song at the grammies’..almost making it about the song and not the performance.


  6. Yes Hunter it was Christina. Said the JC word then her protege, Chris Mann, comes out later to sing the Ave Maria.

    I never liked her and now I know why. Her ego is ginormous. I think her career is going down the tubes if she continues to be so arrogant and condescending to her peers and disrespectful of the viewers’ feelings.


  7. mcl, interesting that christina’s comment wasn’t bleeped out there..there was a big long dead space here. i’m thinking she is very very insecure. she’s feeling jealous that others are getting applause. and she feels that ‘winning’ will somehow redeem her, she’s forgetting it is about the performers. i really lost respect for her last year, she was making all the sexual innuendos to the (too) young guys. she seems to have reigned that in somewhat this year.

    i haven’t seen tonight’s show so i don’t know yet what results are.


  8. I am totally agreeing with everyone here. Chris has been my favorite all along, but it would be nice if Juliet wins. I thought Chris might be competition for Josh Grobin. Although there is a sweetness about Josh I haven’t felt yet about Chris. All four are good singers!


  9. As much as she may deserve to win this thing, I don’t necessarily think Juliet will win. The voting, again, has been very “male dominated”, and the Final 3 guys, they are the three men that get the majority of votes – they were saved all three times by America – Juliet wasn’t. I honestly can see it coming down to an either Juliet/Chris finale, or, Tony/Chris finale.

    As far as performances go, I was pleasantly surprised with the Top 8, and I think they all did admirable jobs of their songs, although, Erin was quite flat in places. Tony has grown as a performer, and, he has a really good voice and appeal, and, in reference to “hunter” and the comment above regarding Christina and the way she treats Tony – I would fully agree. This girl needs to take some acting classes, because, her complete contempt and jealousy for him is extremely transparent. I don’t know if she had a crush on him at one time and he rejected her, or what, but there’s something else going on between these two that has her back against the wall. She hates when he does well, which he has been doing. Perhaps she’s angry that Adam feels stronger for Tony than he feels for her?

    Christina’s choice of wardrobe, her profanities and “I’m a Goddess” persona are wearing really thin. It’s unfortunate, because, she is credible as a judge, but her lack of class and personal dignity are overshadowing her skill set.

    I will say, this is the perfect Final 4. I would be happy with either Chris/Juliet or Tony taking the crown. Again, I like Jermaine Paul, but he over sings everything, and honestly, we already have one of those on American Idol, and that’s already one too many to contend with, IMO.


  10. I think that this is a guy’s to lose. Juliet did so well in her performance and deserves to be in the final, however she is one against three guys. That’s tough odds.

    I think Tony has gotten better and better. He has taken some risks, but they were smart ones. It has paid off for him. I also have to agree here with everyone about Cristina. She is really starting to wear on me and test my patience. Yes, there is definitely something going on with her and Tony. She has been quite petty in her attitude and comments towards him. You can sense that she isn’t happy that he is doing well. Her behavior is also beyond annoying. Everything about her is just off- the clothes, the language and attitude. I also agree that she is making it more about her when it should be about the contestants. Hello! Cristina, we don’t care about when you sang this or that or when! It’s not your time now.

    I haven’t fully warmed to Chris. I am not sure why. His classically trained voice should be music to be ears! 🙂

    I don’t sense the same sweetness that there is in someone like Josh Grobin. Don’t get me wrong, I really like his voice. But something is missing and I have not figured out what it is yet.


  11. I am a huge Chris fan. I have to admit though that I’m not that into Tony for some reason. Different taste I guess, but I do think the F2 will be Chris/Tony. I am often wrong though. 🙂 And, I agree about Christina. I am to the point I mute when she is talking. Her language and dress is just over the top. She needs to cover it up.shut it up.

    I really like Juliet and would like to see her in F2 with Chris, but, as in most of the shows, it will be a guy who wins it.


  12. I am in agreement with most of you about Christina’s behavior, but if she comes off conceited she has reason. Christina is, in my opinion, the greatest singer today. She can sing in a low or a high register. When you have her talent people laud all over you. She can’t stand not having the spotlight, she’s human. She’s had it since she was a child so she never knew what it was like to be a regualr person. In other words, with all her faults, I love her still.
    On another subject, Juliett Simms is the one I’m voting for. Next is Chris.


  13. Actually, had Adam not given Tony those 10 extra points, Katrina would have advanced. She had 92, he had 108. Add 10 to hers, take 10 from his. 102 – 98. He didn’t advance because of the public, he advanced because of Adam. Not trying to be rude at all, just saying. I’m a fan of both artists.

    I’m really pulling for Juliet to win this thing as I’ve been a fan for about 5 years now (Automatic Loveletter). She may have some tough odds against her going up against the three guys, but she kills it every week and I have no doubt she will do the same tonight. I think she definitely has a good shot at winning this thing! I’d like to see it be her and Tony. I haven’t connected at all with Chris this whole time. He’s got an incredible voice, but it doesn’t seem to be very versatile. Jermaine’s got some looks, which I think helps with votes, and I like him, but he over sings. Just my opinion though. Also, I can’t see myself buying Chris or Jermaine’s albums.


  14. Brittany – I agree. I love Juliet and what’s more, she seems like a sweet, genuine artist. I would like to see a female win because it’s time already. All these competitions have resulted in male winners and a female win for The Voice would be a major coup. Plus, she deserves to win.

    However, that being said, Chris Mann sang beautifully last week. The arrangement and his voice = first class all the way.

    So, yes, my Top 2 are Chris and Juliet. If a guy has to win yet again, please let it be Chris.


  15. She really does deserve to win. I agree about the female win. I’m so beyond ready for a girl to win a one of these singing competitions and who better than Juliet. It’s definitely looking like another guy’s year on Idol.


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