American Idol Season 11 Top 7 Singer, Hollie Cavanagh singing Rolling In The Deep

Hollie Cavanagh: Singing The Juice Out Of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep

It takes a lot of star power to transfix me to a YouTube video of a Top 7 American Idol performer, especially just 2.5 hours before the airing of the Top 7 American Idol Performance Show.

However, this performance by a pre-Idol Hollie Cavanagh did the trick. I was mesmerized by so many aspects of her performance of this difficult Adele number.

  • Impeccable phrasing
  • Wonderful sustaining power on immaculate vowels
  • A perfect mix of head and chest voice.
  • Strong and relentless diaphragmatic breath support
  • A passionate and meaningful delivery

Hollie is more than just your ordinary ballad singer. She is a torch singer of the highest degree, something that was becoming a lost art.


It has been resurrected by Adele, but, for my particular taste and style, I feel a stronger connection to Hollie’s brand of torch singing. An innocent face delivering an angst-driven song is absolutely amazing to watch. The dichotomy between look and sound is the stuff of stars.

Were you moved by this performance?

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8 Responses to “Hollie Cavanagh: Singing The Juice Out Of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep”

  1. Why isn’t Hollie singing like this?


  2. She started to sing like this and now she is frightened to death. She’ll probably sing this song tonight but will the judges dare to trash her for selecting an Adele song? As if Adele is the only singer in the world who can sing her music?


  3. I still have to remind myself she is 16…..I believe. She was my number pick from the beginning of the season. There is something in her voice that I can connect to better than Jessica. A clarity with engery and spirit in her singing that makes me want to come back for more. From the start the judges have given her mixed suggestions which have been very confusing. With some inspiration and some TLC she could win! Good Luck Hollie!


  4. Way to go, Hollie! This is what I have been trying to tell people! The girl’s got it! That’s why I love her and am supporting her with everything I’ve got.

    MCL – thank you so much for putting this up and giving your point-by-point comments about the brilliance of this performance.

    I have been so worried all day since I heard that one of them will sing this song. If it’s Hollie, I hope she goes out there and gets in the judges faces and blows the roof off the place.

    Hollie – go out there and sing your face off and the heck with the judges! Don’t let them take you down!


  5. Wow!! This is not at all an easy song to sing because each one of those “all’s” and “deep’s” has to be identical. And Hollie does that in spades. What I love too is that she looks like she is enjoying herself. I agree that she is someone who can make you believe in the song & the singer and want to hear more. With all of Jessica’s technical brilliance I am not moved. It’s similar to what I experience when I hear Chris Mann on The Voice: lots of vocal fireworks but no real soul. Go Hollie!!


  6. Hollie is not 16…..she’s 18


  7. Hollie is a great singer! This clip is a good representation of her but truthfully …I don;t think its a better representation of her. In my opinion she shows the same level of talent all the time. Shes good. The judges recognized it the first time they heard her sing. She might even be …as some have said … the best talent on the stage. But can she win. Can she pull in the votes. Its like Elise, who I love … but as Jimmy said last night …Does she have the fan base to win?.

    One things for certain …if she is indeed the best singer on the stage … then American Idol is irrelevant to her as she’ll go places that American Idol would never be able to take her, just like Jennifer Hudson, who people said was awful and she never even got close to top 4. Idol was just an opportunity for her to showcase her talent. She didn’t need it to win

    How ever let me remind you of what I said on our posting the other day about Jessica (and this is not a “poo poo” on the raves of Hollie’s fans), but as I said this…
    the judges curse which the judges spoke over Jessica actually …

    ” worked in favor of Hallie because her reviews from the judges -especially last week-were almost scarey. They spoke lowly of her and the voters fought back and spoke highly. Every time the judges realize it, their comments slightly change. Watch how they speak about Hollie” next.

    Well, notice how the judges reviews this week have done a complete 90 degree turn this week. To me, Hollie gave it 100% this week as she always gives it 100%. She was good before, and she was just as good last night. Who has really changed here, are the judges … just as they always do every year when somebody they favor is in the bottom (like Jessica was last week).

    Now their saying things like “Hollie is back, Hollie has returned”. I hope her fans didn’t take that to mean she “safe now” we don;t have to worry as much as and can lay off as many votes (as Jessica’s fans did) …. because IF THEY DID …well lets say it this way … if it the raves work for her the same way it worked for Jessica … just remember where it put Jessica …only difference is …there is no “save” this week. Its something that the judges operate in ..I think… without being aware every year .. and every time they SEE what it does .. they change, just like they did last night with Hollie, because to me, she was just as good as she has always been. I don’t think she’s back (LOL). She never left.

    I know I’m putting myself out here and probably am sounding like some weirdo…but let me say..I’m not speaking about any hunches or intuitions … I’m basically just saying what everybody who has observed real closely sees EVERY SEASON (and I’m usually about 95% correct about what happens on this show) . I’ve said it before here …this show is not about who the best talent is … its about who gets the votes and these judge’s (and more in particularly Randy) know how this game plays.

    If that %5 I have kicks in and I’m wrong ….then just bring out the “fried” crow …I’ll eat it.(LOL) It will certainly shorten my post here because it will show I’m a raving lunatic that has no idea what he’s talking about.

    We’ll see. I won;t say who’s going ..but after tonight there will only be 6… and as I said in the other post …there are 4 that I predict to be in the top 5. They are Phil, Skylar, Jessica and Joshua. One will be gone today and if its either of those 4, I’m ready for the crow. And of course if I’m right …then I guess I will be unbearable (LOL).

    I must say I am a bit anxious to see if I am really as “spot on” as I think. .



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