Something To Sweeten Your Dreams: David Cook Sings The American National Anthem

Need a cookie before bedtime? How about David Cook singing an amazing version of the American National Anthem? I guarantee that this Cookie performance will bring a bigger smile to your face and fewer calories than a real cookie.

David sang the national anthem at the home opener at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA on April 6th, 2012.

Did I say sing? He hit a home run before the game began – a vocal home run that only he could envision.

How beautiful is this young man’s voice? It really is such a treat to watch him sell his vocal wares with such finesse and poise.

He does everything right. He treats the vowels in all his words with respect, gluing his seamless vocal sound to them while projecting his voice forward. His phrasing is impeccable – reinforced by his strong breathing skills.

He also added a breathtaking twist to the melodic line when he sang the words “flag was still there”. His voice moved on up through the diatonic scale, highlighting the breadth of his vocal range.

This was such an impressive performance and delivered with such professionalism and ingenuity.

Kudos David. We love you here in the MCL Community and will always support you. Bravo!

Update courtesy of Nina: David’s Star Spangled Banner 9-11-11 performance is a technical masterpiece. How disciplined and refined is this young man in his musical approach! Sheer perfection.

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22 Responses to “Something To Sweeten Your Dreams: David Cook Sings The American National Anthem”

  1. Stellar! Thanks for sharing. David always does a lovely job with the National Anthem.


  2. Audrey Lefkowitz April 11, 2012 at 5:22 am

    For me there is no finer performer and singer than David Cook. I play his albums non stop and am anxiously awaiting his new material. If I had enough money I would fly out from Spain to see him open for Bon Jovi. If ever there was a superstar from all the American Idols it is David.


  3. wow first of thank you for making this re-view. I´m a huge David Cook fan and I love when he sings SSB – what you pointed out “Flag was still THERE” is one of the highlights = goosebump moments.
    To me the many “layers” in his VOICE are on of the reasons, why years later, he can still “surprise” me vocally. Bravo Mr. Cook – you definately made this fan proud, once again. 🙂


  4. I saw this video the other day, I think, at MJ’s. Wonderful performance! I have to say, no matter who wins the competition (I say this without having heard Lee sing tthe anthem), AI does a good job of finding great singers.


  5. Thanks everyone! Love reading all the David Cook love in the comments section. Keep them coming. I just discovered this video – been slow on the upswing here 🙂 He is such a remarkable vocalist. Love him!


  6. Hi Masterclass Lady!!!

    You are very welcome and I certainly think you deserve a huge thank you back 🙂
    It is so nice when some one outside of the fandom (not saying you are not or can´t be a fan) / DavidCookOfficial praises his amazing VOICE.

    Just one last note, have you heard him sing the 9 / 11 (2011) version of SSB. If not you should go check it out. IF you feel like it of course.
    I will definately look forward to “future re-views”. Should you ever feel like taking re-quests re. songs to “analyze”, I´m sure we are a few with some wishes?! Don´t know if you have the time or interest?! Thanks again!!!


  7. Nina – thank you for pointing me in the direction of this video. It is even better than the other – didn’t think that was possible!! I am going to add at the bottom of this blog topic, so that both videos bookend the article.

    And, yes, please, if you wish me to add reviews to specific songs, please send them along. I have so much respect for David – his professionalism, intelligence and artistry are very rare in the music industry. I am on the David Cook bandwagon for the long run.

    Thank you so much for your kind words.


  8. Nina – thank you for pointing me in the direction of this video – it is even better than the other and I didn’t think that was possible! 🙂 I am going to add it at the bottom of this article so that both videos bookend this article.

    And, yes, if you wish me to review specific songs, please do send them along to me. I have so much respect for David and his music – his professionalism, intelligence and artistry are all too rare in the music industry. I am on the David Cook bandwagon for the long run.

    Thanks once again for your kind words.


  9. Once again, MasterClass Lady, David comes thru like a shining light. This guy has so much talent,it bothers me still that he hasn’t had more success on radio. His voice is perfection to listen to. I saw his performance for 9/11/11,and yes it was another stellar performance. He is due to perform on Idol on May 10th and needless to say I’m looking forward to it,as he says he’ll debut a new song. Thanks for your continued support of this extraordinarily talented young man!


  10. You are most welcome Vocab. I can’t wait to see and hear him bring that star power to American Idol on May 10th.


  11. Hi Masterclass Lady!!!!

    I´m glad you liked the other SSB – kind of new you would since it was awesome as well. I just love when he sings it and every time my jaw is on the floor 🙂

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it and it is very nice of you to be willing to make other re-views. I do have songs that I would love you to re-view. Can I make the re-quests in here or do you want it on a nother forum???
    I will say though, that other Cook fans will get to know about it as well. On David´s official page, we have a VOICE thread and they will be very interested as well.

    I will look forward to an answer and thank you very much again 🙂



  12. Hi again, Nina. You can email me your requests via

    Thank you so much. This is long overdue on my part!!! Can’t wait to start the ball rolling.

    And, any links to a good video of each song would be super. 🙂


  13. Hi MCL!!!

    That sounds awesome and I will make definately take you up on it 🙂
    I will email it to you and links to a good video (if I know how to navigate around that. Otherwise I will definately tell you where to look) – not a problem there are usually lots of great videos.

    I´m feeling a bit under the weather today, so I will not make any re-quests to day. But I can´t wait to hear you take on the ones I have in mind!!!

    Now that you seem to be a Cook fan as well, do you have his records???
    If not I totally recommend them, David Cook, DC and This Loud Morning 🙂


  14. thank you for sharing this. He is really talented. 🙂


  15. It so nice when someone really gets David Cook’s voice and talent like you do. Thank you! And thank you for always supporting him.


  16. Hi again MCL!!!

    I just sent you an email with the re-quests. I will look forward to hear from you, thanks and I appreciate it very much Nina


  17. Hi Masterclass Lady! I gave you a quick “shoutout” on Twitter the other day, but 140 characters isn’t enough! 😉

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review of David’s SSB! I have heard him do it several times now, and it is flawless each time. The 9/11/11 one gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes every single time I watch it … and I’ve watched it A LOT! 😉 He truly is the most well-rounded singer/ songwriter I have ever had the pleasure of listening to! I wish there were more people like you to discover this amazing man, and bring him all the success he deserves (not that he isn’t successful … just that I wish he was recognized & celebrated more within the music industry!). IMO, the “singers” that do get all the praise & attention deserve very little of it (autotune, lip-synching) and, as anyone who listens to David do the SSB can see, no autotune necessary. It’s just pure, natural talent!

    Anyway, thank you again for such kind words, and for recognizing what an incredible talent David truly is! I look forward to your reviews of his other songs as discussed above w/ Nina! ‘Til then, take care!


  18. Thank you all!! Lots of Cookie love here. Thank you so much for your tweets, emails and comments. I am really excited to listen to and review the sing suggestions you sent to me. You people are the best!


  19. I am also a Cookie Fan, going on 5 years. Every time I hear David’s voice it is so smooth and beautiful. I love when he sings the ballads because he can bring his emotions to the surface and make you feel them too.


  20. I can;t tell you how thrilled I am to find you,,, MasterClass Lady!! I have been a David Cook fan from the first.,.and it truly boggles my brain,,,, how such a talented muscian, songwriter, platinum selling artist… such as David Cook… doesnt get the recognition he so deserves!! Both him and his music keep my wOrld rockin.. he gave music back to me and a Fandom of wonderful DC Buds! Im so grateful you can see and hear how special he is!!


  21. I have enjoyed your posts about David in the past. I am a fan for life. It’s WONDERFUL to have a professional opinion about this amazingly talented young man. It’s so refreshing to hear our anthem sung with respect and no unnecessary frills.


  22. Maria – wonderfully worded. Yes, he just stood there like a pro and sang the song “straight up” with that glorious, singular voice.


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