Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice: The Live Shows Begin!


I am late adding a blog topic for tonight’s show. I just tuned in myself and saw Naia Kete perform. I wasn’t very impressed with what I heard so maybe I didn’t miss too much.

It’s almost Prime Time in TV Land here, so I am betting that the pace will pick up at 9:00 Eastern.

Please fill in the gaps in the comments section. Did I miss any noteworthy ( pardon the pun) performances?

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9 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice: The Live Shows Begin!”

  1. I’m glad to see that you have returned home safely and are back here with us as well.

    I recorded the show and watched it later last night. It was exciting at first to see them in the live rounds acting like real stars but my enthusiasm waned pretty quickly due to the over mixed music, light shows, bad arrangements and dancers. I tried to keep a score card but kept wondering what I just heard after more and more performances, so I went to iTunes to listen to their recordings to see who sounded like a real recording artist and not many passed that test.

    Jesses Campbell has the best voice of the lot but if the arrangement he sang was his own, we likely won’t be doing any business. The beauty of that song is in its simplicity. While the arrangement he sang was a good showcase for his voice it disrespected the material and ruined the song for me.

    Serra Hill has a lot of potential and sounds pretty good on iTunes but she needs to simplify her stage performance until she learns to manage that many irons in the first. Christina referred to her as a “diva in training.” That’s about right.

    I like Erin’s big clear voice and thought for sure she would record well. Not so; not to my ear anyway.

    Charlotte, Ashley, Lindsey and Jermaine were ok. Jermaine sounded better recorded than the others but I’m not sure his voice is distinctive enough for the front of the stage yet.

    I would fire the choreographer, the sound engineer and the arranger, other than that it was a good show.


  2. Gene – thank you! It feels food to be back home, although I miss the sun and water very much. Oh well…

    I thought last night’s show was pretty dismal. Honestly, I cannot get excited for this show anymore. It just isn’t working. Too many contestants, too many changes in format, long, drawn-out season, overall unimpressive vocals, considering that it is called “The Voice”.


  3. I think most of us have abandoned The Voice, in real time anyway, in favor of the old standby DWTS. They have Katherine Jenkins this year who is a lovely young woman in every sense of the word. It appears that she is becoming as good a dancer as she is a singer. Also Gladys Knight, sans the Pips, who is holding down the “grown ups” division pretty well and Jack Wagner who I don’ really know is purportedly a singer. Gavin DeGraw is also competing this year. So the chances of seeing a good to great singer seem to be much greater on ABC than NBC this year.


  4. I am so happy that I watched DWTS live and recorded The Voice. The right decision! I was very frustrated as I watched the performances today. There was definitely too much production, too much backup, too much noise, too much everything in many of the performances. Talk about overkill! It was all you could do to hear the person singing.

    Naia made the mistake of singing Adele. Honestly what could have made anyone think this girl had the voice for an Adele song? Adele writes her own songs and they are tailored to her, with a lot of key changes, melody changes, very difficult to sing. Why do a song by an artist who has had this immense success because of her unique gift? Naia’s performance was really just not good at all. I don’t even want to bother going into the technical issues because it’s not worth it.

    Jermaine might have sounded great, but how could you tell? With all that noise it was all he could do to just be heard. This guy has a really good voice and it would have been nice to just let him come out on the stage and sing. It was like a circus.

    I don’t even remember all the names of the singers. It’s like a blur. There was that rapper guy who wasn’t good. That guy Chris sand “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. He is the one who is classically trained. I think that was him. At least they kept it simple so you could hear him sing.

    Jessie has an amazing voice. He really doesn’t need the extra little tricks and runs. He is good enough without all that. He should have sung the song straight and it would have been absolutely amazing. He is the best singer of them all.

    Erin sang well live, but again they had so much going on. At first with the dancers on stage, I couldn’t even see her. She sang “Living for the City” and it was really good.

    I recorded tonight’s elimination show, but I already saw the results online. I think that I may be done with this show. I am loving Idol a lot more.


  5. I didn’t watch…family in from out of state this week so I am taping the shows and will watch later.


  6. I’m watching now. I love Blake Shelton so much that I will watch no matter what. Here are my thoughts. Generally, I’m in agreement with Mindy (no surprise there :)).

    RaeLynn (Team Blake 17-year-old “farm girl”) just sang a Maroon 5 song “Wake-Up Call”. I liked her attitude and I think she made some wise choices in regard to breathing & physical activity. It was a smart song choice. I liked her performance a lot.

    Chris Mann, the opera singer who is trying to go “mainstream” sang “Bridge Over Trouble Water”. The beginning was way too low for him & he struggled a bit during the first phrase. But then he did what he does & the song stabilized. He had good vowel choices and breath control. However, I didn’t get that “wow” moment that happens when someone really connects with a song & helps me connect.

    Jermaine Paul (Team Blake), the back-up singer for Alicia Keyes, started out well singing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” but then moved way too much around the stage causing loss of breath & also didn’t make me “believe”. It’s a shame because he has a great voice.

    Moses Hogan (Team Christina), hip-hop artist from Maryland, did a Kanye West song. His singing voice is weak compared to his rapping but Adam Levine praised his singing ability in “Satisfaction” (I think that was his song in the Blind Auditions). I also think there was way too much activity in the other performers on the stage – extravagant gymnastics that detracted from Moses’s performance. For me it was OK but not great.

    Awww…Betty White in the audience. She’s saying she’s there to see Blake Shelton. Love her.

    OK, Naia Kate (Team Blake). Love her earrings in the rehearsal :)!! She wanted to do the song with a reggae beat. It’s Adele’s “Turning Tables” – cool song, I’d like to learn it. She has a quirky sound & approach. I think she stayed true to herself as an artist & for that I congratulate her. She could, however, work harder on her diction & she doesn’t put final consonants on some important words i.e. the “s” on “tables” at the end. She also looked phenomenal – loved how her hair was styled & her make-up was amazing. I know that’s not directly associated with singing ability but it does factor into performer appeal. Having read Mindy’s review, I have to agree – not a smart song choice.

    Lindsey (Team Christina) did a song that I am totally unfamiliar with. I thought she did it reasonably well but again there was way too much going on around her – mannequin singers, frenetic movements. I think it seriously detracted from her interesting, breathy, sweet quality.

    Jordis Unga (Team Blake) is one of the singers I like. She tackled “Alone” by Heart & God bless her for trying that. I think she did extremely well until the final chorus when she basically screamed out a high note. She could have done so much better with that note with better posture. She’s got a good voice so the screaming was totally unnecessary.

    Serra Hil (Team Christina) was Christina’s final pick in the Blind Auditions & Christina came up & sang with her during that performance. “Find Your Love” by Drake. Chirstina wanted her to sing it “hard”. I agree with you completely, MCL, she’s one of the better voices & performers in this group. Her sound production seems much less forced than some of the performers. I think it was a good song choice for her too. I think she’s a “total package” & could go far in this season.

    Erin Willett (Team Blake) – wow, her father died during the Battle Rounds. Brava to her for continuing in the competition!! Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” There’s a lot to like in that voice. She’s someone that I wish had some classical training. Sometimes her diction is problematic – I didn’t like her pronunciation of “city”, it was a bit sloppy. But she did a great riff at the end that showed her vocal power & also her control. Blake said some nice things about her that I think will stay with her even if she doesn’t continue in the competition. I thought she did a great job.

    Ashley Delarosa (sp??) (Team Christina) – “Right Through You” finally a stripped down performance. Thank you!!! And she sounded so much like Alanis Morrisette, whose song it was. I thought she did well.

    Charlotte Sometimes (Team Blake) gave a spirited & interesting performance. Her biggest flaw, in my opinion, is her tendency to smile when she sings. Having said that, I love her ability to instantly shift intensity while singing. I am not familiar with Parramore’s music so Charlotte’s performance was intriguing to me.

    Jesse Campbell (Team Christina) – the strongest singer in the competition. I like the fact that he puts final consonants on words. I also like that he did a more subtle song. It’s clear that he’s been put in the position of “frontrunner”. I think he maintained his position although I don’t honestly think he took it to the “next level”. But he’s a good singer & I suspect he will be a keeper throughout the show.

    So those are my opinions. I agree that in general there were not many “wow” moments. But there were definitely some good moments. And some not so good moments. Thanks!!


  7. Did I mention that I think Christina has lost some weight? She looks good.


  8. I’m watching the elimination show now. I did not read the results on line.

    Erin was Blake’s first save. Yay!!! Well-done, America. And I agree with RaeLynn & Jermaine.

    Now Team Christina. Jesse Campbell, no surprise. Lindsey Pavao is this year’s Dia Frampton. Interestingly, at that point, Christina looked genuinely distressed. Chris Mann 3rd. Chris is a very interesting save because he is the singer that I think has the biggest challenge when it comes to mainstream appeal. Good for him!!

    Now Team Blake bottom 3 performances – I don’t think there was ever any doubt who he would go with. The fact that Jordis sang 3rd was a hint. Hint hint nudge nudge.

    Naia’s – I was not familiar with the song that she was singing. She gave a genuine performance but the high notes were big stretches for her. She tried hard. And apparently there was some limitation on what songs she could sing…what?? That kind of sucks. I guess the back-up people can’t know every song.

    Charlotte – Reasonably good performance but there were obviously some serious nerves going on and some flatness.

    Jordis – yes, she definitely performed better. This was a good song for her.

    OK, Jordis is saved. No big surprise.

    Christina’s bottom 3 presented a little bit bigger dilemma. For me it was between Ashley & Serra. Tough decision because there’s a lot to like about both of them.
    Ashley gave a great performance. I loved the attitude & the end of the song.

    Serra gave a brilliant performance. I could understand every word & her intonation to my ears was flawless. The only thing that I would fault her on, and this is minor, is her habit of clenching & unclenching the mike. It’s distracting.

    Moses did not sound good. Some of his notes were just plain wrong. But he’s so cute.

    Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I am SO sorry to see Serra go. I think that choice was just plain wrong. I don’t get it. I so hope Serra gets signed by someone who has some sense. Sorry, that’s how I feel right now. Dang.

    Again, thanks, MCL. I will continue to watch the show because this is where it actually gets interesting. I hope you don’t abandon the show. Ditto Mindy. Love you all!!


  9. “They have Katherine Jenkins this year who is a lovely young woman in every sense of the word. It appears that she is becoming as good a dancer as she is a singer.”

    I hope she is a better dancer than she is a singer… Really, she attempts to sing the classical music she has neither the voice nor the technique to sing and she is successful at it because most people haven’t heard any better and because she is beautiful. Some newspapers even dared to call her ‘big deal in opera world” when she is the joke of the “opera world”. This article tells it a lot better…

    Also, Chris Mann while a fantastic pop singer who is also classically trained is not an opera singer. He may have been when he graduated, but he choose a different path (or maybe he simply didn’t make it in opera which is a very competitive genre with less than 1% of graduates succeeding to even make a living. Right now he isn’t using the low larynx operatic technique that enables the singer to be heard without microphones over an orchestra.


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