American Idol Season 11 Top 25 Semi-Finalists With Host Ryan Seacrest

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 25 Results Show


Well who knew that the nail-biter of the season was going to start with these Top 25 Semi-Finalists? The judges did an excellent job choosing some magnificent talent this year. It’s hard to believe that only 13 singers will make the final cut.

Last evening, I thought the majority of the Top 12 girls gave spectacular performances. Sure, there were disappointments along the way (Baylie Brown), but there were also some exciting surprises as well (Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanaugh).

Shannon Magrane was excellent as well but I wasn’t too crazy about Elise Testone’s performance. I thought her voice was pretty shaky, although she did hold it together better than some.

My personal Top 3 are Hollie, Skylar and Shannon. If those three girls make the cut, I will be very happy indeed.

Of the guys, I would have to go with DeAndre, Jermaine, Creighton and Phillip.

I think the judges really upped their game last night, giving a nicely balanced critique for each singer. Good on them. They are adding a high level of professionalism and class to this show.

Anyone else think that Ryan Seacrest is looking mighty tired? I love him, but his work schedule is very grueling. He is going to have to start pacing himself.

I will be providing live updates during the show, so check back here during commercial breaks and add your commentary as well.

Good luck to all the singers.

Live Update

  • Top Ten to be announced after the first commercial break. Yes, there’s a commercial already!
  • The Guys are being featured first. Chase, Jeremy and Phillip are up!
  • Jeremy and Chase eliminated. Phillip is Top Ten
  • Jessica, Hollie, Brielle and Hallie are center stage
  • Brielle and Hallie eliminated. Jessica and Hollie are in the Top Ten. Yes!
  • Joshua, Heejun and Adam are center stage with Ryan
  • Adam eliminated Heejun is Top Ten. Joshua also screamed his way to the Top Ten.
  • Chelsea, Bailey, Skylar and Shannon are center stage with Ryan
  • Shannon is Top Ten. Skylar is Top Ten
  • I am really happy with the female singers so far. The male singers not as much
  • Aaron, Creighton and Reed are center stage.
  • Aaron, Reed and Creighton are eliminated. Darn!!
  • Jen, Elise, Erika and Haley are center stage
  • Elise is Top Ten.
  • DeAndre, Eben, Colton and Jermaine are center stage. Commercial break!
  • Colton and Jermaine are Top Ten
  • Didn’t see this coming, did you? I thought Eben and DeAndre were shoo-ins. Six Wild Card performances coming up
  • Judges’ Wildcard Selections: Jen Hirsch is singing a song called “O Darlin'”? Lots of screaming and, for me, too over the top.
  • Next up: Five more singers singing for their life after the commercial break.
  • Jeremy Rosado is the next Wild Card. Not sure of the song. But he is singing beautifully and with a ton of heart. Love his head voice.
  • He broke down at the end and it is so obvious that the judges and the singers love him. J-Lo is crying.
  • Brielle Von Hugel is up next. She is singing Adele – Someone Like You. Oh Heaven help me. Make this Adele madness stop. Very pitchy and tight performance.
  • DeAndre Brackensick is up next singing Georgia On My Mind
  • DeAndre is so good he is bringing me to tears. The depth he is bringing to this song is mind-blowing
  • Erika Van Pelt is singing Edge Of Glory. She sounds wonderful. Such a beautiful, rich voice and so much passion in her voice. She has a beautiful bottom range. Mmm Mmm!
  • Reed Grimm
  • is the last Wild Card to sing. He is singing “Use Me” by Bill (Lean On Me) Withers. He is very musical but it comes off as “over the top”.

  • First WC pick -Erika. Second – Jeremy. Third – Deandre
  • Very emotional ending. DeAndre and Jeremy were overwhelmed
  • Next week, the girls sing Whitney Houston and the guys sing Stevie Wonder with guest mentor, Mary J. Bilge
  • . Going to be a great, great season.

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    21 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 25 Results Show”

    1. Harold Lefkowitz March 1, 2012 at 6:35 pm

      I am crazy about Creighton. I think he is such a naturally talented young guy. I would be so disappointed if he was cut. Superb voice.


    2. I love Creighton too and am sorry that he didn’t make it. As for the others . . . of the girls, I’m sorry that Hallie Day didn’t make it. If I had my way, she would replace Skylar Laine.

      I was very happy with the wildcard picks of Jeremy, DeAndre, and Erika–they were all outstanding tonight!

      It promises to be a good season and I’m really looking forward to it!


    3. WOW! What a show! I definitely thought Jessica and Philip would be there. There were a few surprises for me…Jermaine, Shannon, Jeremy…but this is a solid TOP 13! Lots of teens which makes it different than The Voice. Biggest shock was Deandre not making the Top Ten.

      I think Jessica and Skylar will add a lot of positive entertainment to the show, and hope they take care of their voices. I am so happy Erika and Deandre were chosen. He needs to realize (at his young age) that he is not Barry Gibb. I hope the vocal coaches will guide him as I would like to see him on the tour.

      I believe Brielle was selected because of the bad edit she received in Hollywood (with her mother). Reed Grimm is talented but not focused. He should have had a better song to perform.

      MCL, I agree with you – Ryan looks a bit worn out. I hope he can pull it all together. Jennifer was more emotional than last year, and got very attached to some of these kids. I think she has the potential for being the best judge if she can be honest and helpful to the contestants.

      The Final 2 last year was the least exciting of the entire run of American Idol. I hope they bring it and make this an exciting year! The talent is there!


    4. Wasn’t that a terrific show? Thank you all for your positive reinforcement. I am really excited about this season. I am on vacation for the month of March but hope to write a VM article for the Top 13 – just to get the ball rolling. If plans change, I will let you know. This group is really talented and I want to contribute input from my end so I will do my very best.


    5. I am very pleased with the top thirteen! America made some good choices, but it was surprising to see DeAndre not make it through initially. I thought the judges used their wild card picks well. Those three deserve to be there!

      I think this is a standout group and we will be in for a real treat this season. I dearly hope that Jessica takes care of those swollen vocal chords. It makes me so nervous when I hear about a contestant having trouble early on, because this is a grueling competition.

      I am not completely won over by a few of these young people, but will definitely keep an open mind. I am referring to Skylar and Elise. I think Skylar has great energy and is an exciting performer, but I am not in love with her voice. Elise seems to have the judges and even Jimmy Iovine behind her, but that Adele song did her no favors. She got through it, but it wasn’t a great vocal. I am just seeing some of these people for the very first time, and will give them time to show me what they can do.

      I love Adele! But please, for the love of heaven, no more Adele songs! There is a reason that Adele is who she is, has done what she has done and is a unique and amazing talent. No one is going to win this singing Adele!

      The reactions of Jeremy and DeAndre were so touching and moved me to tears. You can see what this chance means to them.

      The judges seem to be making an effort to give some constructive, meaningful commentary. I hope that they can do right by this exceptional group of young people.


    6. Oh, MCL! You are the only Idol blog I read! Is there a fellow voice scholar who can sit in while you are on vacation?


    7. Ok! So I watched the top 24…Meh! No one makes me wanna jump outta my seat. I think for me, 2 of my evenings just opened up!

      It’s on to the Voice for me!!!


    8. J – no one around that I know personally. Any takers out there? Mindy perhaps? Thank you for your dedication, J. I will do my best.

      Vonnie is jumping ship? The Voice is great but these Top 13 kids are amazing. Love both shows. Come back to the fold, Vonnie. 🙂


    9. MCL,

      I could never fill your shoes. I will do my best to come here after every show and give my thoughts, but I am not in your league.

      I will be away for a week from March 7 to March 14 visiting with my family. So nothing from me for the next two weeks, but from that point on I will be here.


      I am surprised that no one touched you. I know you and I shared our mutual love of Scotty last season. That’s the reason why I always watch. You never know when someone will reach out and touch you in an unexpected way. Never did I think a country singer could capture my heart the way Scotty did.

      For my part, I haven’t been able to get into The Voice. I have tried to check it out several times. I am going to try and watch some of it to see if I can get into it.

      Maybe you could check in next week and see if you still feel the same. I love reading your thoughts. 🙂


    10. Thank You Mindy and MCL…I will certainly keep reading here, I love MCL’s.

      I did like Phillip and the girl who sang last on the girls night, she sat at the piano and sang Adele’s song, and I liked the girl that sang, Feeling Good.

      I have really enjoyed watching the Voice this year…first, I love Blake and Adam, they are awesome on that show. I really like the concept that these people are picked by their voice only not by what they look like!!!

      I like the sing off, when contestants are matched against each other.

      Hopefully MCL will allow me to post about the Voice too!!! 🙂

      Also, Mindy…have a safe trip to see your family; have fun!!! 🙂


    11. Mindy – whatever you can contribute will be wonderful. Enjoy your time away with your family. That’s what it’s all about.

      Vonnie – I love The Voice and Idol. Both are wonderful shows and I think that both have “upped their game this year”.

      I am definitely contributing a Top13 VM article but the couple of weeks after are “iffy” because I will be deep in my vacation. Haha. Will do my best.

      Thank you all for your support and feedback.


    12. MCL,

      I will be able to watch Tuesday night’s show, since I don’t leave until Wednesday. I will come on here to give my thoughts. Thanks for your kind words. Of course, I don’t have the depth and breadth of knowledge that you have when it comes to all things vocal, but it is your life’s work! I can never replace you, but will give my critiques for nest week’s performances. I don’t know if I will see the results show, because I won’t arrive in West Palm Beach until 9:16 pm if my flight is on time.

      I cannot wait to see my Mom! So that night will be for both of us. She has a computer, so I will be able to find out who was eliminated. After that I am off for the following week. I will be back on here for the March 20th show.

      It’s my Mom’s 90th birthday! I am so glad that I can be with her. My sister and brother-in-law are coming from New York, so we will all be together for the first time in four years.


      I may not have time right now, but I am determined to check out The Voice. You know me and voices! I can’t get enough of it. I just have to get familiar with how the show works. Last time I watched on and off, but it’s best to commit fully to a show.


    13. Mindy – thank you so much for your commitment to the MCL community. You have wonderful expertise and your input is always appreciated.

      I think, though, that the performance show airs on Wednesday? Did they change it again?

      If so, not to worry. I will contribute the best I can, adding blog topics here and there.

      Plus I do plan on writing about the Top13 performances so, of you are busy packing and all, don’t stress out about it. 🙂

      I always look forward to your perspective – it is always bang-on and it gives the readers more to digest.

      Thank you so much Mindy.


    14. Oh and Happy 90th Birthday to your Mom! That’s quite a milestone. Sounds like you are in for an fun celebration. 🙂


    15. Mindy,

      I hope that you can check out the Voice; I really like it…but I do know that watching 2 shows can be very time consuming!!!

      I think the sing off’s start this week, two contestants sing the a song together and then one is eliminated…both singers are from the same team, so the judge for that team chooses who go’s and who stays, then when they get down to a certain number on contestants they sing against each other like Idol.

      Blah! I probably made that more confusing for ya!!! 😦 Sorry!


    16. MCL…the other night on the Voice, there was a young lady who started to sing and after the first couple of notes Adam turned around and then Blake, and I think even Celo; but after they turned around she fell aprt and go very nervous and pitchy.

      I loved the begiining when she wasn’t nervous…did you see her and if so what did you think of her?


    17. Gah! Sorry spelling!!!


    18. Vonnie – I did like her but, meh, not too sure how she will do. Generally, I find the judges turning for the strangest people. And that Novocaine guy was totally ripped off. He was a brilliant singer. Not sure what they were thinking.


    19. MCL…LOL, I loved the first couple of notes she sang but then when she fell apart; I bet Adam and Blake were really wishing they would have waited…I bet if she doesn’t do any better she will be one of the first one’s to go to the sing off!

      Gosh! I’m trying to remember the Novocaine guy!!! What did he sing? There has been a couple that I was wondering why they either turned around or why they didn’t turn around.


    20. Hmm what did he sing? It was a classic rock song – very high – and for the life of me I can’t remember it. Darn. But the judges thought he was a girl from the sound of his voice. Weird. He didn’t sound female to me.. I think Cee Lo wanted to bend the rules for him and grab him but then said he couldn’t. What a shame.


    21. MCL,

      I have both good and bad news. Yes, you are right and the show this week is on Wednesday. However, I will be watching it and this is kind of the bad part. Unfortunately, I came down with a terrible viral infection and had to cancel my flight. I can’t dwell too much on it, because I pretty much fell apart when my doctor said I could not fly. This virus has also affected my vocal chords. I have inflammation and terrible laryngitis. I can barely talk. My doctor warned me to be careful with my voice. No whispering and less talk, so that I don’t damage my vocal chords. I am really sick, with fever and a lot of congestion. Since I have asthma, it would be way too dangerous to even try to fly. I would wind up in the hospital for sure.

      My Mom was the one who tried to help me deal with the disappointment. It is my birthday tomorrow and I expected to be seeing her. But she just told me that once I get well, I can just rebook the fight and come later. She said we will celebrate both of our birthdays. She was wonderful. My friends have tried to lift my spirits and focus on the fact that I will still get to see my family.

      Sorry, I don’t usually go on about personal issues, but I just wanted to explain why I will be watching Wednesday night, Writing my thoughts on the performances will be great, since I don’t have to use my voice!

      I will do my best to give my amateur vocal masterclass and try to do my best. Thanks for your kind words. Even though I may leave the site for a time and then come back, I hope you know that you are in my thoughts quite often. I have told you how much I respect and admire you for your knowledge, dedication and humanity. I won’t try to fill your shoes. But I will contribute in the best way I can, as a means of giving back to this wonderful site and repaying you for all that you do and are.

      Vonnie girl,

      Go on the topic thread for this week’s Voice show! I wrote something to you! I watched it!!! Yes! And I really enjoyed it.

      Thanks so much for your explanation, only I wish that I had thought to come on here first before I watched. It would have helped me a great deal. I may need some help from you to learn how the show works. I know that I have already missed some of the season, but now that I have heard some of these singers, I am really excited!

      So now you and I will have something else to share! Good times! 🙂


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