James Durbin To Cover Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ On American Idol Top 4 Performance Show

What is going on with American Idol this year? Now, we have another theme tomorrow night?

According to EOnline, James has planned a killer version of Don’t Stop Believin’ for one of his performances tomorrow night.

Here’s what E! News had to say:

“E! News has exclusively learned that Durbin will perform Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” tomorrow and sources tell us the 22-year-old smallish-town boy (born and raised in…Santa Cruz, Calif.!) has crafted a “mind-blowing” version of the 1981 classic.

And considering Durbin’s metal edge is pronounced and there’s only one of him, we weren’t surprised to hear that his will sound “nothing like” the version that accompanied Glee everywhere it went during its award-winning first season.

“He will make it his own, that’s for sure,” an insider says.

But will Durbin’s cover rocket up the iTunes charts the way Glee’s über-cheery version did? We’ll have to see it to believe it.”

Holy! The American Idol Producers are certainly nestled all nice and cozy in the Durbin camp. No more Scotty or Lauren? What about our underdog, Hayley? Why is this show’s momentum now directed at James? I love him but am not a fan of the pimperama!

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11 Responses to “James Durbin To Cover Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ On American Idol Top 4 Performance Show”

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t get what the issue is. Was there another “theme” planned for tomorrow night that was scrapped/changed in some way to allow James to do “Don’t Stop Believin'”? And as we both know, pimping does not usually work. Adam Lambert was pimped all season by Simon Cowell, as was Crystal Bowersox last year. As a James Durbin fan of massive proportion, I would prefer that they NOT pimp him.


  2. OK, that was weird. I wrote up a response & it disappeared. Let me try again. I’m sorry but I’m not sure what the issue here is. Did American Idol scrap/change in some way the original theme for tomorrow night in order to allow James to do “Don’t Stop Believin'”? And TPTB should know that pimping does not work, in fact it backfires. Adam Lambert was pimped all season by Simon Cowell, and Crystal Bowersox was the chosen one last year. As a James fan of massive proportion, I would prefer that they NOT pimp him.


  3. Sorry James Durbin screaches too much. It is like fingernails on the chalkboard. I guess you have to be a fan of that kind of music. Haley seems to be a more contoled singer…


  4. MCL,

    Sorry, I should have e-mailed you about that scoop I saw on MJ’s blog. If I see anything more about spoilers of any kind, I will be sure to contact you.

    So far there is no information as to whether they have changed the theme or added an additional one.


  5. I wanted to add that putting aside his tendency to add some high screeches, his iTunes songs are fantastic!!! I’ve played them over and over (bought all but one of them). He has a great recording voice. Take a listen!


  6. I wonder if Randy will pull his stretch pants out of storage and maybe a high haired wig to thump bass for him? I’m surprised that with James’ heavy metal pretentions that he has spent so much of the year on the soft rock / pop side of the music isle. It’s also interesting that he doesn’t receive the “I don’t know who you are as an artist” critique like Haley did when she choose the bluessiest country song imaginable, which was pretty close to what she normally sings.

    James isn’t the only one who may get a boost over the top this week. Haley has a potential benefit in tonight’s show as well. The scorned Lady Gaga along with Jimmy Iovine may be out for judge’s blood after they dissed Gaga’s special song that Jimmy chose for Haley last week. The question is whether their attempts to help will hurt or help Haley.

    There was an interesting turn of events in the singing department of Dancing with the Stars last night. Adele was scheduled to perform, apparently two songs, as was Michael Bolton. A female Australian singer named Delta Goodrem was on board to sing a duet with Michael Bolton. Adele was having trouble with her upper register last night so at the last minute Delta Goodrem was ask to substitute for her singing Carole King’s “Natural Woman,” a song that she has never sung before. She did a nice job with the song and it went without a hitch. Adele was able to perform her second song, “Rolling in the Deep,” the song that Haley sang so well a few weeks ago on Idol. Interestingly, this was Adele’s first time to sing the song on American TV.


  7. I love James’s “screeching”. He can “screech” until the cows come home. In my opinion, it’s about performing as much as it is about singing. I like Haley but she still seems a bit contrived to me. James is a natural. So is Scotty. This is my opinion but I’m sticking to it.


  8. And for the record, let me be honest. Haley performed “House of the Rising Sun”. That was a song that Siobhan performed last year. I liked Siobhan’s version better. Yes, it’s probably not entirely fair to use that against Haley, after all, Siobhan doesn’t own the song, but hey, who said life was fair?


  9. Gene W,

    Hi, Gene! 😀 Good to see you! I just wanted to clarify that Adele has performed “Rolling on the Deep” on American television but on late night (Letterman, Kimmel) and daytime (Ellen). Brooke Burke was saying that this is the “primetime television debut” of the song. Technicalities, huh? 😉


  10. Hi J,
    Where ya been?

    Thanks for the correction. I didn’t listen close enough I guess. My mother in law was visiting so I have a good excuse!

    Delta did have one “hitch” that I missed previously. She misspoke one lyric early in the song, substituting what started to be “empowered” and turned into “tired” for “uninspired.” All in all, I thought it was a pretty brave effort on her part.

    I recall Vonnie raised the question once about why Idol forces their contestants to sing songs that are out of their comfort zone, which may not only refer to genre, but also songs that they are unfamiliar with. This was a good example of how it might benefit these young singers in the future.


  11. i don’t understand why james deciding to sing a certain song means that he is being pimped?


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