Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 6 Performance Show: The Music Of Carole King

I am adding this Vlog and topic for the Top 6 show a little early because I will be busy with prior commitments over the next couple of days.

Just in case I decide to add new topics in the next 24 hours or so,  I will mark it as a sticky post so that it remains at the top of the home page.

Also, as I won’t be able to watch the Top 6 show live on Wednesday evening, the Top 6 Vocal Masterclass article will be online a little later than usual this week.  Thank heavens for PVR and all that jazz!

I am so pumped to hear Carole King‘s music. Let’s hope that the remaining Top 6 singers really do her music justice.

How about you?  What are your thoughts? Let’s keep the ball rolling here!

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26 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 6 Performance Show: The Music Of Carole King”

  1. There is information on MJ’s blog that the contestants will also be singing duets on Wednesday’s performance night. This is the first that I have heard of this and I have no idea who will be paired with who and what they might be singing.

    This should be very interesting!


  2. The latest update on MJ’s blog about the duets has a clip of Scotty and Lauren rehearsing together. Just a photo, no sound. Based on that, the speculation is that it will be Scotty and Lauren doing a duet again for their second performance. That would leave Casey, Haley, James and Jacob. Who knows how they would pair them up. If they decide to put Casey and Haley together, then that leave James and Jacob, which could be scary!

    If there is any more spoiler information that comes up on MJ’s blog, I will put it up here.


  3. extremely busy on this end too – so much to do, I don’t know if I will get a chance to watch the show – plus there is a Game 7 Hockey game on: Montreal vs. Boston! GO BOSTON! 🙂

    But I wonder what the show will bring tonight….


  4. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I enjoyed tonight’s show a lot! I was really proud of Scotty for digging deeper and experimenting with more textures in his voice, and while I was still basking in that, James followed up with an a cappella opening to his song. Definitely seeing some “in it to win it” moments from the contestants. Haley looked beautiful this week; I can’t get over it! She sang beautifully as well (although “Rolling in the Deep” suited her more as an artist), but I loved both of her dresses! 🙂


  5. J,

    I really enjoyed most of tonight’s performances as well! Scotty is finally working harder and pushing himself!! Yeah! He was wonderful, and I think the best I’ve ever heard him sing. I was FINALLY very impressed with him. James’ voice is so stunning to me. The accapella part almost took my breath away! America decided to send my Stephano home last week, so James is the only one left who can move me the same way. It was very difficult for me to listen to Casey tonight. This certainly wasn’t one of his best weeks. He was GROWLING WAY TOO MUCH! There wasn’t any really pure singing coming from him tonight. Casey talked and growled his way through almost the entire song! I was very disappointed. If Scotty keeps singing as well as he did tonight, while Casey keeps growling to much, I might actually change my mind between those two. You better be VERY CAREFUL CASEY!! I’m so tempted to push the mute button on those judges, and I just might do that next week. They are driving me nuts!! I’m actually glad there are only 4 weeks left of this season. Hopefully if all three come back next season, they wil be MUCH BETTER!! I’m not holding my breath though.


  6. Pretty good show tonight but I wasn’t gaga over it. Will tell more in my VM article tomorrow. 🙂


  7. Tonight was my favorite night of the entire season! I LOVED the CAROLE KING theme. Jacob really did surprise me both in his solo and his duet with James. I don’t want him to go home tomorrow night. I think he earned his way into the TOP 5 and that trip to Disney World’s Idol Expereince AND the $50,000 performance fee.

    Lauren did better on her duet than she did on her solo. She still has the nervousness going on. Her interaction with that young man was cute. She definitely outsung Casey.

    To me, Casey’s performance was the worse of the night. If you listen to the original version by Blood, Sweat & Tears, there is passion in David Clayton Thomas’ voice. His duet with Haley was a mess.

    I am very much in support of James and did vote for him tonight. Starting off, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” in a capella was brillant. The only part i didn’t like was the screeching. What a fun number he and Jacob had. This is part of the reason I want him to stay. I was very uncomfortable with Randy declaring James the winner! I hate when judges do that!

    Scotty totally surprised me and I loved it. It was his best performance of the season. He’s still not quite ready for Country TV – but doing a Carole King song elevated my opinion of him! He was weak on his duet with Lauren.

    I think Carole would enjoy Haley’s performance, but Jimmy Iovine made a major mistake with having the band on stage. The background singers were too loud and at times were drowning her out. Over-production ruined a good performance. It seemed Haley was yelling at certain points. However, I think she is worthy of being in the TOP 5.

    I have not enjoyed Casey’s recent performances with the exception of Moanin’ because i don’t think he is a good singer. His perfomance skills are fine… sometimes enjoyable. However, he was awful tonight and should go home.

    There was only one thing missing tonight… CAROLE KING!! I think she would have been very helpful to the contestants. She has done workshops and worked with young people. How sad that Idol waits for the season when GUEST Mentors are no longer there, but at least Carole’s music was heard!


  8. Okay so I was right, I missed the show and instead was glued to the hockey game. I guess at the end of the day, as much as I love my music, I love my sports more! 🙂

    How was the show? From the posts, it sounds like it was a good one. Will have to watch the clips later!


  9. Well, there were some truly great performances tonight, but it was a mixed bag. I am so, so happy that they did Carole King songs. It was quite poignant and nostalgic for me, as these songs are special and reminded me of special moments in my youth.

    Jacob – This song is not a happy song, so the upbeat tone of the performance didn’t stay true to the words of the song. However, I was just glad to see Jacob having some fun and looking much happier this week. I didn’t hear that tremolo, possible because he seemed to be singing in his higher range. He hit that crazy high note and it was great! He has been through so much and it was nice to see him dancing around and just doing his thing. I will give him a pass on not accurately interpreting the words of the song, however I will say that there are a lot of great uptemps songs in Carole King’s catalogue.

    Lauren – I didn’t love this song for her. I think there were other songs that could have allowed her to show off her vocals even more. The one strange thing that I noticed looking in her eyes right before she started singing, was a look of fear, almost a deer in the headlights kind of thing. I thought that maybe I was reading too much into her eyes, but then I played it back and it was definitely there! She was so nervous! I loved the performance aspect of this song, with Lauren moving into the audience and then that charming moment when she singled out Brian and sang to him. I thought this enhanced her performance quite a bit. I actually think it helped her to relax and get into the mood of the song. She has a great sound to her voice, a lovely tone and can hit some great notes, but I still don’t know if she believes in herself. She is such a young thing and the pressure may be getting to here. To see her tear up when the judges were complimenting her and letting her know that it’s okay to have the break in her voice, you could see how intense it has gotten for her.

    Scotty – Oh my Scotty, you made me cry! This was the performance that touched me the most tonight. What can I say? This was a different Scotty, a young man who showed so much depth and emotion and really told a story with his voice. This is what it’s all about! This is what I have been talking about all season! This song has been done so often that it risks being performed as a cliche, but Scotty made it his own and breathed life and real meaning into every single word. Thank you to BabyFace for helping Scotty on the beginning of the song. Scotty – you had me at hello! From the very first word you sang, it was brilliant. I am running out of adjectives. This is what this young man can do when he pushes himself and goes out there and creates magic. I had tears all through this song right to the end. I am going to break my rule and leave out any critique of the vocals. Yes! History has been made! I don’t even want to bother with it, because for me it was so amazing, so heartfelt, that if there was a little something here and there, I don’t care! This performance was good enough so that my ears didn’t hear a bad note! Bravo, Scotty! Bravo!

    James – How unexpected was this to hear him do one of my all time favorite songs done so beautifully by the great girl group, the Shirelles! I loved, loved the acappella beginning! Genius, absolute genius! This performance put James’ vocals front and center. When he just stands there with his guitar and sings, then his vocals are so pure and beautiful. I loved the way he did this classic song in his own way. He interpreted those words and made them real and meaningful. This song says a lot if you listen to the words. It’s timeless because everyone wants to be really loved, not just have one night and no tomorrow. Did hearing this bring back memories! My first boyfriend! I will say one thing about the vocals – I loved it up until the end, when James had to go there with the scream. I would have much preferred him to leave it out, because this was one time when it was simply not necessary. With that one remark, I will say that it was outstanding as a whole. Bravo, James!

    Casey – I am sorry to say that I didn’t love this performance. I think Casey got lost in the sax and all the instruments and the backup singers. It’s not a singer’s song. I don’t think it gave him a chance to show off some of his great vocals. He did talk through parts of the song and that did not work for me. He was relying on that growl again and the harsh sound wasn’t appealing. There are so many songs that I think he could have done much better. This might be a good song to jam to, but that’s not what he has to do in this competition. There just wasn’t enough real vocal to the performance. Of course, with Casey his personality and showmanship always come through, but on a night when we had some truly extraordinary vocal moments, I think this just didn’t measure up.

    Haley – I don’t know that I would have picked this song, but Haley seems to have the vocal chops to tackle just about anything. What on earth was up with the backup singers and the band? Good grief! It sounded like she had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir behind her. Thank goodness this girl has a powerful voice and was able to make herself heard, but it sure wasn’t easy. With a voice like that, you don’t need the bells and whistles, producers! I am looking at you Jimmy! Why make this girl work so hard? She sang her face off and did very well, but the noise in the background did her no favors.

    As far as the duets, it was definitely a very mixed bag! I didn’t think that Haley and Casey were able to recreate the magic of “Moanin'” again. Their voices don’t harmonize well at all. Haley has by far the stronger voice and it was hard to hear Casey. I thought it worked best when they were singing back and forth. Their chemistry together was great and they seemed really into the performance.

    Scotty and Lauren should be used to this by now. Unfortunately, Lauren has too much voice for Scotty to even be heard. He was practically shouting and maybe he was the second singer, as Jennifer said. Their voices harmonize well, but it’s just a mismatch with one really strong voice and one that is less so. Still, they are very cute together and their brother/sister affection is so appealing.

    Jacob and James was always going to be an insane pairing! Kudos to these two young men for just deciding to go for it in a big way and have a good time. So nice to see! Their voices didn’t mesh, but they were just having so much fun together that it almost didn’t matter. When they went over to Jennifer and sang to her, that was a great moment. When they were just singing back and forth it was really good. The entertainment aspect of this was simply great. Way to go, guys!

    I wish someone would just get rid of the judges. I was trying not to even listen to them. The absolute worst moment was when Randy went up on stage to hug James and point to him! It was so unnecessary! Can they just let this young man stand on his own please? He does NOT need to be pimped in this manner. I am beginning to think that TPTB are of the opinion that the viewers have a collective i.q. of about 50! Do they think we are all morons? It was beyond embarrassing.

    Steven Tyler must have gotten a memo to stop the profanity and start saying something that makes sense. This was the most coherent he has sounded since the finals started. That’s not saying much. I am disgusted with the silly, blatant cheerleading of certain contestants. Has there ever been a time when Randy could listen to any Haley performance and not find something critical to say? Okay, rant over. Now I want to go back and listen to Scotty and James again.


  10. Particularly impressive last night were the performances by Scotty and James. I loved that they were both able to show something different to us. I agree with Kariann about the little scream at the end for James not being necessary, but I guess he feels that’s his signature sound. It’s funny, because I always disliked that about Adam, but it doesn’t bother me quite so much about James. Third in line last night was Haley’s performance. That girl is really talented! I really underestimated her at the beginning of the season.

    None of the duets blew me away because nothing can compete with “Moanin.”

    If I had my way, Jacob would be the one to leave tonight, but I’m afraid it might be Casey.


  11. Louise,

    I underestimated Haley as well, and had even felt the judges should have chosen someone else to be in the Top 24 instead. Haley really does have an amazing voice. Her Adele performance was one of my favorites of her’s. I was so disappointed with Casey’s performance last night! He sounded absolutely horrible!


  12. Mindy,

    Scotty gave such a stellar, beautful, and tender performance last night, didn’t he? He really challenged himself at this time in the competition when it’s so crucial to do so. It paid off for him! I think Casey blew it last night! That performance, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” were his worst mements on the show!


  13. Mindy, I want 2 tell u that I look forward 2 your comments! But I did not like the comments about the judges ~ I dunno; why be negative? it gave me a sour stomach. Hope that u can kinda lay off of them . They r who they r. I like this year so much better, Simon always gave me a sour stomach and lotz of grimaces and down in the heart. I hope that u can forgive me because u know! I do like you.


  14. oh my, I just listened to Scotty’s performance – loved it! 🙂 I found it was a bit different than his past performances and I really loved that!


  15. I’ve been attempting to submit comments since last night, but strangely, none of them have appeared. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch with my Internet connection or browser, but I’m giving this one last try, and you can ignore this comment if it goes through. 🙂


  16. I liked most of the performances today,

    James – fantastic – I loved this – he has taken the number one spot in my heart. He shows that he really thinks about what he does and how he stages his act. He has always delivered, and has ensured that he varies his performances.

    Haley – her voice is beautiful, she has also won me over during the weeks. This was not my favourite of hers – not sure what was wrong.

    Scotty – Back to the Scotty I loved at the beginning – this was real beautiful.

    Casey – I liked the start, but it went downhill for me – as he moved from Jazzy to Angry

    Lauren – She has a nice voice but is a bit boring.

    Jacob – I don’t know I have never got him and his voice, all I can say is that I could listen to it without waiting to fast forward – so that is an improvement.

    James & Jacob – that was a bit of fun, but although Jacob has potentially the better voice he was out classed by James.

    Scotty & Lauren – Lauren sounded so good here. They need to adjust the sound mix because she sang right over Scotty, you could hardly hear him.

    Casey & Haley – Haley sounds so great, she out classes Casey when they sing together – but what really works for me is when they sing alternative lines – especially at the end.

    As for the cheer leader judges, for the last 3 weeks, I have just fast forwarded, so I will never know if anything sensible or relevant is said. It’s a shame because I used to enjoy listening to the judges to see if they agreed with me or I had missed something.


  17. I am baffled because that one comment above worked, but my subsequent attempts have not. I downgraded my browser in hopes that all the glitches will be fixed. *fingers crossed*

    I just wanted to say that Anita, Grammie Kari, dearest Mindy, Louise, and Barbara, I enjoyed all of your recaps very much, and my recap is finally underway. I am very excited. 😀 [I am keeping this comment short in hopes that that will help. We’ll see.]


  18. SurelyBSerious,

    You do make a good point about not having to listen to Simon’s caustic insults and sometimes biting comments this season. However, I am hardly the only one to be critical of the judges. I hope that you will respect my opinion as I try to respect everyone else’s here. That’s what a blog is for, so that we can all have our opinions.

    There has been some discussion about the judging in other blogs on this site. While it’s admirable that they have been nicer, I think it’s wrong to single out certain contestants for blatant pimping and others for criticism when they are giving great performances. It reeks of having an agenda and phoniness and to be honest, it gives me a sour stomach. I think it’s also a disservice to the contestants, who are working so hard to do their very best.

    I also think that there is a real risk of a backlash if they judges seem to be favoring one contestant too much. I was very upset that Randy once again felt the need to find something to criticize in Haley’s performance. Every week this happens. What about just giving this girl some credit for keeping it together when there was this unfortunate technical glitch in the beginning of her performance? It could easily have caused her to get so flustered that she could have messed up her performance. Instead, she stayed calm and poised and went on with her performance like a true pro.

    I am sorry if my comments have upset you. I try to keep it honest and real without being disrespectful of other people. I know some have not appreciated it when I have been critical of their favorite or tried to give some advice about improvement. This is one of the most civil blog sites online. I don’t know if you have been to any other sites, but it can be really shocking to see how intensely personal and ugly some of the comments are about the contestants. I am glad that we don’t do that here.


  19. Anita,

    I was so moved by Scotty’s performance last night! I thought he just went to a whole other place. It’s the first time that anyone has moved me to tears with a performance. I have listened to it again and again and still cannot find fault with it. It’s a rare moment when I can just hear a performance and it can overpower my sensitive ears that seem to pick up every tiny little thing. That’s why I still won’t say anything about the vocals. I will leave that to MCL. I don’t even want to go there.

    I am so proud of Scotty. I think he took the biggest risk of all last night. He sang a truly iconic song and managed to make it fresh and new and imbue it with meaning and truth. To sing a whole softly and restrained like that is not only difficult vocally, but it is taking the biggest of risks. As Jimmy said, you can end up being a overshadowed. I always felt that Scotty had something like this in him. It was so wonderful to see him come out and give a nuanced, simple and touching performance. I have to keep listening to it over and over!


  20. Oh, more typos in my last comment. I am not proofreading them again.

    I meant to say – to sing a whole SONG softly and restrained like Scotty did.

    As Jimmy said – you can end up being overshadowed, no “a” in the sentence.


  21. Hello everyone. It’s great to be able to read everyone’s comments. I was SO impressed by Scotty last night. About 1 1/2 lines into “You’ve Got a Friend”, I sat up & said “This is GOOD”. It was definitely out of his comfort zone, but he owned it. Beautiful!! He definitely reached inside himself & found a different level of emotional connection to the song & I truly felt it. He has such a gorgeous instrument. Amazing performance!

    Let me preface my comments about James with the “caveat” that I have become a diehard James fan. I’m not going to vote for him 400 times in one night (or was it 800?) like I did for Siobhan but I will vote at least 50 times. Did he overuse his “scream” toward the end of the song last night? Maybe he did. But the a capella entrance earned him the right to do anything he wanted (in my opinion). James is brilliant. Just plain brilliant. I love him.

    Haley was also wonderful last night. But I agree with Mindy. Could it have been any more overproduced? That was an enormous disservice to her. And then Jimmy Iovine tonight saying “Haley doesn’t know who she is”. What??? Haley knows exactly who she is. She sure has a better idea of who she is than Lauren.

    Which leaves the three who, in my opinion, were less wonderful last night. I did not like Casey’s performance & I actually like Casey a lot. But this performance did not serve him well, for all the reasons that everyone mentioned. The worst offense, in my opinion, was that he forgot to actually sing. Lauren played it safe. Again. Where exactly was it that her voice “cracked”?

    OK, I’m at my sister’s & we are going to Borders & it closes at 10. More later.


  22. OK, false alarm, no late night Borders trip for me.

    I am not a fan of Jacob in general. And I did not like last night’s performance. I appreciate MCL’s explanation of what caused the problems with Jacob’s pitch. Randy said “sharp” while to me he seemed underpitched. But it was also pointed out to me that what I hear from the TV is not necessarily what Randy was hearing. I just know something was not quite right.

    Unfortunately, now that I know the results, I am a little sad. I think the better performer of the two (Casey & Jacob) went home. I will miss him. But I will get to see him again on tour & that will be fun.


  23. I also want to echo Mindy (& other’s) comments regarding the “judging”. Although overall it certainly is more pleasant than last season’s judging, it is equally inconsistent. So it’s not believable or useful. Steven really likes just about everything by everyone. Jennifer loves everyone so even her criticisms are coated in sugar. And Randy is all over the place. He had absolutely NO business going on stage to give James a hug. It has been shown season after season that pimping by the judges does not help contestants (do the names Adam Lambert & Crystal Bowersox ring any bells? Helloooooo Randy).


  24. I also want to echo Mindy (& other’s) comments regarding the “judging”. Although overall it certainly is more pleasant than last season’s judging, it is equally inconsistent. So it’s not believable or useful. Steven really likes just about everything by everyone. Jennifer loves everyone so even her criticisms are coated in sugar. And Randy is all over the place. He had absolutely NO business going on stage to give James a hug. It has been shown season after season that pimping by the judges does not help contestants (do the names Adam Lambert & Crystal Bowersox ring any bells? Helloooooo Randy). Do us a favor, Randy – stay AWAY from James.


  25. Darlene,

    Thanks for your comments. I always look forward to reading your thoughts. I also appreciate you supporting what I said about the judges. I took a little heat for it, but I think it’s important to tell it like it is and hold the judges to a certain standard. It’s not enough to just stop the nastiness and insults. That was a good beginning, but on my wish list was more constructive and honest criticism. I do realize that the judges may, to a certain extent, be at the mercy of TPTB and their agenda this season. They may be given suggestions or actual talking points to include in their comments about the performances. I am glad that you also thought that Randy made a huge mistake in going up on the stage and embracing James and pointing to him like, hey America, THIS is your winner! If they really want to help James, then please calm down a little! This will not help him win. As you mentioned, Adam Lambert was the one who came to mind immediately for me. America has a funny way of making up their own mind who they want as the winner.

    The other disturbing aspect of what Randy did was how disrespectful it was to Casey and Haley, who were backstage waiting to sing their solos. Last week the judges decided that James had the best performance of the night with five contestants still waiting to sing. I am not sure that we will ever get rid of the pimping on this show and some of it surely is coming from the producers. However, I would like the judges to be consistent and not single out one person repeatedly for criticism while ingnoring flaws in other contestant’s performances. Haley hasn’t gotten much love, especially from Randy. Also, that arrangement nearly drowned her out!

    I am sorry to see Casey go, but I thought this was his weakest performance. He went back to what he did when he got voted off. I said this in the most recent blog on this site. America wanted to hear jazzy Casey, not growly, talky Casey. I am surprised that Jacob is still here. This guy has to have a decent sized fan base to make it to the top five. I expected Casey to get through this week, but there is simply very little room for error now. These young people are bringing the vocal goods every week and it’s important to remember that the vocals have to be there, not just the entertainment value.


  26. Darlene,

    I wanted to address James in a separate post. I understand your feeling that James is entitle to some artistic license. However, that high power falsetto singing can get old if it’s used too often. This was the one night when I thought he just had it going on! I loved what he did with one of my very favorite songs. He really does tell a story with his voice. The words when you actually listen to them have such an innocent longing and a hunger and need for real love. It’s what I wanted when I was a teenager and I sat around with my girlfriends and we sang our hearts out to this song. It is a timeless ode to the human condition, the wish to love and be loved in return. The whole song is really a question. Just beautiful.

    I have thought a good deal about how James decided to go for the big high notes at the end. Annie Barrett on EW.com said that he sang the word “tomorrow” so softly in the beginning and wished that he would have come full circle and done that at the end. That gave me food for thought. Now I am thinking that if he went back to the accappella again at the end it might have just been beyond brilliant. Or maybe just do the unexpected by bringing it back down and singing softly. Either way would have given a powerful dynamic to the performance.

    I thought back to Adam Lambert’s performance of “Mad World”. I remember at one point in the song he built to a very loud crescendo and stood up while he did it. But then, in a stroke of just pure genius he immediately brought it back down and finished the song as he started it, softly. I would have liked James to do something similar. I am not comparing him with Adam! Others have done that all over the blogosphere. I know that Adam was older, more experienced having done theater and stage work with lots of technical vocal training and experience. He had an uncanny sense of how to make a performance work as a whole. I do think that James will learn as he grows and matures as an artist. I can’t take away what was so great in this performance. This was easily his best vocal performance in the competition. I heard every note as pitch perfect, even the high notes. He got it right all the way.

    I respect your opinion. I always have. I just truly hope that James doesn’t make the mistake of overusing the big high notes. He is good enough to not have to do that. However, he is simply a marvelous artist and it is a pleasure watching him on his journey.


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