Paula And Simon Set To Judge X-Factor In The Fall


Well, it appears that everything old is new again.

According to this article from The Huffington Post, Paula is close to signing a deal with Simon Cowell’s X-Factor show, scheduled to air in the Fall of 2011.

The negotiations are still on the table, but something tells me that it’s going to happen.

Now, all they need to do is add the Dawg aka Randy Jackson to the judging panel, throw in a huge dash of Ryan Seacrest and woo musical director Rickey Minor away from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Well, that’s not going to happen but Paula’s involvement will probably materialize.

I am sitting on the fence here about the success of this collaboration. What about you? Do you think Simon and Paula can capture magic in the bottle the second time around?

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12 Responses to “Paula And Simon Set To Judge X-Factor In The Fall”

  1. I don’t miss the Paula/Simon relationship on Idol at all!!! As a matter of fact, I’m relieved that we no longer have to put up with their silly, immature flirtation. That’s something I really appreciate about Jennifer Lopez. She is somewhat of a mothering figure to the Idols. I’m always struck by how beautiful Jennifer is and really appreciate the fact that the focus is on the contestants and not on her cleavage like it used to be with Paula!!!


  2. I know what you mean Louise. Maybe Paula has changed. One never knows. Simon seems awfully comfortable with her.

    That being said, I love Jennifer Lopez. Classy, intelligent and beautiful- inside and out.


  3. I’m really impressed with Jennifer too. I was never particularly a fan before I saw her on Idol, but you’re right–she has shown a lot of class on this show.


  4. I have to admit that Paula flirting with Simon would get on my nerves at times. I remember saying, sitting in front of my TV, for the camera guy to get the camera off of those two. That set aside, I liked Paula so much, and thought she did a great job with the contestants. She was certainly better than Jennifer I believe. Paula gave the contestants advice that could help them grow. Also, Paula always was such a caring person, as is Jennifer. I’m very excited that Paula and Simon might be working together again!


  5. I’m sorry everyone. I think Jennifer is a wonderful person, but she has some growing to do as a judge. I don’t think Randy has been near as great a judge as he used to be either.


  6. One more thing. This season has been very frustrating to me!! All three of the judges have failed to truly help these contestants grow. I’ve felt so sorry for these contestants!! Being a great judge takes more than just being a sweet person!


  7. Anita-I hear your frustration. But, initially, I thought the judging panel was working but, as time went by, it all started to disintegrate. I don’t know if they have been forced to bow to the producers’ demands or if they have just grown complacent. It’s strange- it really is!


  8. It will be interesting to see Paula and Simon working together again, if it happens. I did think that their ridiculous and silly flirting was quite annoying and unprofessional on Idol. It was very disrespectful to the contestants, who are the real stars of the show.

    As far as the judging this season, I had high hopes in the beginning but have become increasingly frustrated with the bizarre judging, or lack thereof, this season. Jennifer tried to be constructive in the beginning, but seeing her still reading from notes at this point in the season is disappointing. I don’t know if they are her notes, written while viewing the dress rehearsal performances or whether they are producers notes given to her. She should be comfortable enough now to give her critiques without benefit of any notes.

    Steven Tyler is really a waste of space, I am sorry to say. At first, I thought he would be the one to provide some witty, spontaneous comments. However, all he does is repeat the same inane phrases that have no real meaning. Randy started out trying to keep it real and make an attempt to give some real criticism, but now he is either cheerleading or throwing out meaningless comments like – it didn’t make me jump up and down. As Michael Slezak said so well in one of his recent recaps in which he took the judges to task – when has Randy ever actually jumped up and down.

    The judges seemed to get the memo last week, because they made lame attempts at criticizing the contestants, but it didn’t seem honest or real. As Michael Slezak again pointed out correctly, America doesn’t like to be insulted by dishonest comments. They haven’t addressed pitch problems, breath control issues, ability to interpret the words of a song, elements of stage presence, etc.

    As far as I am concerned, they could lose the judges and just leave it up to us to make up our own minds.


  9. I may be in the minority in my point of view, but this show is supposed to be about the contestants, not the judge; but, here if they really want to improve, here is my opinion:

    Simon phoned in the last two years he was on the show and he left just in time.
    Paula’s schtick had lost its entertainment value long before she left.
    Kara always seemed to be envious of and competing with the young women on the show (lately her abusive childhood experiences have been publicized and that may explain that trait).
    Ellen was just not suited to giving good solid critiques.

    This year:
    Randy seems to have lost his interest in what he is doing on this show.
    Jennifer seems to care, but lacks the technique.
    Steve – Lose the notes and provide the critiques — he DID start out with promise.

    I have stopped listening to the judges, but I have a formula for the judges statements that is as old as the hills. Tell the contestants what they DID well (not just how they look), tell them how they can REALLY improve next time, then tell them what they did ESPECIALLY well. No name calling or snarky remarks needed — just constructive criticism.


  10. Julia,

    Great comments about what the judges SHOULD do!


  11. Paula had a way of not saying horrible things but clearly ranking singers’ efforts. If Simon is interested in the panel, it will be a good panel – he needs to respect and enjoy folks.

    The current idol judges are useless, unfortunately, JLo had a few moments, but she’s SO inconsistent in whether she gives the contestants anything to work on.


  12. On Motown week – Jennifer had a sharp, specific, and heart felt critique for every single constant. The questions is why isn’t she doing it any more (is her management, record label, etc. too afraid of turning people off?). The good news is that she was CAPABLE then, and she is CAPABLE now.

    More importantly – Steven & Jennifer are LISTENING TO PERFORMANCES, and responding honestly. I don’t prefer this current “nice-nice” judging approach, but I do believe the contestants are much more confident and at ease because of it (and when you sign up 15 year olds you have to be careful – they shatter easily). Adam could take a “what in the hell was that” from Simon and just laugh. I’m not sure most of the S9 or S10 contestants could.

    For my money – XFactor can keep both Simon and Paula. I don’t feel Paula’s warmth when she’s stumbling over the words on cue cards someone else wrote – it’s insulting to contestants and the audience. And while Simon may be humorous, he draws the attention away from the singers and creates an air of intimidation.

    To be honest – I was done with both of them when the camera lingered on them drawing mustaches on each other while Allison sang the stuffing out of Papa was a Rolling Stone. Then they put down their crayons and dished out lukewarm non-specific critiques. I guess if you want the show to be about the judges, I can see why you might choose Simon & Paula. But I tune in to see the contestants perform.


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