Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 8 Results Show: Music From The Movies

Who is getting the old heave-ho tonight? After last week, anything is possible so I won’t even wager an opinion at this point.

The strongest performances last night came from James and Stefano, but Lauren and Scotty demonstrated enormous improvement overall.

So, that leaves us with Hayley, Casey, Jacob and Paul. These four should be at risk, but, hey, you never know.

Come back to comment after the show or come online now and express your opinion. Look forward to the chit chat and insightful commentary.

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19 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 8 Results Show: Music From The Movies”

  1. Hm…so hard to pick who is at risk of leaving us tonight. I’m thinking of Paul, Jacob and Casey as the bottom three….even though last time I was off, I’ll attempt a prediction again.

    Paul – don’t know if the crowd/audience has quite latched on to him yet.

    Jacob- he’s good, but I’m not sure how long he will stay in this competition. Personally, I’m not a fan. There’s something that I just don’t like about him, but I can’t quite figure it out.

    Casey – Honestly, I was not a fan of him last night and I think he is at risk of going home. He was already eliminated once and then saved and I think this may impact him tonight. I’m not sure if the American public will take to the style he chose last night. Had he been doing that all along throughout the competition, then he would probably be okay, but since he strayed away from what he normally does, this may be have hurt him more than helped him. He kind of reminded me of Jason Castro from Season 7, however Jason always sang with his instrument (the name escapes me right now) so the public got use to it.

    But who knows. I was completely wrong last time I predicted, so chances are I will be wrong again! ha!


  2. Jessica Turner April 14, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    I know why I don’t like Jacob. His mouth goes into this weird clown-frowny face thing. It freaks me out.

    I think Casey is satisfied where he is. I think he knows full well he may go home, and is good with it. His performance was flawed with a few odd notes on the runs, but it was surprising and interesting and enjoyable for me.


  3. Another Scotty/Lauren duet? Do we need more proof who the Final 2 will be?


  4. Haley and Casey just killed it with their duet. The scat singing was remarkable.


  5. Well, finally, an elimination that makes sense. Although, I loved his Maggie Mae so much. Paul is a sweet guy and I wish him the very best.


  6. MCL, I’m glad that you commented on the Haley/Casey duet. I thought they were terrific too–I really loved them!!!


  7. missed the show tonight. But I’m happy with Paul going…well I was 1/3 on my predictions. Getting better each week! Haha!

    Jeanne, I agree, I’m not sure what it is either about Jacob that I do not like. It’s so true about the frown face!


  8. Wow… Haley and Casey stole the show tonight, and I wasn’t crazy about either of them last night.


  9. I’m pretty disappointed in the way things worked out for Pia last week. I stayed out of the week’s discussion because there really wasn’t anything useful to say about it. She was very good on Ellen today though. There is such a strong and positive spirit in that young woman. She is a just a joy to behold. Check it out on the net if you didn’t see it.

    It seemed certain that Haley would go this week after the judges began drawing the target on her back, and only her back, but Haley finally rose to the occasion tonight! I have to agree with MCL that her duet with Casey was very enjoyable. This was her first performance that I couldn’t find fault with. She makes a lot more sense as a jazz singer than an R&B performer to my eye as well as my ear. Her movements seemed much more in tune with the song than they have in past performances. For me it was the best performance of the night from either professionals or contestants. It certainly helped raise the cloud of funk for me. I’m glad she dodged the bullet for another week.

    I guess the odds finally caught up with Paul, and like so many before him, the swan song was his best performance. I was surprised that a niche / novelty artist like Paul made it as far as he did. Good on Idol for encouraging someone a little different.


  10. I think Haley and Casey were unbelievable tonight! Wow! That was something! They both seemed so relaxed and comfortable with each other and the jazzy music. I can’t get over how much better Casey’s voice sounded tonight. Haley’s movements seemed more natural and organic, nothing phony or fake about her at all. I thought her vocals were out of this world. I am impressed with both of them. Nice to see!

    I am glad that Haley didn’t get sent home after the judges singled her out for criticism. Now maybe she can get some support on performance night next week, when it counts and not only after the votes have been cast. The girl has pipes! I am also happy that Casey taking a risk and staying true to who he was, didn’t get him sent home.

    I had a thought after last night’s performances, but wanted to think on it before I posted it. MCL said that she thinks that TPTB want a Lauren/Scotty finale. There are many other online bloggers who agree with her. My issue when she first brought it up, is that there is no way that America would vote for two country singers. I thought that Scotty had the clear advantage having the “y” chromosome and being more likeable than Lauren.

    After hearing Lauren’s performance this week, I realized that for the last two weeks she hasn’t been singing country music. She sang pop/s&b soul with Aretha Franklin last week and pop with Miley Cyrus this week. I started to wonder if they are grooming her to be a pop princess, especially when Jimmy said that she could “steal” (ugh), Pia’s votes. It’s just a thought, but it keeps going around in my head. Could it be that they are now going to reshape her image and make her a pop singer and this will be the way they can have both her and Scotty in the finale? With two different genres of music, two different singing styles, I can see them pulling it off. One can argue that maybe they don’t even have to go to all that trouble, but it was just something I noticed and thought I would throw out there.

    From what MJ revealed on her blog, Paul’s voice is in really bad shape. I think this is all for the best. It was time for him to go and now he can rest his voice in preparation for the tour. I truly hope that he gets to see an ear, nose and throat specialist to get the best care and treatment. He has a place in the music world, his own special niche and should take good care of his precious vocal instrument.

    For Stefano, I think that I want this young man to do some yoga! He needs to relax and take it easy. If I could, I would whisper in his ear – yes, you are really that good, so go out there and have some fun and know that you’ve got it going on!


  11. Sorry, another silly typo! Of course, it’s R&B soul!


  12. I think the right person went home tonight, although I wish it had been Jacob – I really wanted to walk out of BOTW (I love that song) – because Paul needs to look after his voice and there is nothing new coming from him.

    I have been trying to put my finger on what I didn’t like about Jacob – apart from not singing in tune and murdering BOTW. The faces he pulls is one thing and the other is what MCL pointed out – it sounds like he sings in 2 voices which don’t blend.


  13. Oh and I loved Haley and Casey together


  14. Hot off the presses from MJ’s blog – next week’s theme will be (drum roll!) – songs from the 21st century!! Hurray!! Current songs. This is going to be really fun!


  15. Jessica Turner April 15, 2011 at 6:26 am

    I didn’t get to watch it live. Thanks to MJs Big Blog I get to watch chunks of it. Like most people here I don’t like the idea of a predetermined final. However, Scotty and Lauren are too cute together. They are like a modern Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. I enjoyed the song very much. It made me think of Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey and the jazz sensibility Morrison brings to rock/folk rock. I could almost here some of his work with a country twist, or with Casey doing it.

    Fashion Citrus Twist: WHAT was that awful yellow thing. It looks like a twisted version of a yellow terrycloth jumpsuit I wore in the 70s when I was 9. Poor Lauren. They dress her like a matron. I love the clothes from Chico’s, but I’m 40! She’s a pretty young thang. Those clothes do nothing for her. If What Not to Wear could do a guest segment on AI, I would thank God.

    I’m writing as I’m watching each segment, although it’s 3 am in Arizona. All I can say is WOW, Haley and Casey! More, more, more!!!!!!!!! Very talented duo. I really hope we can here more from this pair in the future, both on the show and on tour. I hope they also record together. It would be amazing if AI could release this one on iTunes. I’d buy it!

    Haley looked beautiful in the black lace with nude underdress. Casey is pulling his look together.

    The boys doing S&G. MJ thought it was a trainwreck. I thought the harmonies were organic and the performance authentic. Paul and James belong in bands for sure. Paul is in his milieu performing with others. I didn’t mind the mix of voices. For once, not studio-ized. The only voice I could pick out when all four were playing was Jacob’s since it’s so singular. And I like his voice so much better when he can’t OD on vibrato because he can’t overshadow the other voices. He needs to learn to restrain himself more often.

    At this point someone good has to go home every week. I’m not sure that Paul was every in his comfort zone without a backing band and posing as pop star. I think he has an older soul than that. It showed in his performance of Maggie Mae. He has a great attitude and you can see how it infused the group of kids. He is by far the senior one and you can tell they all look up to him. (Wittle Wauren looked like she had a wittle crush on Paul, methinks. Goodness knows I do. How old is he? Oh geez. 26? Hmmm. Older than Rob Pattinson. I’m safe. ) Repetitive, I know, but I was really impressed with his attitude. He oozes fun. He’s worked hard playing clubs and such, and “at least I’m enjoying the ride” is his attitude, courtesy of the Grateful Dead. Good job. I really want to see him in concert.


  16. I also enjoyed seeing Haley and Casey together this week and thought that the jazzy scat worked for them. Since the group numbers worked at last year’s concert, I am hoping for more duets and group numbers this year on the tour.

    For the rest of the season, it seems that Scotty, Lauren, and James have the biggest fan bases right now but they could easily stumble if they pick a weak piece. It does appear to be a popularity contest at this point.

    Stefano, Haley, Casey, and Jacob have all had their time at the bottom and will have to listen to their vocal coaches to work through the performance issues that are bothering the voters. The bottom four have to get rid of some bad habits they have developed but that isn’t going to be easy because the pressure will just increase.


  17. http://jazzjazzersjazzing.blogspot.com/2011/04/casey-abrams-new-american-idol.html
    jazz commentator on casey and haley
    (interesting, he points out ‘blue’ as a blues tune rather than country)


  18. MCL . . . I think you might agree with this article about the judges!



  19. Thanks for sharing that article about Casey and Haley, RandomSoul! Terrific!


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