Dancing Masterclass Discussion Thread For So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Show

So You Think You Can Dance

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Are there any “So You think You Can Dance” lovers out there? I hope so.  I am loving the show this season and I hope you are enjoying it as well. 

I accompany ballet dancers here in my community, so I know a  bit about proper dancing technique but, hopefully, this site can attract some legitimate dance teachers to lend their expertise. 

The show is airing as I write, so I will check back later.  Enjoy the show and please come back to comment! 


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13 Responses to “Dancing Masterclass Discussion Thread For So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Show”

  1. I don’t really know anything about dance, but boy, this show is fun! I’m loving Alex (for the sheer dancing ability) and Kent (for the joy of dancing) right now. 🙂


  2. I love this show!! I missed it last night because my students were graduating, but I watch it as much as I can! I’m a huge fan. I love seeing the amazing choreography – it great to watch what people can put together and how the dancers interpret each dance!


  3. I discovered this show last year (from the commercials I didn’t think I would like it) and ended up really liking it. I adored Jeanine! She was my favorite from the beginning. I still go back and watch her and Phillip’s dance to “Mad” by Ne-Yo. These young people are amazingly talented and so exciting to watch! I can’t believe how young some of them are (like Jeanine, only 18 when she won); they have talent and grace beyond their years. (I don’t have TV, so I have to watch the clips online.)


  4. I don’t think anyone will be surprised that I have watched every season – every episode since SYTYCD has started! It helps with my addiction to American Idol and the withdrawal symptoms. 😉

    Of the returning All-Stars, Pasha is my favorite. I think Dmitry (DWTS) and Meldoy (Season 1) are my all time favorites. This season started off so exciting, but the girls haven’t fared very well. Now, I don’t think Robert should have gone home; however, it looks like we are heading for an all male Finale.

    I agree REReader that Alex has so much skill, he just needs to loosen up a bit. Kent is cute, but we know his story and I hope to see him “grow-up” a bit. Billy is a great dancer too. I do like Lauren and Ashley but don’t think they have a chance to go too far. I think Melinda will be going home next week.

    The show is much diffrent than earlier seasons. Probably the most exciting dancers were Blake, Melody, and Benji. That’s my personal opinion. I am upset that they didn’t bring back any dancers from Season 1.


  5. I like the little hi-hop guy…names for some reason evade me!!! I must admit that I have not been watching very faithfully…but I do enjoy the show. There are a few on there that I like, names???

    I loved the trio that danced on results show this week, (again names, ughh!) They were very good, and he has scoliosis, right?


  6. I love the show. I think it is the best of all competitive reality tv show because it combines performers who have both amazing talent and training with great choreographers and knowledgeable judges. Together they sometimes create moments of real art. There is also much more emphasis on good performances than bad ones and on talent and skill rather than sob stories. This is an example of how a competitive reality show should be done.

    I don’t know enough about dancing to apperciate the finer points of the technique, I just enjoy good dancing. I don’t have favorites yet – they all are just so talented. At some point I’ll have favorites, but for now I just enjoy the show.


  7. I recognize that this is WAY off topic, but I have a question. You know the quote that’s on the back of David Archuleta’s book Chords of Strength? What page is it on in the text? I found it on my first reading but can’t seem to find it now. Am I crazy? Somebofy help – this is bugging me.

    Forgive me for this interruption of the current discussion. Thanks in advance for answering my question! Carry on.


  8. I became addicted to SYTYCD last year and was disappointed with the winneras it was not my favorite. It seems that the pure ballet dancers with extraordinary skills have a handicap with the looser dances. Alex took my breath away two weeks ago and is a brilliant dancer. Billy is joyous as well as hugely talented and Kent is also is amazing. I love to see this growth happening, it is great fun. I find myself laughing and smiling a lot because this is such a happy program. Too bad that other reality shows, mainly Idol, don’t seem to bring the joy out of contestants by giving actual positive critiques, talking about strengths and weaknesses. Nigel needs to “bottle” his magic potient and give it away to others. There would be so many more viewers and we would see the positive sides of the contestants instead of the fear and lack of cohesive judges. I agree with you Kitty, this is how it should be done. No frustration on the viewers part, we just get to sit back and enjoy the beauty of each week as it unfolds.


  9. MCL – I hope that you are doing well. PLEASE let us know how you are.


  10. Julia, I left a message for MCL. Everything is fine. She has family in town, along with her Grandchlidren. Just what the doctor ordered. Hugs will do wonders in healing!

    Now she knows we are worried about her! 🙂 We cannot delete.


  11. Sorry Kirsten, I don’t know the answer.

    Sandy, great comments. Which season didn’t you like? The one in the summer or the one in the fall?


  12. Grammie Kari – Since I posted that, I’ve re-read the book and did not find it. But then I thought that the quote might have been from an interview or something. It could have been from anywhere, and it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I still love the quote! It’s interesting how little things that annoy us often don’t really matter. Thanks for responding!


  13. Now Kirsten, you just cannot leave me there and not find out the answer! LOL!

    You know, I am happy I am shows to watch like SYTYCD, American Idol, and Dancing With the Stars. They are diversions and do bring some entertainment and joy.

    I do not enjoy Hip Hop music, but I have to admit that dance with Alex and Twitch was outstanding. I hope Alex can bring more to the show in the coming weeks. I do find Robert a bit interesting. It does look like a guy will win this.

    I am so missing Mary Murphy! Sure she was zany, but she was also entertaining and knowledgable.


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