Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Results Show: The Music Of Shania Twain

American Idol Season 9 Top 6

L ast evening’s show was just a little “ho-hum” to me.  I don’t know what else to say so I will leave all my comments for the Top 6  Vocal Masterclass article

However, I thought Shania Twain was wonderfully warm and supportive with the singers and imparted some excellent advice.

My favorite quote was from Simon.  After he gave a positive review of  Siobhan’s performance, he said: ” I thought you were giving birth up there” in reference to her wail at the end of the song.

And Ellen with her “Shania Twain” (Train) comments were really cute as well and relaxed the competitive atmosphere of this year’s very strange season.

Once again, I suspect that the guys will be on the grill tonight. Get ready for an another all-male Bottom 3!

As always, I hope to comment further this evening as the show unfolds and don’t forget to add your opinions as well. You can start now or come back later! The Top 6 Vocal Masterclass article will be online soon.

UPDATE #1: Ryan is forming three groups of two.

UPDATE #2: Siobhan,  Aaron and Michael are the sole occupants in each group so far.

UPDATE #3: Lee and Siobhan are in one group; Michael and Casey are in another group;  Crystal and Aaron are in another group. 

BOTTOM 3: Michael, Casey and Siobhan. Oh dear!

UPDATE#4: Michael is safe

ELIMINATED:   Siobhan. Wow, she would have knocked the !!!!! out of Sinatra next week. And the game continues.

She looked awfully composed for someone who was just eliminated. She really is an enigma and the show has lost so much edge and sparkle with her elimination this week.

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21 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 6 Results Show: The Music Of Shania Twain”

  1. Good Morning, MCL. “For the Record” : I think Siobhan took a calculated gamble by walking around so vigorously before topping off her song. I don’t think it completely paid off from a vocal perspective, but I think it did pay off as far as the actual performance. She only has 2 verses, and I think if she had an additional verse to “settle” before the finale she would have been incredible. I’m a little surprised by your feeling “ho-hum” about all the performances because I thought Aaron was really good especially in the middle of the song & I also think Casey had an excellent night. I will be very interested to read your comments which I suspect will be more focused on the vocal aspects of last night’s performances. Thanks!


  2. Darlene,

    You are my hero! I just listened to all the performances again, with my eyes closed to focus on the vocals. I was going to post this on the other blog, but when I came here and read your comments about Siobhan, I just had to post my thoughts.

    I said before Siobhan’s performance, that I was willing to sacrifice some of the technical brilliance for a show stopping, uptempo number that would let her have some fun and connect with the audience. I think that’s exactly what happened. I heard one bad note in her lower register on the word “kind” and then as she was moving around, I heard a few off notes in her higher range. I think the moving all over the place caused her to go off in a few places, but I am okay with that. To be honest, Siobhan has been technically great for the last few weeks, but that hasn’t helped her with the judges or with the general perception on the blogosphere. I thought this was the week when she had to change the dynamic. I felt it was crucial for her to give a crowd pleasing performance, even if it meant losing some of the pure technical aspect of her performance. That should be blasphemy, especially coming from the one with the pitch perfect ears, but sometimes there are other things that one needs to do to succeed in this competition.

    What is important is how the viewing audience perceives Siobhan’s performance. I know that there is still a lot of controversy in the blogosphere. I think some people just don’t like Siobhan and nothing she does will change that. Also there has been much made of the fact that Mandisa was voted off after singing this song. I don’t remember the season, but it was some years ago. Siobhan seems to be a polarizing contestant. For me, I liked what she did and felt this was a good way to go now.

    I also am with you regarding the other performances. I thought Casey was worlds better than he has been the last few weeks. He had more control of his vibrato and managed to stay on pitch for most of the song. He may have relative pitch, because sometimes I hear him going off but I think it’s just how I hear it. This was easily his best performance since Jealous Guy. He had that feeling and conviction in his voice that more than made up for any slight little technical glitches. Maybe he wasn’t singing as much from his throat this time. It’s always hard for me to be objective with Casey, since his genre of music and voice is not appealing to me. With my eyes closed, it’s easier to get that objectivity. I think he did really well.

    Aaron is another one who can start to slide off pitch and seems as though he is losing it, but then he pulls it together. That last line in the song was the best pure vocal I have heard from him. It’s the emotion in his voice that makes his performance work. Even if he has a few bum notes, that emotion trumps any slight technical issue. I think this was his best performance in weeks.

    My problem with Crystal was the song. I just did not like it at all. Her singing was actually good. I liked the higher notes she flirted with throughout the song. She has a gorgeous tone in her voice that is very distinctive. I still hear her as shouting in parts of the song. I discussed this with J on another blog. I did not like the backup singers. I think they detract from her pure vocals.

    I thought that both Casey and Mike were almost overpowered by the orchestra. With my eyes closed, I sometimes had problems hearing both of them. I loved the feeling in Mike’s voice. I heard him as soft in places. I don’t know if this is a technical issue. I am waiting anxiously to read MCL’s critique of the performances. But Mike really did sound like Luther Vandross for the first time. I still love this guy.

    Lee was the one who really did not sound that great to me. With my eyes closed, I heard him all over the place with pitch. When he didn’t use his husky voice and tried to sing with more clarity, he just lost the notes. He was good in some parts, but bad in other parts. It seemed very uneven to me. I am quite frustrated with his ongoing pitch issues. He just can’t seem to overcome them. I also do not like the lack of performance value from him. He could do so much more with his facial expression to communicate with the audience.


  3. Siobhan was just plain awful. I’m completely disappointed that this girl, with so much potential, always sounds so breathy and strained.

    I’m officially not a fan.


  4. I think the mix was off on Crystal’s performance. Whoever was working the board needed to tone done the back up singer’s track and bump Crystal’s mike. Crystal does need to work on enunciation, especially in a song like this. It’s sort of like “Rocky Raccoon” sung by Paul McCartney (off the White Album). If you don’t understand the lyrics, you just don’t get it. It was cute and I like her flirting with her vocal range, but someone was NQR (not quite right) and I think it was partly the mix.


  5. Jessica T.,

    I agree with you. In fact, I think I mentioned the backup singers in the previous blog discussion. I thought they were too loud and interfered with Crystal. This girl doesn’t need backup singers. Her enunciation has been a problem all along. MCL mentioned it in last week’s critique. Crystal loses the words and, in doing so, also loses the vocal quality. This show always seems to have some kind of sound issues every season.


  6. I am really in shock. I never expected Siobhan would be voted off tonight. Unbelievable! I also thought it was really cruel of Ryan to tell her to walk over to the chairs because for a moment she probably thought she was safe. I cannot believe how boring this season just became–it’s even worse than the season when Jordan and Blake were in the finale.

    IF I wanted to be believe in conspiracy theories, I could believe that Kara and Simon were nice to her last night because they knew it was her last night on the show.


  7. I agree, Louise. I am sadden more than you can know. Here’s an apparent answer to how someone who has never been in the Bottom Three can be voted off the show. I believe there was a close vote between Siobhan, Mike, and Casey. This fine print appears at the end of the show.

    The American Idol voting process is administered and carefully monitored by an independent vote management company. The producers, in consultation with this independent vote management company, reserve the right to remove so-called “power dialing votes” (either toll-free or text) that are identified as having been cast in such a significant block, either by technical enhancements or otherwise, that it could unfairly influence the outcome of the voting.



  8. I thought Siobhan was amazing singing her Swan Song, “Think.” I think she has more potential in her little finger than Big Mike. Mike is more polished and more of a showman which makes a difference, obviously. I feel terrible for her. I don’t think Simon is much of a touchy-feely person. He looked awkward hugging her. Ellen looked liked the only sincere one. I hope Randy is right. I hope she finds the right road after the tour. Love to see her and Adam rock together! I’m so sad she’s gone. Crystal looked so upset so anyone who thinks she was taking a stab at Siobhan yesterday, I don’t think that was fair. I don’t know what else to say now that our little girl is gone. I enjoyed her and Crystal so much!


  9. This is my first american idol, and Siobhan was the reason why i was sucked in. I really never had watched the show before.
    it is normal that we feel so sad when our favorites go home? i `m kind worry i`ve being watching to much tv cause i`m really mad and sad with this show for voting off siobhan.
    hehehe its ridiculous

    I hope she gets a good producer and pursuit something in the amy whinehouse/fiona apple vibe…but im ok if they just try to put her agaist kesha and kate perry for the pop alternative vibe


  10. Crystal looked so sad when Siobhan was eliminated. 😦 It must be hard being the last girl standing. The judges were really sweet to Siobhan, though. I’m glad Siobhan ended on a high note with her exit performance.

    I’m slightly surprised (mainly because Siobhan sung last) but only slightly. I’m not shocked at all, though. I watched Idol with a friend last night, and it was very enlightening to see what the perspective of an “ordinary” viewer was. For her, Siobhan was her least favorite, and none of her performances have ever done anything for her. Her favorite for last night was Lee, easily. (Very interesting, huh?) So, thinking about things is very fascinating!


  11. *thinking about these things

    (and by “these things,” I mean popular voting opinion…)


  12. I am surprised to see Siobhan go home. I so hate it whenever I get too attached to a contestant. Man… 😥 I thought I heard my heart breaking into pieces when Ryan finally said the bad news.

    I feel so ridiculous, but I am still crying my heart out because of this. I don’t think I could watch AI again this season…


  13. I wasn’t terribly surprised either, J, but then, I’ve always been largely indifferent to Siobhan and have sensed that there are more of me out there than there are devotees. I did expect her to last another couple of weeks, but someone yesterday made a credible argument for why fan bases were going to determine the outcome this week rather than performances, and it looks like he was right. Too many voting options out there for young girls and women.

    Nevertheless, I know her departure is very disappointing to her fans, and I feel for those of you who care so much for her.


  14. To all Siobhan Fans; My heart goes out to each of you, I know you were very devoted to her, she is a lucky young lady to have such loyal fans…Chin up; it is just the beginning for her! Patience brings a new day, and a new day brings a future!


  15. Here’s a link to the transcript of a conference call Siobhan had with the press from MJ’s blog: http://mjsbigblog.com/siobhan-magnus-speaks-to-the-press-for-whoever-wants-to-hear-me-scream.htm#more-24448. She comes across as a very kind and sweet young lady, and I hope to hear big things from her in the future.


  16. There’s a petition online because Facebook listed the wrong phone numbers to vote for Siobhan. Please see the below link if you are a Siobhan fan:



  17. Jeanne and Vonnie – Very well said! I was in a rush yesterday, and I made the horrible oversight of forgetting to leave my condolences. (I’ve just grown so emotionally detached from the show in the last couple of weeks, which is very unlike my usual self.) I remember, though, that whenever one of my favorites was eliminated in previous seasons, I was devastated, so my heart goes out to all of Siobhan’s fans who were really upset and taken back by her elimination. *hugs!* ❤ Everything happens for a reason, and

    Grazi – Don't worry. It's completely normal to feel sad when your favorite goes home. In past seasons, I ran the whole gamut of emotions upon the elimination of my favorite contestant(s)—throwing my pillow at my TV, ranting to anyone listen, complaining about the lack of appreciation for "real music" in modern American culture, etc. For me, anyway, it definitely had less to do with how much TV I was watching and much more to do with how deep my attachment to a particular contestant was.


  18. Oops. I didn’t finish my thought up there. I was saying: Everything happens for a reason, and I know that if Siobhan is meant to find success through her singing, she will. 😉

    [I hope she gets some good vocal training now! It would help her SO much…]


  19. I watch American Idol to see the contestants, too! This was the WORSE Results Show because:

    1. There was no Group Performance or Tribute to Shania Twain. I love seeing the finalists perform together!

    2. The mentor, Shania Twain, did not perform. The only other time I remember this happening was when Tony Bennett was sick.

    3. Too many Guest Performances. This is not why I watch Idol. Some of the performances weren’t even good.

    4. NO PAST IDOLS PERFORMING! We want to see our favorites return!

    5. Siobhan being eliminated was more of a shock than any of my favorites from other seasons. Seeing my husband so disappointed really got to me. Yes, I did cry.


  20. This is a terrific interview with Siobhan the day after she was eliminated–she seems like a really sweet person.


    It should make all of her fans feel better.


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