American Idol Season 9 To Premiere on Tuesday, January 12th 2010

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Happy New Year one and all!

I truly apologize for the lack of news and updates over the last month or so, but I had an enormously busy but exciting Christmas season.

The marriage of my youngest daughter, the fun-filled family visits, the presence of my beautiful grandchildren – all during the month of December – totally absorbed my days and nights. What a great time!

However, I am slowly enjoying a normal, more relaxed, schedule, one that will stabilize once American Idol begins on January 12th.  

What would we do without this show?  There is very little else to watch on TV – at least in my eyes.  I am ever so curious to see what will unfold now that Paula Abdul has left Ellen DeGeneres to fulfill her judgemental duties.

I love Ellen, but, will miss Paula. However, I  think Ellen, like Paula, has a warm, accommodating quality in her persona that will be cherished and embraced by the singers.

And thank heavens – the Top 24 semi-final format is a “go”!  It never should have left the building during Season 8.

And, by all accounts, it appears this is to be Simon Cowell’s last year, but I am sure he will be very successful selling his X-Factor show to the American public. This is still speculative, however.  We shall see what happens over the next few months!

For now, I welcome your comments and thank you for keeping this blogging site alive during my absence. Bravo and Brava to all of you!

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52 Responses to “American Idol Season 9 To Premiere on Tuesday, January 12th 2010”

  1. Happy New Year, Roseanne! What a wonderful way for 2009 to end for you!

    I cannot wait to see this new crop of contestants. Idol has a lot to prove in making this a better season than Season 8. I also hope they do not use the “Judges Save”! I felt so sorry for Anoop!


    I am also excited about Season 9, but we need to rememeber that Ellen will not be judging until the Hollywood rounds which begin February 9. I am quite apprehensive about that!

    AOL had an interview with Ellen and Simon, and Ellen said she would be honest with the contestants. She made it clear she will not be warm and fuzzy the way Paula is; nor will she be mean like Simon. My concern is that so much focus will be centered on HER and not the contestants. Four judges did not work well last season.

    Also, Randy says there will be more edgy acts like Adam and Allison. What I would love to see is 24 contestants who are truly talented – no comedy acts like last year!

    This week, I have been hearing so much about Elvis and appreciating the beautiful voice he had. There will never be anyone quite like him again. This is my personal opinion, I am happy I have been around to hear it all.

    Take care everyone and I look forward to some lively conversation from this *cool* group of people posting here!


  2. The one program I was so happy to view recently is GLEE. Silly plot line? At times, but I love their musical numbers! Now, we have to wait until April for new episodes. :frown:


  3. kariann 1,

    I did read a little while back that Nigel is back with AI and he says less Simon this year, so I hope that means less judges all together!


  4. Happy New Year to you as well KariAnn. Good to be back! More edgy acts? Hmmmm not too sure that I am crazy about this idea, but we shall see what Randy means soon enough.

    Vonnie – glad to hear that Nigel is back – the show clearly needs him.

    Will check back later gang!


  5. Hello lovely ladies!

    Always good to be back at the beginning of a new season! Now I have read that Ellen will leave when/if Simon does. Maybe this is just for one season and it will be Simon who would be replaced. Some have suggested Gene Simmons as a possible replacement?

    Vonnie, I haven’t read that news about Nigel! Please keep me posted if you hear more.

    MCL, is it possible to delete my second and third post? Thank you for the welcome back!


  6. All done, KariAnn. I wish this blogging format had an edit option for the readers. Maybe in the future!


  7. kariann 1,

    Okay after surfing the web, I finally found what I had read on Nigel…I think I may have jumped to conclusions by the headlines, sorry! I don’t think it meant he was coming back to AI, I shoulda read the entire article.. 😦

    this is from mjsbigblog:

    Simon Cowell will be watching his back – TV’s original Mr Nasty Nigel Lythgoe is back

    “He would always be one or two hours late. After four or five years of it, we knew it wasn’t going to happen, so we’d all tootle around, have a nice lunch, go out, or do something else until he turned up.”

    Nigel says they would also disagree over selecting contestants. “He wanted real characters he could pick on and I didn’t. I wanted the best talent that we could have.

    “I think some years you could put the crazies in there and have him pick on them and other years you just need pure talent.

    “The moment the public start to think, ‘Hold on a minute they’re just there for Simon to pick on’, you lose the integrity of the show. I believe in trying to keep the integrity.

    “We had disagreements, but even when we disagreed we would go out for a drink or dinner together to discuss it.”


  8. Another season already? The time has sure flown by fast. I’m interested to what Ellen will bring to the judging panel…I won’t miss Paula that much. I probably won’t watch a whole lot of the auditions aside from the premiere episode. I think I’ll tune in during Hollywood week. All in all, I’m excited to see what talent emerges this year!


  9. I just saw the announcement that Simon made this morning saying that this will be his last year on Idol.

    My first thought is that the show wouldn’t be same without Simon, however, I’ve been a fan of America’s Got Talent and the American version doesn’t have Simon as a judge. Depending who is replacement is, it could still be good. I’m not concerned.


  10. I agree Louise! Maybe Randy will give more relevant critiques and Kara will fill in with the supportive yet intelligent critiques?

    Now, Ellen said she would leave when Simon left, so does that mean she will leave at the end of the season? Maybe they will go back to three judges?

    Thanks for the info, Vonnie!

    It’s after midnight – so that means today is the day!!


  11. kariann 1…are you ready for kick-off??? It makes one almost giddy!!!


  12. Question for all…Will you follow Simon to X-Factor or will you stay loyal to AI OR will you watch both?

    Me…not sure; I’m not real sure that I even want to watch AI this year, but it’s like you can’t help yourself!!! I am very interested to watch X-Factor, mainly because there is no age limit on that show and I think even groups can audition, am I right? So depending on how AI goes this year I probably will watch both.

    However, I did read that Ellen has said that when Simon leaves she will too, did she not know he was leaving this year or does she just want to sit in on one season…I bet she stays even with him gone! It will be interesting to see who they get to replace Simon!

    Fox wins either way; if Idol fails after Simon leaves they will still have Simon and his new show!


  13. Hi All!

    I have just celebrated Elvis’s 75th birthday! I saw a wonderful tribute to him on AMC. They had a concert from 1970 in a documentary – Elvis, That’s the Way it is! Then they had my all time favorite movie – Jailhouse Rock! I was only six years old when it came out in 1956, so I was much too young to even know about Elvis, but when I got older I discovered the movie and was blown away by it. The actual performance of the song Jailhouse Rock is a classic! Priscilla Presley was a guest along with a long time friend of Elvis. They provided some nice commentary and insights in between the movies.

    Listening to Elvis again reminded me how unbelievably great his voice was and his ability to mesmerize his audience! Long live the King!

    Now, on to American Idol. I still haven’t made a final decision as to whether or not I will watch, but if I do I usually don’t tune in until the Hollywood round or the semifinals. I don’t watch the early auditions. I must admit that I am curious to see how Ellen does as a judge. I have heard that Simon will be leaving after this season. I guess it had to come some time. I don’t know if I will watch X-Factor.

    The one thing I would not want to miss is MCL’s critiques. If I don’t watch, then I really won’t be able to compare my impressions with her brilliant observations. It would be great to come back for some lively discussions about all the singers this season.


  14. Vonnie, I am excited about the beginning of Idol, but I KNOW I will not be voting this year. I have no desire to be a follower of X-Factor. I may tune in if someone sounds awesome. I am one who has taped all 8 seasons of the show and don’t need to add another showing to my schedule.

    I also view and tape So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, and the musical numbers of Glee. That’s enough for my entertainment enjoyment!

    It depends how the season goes; Ellen may still leave. They need a strong replacement for Simon, and Gene Simmons has been mentioned!

    Mindy, we saw ELVIS – THE TRIBUTE on a 96 foot screen. On stage were all members of his various vocal groups, back-up singers, Scotty and Bill. Elvis looked so gorgeous in the concert film. I did see oart of the tribute you mention, also the PBS specials. There will only be one Elvis!

    Ellen will be judging the Hollywood rounds, so you must see that! ;o) I have been following MCL’s reviews since Season 4 and she provides the best in town! This is a comfortable place to post our opinions, too!


  15. m.asterclasslady January 12, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Hi all: I am travelling during the Idol Premiere show, so please fill me in on any relevant contestants.

    Hopefully I can catch the replay on the West Coast tonight.

    Thanks everyone!


  16. And so the best truly was last: Leah Lorenti. Just incredible. Top 24 for sure and then Top 12.

    I also loved Bosa, Tyler and 16-year-old Katie ( I think that was her name)


  17. MCL, I also loved Katie and Leah. Bosa was good too, but I can’t remember who Tyler was. All in all, I thought there was some good talent and I am very interested in watching this season again.


  18. Yeah, Katie was the one who’s Grandmother has Alzheimer’s. I thought she was great. But I really enjoyed Leah & Tyler, too. Those are a few to watch out for in Hollywood.


  19. Just kind of keeping track, there were at least SIX that I can see in the TOP 24!

    Yes, Maddie, Leah, and Katie for girls; they were so sweet and could really sing! I think Justin has the potential for TOP 12. His background is one of bravery and survival. In addition, he is handsome, good personality, has anice body, a beautiful voice, and is from Utah. The Mormons are very supportive and will vote.

    This is a great start for the show!


  20. MCL – I agree! I love Leah’s voice. I keep rewatching her audition! Her voice is very connected, and she has a lovely jazzy vibe.


  21. Was it just my imagination or did they show alot more of the kids who made it to the Hollywood rounds last night verses last year?

    My son liked the boy in the black stocking cap…don’t know his name! My husband and son like to watch the audition rounds, they like to see the bad ones!

    MCL, I watched Adam on Fuse the other night, he made reference to his album cover, he called it “Campy”…I thought of you when he said that!!!


  22. Thanks for adding your comments everyone. Nice to be back in the Idol swing of things, isn’t it?

    Vonnie -nice to see that Adam likes the word “campy” as well. 🙂

    Also, it seems that FINALLY we are viewing the most promising singers for Season 9 – after 8 years of complaining by “yours truly” and the majority of Idol fans. This is what the show should focus on -the great singers and not the delusional ones.


  23. Yes, Vonnie there were many terrific auditions last night. I taped only the good ones, and today I played the tape while not in the room. WOW! Some of the voices are beautiful, especially when not seeing the contestant’s face. Again, Maddie, Leah, Katie, and Justin were standouts for me.

    MCL, I hope tonight’s show has the same presentation!


  24. Great show in Atlanta. Superb talent.

    I missed the last 20 minutes, so the rest of you will have to fill me in!


  25. I wasn’t impressed with anyone last night, I thought the police officer was pretty good. I didn’t like the “Bridge Jumper’s” voice, can’t remember her name, but I did love her genuine personality, so that said I hope she is given opportunity to adavnace in Hollywood, BUT, I hope her back story doesn’t put her in front of someone with more talent, who should be on the show.

    I’m still waiting on that voice that blows me away…A Change is Gonna Come, anyone???

    I think that the show has already found the American Idol for this year…Mr. Pants on the floor!!!


  26. Blahhhhh…Advance!


  27. Hi everyone,

    I only saw the Boston auditions, but I’m finally getting cable. I really liked Maddy, the guy who is cancer free, the guy with the black “watch cap”, and the girl that sang Hallelujah.

    I hope I can go back and see some of the Atlanta auditions. I thought they were going to have them oline, but I can’t find them.

    MCL – I’m really looking forward to your impressions this year. I wish you would review Glee sometime.


  28. Jessica – I haven’t watched Glee. I have been meaning to but never seem to find the time. Hopefully, I can catch some episodes now that my schedule is more relaxed.


  29. MCL – is your friend!


  30. Jessica, I also liked Maddy a lot. I hope they show more of the people who made it into the TOP 24 this week. I would say Jermaine has a chance to be TOP 5 this season. Now, they have picked the TOP 24 already, but it’s always fun to see their auditions! ;o) If interested, check out MJ’s blog.

    Enjoy tonight!


  31. Tonight’s Chicago show wasn’t that exciting and had too many commercials. Why do they do that?

    There were two contestants I really liked: Katelyn Epperly and John Park. I hope we will finally see a FOLK MUSIC theme. Shania did a nice job and I would like to have seen her more and less commercials.


  32. m.asterclasslady January 20, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    I didn’t see the majority of the show last evening. My Mom is very ill and I am spending as much time as possible with her. Thanks for your comments,everyone.


  33. Dear MCL,

    I’m so sorry to hear that your mother is very ill and I’m glad that you are spending as much time as possible with her. That is MUCH more important than this blog or AI. My thoughts and prayers are with your mother and you.


  34. Dear MCL,

    Please forgive me–I did not see your Twitter comment about the passing of your mother until after I sent the previous e-mail. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.


  35. Also, please forgive me for not knowing your Mom has passed on. For some reason, I just received your email about 15 minutes ago. I don’t really go on Twitter any more. I am so sorry for your loss Roseanne. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless you.


  36. I did not see one person who stood out to me during the auditions…hoping someone will stand out once they get to the top 24~~~and yes, I have decided to watch this year, I’m addicted to this wacky show. I stand in agreement with kariann 1 though, I won’t vote! I kind of am hoping that no one really does stand out, I would like to be able to be objective one year!


  37. I know where you’re coming from Vonnie! It seems the promos are heavily promoting Ellen’s debut as a judge. Fine, if they think that will bring new people to the show for now. What I want to see is a BETTER show than Season 8.

    Season 8 was not my favorite season because of the numerous decisions made by the producers. Changes that were not needed. I found Season 7, 5, and 4 to be better and more exciting! I must isolate Adam as being a fantastic contestant, but he wasn’t the whole season for me.

    Now, I am excited about the possibility of a better show, but concerned about the quality or uniqueness of the various contestants. Like yourself, I haven’t seen anyone who is a stand out. I like several contestants, but nothing that says, “Wow!”

    It seems Idol is putting too much emphasis on Ellen. Since one of my complaints last year was about the on-air time devoted to the judges, I am not excited about her actually being there. I hope she will do a good job, but realize she’s not going to replace Paula. I want to know more about the contestants and the type of music they see in their future. I want the contestants to be entertaining.

    Is this asking for too much?


  38. I’m with ya kariann 1…I wish the search would be for the top 12 best of the best, not some who are thrown into the mix for fun or whatever their reasons, maybe so Simon will have someone to pick on. Each year they seem to have one or two that can’t sing but has a great back story or is just plain annoying stay over one’s who are really good.

    I’m not looking much forward to Ellen either, and mainly for the same reassons as you, to much judge time on the air…I want contestant time!


  39. My reason’s has one to many s’s…!


  40. Yes, to the contestant’s time!

    Now, with rumors… are TPTB testing the waters to see the reaction we would have with the replacemnt of Randy Jackson for Season 10. I don’t know if there is ANY truth to this, but Idol may be surprised that many do not care if Randy is replaced. For me, he’s been the USELESS judge for many, many seasons. I tire of his silly slang words because people don’t really talk like that. I tire of his senseless praise for a bad performance. And I tire of his inability to deliver some sound and sincere advice to the contestants. Randy has this musical knowledge that he refuses to share!!

    OK, that’s another one of my rants! Whew! Randy can be easily replaced. The person I would like to see on Season 10 is:


    *posted elsewhere


  41. Kariann 1 and all…what did you all think of Ellen’s debut last night?

    I thought that the show kind of made it work, they didn’t have the judges table in our face the whole time, and I found Ellen to be very funny and yet quite on the mark for her comments! I was pleasantly surprised, I hope the rest of the season goes as well.


  42. Forgot to say who I liked last night…I liked the guy who sang Paula’s song “Straight Up”, Lilly and the Waitress!!!


  43. Vonnie, it seems we have our own little forum here! ;o)

    I want to be excited about the Judge’s table but I am feeling very neutral. Something tells me this is the “good behavior” change and what we will see as we head towards the TOP 12 may be different. I am wondering if Randy will be going back to his ‘Dawg House’ and calling the girls Dude? Ellen is doing fine so far; I hope she will continue. I think we need more time – but so far pretty good.

    I am getting more and more impressed with Andrew Gracias too. I replayed Lily’s song three times and the clarity of her voice and pronunciation is impeccable. IMO, these two are going to be TOP 12, as will be Michael (the new father). There are just so many girls I can see going all the way. Casey James reminds me of the good looking guys (Bucky) that get through but may not have the strongest voices. I can’t wait until the TOP 24 are announced.

    Where is everyone?


  44. I was wondering the same thing…where is everyone?

    Yeah, the Hollywood rounds aren’t the best, it always seems like the one’s that I like never make it to the top anyway, except for Taylor!!! I really liked Ben Honeycut from last night and he didn’t make it through.


  45. Vonnie, we ought to just meet for coffee and have our conversation in person! LOL! ;o)

    There was too much focus on certain groups and personalities. I thought it would have been interesting if we had seen a snippet of every single group. There are still a few of the suggested TOP 24 that I haven’t seen yet. It is not fair to those contestants as they have been unable to built a fan base.

    I really liked Ben and felt he wasn’t given a chance to really impress. I hope he will return next year. I also liked Maddie, the 16 year-old with brothers who have Down’s Syndrome. I hope she returns next year, too.

    Ellen is doing a pretty good job so far. Randy has not impressed me. Kara has had a few moments I didn’t like, but she’s OK. Simon has pulled back a bit and doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself.

    I am really looking forward to next week!

    Special hugs out to Roseanne! We miss you.


  46. I agree with you, Kariann–I really liked Maddie too and was sorry to see her leave.
    I also enjoyed what they’ve shown of Ellen so far. It will be interesting to see what she will do when the show is live. I’m a huge Ellen fan, so I hope it goes well.
    There are a number of good performers, but so far I don’t have a pre-season favorite. I hope it will be a good season.


  47. Good to hear from you, Louise! Is it okay to say I am mildly interested in Casey James? I would also like to hear more from John Park. There are more than six girls who are worthy of the TOP 12 spots. It will be interesting to see if any fall apart.

    Did anyone watch the “We Are the World 25” performance? I think Jennifer did an awesome job but was VERY disappointed in the song. The Rap ruined it for me. Plus, the delivery was sub par, IMO.


  48. Okay, top 24 has been decided and I have several that I really like so far! Can’t wait till Tuesday!


  49. Vonnie, I am pretty much pleased with this year’s selection with the exception of Haeley. I don’t think she has proven to be consistent and at times rather weak. But overall, they are better than last year’s group, IMO.

    Yes, it will be nice to get to basics – and sing!


  50. I so agree with you about Haeley..she is my least favorite, I thought there were some much stronger girls who should have gotten that spot.

    I’m really liking the girl with dreds (Bowersox I think) and Lily! I like several of the guys, so overall I’m really thinking this could be a great year!


  51. I agree with you Vonnie. I liked Lily. I voted for her. I also like the girl with dreds. They both seem unique and talented.


  52. Yes, Crystal (girl with dreads) has so much potential. And wait until she gets an Idol makeover. :o)


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