Michael Jackson Has Died At The Age Of 50.

Picture Courtesy Of CNN.COM

Picture Courtesy Of CNN.COM

When I woke up this morning,  I never thought I would be writing these words.  Life is a precious commodity, it seems, as another icon, Michael Jackson, was officially pronounced dead this evening.  He apparently collapsed at his residence in Los Angeles California and was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center.

Michael Jackson was preparing for his widely anticipated 50-city comeback tour, one that was sold-out in a matter of hours. Rumors are swirling throughout media sources that he was not physically prepared for this tour and, in the coming days, many questions will either be answered or left to conjecture.

However, he was a prodigious talent, the likes of which we have not seen since his arrival on the music scene. His music and his story is the stuff of legends and, yet, added to the mix, is his troubled life history. 

I loved Michael Jackson and,yet, felt sorry for him at the same time. His talent should have remained front and center and , yet, his problematic and complex disposition diminished some of the shine in his crown.

However, his music is phenomenal and will remain that way. Nothing can take away from the sheer brilliance of his artistry. He was a force of nature and he will be missed.

Rest in peace Michael!

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18 Responses to “Michael Jackson Has Died At The Age Of 50.”

  1. This is crazy. I was at the Graduation dinner for OHS when they announced it…all of us teachers were vrey stunned! Craziness, I tell ya! It just goes to show how short life really is!

    RIP…your work here is done.


  2. Michael Jackson was a muscial genius and talented entertainer. I was dancing to his (Jackson 5) music in my late teens and my children were watching him on MTV. Remember when rolling skating was the fad? MJ’s music was a favorite there and on the dance floor

    MTV is presenting a spedial at 6:00 PM tonight [EST]

    For all of Michael’s fans, there will be a candlelight vigil at the Motown Museum in Detroit on Sunday at 8:00 PM. Be prepared for a huge crowd.


  3. I am Michael Jackson’s age. I had a huge crush on him when I was little, and the Jackson 5 music still makes me happy in a way that most other music doesn’t. The fact that we were of an age, even at the tender age of 10, or whatever it was, seemed to have great importance to me, and lo these many years later, it still helps to identify things in some way for me.

    I was sorry to see, as an adult, that the musical genius continued, but that personal issues were apparently so complicated. I don’t pretend to know enough about him to make any accurate assessments. It just seemed to me that his life was a life of emotional pain, and I hope that he has finally foujd the peace that our life never seemed to provide.

    I hope and pray that the lives of his three children will make it through this time with as much ease as possible. It must be hard to be the child of a famous single parent when you lose that parent.

    I feel like there is something else I need to say, and yet I don’t know what it is. I cried for days when Princess Diana died, which surprised me a little. I cry some now, too, but mostly what I feel is a great sadness that is simply inexpressible. I guess my feelings about Michael are as complicated as his life.


  4. I remember hearing about Elvis’ unexpected death and having to pull my car into a gas station; I was so upset and cried. He was so young.

    The senseless violence of John Lennon’s death really shook me up. I was shocked and sadden. Many memories of my youth flashed before me. He was so young.

    I am not crying over Michael’s death, although there are many memories associated with his music. I do fear he destroyed his life with drugs, as did Elvis. His private life made me very uncomfortable. He was so young but in many ways, very old.

    I do celebarte the music of all three talented artists.

    Like you, Jeanne I am praying for his children. Their life will not be easy. I hope they will be surrounded with love.


  5. MCL, how would you describe Michael Jackson’s voice? Did the numerous surgeries on his nose affect his sound?


  6. MCL, you said it well. It is a sad day, indeed. I’m with you, Jeanne and Kariann in praying for his family.


  7. Kariann – it is almost difficult to describe Michael Jackson’s voice. It is so unique. However, he sings with a great deal of head voice and, at times, pure falsetto. His vocal and dancing skills were untrained and yet so very good! Phenomenal!

    Your question about the numerous nose surgeries is a good one. I was wondering if Michael did indeed compromised his vocal gifts because of his nasal and facial surgery. Add to this his age and you have to wonder if he had any voice left at all. A singer’s vocal tone is determined by one’s physique and, because the voice resonates in the facial area, then any surgical changes would affect the timbre.

    I remember Barbra Streisand saying that she was contemplating surgery on her nose when she was a young star, but a knowledgeable and wise and caring surgeon cautioned her against it. He said that her voice would change immensely as a result of the surgery. So, she decided against the procedure.

    Just another example and further proof that Michael was surrounded with greedy vultures who never had his best interests at heart. What a sad journey!


  8. Thank you, Roseanne. I can see where his voice would be affected. It seems he hasn’t been in concert for 10 years, so who knows the quality of voice he still had left? I can’t help but wonder if there would have been some lip synching to some of the numbers if Michael also danced. It was also mentioned that he planned to sing a song with his older son.

    Yes, there were greedy vultures and enablers in his life. Very sad, indeed.

    I am so happy Barbra made the right decision and graced the world with her beautiful voice.


  9. My reaction to all this has been quite complex. There’s the music, the man, and the media response to his death. All have hit me quite differently. I hardly know where to begin….. I applaud his genius, repudiate his behaviors and abhor where the media is taking this. Shades of Anna Nichole, I’m afraid – with a touch of Elvis and Howard Hughes thrown in for good measure. I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m frustrated. When exactly did our society embrace ‘Virtuosity’ in lieu of what’s really ‘real? In fact – ‘real’ hardly seems to exist any more. Truth has become what the media defines it to be (and that changes from network to network and day to day). Can one really say ‘anything’ without fear of repercussion?

    My prayers are with his children. What a hard row they’ll have to hoe these next few years. Everyone’s gonna treat them like a gold filled piñata.


  10. TFLS, there is certainly a lot of speculation concerning his death. How sad to die with no family members present. This was also true of Elvis. However, as you state the media often dictates what is fact and what is rumor. These are different times from the world Elvis lived and died. Between 24 hour cable news, the World Wide Web, MTV, and a slew of these ‘Access Hollywood’ type shows we will be saturated with so much ‘news’.

    There are so many unanswered questions regarding Michael’s death.


  11. I left some thoughts on another thread before I realized that MCL had kindly created this one.

    I can relate to all of the feelings already expressed by my fellow friends here. I am having a mix of emotions as I try to process Michael Jackson’s untimely death. Of course, it made me think almost immediately of Elvis. Their deaths are eerily similar. Elvis was found dead in his bathroom of a heart attack. Only later did the awful truth come out with that endless list of drugs in his system. I felt like I lost a piece of myself that day.

    I was shocked by John Lennon’s ghastly death. Nothing can ever prepare you for the assassination of such a talented and beloved musical figure. I cried for days. I thought back to the time when I was lucky enough to see the Beatles perform in Atlantic City in August 1964. I felt lucky to have seen them all together and devastated that now it would never happen again. It was so incredibly senseless.

    Now I am trying to deal with the emotional turmoil brought on by Michael Jackson’s death. I loved him from the moment he debuted on stage with his brothers. Now as I watch these videos, I find myself astounded at the sheer brilliance of his talent at such a young age. He was adorable, filled with joyous energy and youthful exuberance. He was, simply, a natural. That glorious voice coming from the body of a child! Unbelievable! I loved all of the early Jackson 5 music. I grew up listening to all of it. I know every song by heart. I think “Never Can Say Goodbye” still is one of my all time favorites. It is terribly poignant in light of his death. I am saying goodbye, but the truth is that I said goodbye to Michael Jackson a long time ago. I couldn’t bear to watch the bizarre life he led and all the strange twists and turns. He seemed so very out of touch with reality in the interviews I watched in later years.

    What I have treasured most is watching his performances and remembering the wonderful music. It has been a healing experience. I am coming to terms with him finally. I can’t speak to his personal life. There are rumors, but no real facts or proof. So I reserve judgement. I think he was trapped by the curse of fame. He seemed like such a lost soul. Maybe his happiest moments were when he was performing. I am staggered watching his performance of “Billie Jean” at the 25th anniversary of Motown and the videos of “Thriller”, “Beat It”, “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, and “The Man in the Mirror”. What a glorious legacy he has left us! This is what I choose to celebrate.

    TFLS –

    You already addressed the media frenzy. I am not looking forward to the insanity that will unfold in the coming weeks. I think we will see the worst of tabloid journalism. I can only hope that Michael Jackson can be laid to rest with some measure of dignity, grace and peace. He deserves at least that much. Whatever the cause of his death, nothing can change it. Maybe now he will find the peace that seemed to forever elude him in life.

    His songs take me back to different times in my life. I can mark the stages in my life as I listen to his music through the years. He is part of my history.

    After a few days of complete shock, the tears are starting to come. I am remembering the best of him now. It’s a good feeling. The terrible irony of it all is that the comeback that he never had in life, is happening in death. His albums were sold out on Amazon.com and all his songs are at the very top of the list on itunes. It is both terribly sad and strangely exhilarating, all at the same time.


  12. To say that I was shocked when I heard of his death was the understatement of the century. In fact, I am still shocked and almost seem in a state of denial over the whole thing. I was never really alive in the era where Michael Jackson was in his hayday, so I just never paid TOO much attention to his music before now. I knew he was a legend, and I respected him immensely. I just never really knew how AMAZING he was until now.

    Since his death this last week, I have been curious to listen to his music and watch his videos playing constantly on TV. I LOVE so many of his songs (Man in the Mirror, Rock With You, Thriller, The Way You Make Me Feel, Bad, You Are Not Alone, PYT, etc). I wish that I could’ve taken the time to really appreciate his genius when he was still alive. In some ways, he has seemed MORE alive to me this week than when he was actually alive. Watching his captivating videos and listening to his stellar music made me realize a comforting truth. People pass away in time (perhaps too short a time), but Legends like Michael NEVER die. Fifty years from now, new generations will be celebrating and appreciating the legacy of Michael Jackson.

    My thoughts and my prayers go out to all of Michael’s grieving family. Michael was someone who people just did not understand when he walked this earth. Many labeled him as strange, eccentric, and accused him of atrocities that I will not even mention. However, I firmly believe he is in a place now where his inner beauty outshines everything else. I believe that his body (which had been weakened, frail, and damaged by plastic surgeries) is restored anew. He looks now as he did in his golden age, and he will never be lonely or misunderstood again. Michael Jackson seemed to spend a lot of his life trying to reach Neverland. Perhaps, in some strange way, he is there right now. His search is over, and he can rest in peace.


  13. Michael Jackson seemed to spend a lot of his life trying to reach Neverland. Perhaps, in some strange way, he is there right now. His search is over, and he can rest in peace

    Galen – that was such a beautiful comment re Michael Jackson’s journey. Perfect! You should be a journalist or a writer as you have an eloquent way of speaking from the heart.


  14. Thank you very much for those kind words, MCL. Coming from you (who I sincerely consider to be an excellent writer), that certainly means a lot. God bless! And, I just wanted to let you know that I have continued to keep your mother in my prayers and I hope that your family is doing well.


  15. Judging from the clips shown on CNN the last day or so of the MJ rehearsal he looked and sounded to be in great shape. I can only hope AEG promotions will put out a of video of the hundred or so hours of video they have filmed of MJ’s rehearsing for the concert tour.


  16. Poor Michael. So talented. But he was also “strung out” on drugs and this enabled him to endure the demanding physical rehearsals for the tour.

    However, his prodigious talent was still very evident in this video and that is what breaks my heart. His whole life has been sacrificed at the expense of leeches and manipulators and I hope that they will be “flushed out” sooner than later. This whole MJ experience has truly upset me.


  17. I do admire all the musical accomplishments and contributions to popular music from Michael. However, his drug dependencies may well have led to failure on the tour.

    I do admire all the musical accomplishments and contributions to popular music from Michael. However, his drug dependencies may well have led to failure on the tour. There were so many people in his life that confronted him in an attempt to save his life. MJ would either fire them or isolate the person from his life.

    Dealing with failure is not something Michael handled very well. Although some may disagree with me, his legend becomes even greater now, and we don’t have to face disappointment. May he rest in peace.


  18. We went to the RRHoF this week and it was awesome as usual! They had a small memorial wall for Michael Jackson and a very nice tribute to Motown. They had that huge guitar tribute and there were Teddy Bear, flowers, gifts, and notes for him. Loved looking at the old photos and costumes. It was much better than what is seen on TV and videos.

    Everyone who loves music needs to make a trip to the Rock Hall (in Cleveland)!


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