American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Top 3 Results Show: Judges’ Choice and Singers’ Choice

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Well, in just a couple of hours or so, depending on your time zone, we will know the names of the two lucky singers who have secured a spot in the Top 2 showcase next week.

I am looking forward to this announcement, as well as viewing the wonderful reception all three received at their individual homecomings this past weekend.

American Idol Season 6 winner, Jordin Sparks is scheduled to perform as well as Katy Perry.

I hope to have my Masterclass article online early tomorrow. And make sure you follow my Twitter updates !

The Masterclass Doors are now open for business! Enjoy the show!

Oh – and don’t forget to download the Top 13 performances on I-Tunes. And, while you are there, catch a couple of songs from one of my three CDs.

Important Update: Top Two Are:  Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

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56 Responses to “American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Top 3 Results Show: Judges’ Choice and Singers’ Choice”

  1. From what I’ve seen on the internet today, it seems that tonight could be an interesting results show because it seems that viewers were fairly evenly split in who they favored. That is something that I never would have predicted a couple of weeks ago–I expected Adam to win in a landslide. Since I really like all three of the contestants, it will be sad to see any of them leave tonight.


  2. I know. Tonight could be a shocker. We shall see soon enough.


  3. Congratulations Adam and Kris. A great Top 2, but I will miss Danny’s presence very much. But – there is The Finale and he and the others will be there.


  4. I am sitting here with tears on my cheeks. I have hoped for an Adam/Kris final for weeks, but never expected it to happen. But that is not the reason for the tears. I love Danny, too, just as I loved Allison. I know that all four will have successful careers: there is always room for another rocker chick, no matter how marginalized true rock may be; Danny will have a successful career as a Christian pop singer, which I suspect is his true love and calling; Kris will be his generation’s James Taylor/Michael McDonald; and Adam can do whatever he wants to, as he seems to be headed to super-stardom. Nevertheless, even though I have ended up with the final two I never thought would actually be, I admire Danny’s journey and have loved his special vocal quality, and I am sorry to lose him, as I was Allison last week. But it is a competition, and there can be only one winner. I take consolation in the fact that they will all have record deals and will all be successful in their respective niches.

    Nevertheless, my heart goes out to Galen and all who were hoping for a Danny Gokey win.


  5. Congratulations to Kris and Adam–I strongly suspected after last night’s show that it would turn out this way. I am very sad to see Danny go, but his farewell song tonight was beautiful. I will definitely miss him and wish him a very successful career.

    Jeanne, your remarks above were very classy! Thank you.


  6. Danny was never a favorite of mine…but it’s sad to see him go…hope he has a successful career.

    Congrats to Kris and Adam!!!!


  7. I am thrilled that Adam and Kris are in the finale! I think we will be in for a real treat. I broke down and cried when my Mom called me from Florida to tell me that Adam made it!

    I want to wish Danny luck in his career. It is difficult to see people go. This is a very talented group of people. I think Danny deserves some happiness, so I hope for only good things to come his way. Although he wasn’t my favorite, I respect his talent.

    I want to send condolences to Galen and Louise and all of the other loyal Danny fans here. You were passionate and committed on behalf of your favorite. I appreciated your comments and even enjoyed “sparring” with you.

    I like to think that we are all united here by our common love of singing.


  8. Congratulations to Kris and Adam!!!! I think America got it right, but it was sad to see Danny go. He has been sadly the butt of many people’s jokes over the last few weeks. Dream on Danny and live life to the fullest.

    As for next week, I’m scared for Adam. He is very vulnerable with Danny leaving b/c now he gets all the frontrunner backlash to himself. This will lead to some “voting against” him for that dumb reason alone. He is so unique, gorgeous and sings like a dream. I will forever remember season 8 as Adam’s season no matter what happens. My fave idol ever.

    I just listened to the studio version of One and it is soooo pretty. The clarity in his voice is remarkable. There’s this wonderful dichotomy about Adam in that he can rock with the best of them, but when he sings a ballad it’s like a dream and so angelic. It’s that pretty head voice that just screams “art” at you.

    Kris is also very talented and deserving of a spot in the final 2. He is very relatable and the boy next door, which is appealing to many. Working against him is lack of star power and the fact that we have seen this before. Adam, on the other hand, is one of a kind which makes him soooo exciting.

    Can the polarizing, sexy, superstar, eyeliner-wearing, theatre kid win, or will America go with the familiar, cute, boy next door with the guitar? It’s going to be an exciting finale!

    Goooo Adam!!!


  9. I am so excited for Kris and Adam. I love both kinds of music that they sing/play. I’ve always been a folky fan and I’d love to see Kris stay true to that by writing his own stuff, covering folky classics, and adapting other non-genre songs (like Kanye West’s).

    Adam I’d like to do something besides pure hard rock. I’d like him to do something a bit more alternative like REM, U2, or even a little punky. I’d think he’d do great with story oriented rock albums like Pink Floyd’s the wall. Does he play an instrument?


  10. Color me stunned. I was expecting Adam to be the one going home. It’s heartening to hear he’s in the top two – but I am surprised. Interesting that Ryan said there was less than a million votes separating the top two (which I’m guessing were Adam and Danny). That means it all came down to the casual voters. This really could have gone the other way. And who know how it will play out next week? I hope Kris sings more songs like ‘Heartless’ and ‘Sunshine’. And I’m really looking forward to the return of Glambert (meaning Adam kicking out all the stops). No matter how you slice it – it’s gonna be great!

    BTW – Loved Katy Parry’s little Elvis shout out to Adam. She’s cute as a bug – and I loved the song!


  11. Galen, I am sorry about Danny for you. He will do well.

    There were only million of votes beween the two (which ones, I don’t know). 64 million voted. Woot, almost 30 million more than last week!

    I don’t know but it seemed to me that Kris’ crowd in his hometown was almost like Obama’s crowd in Washingto during his campaign. H-U-G-E crowd! Danny’s crowd was BIG HOWever I don’t remember if it was as huge or not. But with Kris’ crowd, my eyes almost fell out, dudes. A sea of faces.

    I am also surprised how young the fans were at all 3 parades. Anyone notice this? It was almost like when the Beatles came and how the girls screamed!! ACK!

    Next weeek is over.


  12. Color me duh! Of course, next week is over.


  13. SS, there were only 1 million (out of 60+ million) votes between Adam and Kris! THAT’S a shocker!


  14. Wow, following this show is emotionally draining! (I’m new to watching AI this year). I really enjoyed seeing all their home visits, even though I didn’t expect to. It’s wonderful for each of them that they’ve made it this far.:)

    I thought I would mention that I just bought Adam’s studio version of One. And it’s simply stunning. I had a completely different reaction to this than the live performance.

    His voice sounds pure and clear, and the arrangement now makes total sense. For one thing, it’s much, much longer. For another, Adam’s voice is, I believe, mainly in that “sweet spot” that is talked about on here. For me, this version showcases Adam’s voice in a chill-inducing way. I have to admit, it actually made me tear up a little listening for the first time: it’s definitely invested with a lot of meaning. Now I have it on repeat. I’m mainly a lurker, but I think that most of you on here, who appreciate music so much, would just love this. YMMV, of course.:)

    I can’t wait to read the masterclass critique on last night’s performances.:)


  15. You watch. Kris had the largest number of people in his hometown crowd. He has a huge fan base. Simon is worried, look at his face. Kris is going to win. Danny’s people don’t go for Adams method of entertainment. The swing vote will land on Kris and he will be the winner, big winner.You will see. He has a huge fan base.


  16. Sandy, I guess we know what carried Kris thru some of those weeks where he was not so strong. He has huge hometown support. Imagine all those people power voting. Ah the power of southern towns.

    I also agree that Adam is vulnerable. He will get all the frontrunner backlash now that Danny is gone. He kind of needed Danny to buffer him.

    But maybe there will be justice and Adam will win. I think he is the best that this show has ever seen. At the end of the day all of these kids go home, including the winner. What matters is the talent that they take with them, and there is no doubt in my mind that Adam has the potential to be the most successful idol out of this bunch and will be right up there will Carrie, Kelly and Chris D. Adam could be an entire brand!!!

    Kris is talented, but he just seems so ordinary to me. We’ve seen this before– cute guy next door with an acoustic guitar doing funky versions of songs. Adam is just on an entirely different level — so unique that I almost don’t believe it.

    I guess we just have to wait and see what America does. I won’t stop believing in Adam.


  17. Yay! I am SO proud of Kris! Congratulations to all the top three for making it this far. ❤


  18. Kris’ and Adam’s hug was adorable! And Adam’s reaction speaks volumes of his humility. As someone who’s been named the frontrunner from the very beginning, Adam was still genuinely surprised and happy! And it goes without saying how endearing Kris’ response was both this week and last week. You can tell how genuinely shocked he is to have made it this far. I’m glad they didn’t draw out his misery and called him first both weeks. 😉


  19. I thought I heard Ryan say that there was only a million votes separating “the top two”. So that means Adam and Kris. With over 88 million votes cast, that makes it a tight race. It should be exciting.

    I am not worried at all about Adam. I think he is definitely going to bring his “A” game next week. I downloaded his two studio performances and they are glorious! “One” sounds unbelievable and you can hear the melody without the time constraints of the show. He managed to go from his lower register right up to his falsetto at about 2:31 of the song. His voice continues to astound me.

    Keep in mind that if they were both only one million votes apart, then Adam has a huge fanbase of his own. He needed it in order to make it through over Danny. I refuse to think negative thoughts and worry right now. I just want to enjoy the fact that Adam has made it to the finale!

    As far as frontrunner backlash, well we will see. It’s true that America loves an underdog, but I still believe that America also loves someone with a truly great voice, a one in a million voice. Also, Kris set the bar pretty high for himself with “Heartless” and will have to live up to that in the finale. So there is pressure on both of them.

    I really want Adam to have a “moment”. I don’t know if they will reprise a song they have already done or sing something new. But I want at least one song that is stripped down, bare bones, almost acappella if not all acappella and that beautiful falsetto soaring over those high notes. Yes, that should do it!

    I wonder if Adam will have the opportunity to sing a Queen song. I didn’t want that unless he reached the finale. I would give anything to hear him sing “Somebody to Love”, probably my all time favorite Queen song. He would do the late, great Freddie Mercury proud.


  20. Oh my gosh, I just noticed this, and it was way too precious!

    Did anyone else notice how right after Adam said, “I want to see Katy Perry!” Kris and Allen both leaned back, laughed, and clapped identically? That has to be one of the cutest moments ever! Awww, roommate camaraderie!


  21. *Kris and Adam

    Funny typo. =P


  22. After Kris did so well with Heartless on Tuesday evening, I felt that he was a real threat to Danny because the song was so current and so was the judges’ song that he did. That. plus the fact that I’ve read about so much hatred on the web for Danny, convinced me that Danny was probably the one who would go home. I held out hope, because I loved Danny’s version of You Are So Beautiful, but wasn’t greatly shocked when he didn’t make it.

    As for who I will vote for next week, I’m honestly not sure. There is an appeal to vote for Kris, because as I have said before I’m not a fan of the kind of songs that Adam sings although I think he’s undeniably very talented. However, there is also a part of me–I’m definitely a blue states person–who would love to think that America has become accepting enough of diversity that Adam will be the next Idol. That would be almost as good as Obama winning the presidency!!!


  23. Mindy Wrote:

    I really want Adam to have a “moment”. I don’t know if they will reprise a song they have already done or sing something new. But I want at least one song that is stripped down, bare bones, almost acappella if not all acappella and that beautiful falsetto soaring over those high notes. Yes, that should do it!

    I sooooo…agree. I want another Mad World, and I agree also that it is time for Adam to sing one of Freddie’s songs, and he could do with “Somebody to Love” what he did with “Track of My Tears” and “Mad World.” I just want Adam sitting on a chair, with that single light shining down on his head, and him just singing. AAHHH!

    Louise Wrote:

    There is an appeal to vote for Kris, because as I have said before I’m not a fan of the kind of songs that Adam sings although I think he’s undeniably very talented.

    Louise, I understand your question of who to vote for. I for one would never tell anyone who to vote for. The only thing I will say; they are both very talented and I am so happy that it worked out to be Adam/Kris. I know either way Adam will be a huge star win or lose. But oh! how sweet it would be for him to win! I think at this point it needs to come to talent over personality. I know I’ve said that it is more to me sometimes about personality, but in this case they both have lovely personalities. I’m sure that is why they’ve become such good friends. You have to look at the voice, and if Kris’ appeals more to you, then you know which way you should vote, if it’s Adams, then vote that way. Either way vote for the voice that no matter what they are singing touches your heart. Enough rambling!


  24. I am thrilled with the results, even though it will mean a much closer vote next week and Adam may lose for the reasons others have said.

    I like Chris and think he will have a successful career, but he will not be a huge star. Adam will. I hope as said above that the America that could vote for Obama will vote for Adam.


  25. CS-I know what you mean about this show being emotionally draining. My stomach was in knots before the show, but afterwards I was so happy about Adam and Kris being the final 2! I also thought that Danny sang his song so well, they always seem to sing all-out when the pressure’s off.

    I read on one of Adam’s fansites that Adam had all but his left thumb polished, and Kris had just his left thumb polished as kind of a “brotherhood pact.” I guess Kris thought that his Arkansas family and fans would be able to handle one fingernail polished, but probably not 9. It just goes to show what good friends they’ve become. I have no doubt that they both have amazing careers ahead of them. I will vote for Adam, but I won’t be disappointed if Kris wins.

    I think that last year (and please correct me if I’m wrong!) during the finale they sang songs that they picked themselves and possibly a producers pick. Didn’t David Archuletta sing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” a song picked by Clive? And wasn’t David Cook’s song, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” a producer’s pick? The songs they pick for themselves are new and not ones they’ve done before.

    I remember that DC was kind of criticized for song choice during the finale, but he won anyway. This is a close race, and both of them will have to choose their personal songs very carefully. They’ll have to come out with guns blazing and really nail each/every song they do. Let the games begin!

    Sorry this is so long!


  26. One Studio Version All I can say is WOW! If I had an iPod, I would download it. It is absolutely entrancing. The key and arrangement is right in his wheelhouse. I adore the repetition of the word “one” at the end and the “runs” in them, each “one” changes mood. Are those called “runs”, by the way? U2, thank you for letting Adam do this amazing son which is such a signature for you. It was a risk for you to let it go. But I think that Adam did more than justice to it. He didn’t take it away from you, but just enhanced it’s longevity as a classic. Sort of like a Carol King song … like You’ve Got a Friend.

    After listening to this, I really hope he fronts a rock/alternative-y like band.

    MCL Please review the studio version as it is so different.


  27. Masterclass Did Simon give a shout out to MCL?


  28. All I can say is WOW. Kris has gotten farther than I thought he would and I am SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY for him. I am sad for Danny though. Like I’ve said in other posts here, I’ve been sad for everyone to leave this season since Top Eight. This is one talented season!

    Galen – Do you think this counts as a shocker? I would say yes and no. It was somewhat unexpected, but with three amazing people left this year, one had to go and it was Danny, so in that way it’s not a shocker. If Adam had left before the finale, THAT would have DEFINITELY been a shocker. If that had happened, we would have had to add “Lambert shocker” to “Daughtrey shocker” to consider in all future shocker discussions. Anyway, what does everyone think? Was Danny’s elimination a shocker or not?

    This question is NOT meant to diminish Danny in ANY way, but as a discussion point. Danny is pretty amazing!


  29. I was very happy with the result. I really like Kris A LOT. I was hoping he would make it through but not expecting it, and he did. I’ll say it again: Wow!


  30. I’ve since learned that David Archuletta reprised the song “Imagine” for the final, which he’d sung during one of the Beatles weeks. I really hope that Adam and Kris choose songs that they haven’t done before. I know their pace in this competition is grueling, but it would be more fun (ymmv) to hear new songs.


  31. Did Simon give a shout out to MCL?

    haha Well, maybe he did! Who knows? I never heard him say “vocal masterclass” before – just “masterclass” or “masterclass performance” (which I had used in advance, anyway!


  32. Kirsten,

    I don’t think America was a shocked…but the judges…they were shocked! Their perfect finale fell apart right before their eyes.

    To all of the Danny fans, just know that this is only the beginning for Danny. He has a very bright future ahead of him! He is so talented!


  33. One more question: Do Kris and Adam get to sing two or three songs each next week? In past seasons, contestants had already experienced doing three songs in the weeks leading up to the finale. Kris and Adam have not had that. This season is just so different, I didn’t how many songs they would get. Anybody know?

    I’ll just say it would be quite strange if they didn’t do three songs on Finale Night. Kris and Adam have done less songs on Idol than contestants from previous seasons as it is.

    I hope they bring back Top 24 for next season. That way, we get to hear more from the contestants and more contestants get to have a longer Idol experience.


  34. Vonnie –

    I think you gave Louise some great advice! That’s exactly how I feel when I pick my favorite singer. I go with the one that moves me, that speaks to my soul, that can make me feel more alive. That’s what it’s all about.

    You were so right to tell her to just follow her heart. I always respect everyone’s right to decide for themselves who deserves their support. It’s such a personal thing.

    I also just wanted to say that finally I watched the results show last last night. My Mom had already called me from back east to give me the good news about Adam before I went online. But I still wanted to see how it played out. I was blown away by Danny’s farewell performance of You Are So Beautiful. It was even better and more powerful than on performance night. I know that he was singing it for his late wife. She would be very proud. I have spoken here about how much I revere Joe Cocker. I think he would have been honored and proud if he heard Danny’s rendition. I thought that performance was worthy of being in the same league as Joe Cocker, and that is not something I will say easily or lightly. I was extremely moved and quite emotional listening to it.

    I can’t think of a better way to go home. Well done!

    Vonnie – I hope we get our wish in the finale!

    MCL – many thanks once again for your brilliant, thorough, and exquisite critiques. I learn more every week!


  35. Mindy said, “I was blown away by Danny’s farewell performance of You Are So Beautiful. It was even better and more powerful than on performance night. I know that he was singing it for his late wife. She would be very proud. I have spoken here about how much I revere Joe Cocker. I think he would have been honored and proud if he heard Danny’s rendition. I thought that performance was worthy of being in the same league as Joe Cocker, and that is not something I will say easily or lightly. I was extremely moved and quite emotional listening to it.”

    Mindy, I know you’ve spoken very highly of Joe Cocker so your remarks above are quite a compliment to Danny. I felt the same way about his performance last night–there was so much emotion in it and I had the sense that he felt he could finally let it out. Listening to his interviews after the show last were were quite moving too. I was proud of him last night and glad that I supported him by voting for him.


  36. Mindy…Thank you!


  37. Louise,

    When I responded to you earlier in my post on your dilemma of who to vote for. I must apologize; I didn’t mean to come off as sounding insensitive! When I said that I was glad for an Adam/Kris finale; I would have been equally glad for an Adam/Danny finale. I would have even been happy with a Danny/Kris finale, because I think Adam has left his footprint on alot of hearts! I think he has made his voice heard, and he would have been content with that. I know that I am glad that he took the chance, as well as I know that you are glad Danny took that chance too!


  38. Louise –

    Thank you for your kind words. I think you know that it came right from my heart. I never doubted Danny’s talent at all. I was so glad to see him have that kind of an emotional release as he exited the show. I always say that it’s great to go out on a high note and he certainly did.

    I also heard Danny on American Idol Extra after the results show. I was still emotional from his farewell performance and I started to break down again as he said that now he could finally talk about his wife without any fear of retribution. How unfortunate that people have to read things into someone they don’t even know. You come to this show with your own backstory. You can’t change it. I am sure Danny wishes that he came to Idol under very different circumstances.

    I found myself wondering after some of Danny’s performances, if he was thinking about his late wife. I think he answered that on the post results show. My intuition was correct. I defended him vigorously on some sites where he was being unfairly attacked for supposedly using his late wife’s death for sympathy. People have no idea how much words can hurt. I cannot imagine having to go through what he did. I often asked myself if I could hold up as well, given the pressure of the show and grieving over the loss of a loved one.

    One thing I can say for sure – Danny loved his wife with all his heart. If she is looking down from heaven, I know she is filled with pride and love.

    I just felt the need to come on here and pay tribute to Danny. He is a decent human being who will have a great musical career.


  39. Mindy,

    Thank you SO much for your very moving tribute to Danny. It made me cry.


  40. Vonnie said, “When I responded to you earlier in my post on your dilemma of who to vote for. I must apologize; I didn’t mean to come off as sounding insensitive!” Please, no need to apologize. You told me to vote for the person whose voice touches my heart. I thought that was excellent advice!!!


  41. I’m attaching the link to an interesting article about people who disliked Danny for no real reason:


  42. Louise,

    I read the article about Danny, and I wonder…do you think that it is possible that all of this hate comes from the judges and not so much the contestant? My reason for saying that is; the judges are always declaring who they think the winner will be, and pitting the contetants against each other. I really don’t like when one of the kids sing and they compare them to either someone who is currently on the show or someone who was on in the past. It is not fair to the person who just sang and it is not fair to the person that they are making the comparison of. The same with saying “you will be in the finals” that is not fair to put that pressure on that person and it is not fair to the other contestants. It makes the fans crazy when they do that and then people start saying things that are not nice about people they don’t even know. Reporters don’t help matters either.

    I think that there should be a clause in the judges contracts that has them zip-lipped on speaking publicly on who they think will win or who will be in the finale. I don’t like how they each go to the talk shows and say who they think is going to win. Okay! enough ranting, Sorry!

    I just feel bad for these kids to have to go through all of the negative stuff that they have to.


  43. Vonnie,
    I do think that the judges comments play a part in pitting one contestant against the other–at least as far as the viewers go. I’ve said this before, but nothing would make me happier than to see the judges offer their critiques but not try to manipulate the viewing audience. Although even though the judges said nice things about Danny, they also said nice things about Adam and I just haven’t seen the level of hatred for Adam that I saw on the web for Danny. I just can’t explain it.


  44. louise – Let me quote Michael Slezak for some insight. Slezak said that he “found it maddening that [Danny] almost never sounded equal to the wild praise he got from the judges.” (link) I feel that there is a sense among Idol fans (whether you agree or disagree) that the judges praised Danny disproportionately to his performances. Fans, however, will often easily concede that Adam, even he isn’t their cup of tea, is arguably the most talented contestant on the show. So, Adam’s praise never felt “undeserved” or excessive, but many people felt that Danny’s praise was. Also, many fans felt that the judges had a way of sparing Danny criticism while criticizing the other contestants. Last week is a great example. Many people felt that the judges basically threw Kris under the bus while giving Danny an “A plus” and “A plus plus” for effort.

    Note: I have nothing against Danny; I am just the messenger, lol. I am just distilling comments from various sources into a paragraph.

    I really like the MTV article you posted, louise. I particularly like this paragraph:

    Perhaps Danny Gokey is proof that we hate without reason. That we are given to jealousy. That we dislike those who are naturally gifted (and dare to acknowledge that fact). That we are all, on some level, elitists, and within us all lies a superiority complex, a bias against those in the so-called “red states” who somehow find Gokey’s story, struggle, faith — and even his voice — inspiring and uplifting.

    In my experience, people do tend to hate without reason… especially who are naturally gifted and/or actually talented. I remember watching a VH1 special where Christina Aguilera talked about some of the opposition she faced from other kids’ parents who didn’t want her to enter the talent show every year because they knew she would win! I mean, who persecutes a young girl like that? I have a massive respect for singers who put themselves out there to be scrutinized by the public because it takes courage, so much courage. Way more courage than people sitting behind computer screens all day long writing mean comments on YouTube could possible understand or muster up themselves.


  45. *even IF he isn’t…

    And I meant to say that the people on the receiving end of the hate are those who are naturally gifted and/or genuinely talented. I think my intended meaning can be inferred from the context, but the syntax is just awful, so I wanted to clarify. 😉


  46. Louise,

    Today I’ve seen alot of things about Adam…is he gay, or not. TMZ has some pictures of him pretty “Glammed” up. Ryan had Perez Hilton on his talk show and they were questioning…gay or not. I think in the long run it is going to play a huge part in whether he wins or not. It’s a shame! everyone has a story to tell, Danny had the saddness of losing his wife, Adam has the issue of his preferences! Why should this be of any importance to the fact that this is supposed to be a singing contest. I never completely understood why, Danny losing his wife upset or offended so many people. I know that people thought he was using it to further his agenda with the show, but I see it as him saying in the face of tragedy, I will make something good come out of something that happened to me that was so bad! He could have curled up in a ball and hid from the world, but he didn’t and God Bless him for having the courage to come on this show! As well as Adam, I’m glad that he didn’t hide from the world too, that in the face of diversity! He sang! Sorry Louise, I will get off my soap box now!


  47. Vonnie,
    I agree with you that it’s really unfortunate for all of the contestants that they have to deal with this sort of thing, but unfortunately I guess it comes with being a celebrity. I wonder if there will be more comments about Adam’s “preferences” now that he is close to winning the title. I’m honestly surprised that it wasn’t discussed more than it was during the AI season–I guess that just shows that we may actually be more accepting of diversity than we used to be. I hope so anyway.

    I really like what you had to say, Vonnie, so again no need to apologize.

    And, J, that was an interesting point that you made about people feeling that the judges’ praise for Danny was disproportionate to his singing. I didn’t feel that way, although I definitely see the point of the A+ for effort comment when he had a really bad week. I’m not in the least disputing how talented Adam is, but let’s face it, even though Adam was running away with this contest from the very beginning, Idol still had to make it seem like it was a contest. Otherwise, why would anyone bother to watch? And in spite of Adam’s talent, his performances aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I loved his performance of “Mad World,” but honestly I do not like the way his songs all end up sounding so similar.


  48. ” I would give anything to hear him sing “Somebody to Love”, probably my all time favorite Queen song. He would do the late, great Freddie Mercury proud.”

    Mindy, I wrote this on another forum. This is a must for me. You also wrote about Adam doing at least one song “that is stripped down, bare bones, almost acappella if not all acappella.” You were reading my mind. I want this performance more than anything else.

    Kris is appealing and will probably get a lot of Southern support. I also believe a good portion of Danny’s fanbase will support Kris. At this point, I don’t see Kris as a star. This may be too close to call.

    Jessica, I wouldn’t mind hearing Kris do, “You’ve Got a Friend.”

    Kirsten, Adam and Kris will do three songs. This season we have seen 5 less performances than previous years. This is why the TOP 24 method works for the best!

    This WILL be an exciting Finale!


  49. I would like to know how MCL and others on here feel about the direction American Idol has taken the last few years. This years AI finalists put that direction front and center. I have AI since season 1 and the last few years a program that was percieve by most as search for amateur or and the very least limited professional experience or as Carrie Underwood sings in CRAZY DREAMS “Here’s to you long shots, you dark horse runners, hairbrush singers, and dashboard drummers , here’s to you wild magnolias just waiting to bloom ” I think that this was why AI became to popular…taking talents diamonds in the rough…sending them thru the AI boot camp process and letting us vote thru the ones who stepped up to the plate and started to shine. It was inspirational. How do this years 3 finalists fit into the progression of AI

    Danny…his story is old school AI manipulation. Take one of the most talented contestants from the auditions and pimp, promote and give them as much face time as possible so we feel obligated, infact glad to vote for them because we feel so connected to them..Lil and Scott had the same setup…but as the weeks progressed Danny truely became one of this years “Chosen Ones” and was over praised and under critcised and we were told by the PTB he would/should be in the finals. This year the manipulation went to extremes….of the top 12/13 how many did we get to vote in? Eight..yep 8 and the judges placed 5 and if you count the pimped Lil,Scott,Adam and Danny only 4 that the voters put thru based mostly on thier talent and appeal. Even the 12 semi-finalists groups were stacked so that none of thier favorites had to go up against one another and where almost sure to advance. So Danny represents old school AI manipulation ..which for the most part doesn’t work most of the time the voters say thanks and place the crown on thier own …with the Chosen Ones coming close.

    Adam…he represents the trend of the last few seasons of stacking the talent pool with on most levels would have to be seen as professional talent. Contestants with years of working as paid professionals or having had multi-million dollar recording contract/ promotions cannot be considered raw undiscovered talent. Now don’t get me wrong I think Adam is a super crazy mad talent one of the best they have ever had on AI. but the point is ..he should be …he is a professional in every since of the word …he has been doing this for years honing his craft to perfection. Adam didn’t need the AI boot camp. Check out his videos of his performances on YOUTUBE. Make up…costumes …lighting …choreography/backup dancers..muscians. Adam shouldn’t be a contestant on AI he should be coaching contestants not competing with them.

    Kris..Now to me Kris fits the concept of what AI started out to be before it morphed in the the cash cow money grab…judges ego fueled banter at the expense of the contestants…( MCL why can’t you be a judge I could never see you leaving a singer blowing in the wind up on stage with millions watching and engaging in the horseplay which passes for a critique)..Kris is a true talented amatuer who is learning and growing as a performer and and artist from his exposure to all the challanges and professional help that AI offers him.

    So now its down to Adam and Kris and as talented as Adam is I feel that Kris should be this years winner. A true amatuer who has proved his mettle and has what it takes to go far. Here is where I am going to bring up another point ..Kris and for the most part most of the other top 13 come off as authentic….what you see up on stage is pretty much who they are and a good indication of what they will be like on record or in concert. Adam on the other hand is only giving you a hint of what he will be like in musically or in concert…and as a gay man I can tell you …or you can check out some of the vidoes of his performances online..some of it pretty far out there as far as middle america is concerned. Now I have no problem with this over the top performance and can find it very entertaining in the right context but I do feel that Paula was right this week when she said that Adam was a strategist…he is holding back on the type of artist he truely is in hopes of winning the AI title. I truely believe that Kris should win…he represents the what AI started out to be. Adam and other talented professionals have other venues in which they could be showcased or maybe the producers could come up with a show for them and leave AI for all the viewers who are looking for a good old fashioned dreams come true Cinderella story.


  50. Hello Richard and thanks for stopping by. I have to say, though, I am on the fence regarding American Idol’s growing tendency to feature unknown professional talent vs. unknown raw talent.

    I loved watching Adam this year – his talent is beyong extraordinary and, were it not for American Idol, I wonder if he would ever have been discovered in such a monumental way? Certainly he has enjoyed remarkable success in his singing career but he really deserves to be an international superstar and American Idol has been instrumental in securing this goal for him.

    Kris, on the other hand, has been exciting to watch for other important reasons. His journey on American Idol has truly been a metamorphosis of sorts. He has grown tremendously and it has been exhilirating to watch. However, I still feel that, like Jason Castro last season, we have not seen the full extent of his talent and it will become more evident once the show is over.

    So, yes, what I am trying to say is that I love to see a balance of all levels of singing talent on this show. One never knows what will happen. In Season 4, Carrie Underwood took the AI title away from more professionally groomed singers such as Constantine, Bo Bice and Nadia Turner.

    And Kellie Clarkson and Clay Aiken were total neophytes and blossomed on the show because of their raw, yet superb, natural talent.

    That’s what makes this show so interesting. However, I did love the Top 24 semi-final format where there was a balance between genders. One can’t expect me to believe that, in all of the USA, they can’t find 12 outstanding females and 12 outstanding males? Look harder, producers!

    Thanks for your insightful commentary, Richard.


  51. Eight..yep 8 and the judges placed 5 and if you count the pimped Lil,Scott,Adam and Danny only 4 that the voters put thru based mostly on thier talent and appeal. Even the 12 semi-finalists groups were stacked so that none of thier favorites had to go up against one another and where almost sure to advance.

    Richard, I share your opinion entirely! When Jasmine was selected as the 13th contestant (both to add a female and minority), I included your arguements in my premise that SEASON 8 is the worse season of American Idol.

    We, the viewers/voters have had less power in the selection of our contestants than at any other time. We were not given the option ot select even one Wild Card. I resent the manipulations and control given to the judges.

    Most of my favorites over the past eight seasons have been undiscovered raw talent. This is what has made the show so exciting for me. Clay Aiken, Anthony Fedorov, Jason Castro, and Anoop Desai experienced growth and development into even better singers.

    I am limited to time right now, but wanted to let you know I totally understand your reasoning and desire for Kris to win. OTOH, there is no denying that Adam will be a success.


  52. One can’t expect me to believe that, in all of the USA, they can’t find 12 outstanding females and 12 outstanding males? Look harder, producers!

    MCL, I cannot tell you the number of times I have written your quoted statement. However, when the producers start the auditions with an AGENDA, many excellent singers are passed over.


  53. Kariann – exactly! I am so tired of “the agenda”, although I do understand that the show wants to create a superstar – somebody different.

    However, last year, there was a wealth of talent on American Idol Season 7 Final 10 and they have all done very well.

    The other day I was thinking” “What if Adam Lambert had been included in last year’s Top 10? How would the votes tally in the final count?

    Makes you think, doesn’t it, about how carefully the judges and producers choose the the semi-finalists so as not to upset the apple cart AKA their agenda.


  54. Hello from voice teacher (Jordin’s former teacher) Melissa Black! I know we all have LOVED this season. My favorites? ADAM and ALLISON! There will never be another singer like Adam – his high notes and stage presence and CONSISTENCY each week – no one can beat it. But congrats to both singers as well as the other contestants!


  55. If I may…I would like to disagree with the thought that AI has to be about undiscovered raw talent and that there should be no room for anyone who has had previous experience in the business. I would like to use Elvis as an example; he went and auditioned for someone who should have snatched him up right away and made LOTS of $$$ off of him. Instead, he rejected him! Look at what happened to him once he was given a chance. What a shame it would have been if the world never have gotten to hear that voice. This same thing is happenening to alot of young artisit who just can’t seem to get a break; Taylor Hicks is another prime example. I think this show gives these young people a chance when no one else will. I appreciate the fact that Kris has a platform; as an undiscovered artist; I also appreciate the fact that Adam has a platform for an artist who is only know in a small circle. Now they are both known to the world. I say; if your song is playing on the radio, then you don’t qualify, if you just can’t seem to get someone to notice you, then this is your vessel. Thanks to AI; I got to hear Adam’s beautiful voice, and hopefully will get to hear it for alot of years to come.

    Also, I was listening to a local Contemporary Christian station this morning, Kris; your voice would fit in beautifully, I hope this is eventually the venue you take. I will most certainly buy your album!


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