American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The Top 5 Results Show: Music From the Rat Pack Era

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Last evening, Jamie Foxx was a wizard with the singers. I thought he was a superb mentor and demonstrated strong interaction with each of the singers. He seemed emotionally invested in all of them and truly wished them the highest degree of success in their performing careers

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening of performances and I thought the band, under Rickey Minor’s superb direction, played an enormous role in the musical success of the Top 5 performances.

I am still a little confused about the guest performers for tonight’s show. Therefore, if someone could enlighten me with confirmed spoilers, I would deeply appreciate this. When I know more, I will update this topic with the information.

I hope to have my Masterclass article online early tomorrow. And make sure you follow my Twitter updates !

The Masterclass Doors are now open for business! Enjoy the show!

Oh – and don’t forget to download the Top 13 performances on I-Tunes. And, while you are there, catch a couple of songs from one of my three CDs.

Update: Season 5 American Idol winner Taylor Hicks plus Natalie Cole and Jamie Foxx are scheduled to perform.

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167 Responses to “American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The Top 5 Results Show: Music From the Rat Pack Era”

  1. Yeah, Jaime is a very personable person, my cousin met him in LA. Hey, listen to Jaimie singing here for one of his stand up comedy act…

    He makes faces and I don’t think he was entirely serious but he can definitely sing!


  2. I predict Kris and Matt b2. Could we be getting a shocker?


  3. That may turn out to be a very solid prediction, Season 8. I agree that Allison’s advantage of being the only female left just may keep her out of the Bottom 2 this week. It could very well come down to Kris and Matt. If that happens, I really don’t know who I want to see go. In all honesty, Kris has performed better overall, but Matt really did well last night. Still, I firmly predict Matt will go home tonight (and I hope I am wrong).


  4. Oh, and MCL, all I know for sure is that Taylor Hicks is there tonight. As for the other performers, I have no clue. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


  5. OMG my heart is breaking for Adam. Unbelievable. He is selling the most on Itunes and ends up in the bottom 2. I’m completely shocked.


  6. Well, that was scary but did anyone really think that Adam was going to leave?


  7. I’m really sad for Adam, because I think that they used him to boost their ratings. Making him pick a group was bad enough, but this is just is wrong. I wonder if he is so far ahead that people are not watching because they feel that he is a definate win.


  8. I refuse to believe he is in the b2. He has more Yahoo, Youtube, Google hits and more Itunes sales than any other contestant. I just don’t get it.

    A lot of Adam fans vote-split b/w Adam, Kris and Allison though and maybe thought he was safe.

    Could he really have been in the b2?


  9. That was the roughest results night for me… I don’t know if my denial is rational but how can Adam possibly have the second lowest number of notes? I am baffled.

    If this is a ploy by the producers- I partially wish Adam to leave as a shock elimination rather than have him falsely humiliated in order to boost ratings. If it is not a ploy, then does that mean I have to vote harder??


  10. Finally, the sign that Adam isn’t invincible in every way! (Even though now Adam will have more votes than ever), this may give Danny the chance to get the upper-hand and win!


  11. THis was the worst piece of manipulation and set up! THe judges were saying pure nonsense yesterday and the whole thing with Simon saying “any one of the 5 can win” is pure b***t.
    I feel bad for Adam, as he is being used now, I just hope that he knew and this whole charade was staged… beeing made to choose the side and then moving him over!!! And the judges came back from the break all happy, so it was clear that Adam is safe…
    Thats why I never watched this and never will again… Adam is the only reason to be sitting here and being manipulated by the showbiz …
    Sorry for the outburst, but I am truly outraged!!!
    Has this happened in previous seasons?


  12. This isn’t what I thought my first post on this wonderful forum would be, but I can’t help myself — I’m horrified! I don’t understand on what basis the producers have the leeway to play with the bottom lineup, although I’m as cynical as anyone that they would, for ratings’ sake. Adam in the B2 is beyond belief. He’s safe for now and I hope this doesn’t shake his confidence. Next week, rock – his forte but could it backfire? Any words from anyone that can help me bring my blood pressure down?


  13. “Well, that was scary but did anyone really think that Adam was going to leave?”

    Not for a second. I tuned in late, and saw that bottom two, and said, “Bye, Matt!”


  14. Lakhesis – yes, please vote harder if you can, and get everyone you know…on all phone lines you have…
    It is a real shame what they just did…So that I am not even sure that voting matters any more…they do not publish results, so they can do what ever they want…The Glamberts forums are going crazy…


  15. Nanine – I am with you, my pulse is still at 150… I know its silly, but I feel “maternal” towards Adam and I feel as if they just tortured my own son…My only hope that he knew – he did maintain incredible composure after all.
    There is no way that anyone can do even close to him on a rock week (or any other week actually), and it is in AI interests to have him on the show…But who knows what they can come up with..


  16. Almost every season Idol has divided the contestants into groups during an elimination show, and then asked the person remaining to pick the side that they think they belong in–especially when the results are unexpected like tonight. When Bo Bice was asked to do this, he refused and sat down in the middle of the stage. Taylor Hicks refused to do it too. Too bad Adam didn’t refuse.

    I understand that the people who are totally devoted fans of Adam are upset about the results tonight and think that Idol did some manipulation of the votes, but honestly I’m not surprised. I spent a lot of time today reading other articles about last night’s Idol and quite a few times the writers said that they like Adam but they didn’t think it was his best performance last night. And when I went to work this morning, the first thing my co-worker said was how much she loved Danny’s performance last night. In previous weeks she has been very impressed with Adam’s talent, but she said many of his performances are sounding the same. So in my estimation, it’s not unbelievable to think that Adam ended up in the bottom two. Also his fans have probably become complacent too because they think he’s so superior to the other contestants and they probably didn’t spend much time voting. That’s how Chris Daughtrey got voted off prematurely.


  17. I do not for one minute believe Adam was B3 or B2 it was done for DRAMA.

    No way, No How, and all you Adam fans trying to save Allison and or Kris PLEASE NO MORE VOTE SPLITTING.


  18. Opening night here with my school’s production of “Footloose” therefore I missed the elimination. Who left? And Adam was in the Botton three….what???

    Audrey, I agree with you…I think it was probably for Drama and to add some “spice” to the show.


  19. Well, I was certainly surprised, yes, but not as much as some people. Here is what happened with Adam. It was NOT some dumb ploy by the producers to boost ratings, nor was it erroneous in any way. Like it or not, Adam made the Bottom 2.

    I think the reason for this is because everybody ASSUMED he was safe. He got to perform last on Tuesday, he did very well, and perfectly nailed that final note. Everybody watching believed Adam would be safe, and so they either didn’t vote or they voted for their second or third favorites. This left Adam lacking in the votes department.

    Look, I am a Danny fan, so obviously I was very encouraged by this night’s results. However, I do think some Adam fans need to wake up and realize that powerhouse vocals and mad stage presence does not directly translate into votes. You actually have to pick up the phone and vote–not just a few times either. THE ENTIRE TIME. That’s what I did for Danny last night. It’s not fun, but if you care about your favorite, you MUST vote for them!

    Adam nearly fell into the same trap that claimed Daughtry in Season 5, and he just so happened to walk away from it unscathed. I agree with what Commander Gage said though. Adam is not invincible, nor is anyone. ANY TWO of the four left could end up in the finale. This is the most balanced Top 4 this show has ever had. Period.


  20. Grrr . . . I made the same mistake again. Commmander Gage is my brother. The post above actually belongs to me–Galen.


  21. MCL No one thought Daughtry was leaving. He was great and Kat was horrible. He went. He was the odds on fav to win. The world went NUTS when he was voted off.

    So anything can happen. Chris fans all threw Elliot votes in attempts to save him.

    Moral of story. NEVER VOTE SPLIT, Never become complacent and vote like one possessed.


  22. Galen Gokey=Taylor he will not sell well and will not be a star in the real world. Gokey has ZERO star quality.

    Ok voice sob back story that’s it.


  23. I know that a lot of Adam fans were vote splitting to save Kris and Allison and it backfired.

    Adam is my fave Idol ever so it hurt me to see him up there in the b2.

    Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it’s best for him to not win. I personally think he is everything that Idols are made of, but that’s me. I understand that he is polarizing. I still believe with all my heart that he will sell more records than any idol before him, win or lose.

    I can only hope that this does not shake his confidence going into next week.


  24. I still say this was a set up,so they used their cash-cow to bring the viewers back.


  25. Audrey wrote: “Galen Gokey=Taylor he will not sell well and will not be a star in the real world. Gokey has ZERO star quality.

    Ok voice sob back story that’s it.”

    Well, if that is your opinion, that is fine, Audrey. But it would seem that most of America disagrees with you.

    LOL It’s kind of funny. I knew that some of Adam’s fans would be downright mean after their knigh in shining armor nearly got the boot tonight. Take a chill pill, Audrey.

    And, just for the record, Danny ROCKS!


  26. I meant to say “knight in shining armor.” Sorry!


  27. Season 8 said, “I can only hope that this does not shake his confidence going into next week.”

    That comment is almost laughable–I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone on Idol with more confidence than Adam.


  28. Had a funny feeling about tonight’s bottom three and as an ardent Adam Lambert supporter I can honestly say I am neither shocked nor surprised. After the double elimination of Anoop and Lil,I had the feeling that of their fans who still voted, the majority of their votes would not go to Adam, but to Danny or Kris (and possibly Allison )and unfortunately for Adam this seems to be the case.

    Adam is a revelation as an artist and performer but just like Freddie Mercury or David Bowie, an aquired taste. Although he’s very deliberately toned things down since ROF Adam can only do a balancing act between pleasing mainstream America and being true to himself as an artist for so long. I’m profoundly sad because he may very well not make it to the finals. We Glamberts are loyal and steadfast in our support and non-stop voting, but at this stage in the game, can we really change anybody’s mind?Those who believe he “screams” are still going to hear “screaming” regardless of his song choice and quality of performance. They will still see Adam as “too theatrical”. They criticize his hair,makeup,wardrobe,nailpolish, jewelry, and his breathing technique.

    Hopefully I am completely off-base, next week Adam will deliver another stellar performance for “Rock Week” and never see the bottom two again. Wait and see.

    I was very sorry to see Matt leave the competition this week. Have listened to his studio versions and they are far superior to his stage performances. It had to be daunting for this young man to see the bottom three seats so many times, receive the judges’ save and find the inner steel to deliver the kind of performances his fans wanted to hear but he somehow could not deliver. I wish Matt all the best in all of his future endeavors’ we’ve not heard the last from this talented young man.


  29. Well said, Sylvia, I will greatly miss Matt as well. After Danny, he was my favorite this season. I am sad to see him go, but I know a great future lies ahead of him. Mark my words. That guy is gonna go the distance!


  30. Lol Galen – Danny’s safe spot tonight was well deserved. The solid 2 hours do hold some weight, I have to admit, I barely voted last year though I loved Cook. I only started significantly voting for Adam this season.

    I am still very pained, mainly because I hope this does not hamper Adam’s confidence and that he performs like he normally does – because that’s who he is and what he does. If this is America’s decision, then it’s America decision. Time to get out my first fanmail note…


  31. Louise Stated: “Almost every season Idol has divided the contestants into groups during an elimination show, and then asked the person remaining to pick the side that they think they belong in–especially when the results are unexpected like tonight. When Bo Bice was asked to do this, he refused and sat down in the middle of the stage. Taylor Hicks refused to do it too. Too bad Adam didn’t refuse.”

    In the past when they have made them choose a side they have always been safe. That was cruel. At least there was no indication on his part if he was choosing the bottom three or top three!


  32. Thank you, lakhesis, I completely agree that Danny deserved his spot at the top tonight. He did an excellent performance this week for sure.

    That said, I will also admit that Adam DID NOT deserve to be in the Bottom 3. Still, as you said, it is America’s decision, and what will be will be.


  33. I don’t understand on what basis the producers have the leeway to play with the bottom lineup, although I’m as cynical as anyone that they would, for ratings’ sake. Adam in the B2 is beyond belief.

    Nanine, we need to remember the fine (little bitty) print at the end of the show. It says something to the effect that the judges have a right to throw out any votes they deem not legitmate. Computer generated votes are an example. Who knows, but I do have a feeling they pulled this manipulation so that it appeared that Kris got more votes. DRAMA IS THE GOAL!

    I also believe a lot of voters split their votes for Allison and Kris, thanks to Simon’s critique.

    Also, Adam’s “theatrical” walk may have appeared to be a gift from Heaven. Obviously, no one has had an enterance like that before. It didn’t seem fair to the other contestants. I still see Adam in the finale!

    It was wonderful seeing Taylor Hicks perform. He was having fun, sang well, and looked so good! Let’s not even discuss Jaime’s song. *cough cough*


  34. My guy is gone…sniff, sniff, I pretty much had myself convinced before it actually happened. I think he’s going to be fine.

    Louise – David Archuleta also sat down last year when asked to choose. What on earth was Adam thinking? I was watching with friends, we call ourselves ” The Idolizers “, and we just all looked around at each other with ‘what the heck ” faces.

    I think that this competition has a life of it’s own and the ride might get a little bumpy the next two weeks, I’ve thought all along that the results might get a little interesting. Possible voting backlash for Adam being the front runner for so long, etc..
    I love them all and will vote for who I think has the best performance for the remainder of the competition.

    Good luck to all your favorites….cya.


  35. Welcome, Nanine! I hope my post has helped your blood pressure. 🙂

    You’re right Audrey and Season 8, Adam fans won’t be split-voting next week; therefore, Kris and Allison will be more vulnerable. Oh, I do Believe Taylor is a success. He’s doing what he loves the most – performing! If only AI had done some promoting of his CD, but they didn’t.

    Louise, the “Huff” move does occur each season since Season 3, usually for TOP 7. I don’t think Adam has watched AI that much, so maybe he really didn’t know what to do. For me, it was no big deal – just more manipulation and drama.

    Nica, I think Adam will be finr next week. His fans are really shaken by this which is exactly what TPTB want.


  36. Kariann, I think Adam knows AI well enough and even if he doesn’t, the average person should be familiar with this sticky situation and Adam’s very intelligent so I was extremely surprised as to why he did finalize a decision.

    auntieaudie, interesting “huff” move term. I’m thinking, it’s not so much about arrogance and conceitedness as it is about “Idol faux pas”. I am positive that Adam was confident in his performance and believed he was safe. Heck, many thought he was safe and and he is one of them. For all the contestants that never chose and said “I don’t know”, they know. But it’s just a big no-no to commit, it’s a social norm. Haha reminds me of my humanities paper…

    When Ryan had posed the question, I also had a fleeting thought right before that went “Oh no… this is Adam… he doesn’t conform to social norms”. And he didn’t, I don’t really know what to make of it but I am positive Adam knew how ‘big’ the response would be.


  37. On a night when things are so weird….well, I just listened to Adam’s studio version of Feeling Good and it’s ridiculously amazing. My god, how did he end up in the b2????

    The head voice is so haunting and ethereal. MCL, this is a must listen track.


  38. Kariann, thanks for your welcome and support.
    I just spent some time lurking over at MJ’s forum and now feeling overloaded. This reminds me how involved I was during the election, listening to and reading everything I could manage to fit into my day, rooting for my guy and not believing some of the wild ride. But it all worked out in the end, and I’m seeing some parallels here and hoping we’ll rock the vote and pull out a victory here too for our guy – Adam of course.
    Being a babyboomer I’ve been part of lots of different music genres and singers and honestly this is the most I’ve been excited and emotionally invested about any performer since, who knows, maybe the Beatles. LOL.


  39. I don’t know, maybe Adam was indeed bottom 2. I’m still very skeptical of America’s willingness to crown a gay guy their Idol. In the end his “high voice” or his “mannerisms” or “theatrics” are the only points of criticism his detractors can bring to the table.


  40. I loved them all this week. It’s so hard to see any of them go. However, if one had to go, I was ready to see Matt go. I do not like the R&B vocal runs. To me they are superfluous and showoffey and really not attractive. JMO. I prefer a purer delivery like those of Kris, Adam, and Allison. Danny isn’t my cuppa, but he is very talented, no doubt.


  41. Folks, I am still trying to calm down…I firmly believe that the whole drama was staged…nothing made sense: stupid judges’ remarks, judges being extatic after the break – like they are happy that the goose that layed the golden egg for their show is possibly going to get eliminated, Taylor’s performance, Foxx’s performance, Foxx’s remarks, Adam’s choosing the group, Adam’s bottom 2, Adam being cool as a cucumber while beeing in the bottom 2, histeria on all the boards (and probably the media – I did not have chance to check yet)… My husband came up with a good idea – he says we should organise a boycote of the results show, so that their ratings go down and may be they will realise that we do not want to put up with this b***t. (He also said that thats what I get for letting myself to be involved with the show like AI… I sort of agree with him on this point now, except Adam is more than worth it)

    One more point – and “not Adam’s fans” here – this is my opinion, I have nothing against your fav:
    Adam is the only contestant that has world-wide, truly international appeal. All the other contestants have only national reach and that is limited to a specific niche… And so in this sense – Adam won a few weeks ago.
    Time to go listen to Adam singing and get in a good mood – his singing always picks me up 🙂

    Looking forward to MCL’s analysis of the show.


  42. Other than this site, which I love, what are some other media/sites this group is reading? Thanks!


  43. The AI site has FORUMS – lots of discussions there…
    Some are quite funny and/or intelligent.. Some are very teenagy, but thats fun too…

    I usually google and see what is new…


  44. nica, AI has always been “staged” – it’s the drama that, in large part, keeps people tuned in as much as the talent in the competition. To me, Adam did not seem cool as a cucumber at all- Ryan Seacrest pulled the same thing on BoBice and David Archuleta in previous seasons,but in each case, neither would pick a group. Like every other contestant, I’m certain Adam was nervous as well and only when prodded several times by Seacrest did he make a choice, the wrong one apparently. AI always has Seacrest preface things by stating “This is your bottom two”, not necessarily that the person other than the one being eliminated had the second lowest number of votes. Seacrest only says this SOME of the time.
    Given the incredible number of times I received busy signals on both of Adam’s lines for the entire two hours of voting, I thought he would be safe. But I already voiced my concerns in an earlier post about what would happen with those who voted for Lil and Anoop.

    I’m most anxious to see and hear what Adam decides to do with “Rock Week”,(or is it “Music from the Summer of Love?”) – will he lay it all out there as he did with “Ring of Fire” or play it safer?


  45. Well, I must say that I am an emotional wreck after tonight’s show. I did not see this coming, but maybe I should have. I do think that complacency may have played a big part in this. Also, I think the voting is quite volatile. Allison was in the bottom last week and this week she was one of the top two. I have been saying for some time now that fan base would be incredibly important this season.

    I don’t think I am even going to speculate about any cultural issues regarding Adam being in the bottom two. He is someone that is not for everybody and maybe that’s part of it, too. I guess you can never be too certain about anything on this show.

    At least he is still there. I have no idea how he is going to handle this for next week’s show. One thing I do have to say is that I would like to wring Simon’s neck! I knew he was playing some kind of mind game, but I wasn’t sure how it would all play out with the voting. Well, I think Allison and Kris’s fan bases were energized and came out in force. Simon praised Matt to the heavens and he got voted off. I get the queasy feeling that this is all some sort of sick game being played by the judges.

    I am just glad that Adam is still on the show and I can look forward to seeing him again next week. I can only hope that this lights a fire with his fanbase. It could be that the others are picking up votes from Lil and Anoop’s fans. I believe that Adam should continue to be who he is and let the chips fall where they may.

    Maybe America doesn’t want to be challenged. I know I do and that’s why I got out of my comfort zone musically and embraced Adam. I do happen to think that Adam is head and shoulders above the rest. That’s my honest opinion and I stand by it. But it would seem that America sees this as a very competitive race.

    I don’t think I want to look too far ahead at this point. I feel kind of exhausted right now. I want to go and listen to Adam and be inspired all over again.


  46. I have to say I was really shocked to see Adam get that close to elimination. Though I agree that all of the remaining performers can sing – Adam’s the only one I’d put out money for. Simply put – he’s my cup of tea. I loved his performance last night. Here’s the studio version of ‘Feeling Good’ for anyone who’s interested:

    Absolutely fantastic, IMO. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Which is why tonight was such a shock. I agree everyone will come out of this with a career (they all deserve it) – I just think Adam deserves to be in the final.


  47. Sylvia, if Adam’s “movement” was not staged, then he made a right choice IMO, he actually said :based on performnace from last night – and he was absolutely correct in that assessment. He is an honest soul, thats all. The only thing is that he is in his own group, far beyond anyone else…

    Re the busy lines: they can change throughput capacity on the lines and manipulate the number of votes that way. There is no accountability and/or transparency here, its a show, so we are being played… Every area code hub can be different, my cell lines were not busy, but my land line was…

    I am sad to say that this is starting to sound as the election time – red vs blue…crazy… but its shaping up that way…folks on AI forum are saying that some churches provide their opinion on what to do… Amazing – our world is falling apart but churches are worried about AI …wow!

    anyway, apparently studio recording of Feeling Good is out – I am going to look for it and enjoy!


  48. oh, its on youtube – heavenly!!! its a must!!!!


  49. OMG!!! Why don’t they let them sing the full lenght already!!!! Studio Feeling Good is totally out of this world!!! We are so blessed with Adam’s voice!
    Ok, I am joining whatever religion will worship Adam Lambert!!!!


  50. TFLS, thanks for the Feeling Good studio version. WOW!!!!!!!! I’m going to buy it immediately! Just proves Adam’s prowess. I shudder at the possibility of not getting to listen a new gem from him once a week. For those people who say that he’s good for watching but but wouldn’t buy his music – What?? They obviously haven’t listened to any of his studio versions or for that matter just listened to anything of his without the visual.

    Mindy, I’m totally with you – I listen to Adam daily – it’s as necessary as taking my vitamins and makes me feel much better much quicker.

    G’night all. (really late for me, too) Nice to have joined this lovely group. MCL, can’t wait to read what you have to say.


  51. Just had to respond to an earlier post.

    Taylor Hicks did not refuse to choose a side. He walked over to Chris Daughtry and shook his hand as if he were the only person in that group who was worthy, and then walked to the side of the stage with the other group of contestants.

    I loved Taylor, but that wasn’t classy at all.

    I wish that Adam had not chosen a side. You would think that he would have been more prepared for that, but I guess not.

    It would be interesting to know what was going through his mind.


  52. ok one more thing. the download comes with an autographed pic. And you know what he writes on it? “Thanks for all the light”. Is that a classy guy or what?


  53. He was being honest – I am proud of him for this. We keep expecting standard, preconceived behaviour… Adam showed more than enough grace throughout the whole run…he seems to be most humble and grateful of them all… but he must know that he is way above the field… and thats the main difference between this year and all other years, when the fieled was much more even… By joing one group he payed them a compliment – thats all. And Danny and Allison were better than Kris and Matt. The only reason that he could’ve refused is that he is well beyond Danny and Allison, so in my mind refusing to join would be actually showing his superiority …
    Anyway, I am loosing my ability to express myself – 3 hours/night sleep due to this obsession…
    Good night all.


  54. As the song says, now I am “Feeling Good”! I downloaded Adam’s studio performance of this song and it is just astounding! I don’t even know how to describe all those crazy notes he hits. His voice is so gorgeous that I just can’t stop listening to it.

    This will sweeten some of the sour taste of tonight’s results. At this point, I have no idea who is going to win, but I know that as long as Adam is in this thing, I want to enjoy every single minute.

    Maybe having a really competitive race is a good thing. It will keep everyone on their toes, the fans will know that they have to get their fingers hitting redial for their favorite and we just might get to hear a lot of great singing in the bargain.

    I think I have reached the point where I have to let go and just relax and watch what happens. I have always said that everything happens for a reason. That’s how I get through disappointments.

    I don’t think Adam can do this any other way but his own way. If he gets psyched out, then he won’t be able to do what he does so very well every week – give us an all out performance and leave his heart an soul on the stage. If he can just try to move on and put this behind him, then he should be fine.


  55. Mindy – I agree on all points,,,I am listening about 10th time now – it is utterly superb!!! I have no words!


  56. Adam was definitely in the bottom two — Ryan said so to Jamie Foxx. The producers wouldn’t lie about it openly — they sometimes don’t say explicitly that the people left on stage are the bottom two/three, but if they actually say so, IMO it’s the bottom two.

    Fan complacency and frontrunner backlash is definitely a factor. It’s still heartbreaking. I’m not ready to lose him this year, even if he goes on to make a killer album, which I don’t necessarily rely on given 19E’s interest in promoting the winner. 😦 All I can say is, we had BETTER freaking get two songs next week.


  57. Kelsey – thanks for correcting my statement about the way Taylor handled the situation when he was asked to choose a group. I didn’t remember that it happened that way. And, by the way, Kariann mentioned that Taylor looked good last night and I completely agree!

    Posters here have also made some good points about the voters for Lil and Anoop affecting the voting this week. And some other posters pointed out that some churches actually try to influence how members of their congregations vote. It doesn’t surprise me in the least to hear that there is a segment of America who votes based on their “morality.” I too followed the presdential elections very closely so I know that this mentality exists.

    I am not disputing for a second that Adam is EXTREMELY talented, and I don’t care in the least what Adam does in his personal life, but I just happen to like Danny’s voice so I’m voting for him. I have been a Joe Cocker fan all of my life and I like that gravelly sound. I’m guessing that somewhere in America there must be a few others who feel this way too. 🙂 It bothers me to read remarks by fans of Adam who think he is so talented that the only possible reason people wouldn’t be voting for him is because of “moral” issues. I am sure there is some of that, but PLEASE don’t generalize–just accept the fact that some people like a different sound!!!


  58. interesting article “behind the seen” type at

    Danny is OK, not sure about the fans overall, my son upon hearing that i slept only 3 hours again just told me “mom, you got to lay off a bit” – i can’t agree with him more, the question is how do I do this? any suggestions? I am IMPRINTED on Adam’s voice…and look…and manners…and talent…


  59. Well after I recovered from my near heart attack, I started thinking about the possibility fo Adam’s demise. THe caberet where Adam performed for the last 2-3 yrs, 200 people showed up for some Adam love BUT when Kris had a promo this past week, 2,000 showed up! Look at these #’s. Also which contestent picked up Lil and Anoop’s fanbase? THere’s a strong possibility that the final might be Kris vs Gokey with GOkey taking the crown.

    BYW…Feeling Good studio version is superb!!!!! I’ve already heard it 20 x’s.


  60. Nanine, there are several Baby Boomers on here. Some of us are Grandparents but still feel excitement over the show. Adam just fascinates me!

    Listening to Matt’s performance made me miss Anoop even more. This was a wasted save as Matt ended up last in votes again. I think Anoop would have given a solid performance! Many Anoop fans are not voting right now.

    Nica, isn’t Adam Jewish? I am surprised Pastors are telling their parishioners who to vote for this season!


  61. Would some one explain to me why the cake fight was shown and why it took up so much time? Was it to promote Danny and Allison as the Final 2 contestants?


  62. I’m still in shock about Adam being in the b2. How can my fave Idol ever in the history of this show be in the b2? I’m getting CI flashbacks….the most artistic never win. Last night was a major Daughtry moment.

    The good news is that Adam’s Studio Version of Feeling Good is amazing. It could be on the radio.

    The other piece of good news is that the theme for next week is rock, which will be right up Adam’s alley.

    And final piece of good news is that Adam fans will stop vote-splitting. Many threw votes at Kris and Allison to “save” them.

    America doesn’t know how to vote. LOL. My opinion only please.


  63. The download comes with an autographed pic. And you know what he writes on it? “Thanks for all the light”. Is that a classy guy or what?

    Really Nanine? I must download this song now! Thanks for the info.


  64. I might as well say from the get go that parts of this post most probably won’t set well with Adam fans, but not being one afraid of of controversy, I’ll post it anyway.

    First, this was NOT a ploy for ratings, Adam was in the bottom 3, but nobody ever confirmed he was in the bottom two. It’s very possible that Kris may have been in the bottom two, but since he wasn’t eliminated and Matt was, they just picked him to sit down first leaving Matt and Adam. Have any of you considered that perhaps they did this as a FAVOR to Adam? Yes, a favor. For sure AI wants him to stay, he’s a money maker for them. What better way to make his fans aware that he is NOT invincible then to make it appear as if he is in the bottom two? Perhaps it was Idols way of making Adam and his fans fully aware that he is in real danger. Notice, even Adam didn’t pick himself to be in the bottom. He chose the winning group. Personally, I don’t think he was in the bottom two, I think Kris was. And I also think Idol did Adam a HUGE favor by making it look like he was. It was a wake up call, for Adam, and for his fans.

    I’m sorry folks, I like Adam, I really do. And I do understand that many of you LOVE him because of his theatrical style, but at the end of the day, the majority of people who watch Idol want to see someone come out on stage and sing—just sing without all the bells and whistles, and this is what is hurting Adam, in my opinion.

    Maybe the better way to explain it is this way. When Taylor Hicks was on AI and came out and sang, the SONG was the center of his performance, and whatever came out of that (his wacky moves) was a natural response to how he felt about what he was singing. With Adam, it’s just the opposite. The majority ot the time, the theatrics is the core of his performance and the song ends up being just a part of that. Taylor is an entertainer and Adam is a performer. And there’s a difference.

    Adam knows he can sing, so I don’t think he worries about that as much as he worries about how he’s going to “present” the song to you, and I think this is where he makes his mistake. When he does stripped down, no frills, no thrills numbers, most people, even those that aren’t ardent fans, will give him credit for his vocal skills and delivery of a song. For example: Tracks Of My Tears, Mad World, If I Can’t Have You, all exceptional performances in most viewers eyes. But, Ring Of Fire, Satisfaction, and Born To Be Wild, not so much so. He has to realize that as talented as he is, the bottom line is, the majority of viewers want to HEAR you sing, not WATCH you put on a show.

    Adam, if you or anyone close to you reads these posts, PLEASE take note of what I am writing. Adam, if you don’t care what the outcome of this competition is, then continue doing what you have been have doing, and do the show on your terms and your terms only. But, if you really want to win this competition Adam, just KEEP IT SIMPLE! Just walk on the stage and with your beautiful vocals, SING for us, and let all the glitz and lights fall by the wayside.

    Minus this, I personally don’t think Adam Lambert stands a chance of winning this competition.


  65. I AM SOOOOOO MAD ABOUT LAST NIGHT!!!! They totally tortured my boy. Adam if you are reading these blogs -just continue to be you and give the performance of your life next week. Never allow anyone to dull your shine.


  66. Skid — that was a great post!!! I think you absolutely nailed it. I couldn’t agree more with the part about Taylor being an entertainer and Adam being a performer. With Taylor it was all about the MUSIC! You could feel it when he sang–even though he didn’t have a perfect voice.

    I work at a college and this morning I spoke to two professors who are regular AI viewers. One said she thinks Adam is too “campy” for this show and the other isn’t crazy about his performances either although she loves his voice. And both of these people are about as liberal as you can get so they’re commenting only on Adam’s talent.

    Some people have made references to Simon’s comments on Tuesday night about some of the contestants–like telling Allison that he thought she might go any further and telling Matt that he was brilliant. I think that Simon always uses reverse psychology at certain points in the competition to try to get people to vote in a certain way. During the finale of Season 2, he told Clay that he had just wrapped up the competition with his performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water. But he was obviously not a Clay fan, so I always believed he said that just to get Rueben’s fans to vote more. He does this every year.


  67. Wow! Skid, why don’t you tell us how you really feel! HaHa, Just kidding! If I may though I would like to disagree with you on the Adam and Taylor comparison. I am also a huge Taylor fan, I spent many a nights dialing my fingers off for that man. Seen him in concert, bought his CD’s. He and Adam are very much alike, I remember some pretty OTT performances from Taylor as well(Play that funky music). He was much like Adam in the sense that he had his own agenda, he danced to his own music. I fear for Adam much like Taylor, winning this show may not be the best thing in the world. They tend to stiffle the creative energy that courses through they two’s veins. No I think Adam and Taylor are very much alike, entertaining and performing.


  68. Ok, a few things here. First I agree with Skid in the fact that Adam really was in the bottom 3 and that this might have done him a favor.
    About him choosing sides, Adam has admitted to watching AI in past seasons. If I remember correctly they usually only do a bottom 2 at this stage not a bottom 3. Because they already has groups of 2 they lead him to believe that he belonged in the top group and was safe which is why he picked.
    I spend some time (ok alot of time) on the AI boards and there is a forum in Adam’s section called “Adam Lambert from an Industry Perspective” (not sure I got that exactly right but it’s close). This was started by someone in the entertainment industry and talks about how he is getting lots of great feedback internationally on Adam. If your curious as to how he may do once this is over you might want to check it out. He also answers alot of general questions about the industry. If you don’t want to read everyones comments he also publishes it as a blog.


  69. Vonnie,

    LOVE the fact that beside Louise and myself, there’s someone else here (let’s not forget to include MCL) that REALLY appreciates who Taylor Hicks is, as a person, and a musician.

    I see what you’re saying about some of TH’s numbers being OTT, and although that might be true to some extent, in my opinion it was done in a fun loving way by Taylor, knowing he was going to get grief from Simon about it and still doing it anyway because he just plain loved to entertain his fans. His intent was pure, is what I’m trying to say. I don’t think it comes across that way when Adam does it, because I think, he seems to almost always need to add a dramatic element to it, which seems more contrived than it does real or genuine as it did with Taylor. Do you know what I mean by that?

    And Taylor Hicks, bless his heart. Did you see the twinkle in his eyes when he came out on stage last night and when he was singing? He was so happy to be there, and it showed beautifully. He’s such a good guy, he even teased about Simon giving him a standing ovation, despite how terribly Simon treated him when he was on AI. Taylor is just a good guy, great entertainer, and class act through and through.


  70. Adam don’t change a thing. Come out snarling next week like the true rockstar that you are. We LOVE you.

    Please sing Creep by Radiohead. TY!


  71. I would like to respectfully disagree with the comment comparing Danny Gokey to Joe Cocker. As a huge Joe Cocker fan, comparing Gokey to Cocker is just blasphemous ! 🙂


  72. After a full night’s rest it’s amazing — Adam was in the bottom two and was in danger of elimination. As incomprehensible as it might be to me, and all of Adam’s fans, there are obviously a lot of other people who are more than pleased that Danny, Allison and Kris were in the Top Three.

    MCL has, week after week, so graciously and eloquently critiqued each of these very talented people. Adam happens to be my favorite of this and all eight seasons of AI but I respect all those who feel otherwise and have their favorites. All of these gifted young people bring something different to the competition and I have nothing but admiration for doing something I could never do – lay it all out there every week in front of 25 million viewers.

    So it really comes down to a lesson that needs to be reinforced yet again this season — if you don’t want to see your favorite booted off, you have to vote! Just because Adam is getting so much media coverage, and is the talk of all the boards doesn’t mean all the people twittering(whatever it is they do, I’m lame) about Adam are actually sitting for two hours after the show voting for him. Clearly, they are for Danny, Allison and Kris.

    Vote for your favorite!I held an “Adam Party” of sorts at my home Tuesday night, invited eight of my best buds (and their phones, thank you very much) with the promise of food and drink AFTER they used their magic fingers for Adam for two hours. I sound like a broken record but I felt this coming after the double elimination of Lil and Anoop – I could not see the remaining voters jumping on Adam’s bandwagon.

    Sorry, off the soap box now. Congratulations to the Top Four, thank heavens you’re still in it to win it, Adam Lambert – I can’t wait to hear you rock it next week!



  73. Hey Skid, I guess my only difference with Taylor and Adam is that Taylor is much more light hearted, whereas Adam is so much more serious. I think that they both truly love to perform and sing, it just comes across maybe a little different. However, I LOVE the fact that both of them stay true to themselves. I hope I’m right about Adam, in that last night won’t phase him a bit. I hope he says “game on, baby! Let’s rock this house” And by the way Adam, if your reading! Billy Idol “White Wedding, or Areosmith “Walk This Way”. That should do me just fine. I think both Adam and Taylor have been working so hard to crack this industry, that I wish them all the most success.

    Also, I don’t want to take anything away from the top four, I think this is an awesome group. Each one is so unique. I would love to hear Allison do Stevie Nicks “Leather and Lace”, Kris something from either Boston or the Eagles, Danny, something from Genesis or my all time favorite song,”Into the Night” by Benny Marondes (and yes I would let Danny do this song, I think he has the chops to pull it off).


  74. Hi there,

    Finally thought of dropping by to add my few cents, I’ve been reading here for quite a while!

    Coming from a culturally diverse area in Southest Asia ( Malaysia, we had the honour of having David Archuleta coming down recently), I am opened to a wide view of the music & arts scenes. Pop, rock, ethnic fusion, dance house etc. Eclectic sense really. Though a good part comes from my family upbringing ( my parents enjoyed music from Elvis’ era to Bee Gees, ABBA. They were English educated from the time of British colonial school system up to the 1960s ).

    Therefore, I may not represent the majority of people from my country. But I believe through music, is a great part in finding meaning of living ( I like to call it the “c’est la vie” fulfillment ). We all have different feel to music due to our life experiences. Because of this we should mutually respect the great diversity that abounds, and let those individual music expressions make their impact on social conscience. Be it to our personal taste or not, it could really means something to someone out there.

    Lastly, I really must say this: This is the first time in my young adult years ( going 25 ), I’m so struck by such extraordinary talent of innate vocal beauty & immense stage charisma like Adam Lambert. Never imagined to come across this lol artistic edginess that kick ass in a mainstream reality show. I also watch American Idol back here, always enjoyed seeing the many strong & diversed singing talents. But this time is like struck gold moment, music eureka & definitely “c’est la vie” feel! I will definitely remember this guy for a very long, long time.

    Personally, I really thought Adam trully can go international. Imagine the reception he will get outside America if given the proper breakthrough opportunity, imagine! I do hope any worthy record producer (besides AI label) in the future will have that foresight to release his music to greater audiences far & away!


  75. Vonnie,

    I’d like to hear:

    Allison sing a Janis Joplin tune

    Kris sing a Steve Perry tune

    Danny sing a John Fogerty tune

    And the one singer’s song I would pick if I could would be Adam’s. I’d love to hear him sing Freddy’s Somebody to Love.


  76. listen said, “I would like to respectfully disagree with the comment comparing Danny Gokey to Joe Cocker. As a huge Joe Cocker fan, comparing Gokey to Cocker is just blasphemous !”

    I just googled Danny Gokey and Joe Cocker, and found that I’m not the only one who sees a similarity between Gokey’s voice and Joe Cocker’s voice. No one can be as good as Joe Cocker, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a compliment to Danny to make that comparison. 🙂


  77. Skid,

    They are all great song choices, I’m afraid though that Queen has been so over done on the show that Adam would be compared. But he would totally rock singing any thing by Freddie. Would also like to hear him do some Def Leopard. I could also see Kris doing a Kenny Loggins song. What’s the one (my brain is old), “even though we ain’t got money”, I think he could really do that one justice. Ahhh!!! the list is endless.

    I, however, have to get off this computer and get some work done. I seriously think that my family is looking into some kind of Idol re-hab for me. Hopefully, whatever they find, the nice people there will let me watch Adam so that we can talk about it later in group!


  78. Azzuri, Simon actually said in his TV Guide Interview the other day that Adam is the only contestant that has internationl, world-wide appeal. The others will have success in US market only – you can google it. SO the good news is that Adam will be promoted around the world, and perhaps you’ll be able to see him in a live concert close to your home…I know, as I said before – I can’t wait to see him live in a real “Adam Lambert Concert”.


  79. Can we move on from the whole Adam made a choice thing…he is honest and there is nothing wrong with that. It is afterall a competition and there is no rule that says he had to take the Melinda/David route. They have more passive type personalities and prob care more about what people will think of their opinions. To each his own.


  80. I have to say that I still can not calm down… And the more I think about last night show the more disgusted I feel. I did not comment on the Kitchen episode… So here we are, celebrating birthdays, baking cakes, feeling warm and fuzzy. And all over a sudden they start this fight (I wonder if it was staged or if Danny came out with this on his own)…OMG, the worst slapstic in many years, to show the whole world what we, Americans, consider to be funny – great “family show” with “values” to match. OK, so now we waisted all the food and racked the house…No, thats not enough.. Lets make it even uglier by presenting the bill to Danny and lets listen to his horrible response…WOW!!! AI just outdid themselves!!!! And it went downhill from that lowest of lows. But the rest was discussed to death by now…
    One more observation:
    Can you, folks, imagine what the response would be to this “scene” if we were to replace Danny with Adam?


  81. Oh nica dont’t get me started on the wasted food…disgusting in these times…world poverty etc.
    A dumb thing for AI to do imo.


  82. LOL Oh, come on, people! That food fight was hilarious, staged or not. You don’t have to make such a big deal about such a harmless bit of fun. Lighten up.

    And nica, you sound definitely very perturbed about what happened to Adam last night, but may I ask a question? Did you VOTE for Adam at all? How many votes? Did you vote the WHOLE time (as I do for Danny) or call in just a few? You don’t have to answer any of those questions, because it really isn’t any of my business. However, I guess my point is this. Being a grouch, complaining about last night’s results, making fun of Danny, getting all worked up WILL NOT help Adam at all. If you truly feel he was dealt an injustice, then vote like crazy for him the ENTIRE time next week. Actions speak much louder than words, especially on Idol. Just a suggestion. You’ve been given a gift in a way, Nica. You know you’re favorite is not INVINCIBLE. You know how easily he can lose. You KNOW that you MUST vote to keep him in. Take all of this good away from last night and leave the rest behind.


  83. ^^^all that food on the ground was in poor taste …simple as that. take a look around at what is going on in the world.


  84. living in a third world country prob – it hit a chord with me idk. not saying it was the contestants fault.


  85. Nica, isn’t Adam Jewish? I am surprised Pastors are telling their parishioners who to vote for this season!


    I hope he is. (His Hebrew is excellent in Shir La Shalom – I can understand every word he sang…but of course he could’ve just learned the sounds of the words…) He makes me proud!
    Well, as far as the homophobia and hatred are concerned – nothing new unfortunately…I feel almost like its election season all over again…Silly, but feels that way.

    I am still trying to get rid of this “dirty” feeling from the last night’s show…it brought up so much mud and anger in a lot of us… (sitting at home and looking for a job does not help).

    On the bright side: more will vote, the Feeling Good studio is a masterpiece, and at least two more to come next week!

    And I keep looking at a picture of Adam’s face that he made in the end of Jamie Foxx scene – the cutest ever! That’s my favorite Adam moment now!!!


  86. I understand your point, Kammy, but sometimes you can’t always “think about what is going on in the world.” Sometimes you just have to live life and have fun with your friends. Sometimes making a fun memory that you will take away and keep with you is MORE IMPORTANT than stopping to pause and consider the world’s many problems. I liked to see the contestants just take a break and have some good-spirited fun. Nothing wrong with that at all.


  87. Nica and Kammy…

    Oh gee, I hardly know what to say. The cake thing was staged and I actually thought it was pretty funny,
    showed me another side. It probably got a little out of hand but it showed that they were having fun and that they were HUMAN. The bill for the cleanup was a joke also. Ok, tell you what, I’ll actually vote for Adam a few times next week, make you feel better?


  88. LOL, well said, auntieaudie. For a moment I was afraid I was the only one who wasn’t taking that joke WAY too seriously.


  89. Hi Galen, nice to see you are back!
    Yup, I did my part – about 2000 votes! (the reason I have the count is that I know secs/call on cell and on land and calculated from there, minus several mins of breaks) 3 cell phones and 2 landlines! Drove my family crazy! Recruited people every day by letting him listen to Adam – the rest was done by Adam;s voice…also called in favours from non-Adam fans, so that they would split votes (sorry, I know you are Danny’s fan). Called on Tuesday to remind to vote, explained that calling once is not whats needed… So, what else can I do? If I missed something – give me an idea and I’ll go with it!! oh, was active on Glamberts Forum with various ideas (first for me to join any on-line forum)
    And again, I am NOT making fun of Danny :), I am unhappy with AI producers…its their job to maintain at least a resemblance of good taste (I will not go as far as to say “class”).


  90. Wow! It sounds to me like you are Adam’s #1 fan, nica! I definitely believe that you are supporting Adam with everything in you, and while I may be a Danny fan, I certainly appreciate your dedication to your favorite. In fact, you have inspired me to work harder to support Danny. I always vote the ENTIRE time, but I suppose that is not ALL I can do for him. Anyway, I sincerely hope that both our favorites make it to the Finale, nica. Whatever happens at that point, I know they will both have great success!


  91. I am with you, Galen! They are all uber talented and deserve the bright future they will all have after AI! I am very, very happy for them as well as for us, the fans, as we will have our respective Fav’s music to enjoy!


  92. Hi auntieaudie, I am not sure that throwing food at each other is a sign of being HUMAN…but that’s a matter of taste and no use arguing…

    What realy got me upset is that they managed to put Danny into an awkward position, he himself did not take it as a joke, was taken aback and answered it quite seriously – that was terrible! My heart went out to him!


  93. Louise,

    You’re welcome on the Taylor explanation. Sorry if I sounded angry. I was kind of in “angry Adam fan” mood, so things may have been colored by my mood.

    I have no right to be angry though. I’ve barely voted for him. Tuesday nights, my husband and my 8 month old and I have dinner with our extended families. And even if we haven’t had dinner on a Tuesday for some reason, I don’t usually get to see the show until after the Yankee game is over, because in our house, we always watch the Yankee game. So not much time for voting. And then it’s time to put the baby to bed. And then….out of time.

    And even if I had time, I have to say that I don’t have the patience for it. I’d do it forever if my phone was louder and I didn’t have to put it up to my ear and then take it down. But that gets annoying. *sigh*. I’m a bad fan, I guess. I’m hugely invested in his success, but I’ve got limitations. I’ll buy his music when he makes an album, if I like it.


  94. Kelsey, you are a good fan. You do what you can, taking care of your baby is your first priority – they way it should be.
    If you do call though, you do not need to listen – just see how long is takes to connect (like for my land line- its about 4 secs) and then you can hang up after 4 secs and push redial every time…Oh, you can get you husband to do the same while he is watching yankees… enjoy your 8 month old!


  95. Man! Just listened to Adam’s studio version of Feelin Good and it is like great s** (not sure what i can say here) I think I need a cigarette now lol.


  96. Nica, I hope you stop back at this forum. I wanted to follow up on a couple of things you wrote. First, can you elaborate on how you handle all those phones at one time? I need to improve my technique so I can get more calls in. Maybe I’m not quite ambidextrous enough.

    About Adam’s excellent singing in Hebrew: I noticed the same thing – the enunciation and accent is terrific – you can tell from the “resh” that sounds Israeli rather than the Americanized pronunciation. Quite impressive. Even if he just learned the words, getting that accent down is very impressive. Well, just another reason to love and admire him.


  97. I also had a sickening feeling about the cake-fight messing up that beautiful mansion like that. I don’t know if I would call that “human”. I call that self-indulgent, inconsiderate– who in the world wants to clean that up? How did they go into their respective bathrooms and track that sticky, gooey stuff on the floors, stairs–what about the clothes? who washes them? Did they continue their cake fight in the living room. Yeah, right Ryan Seacreast–“don’t do this at home, kids” is like saying don’t do what I do but do what I say. Ugh, that is the worse part I have ever seen on AI….puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Bring back the AI Gives


  98. When Taylor Hicks was on AI and came out and sang, the SONG was the center of his performance, and whatever came out of that (his wacky moves) was a natural response to how he felt about what he was singing.

    Excellent! I agree with all the positive comments on this talented singer! What a joy to see him perform. He has a great sense of humor and is so pleased to be doing what he loves!! Too bad AI didn’t support him properly!


    Allison sing a Janis Joplin tune
    Kris sing a Steve Perry tune
    Danny sing a John Fogerty tune
    Adam sing a Freddie Mercury song.

    Great list Skid! I fear that Kris will fail, but I want somebody to do Journey.

    So glad I was right about Adam’s singing in Hebrew.

    This is such an interesting forum, MCL!!


  99. Bring back AI Gives Back.

    I still think the cake-fight is utterly immatured and irresponsible.

    If this is a family-oriented show; I’d bet you that the kids world-wide will do the same thing and say to their mothers, “Well, they do it on AI.”

    Not da bomb. We learn so much from AI Gives Back.

    Well, I guess I need to chill for now.


  100. SS, I found the whole cake incident to be a total waste of time. Teen girls may act like that (I know from my daughters). However, it put Danny in a very bad light, as did his comments about the cleaning bill. I felt sorry for Danny fans.

    Kammy, I appreciate your comments. Thank you!

    Adam is still a unique and talented performer. Nica, you are “fun” to read! 🙂

    As an Anoop fan, I am not involved as much in the TOP 3 choices debate.

    As a Jason fan, I was able to relax and enjoy the wonderful talent of both David’s.

    Kelsey, enjoy that precious little baby! 🙂 My Granddaughter, Kelsie is walking now and waddles back and forth. So funny!


  101. Here’s a link to the most recent AI interview with Adam (hope it works). Really worth watching. Shows more of his intelligence, grace, humility, and depth.

    (In case the link doesn’t work, you’ll find the video on the Adam Lambert section of the american idol site.)



  102. Nanine, my technique (Ha, ha, I find it hillarious that we are this crazy…but we are…I just love it):
    1) set up speed dial on you cell(s)
    2) make a call and watch how many secs it takes to connect and hear the beginning of “thank you” words
    3) dial on land line, so you can do redial (or repeat (1) for land phone )
    4) repeat (2) for land phone
    5) collect as many phones as you can and do the above on each one
    6) collect as many hands that can dial as you can find
    among your family members and friends
    7) make sure all phones are charged fully
    8) prepare your other necessities (food/beverages, etc), so as not to waste time getting it…
    9) I found that I can only dial on two phones at the same time with some kind of efficiency: it is very wasy to hit the speed dial synchronously with both hands, puch the button every x seconds – x comes from (2) and (4), same with “end” button
    10) watch other hands (the ones that are not yours), so that they do not slack of
    11) use encouragement to energise the troops
    12) if (11) stops working – intimidate!
    13) if (12) stops working – bribe!
    14) allow small breaks (5 mins), but watch that they do not extend to more time
    15) prepare internally for being lauphed at, ridiculed, etc…put up that wall, but do not give up!
    16) 11pm actually comes and you can give all the hands massage and a warm bath
    17) try not to feel guilty that you still did not do enough

    Wow, that was fun…I am looking for comments and suggestions for improvement!

    Adam’s Hebrew: yes, you are absolutely correct about his accent, I did not comment on that before:
    not only his “reish” is good, but also “haf”- which is very difficult for us as one has to elicit this little “glowling” sound from the bottom of one’s throath, engaging totally different mussles from the ones we are used to – Adam did it perfectly!

    But do you remember his accent in Brigadoon?
    it is so adorable!!! someone on some board asked if he was Irish just from listeneing to that…

    Have you submitted the “ambidextrous’ into the “official dictionary”? please do – its great! I have three words submitted ; its one of the most enjoyable outcomes of the glamberts for um IMO

    Also, thank you for the link. I was very happy to hear that Adam mentioned that he wants to do something new, sort of go where no one has gone before… I can’t wait! With his talents it will be sensational I am sure. I have to mention that I absolutely love the Crawl thru Fire in Zodiac… so if he goes in that direction – I’ll be thrilled, although I am not sure how it would be received by masses…

    There is an interesting interview with David Moss – google “David Moss Adam Lambert”

    Karianne, thank you. I love reading all of the posts on this board… we are all so different and thats what makes it so interesting for me. It is the first time that I am participating (thank you, Adam)…


  103. nica,

    You forgot to mention putting the phone on speaker so you don’t have to hold the receiver up to your ear waiting for someone to answer. Now I know most avid voters would know this, but there may be some that don’t, and those are the ones you must educate!

    Ah, yes. Brings back such memories of voting for Taylor Hicks!


  104. nica you are a riot!!! lol I am sure Adam would appreciate all the effort his fans put in for him. I cant vote in Jamaica but I sure wish I could. GO ADAM!!!


  105. nica,

    wow – thanks for the effort in putting your procedure manual in writing. :-). I obviously have to really up my game – I see how slack I’ve been up until now.

    And you’re absolutely right about the “haf” or “chaf”. That’s a difficult one for most non-native speakers.

    I’ve been only a casual AI watcher until this season, and probably voted no more than 10 times in the entire AI history. My brother — whose more of a football/baseball fanatic – got me into watching and once I saw Adam I was so hooked. But It was really when I started watching/listening to all of Adam’s youtube stuff that I really saw the magnitude of his talent and potential impact. It’s not an understatement to say that he has changed my life. Here I am, a 50-something urban chick (haha) mad-dialing and participating in forums for the first time. This has sure gotten me out of my comfort zone and expanded my internet universe. I still feel like a newbie though in knowing where to get info and feel connected into the mad world of Adamania. I don’t think I know how to post into the dictionary. I love music, love to dance, but not in many many years have I glommed onto a single performer in this way. What is happening to me??? One of the best things has been stumbling onto this site, reading MCL’s analyses and meeting the new “friends” who post here. That is delicious. I enjoy reading all the diverse spins, opinions, technical pespectives (I have zero vocal or musical training) and intelligent, respectful repartee.


  106. Skid, thank you for the speaker. Ill include it into my V2.0
    I am also going to post it on Glambert’s forum 🙂 – that will get lots of ideas added…

    Dictionary submission: go to the AI site, Forums, Adam Lambert, find ” Official Dictionary” thread and post there. The initiator of that thread maintains it – you can see it as the very first post, together with contributor’s acknowledgement. BTW: it made to, where it was partialy published. It is very, very funny – worth the look.
    RE you decription of yourself: I can repeat almost all of it word by word, as a matter of fact the only thing I would have to delete is the “brother” part. All the rest is exactly me — interesting… I actually thought about why we all got so “hooked” and I think I know for myself what those addicitive ingridients are…
    I am very greatful that this is happenning to me, mainly it is an escape – a good, healthy one, helping me to handle my job search “job” that I am in now and deal with lots of other “life” things…

    This site is wonderful, as the participants are mature and comments/discussions are very engaging, I am learning a lot from MCL’s analysis and posts. The only other place on this level that I know of is the “from the industry perspective” thread on AI AL forum. I got many answers there – visit if you have time.


  107. very interesing – I copied from glamberts forum:

    if you go to tube dot com and attach /watch?v=HblLv6aoZw0 after com you’ll get the vid.

    It’s 30 minutes long, Adam talk starts at the 18:00. Great stuff. Here is some a summary and some quotes:

    The idols can ask for help on anything basically. Except song choice – they choose and what key they sing in. Sam Harris begins, “What I consider the white elephant… Adam Lambert. He’s just brilliant” And that he gets compared to Sam Harris quite often and Sam’s overjoyed that he has talent (because of the comparison). “To me, he is clearly somebody who is listening to what is being told, but he’s NOT compromising himself”. People are out of their comfort zone on disco and showtunes… but Adam attacks the disco song changes the style and Orland finds it fantastic.

    “That’s the whole point of finding your voice as an artist, take a piece of music and turn it into something that expresses your point of view. That’s what music is.” It does not mean you need to sing with a country accent. Thousand blogs on Sam Harris and Adam Lambert.

    “No break in voice. No break in chest voice to falsetto.” Sam Harris not a fan of singing into a camera. He believes it a performance should be ‘captured’. “Adam and a couple of others are coming from a theatrical place, understanding that this is a point of view, it’s about something, it’s about someone, it’s about a situation. It’s not that it could be any song in any place in time, and that is a big standout.” So they believe there are times where you have to play to the camera.


  108. nica,

    Thank you for the link to the article on Adam. It was a great read, and I agree, I think they should show the numbers, but the only way they would show them is if they were right if he was in fact in the bottom. Otherwise, we’ll never know! I know that I will be voting like mad on Tuesday night.


  109. I just noticed a typo in my previous post. Ouch. I meant “who’s”, not whose.

    nica, thx for your reply and your recent post. You are truly a fount of information. And, it seems, a kindred spirit. You may already have seen this, but there’s a thread on AI forum “Caught by surprise, a guy for Adam” who writes about how Adam has inspired him to re-examine his life and make changes. The many responses that follow have similar sentiments. I thought this might inspire you in your job search (for which I wish you much luck).

    Another first for me: considering going to the tour concert. Only one motivation of course – ’cause it might be as long as a year before I have an opportunity to see Adam Lambert in concert otherwise! I’ve managed to recruit a couple of friends to go, yay. Has anyone ever gone to one of these concerts? Do they sell out quickly? Do you need to buy tix on the day they go on sale?


  110. Nanine,

    Thank You! for the link, that too was a great read! Very inspiring!


  111. Vonnie – you’re most welcome! It made me think about how people impact each other without even knowing the great ripples that are created. Wouldn’t it be interesting to compile say 500 people’s stories of their own Adam Effect into a book? I believe we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. I don’t mean to over- Adam-adulate here, but I have felt from the outset that his gift is far greater than just the magical entertainment value he brings. This is why even though there are other talented singers on AI, for me there’s no contest.

    nica, thanks so much for the links – I loved the Moss interview, and the Sam Harris vlog. I rooted for him for his Star Search win, those many years ago. I even remember the Ted Mack Amateur Hour which ran through 1970 (Irene Cara was discovered there). So I guess I’m more a fan (junkie?) of talent search programs than I was willing to admit!


  112. Hi Nanine, thank you, I teared up.. Really…your idea of a book – I thought the same, just because he somehow touched all of us with all our different lives, believes….but we all feel it, he is a truly inspirational figure.. this is so much more than a beuatiful voice in a beautiful body. You add beautiful spirit and strong will and the result is exponential…So now we all see a part of our dream in his life, our dormant desires are awaken and we find new energy and resolve to keep going…
    back to earth: we must be recruiting … my “manual” is being expanded…Ha, at least I feel like I am contributing somehow…


  113. Hello! Hello!

    Nanine and Nica (and other Adam fans), Anoop’s Troopers made a book for Anoop Desai. In the book was photos, poems, ‘love’ letters,stories, pictures of babies watching Anoop on TV, etc. What’s great about this is that the fans in charge will have the opportunity to give it to their favorite Idol in person!!

    Nica, I was able to get in 15 extra votes for Anoop bt calling right after the last contestant’s phone number is given by Ryan. So, as AI reviews the performances I was voting and the calls went through. Even if you get a busy signal, just keep redialing, then you’ll hear “Thank you”. Immediately hang up and redial!


  114. lakhesis, when I mentioned the “Huff” move, I didn’t know if you knew this procedure was done to George Huff in Season 3?

    It was the Top 7 (Barry Manilow theme) and the contestants were divided into two groups. Ryan told George Huff to go to the group that was the Top 3 in votes. Poor George, he didn’t know what to do and felt really bad about having to make this decision. He chose the group with the highly praised African-American females. It was a shocker because:

    Bottom 3 were: Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London and Fantasia Barrino

    Top 3 were: John Stevens, Jasmine Trias, and Diana DeGarmo

    The “Huff” move has been used every season since then.

    Vonnie, LOVE the fact that beside Louise and myself, there’s someone else here (let’s not forget to include MCL) that REALLY appreciates who Taylor Hicks is, as a person, and a musician.

    Oh, and don’t forget me – as my previous comments indicate! 🙂 I am still mulling over the “entertainer” comment. I still believe that Taylor is the best ENTERTAINER from all eight seasons. Adam is the best PERFORMER from all eight seasons. I hope that does make sense!


  115. Kariann, thank you, yes, thats what we do and it is part of the “manual” 🙂
    BTW: now that Anoop is out are you in adam’s camp? OR should I start recruiting you? LOL


  116. Nanine,

    The Idol Tour tickets go on sale Saturday May 9th, I believe the presale starts on Thursday, May 7th, through Ticketmaster. I am in the process of getting the presale password and will post it here for you when I get it. There are already tickets for sale at Stubhub for ridiculous amounts of money. The last few years I have bought tickets the minute the presale starts and they’re never great, good but not great. If you don’t have a Ticketmaster account it would probably be a good idea for you to set one up ahead of the sale date. The last 2 years I have purchased tickets then the closer to the concert dates I scout around for better tickets on Ebay, Craigslist or other ticket outlets like Stubhub. Last year I ended up with tickets in the second row about a week before the concert and they cost twice as much as the face value. I wouldn’t buy tickets on the floor unless they were fairly close, lower bowl closest to the stage is the best, depending on the venue of course. I’ll be sure to post the presale password, look out for it.


  117. Nanine,

    Forgot to mention that the last 2 years I had no problem selling my original tickets on Craigslist at face value.


  118. auntieaudie, thanks – I’ll be looking for the password. I’ll either be going to the NY or NJ venue – don’t know how those places compare as far as availability or seating but I will follow your suggestions.


  119. Anoop just appeared on VH1 Best Week Ever as their favorite Idol. It was an entertaining episode! No singing, just a comedy skit regarding Quentin’s pep talk. Anoop was so cute and funny!! I laughed so hard!

    This is only the second time an American Idol appeared on the show. David Cook was on last year! COOL!


  120. Nica, at this point I am not voting. However, I am a huge fan of Adam. I have enjoyed his performances and recognize his talent. I hope he tones down one of his performances and just sings. I still believe he will win, but it won’t come easily. I will vote in the Finale.

    When Kris is voted off, I anticipate that his voters will move towards Danny. This may result in an upset for the title.

    My tickets were purchased off eBay and they were $35 more than face value. It was well worth the money, although the seats weren’t that great. My daughters gave me this treat as a birthday gift.



  121. Kariann, please VOTE!!! ADAM!!! How can you not???? We are living thru a real life “the STAR IS BORN” experience! How can you not participate??? LOL, I could not help but write this… – I DO respect your choice…

    I was thinking of going to the tour concert… but then decided that there is no way I can sit thru listening to everyone else, waiting for Adam to do one or two songs, especially if he does not win… (as I said before – I am imprinted on him and can not even hear any other voices). If he does win – I’ll rethink, as everyone is saying that the winner gets to do more than others… I am in NYC, so, Nanine – we can go together 🙂 (we’ll excersize our Hebrew as a bonus 🙂
    In the meantime I had another 4 hour sleep night – I need therapy, as I do not remember being like this with any of my past – real life infatuations. good thing I am not alone, the same exact phenonmenon is happenning to other glamberts…


  122. I absolutely love the comradeship on this site!

    I am not very musically inclined, I play piano, but only if I have notes in front of me. I started playing later in life, so it doesn’t come naturally to me. I love to read MCL’s critiques, although I must say, I don’t always (ever) know what she is referring to when she speaks of the techniques of the singers. My dad used to tell me I couldn’t carry a tune if I had it in a bucket, and he is so right!

    Kariann 1,

    This could be very well why I can’t tell the difference between performing and entertaining, HA! I just know that when Adam is performing I am always “Entertained”. And I agree with nica, “please vote for Adam”!


  123. nica, you’re in NYC – how awesome! The friends who said they would go are not quite as fanatical as I am and it would be nice to be with a fellow glambert. How can we get in touch directly? The tickets go on sale this coming week and I want to be able to grab the best I can get.


  124. I can’t help but make the comparison between AI and our recent presidential election. 🙂 I don’t want to stir any political discussion, just to say that Obama would not be our president if not for a strategic, well planned, well executed, cohesive drive to get out the vote,and the people who actually took the action to cast their vote. So Kariann1 and others, whoever your favorite is – vote!!! It’s your right and your privilege. Obama, if he does nothing else, has already changed history, and Adam can change our cultural and emotional history. On the surface it’s a singing competition, but it’s so much more. With other reality shows I don’t care so much who wins, but Adam’s presence in this competition has introduced a new element into the game. Check out Ann Powers’ LA Times article via nica’s link several posts above – she addresses the larger cultural context of AI and music in a really well written and illuminating piece. Even if you don’t agree with her, it it’s thought-provoking.


  125. sorry, this is the correct link for the article. (nica’s is for a different, albeit good, one)


  126. Nanine, just got on and saw that you want get in touch. I’d love to! Go to Galmberts forum, my name there is nica575. I read that there is a way to send what they call PM – I suppose its a personal massage… I have never done that yet…. If you want – give me you avatar name and I’ll figure it out and send you my contact info.
    I have to feed my son now, I’ll be back here in about an hour and read the rest of the comments. WOw, I am so happy!!!!


  127. interesting article, Nanine. OK, Going to socialise and recruit voters…


  128. I have been catching up on all the posts here and I noticed the discussion about Taylor Hicks and Joe Cocker. I can speak to this, because I saw Joe Cocker perform. I was in college, back in New York at the state university at Stonybrook, Long Island. A guy I was seeing literally begged and pleaded with me to go to his concert. I finally relented. Well, I can say that it was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had. Seeing Joe Cocker live was almost indescribable. He was beyond magnetic, powerful and mesmerizing.

    He closed with Delta Lady and I could actually feel the seats vibrating and the whole concert hall seemed like it was shaking. Everyone was standing and dancing, clapping and singing along and it was electric. There never will be anyone like him again. I also learned a lesson from that. I learned that I should always keep an open mind and never prejudge anyone. I thought I would hate listening to him, that it would be way too far out of my comfort zone. Well, I loved listening to him even though he was way out of my comfort zone. I vowed to always keep an open mind.

    I like to think that my ability to embrace Adam is part of the life lesson I learned when I saw Joe Cocker in concert. I would like to think that is what helped me to keep an open mind. Now here I am, dangling as if in free fall, out of my musical comfort zone and loving every single minute of it.

    If I am being totally honest, I must say that there is absolutely no comparison between Joe Cocker and Taylor Hicks. I do not mean that as an insult. I just cannot put the two in the same league. I was not a huge fan of Taylor Hicks and had other favorites that season, namely Elliot Yamin and Katherine McPhee. I thought he was a great performer, likeable, enjoyable, but not particularly memorable or strong vocally. I do not mean any disrespect to Taylor at all. I just have to call it as I see it. There never has been and never will be, another Joe Cocker and that’s as it should be.


  129. nica, I may not have time to figure out the Glamberts forum till tomorrow night as I am away for the weekend; in the meantime my avatar name is cougar4adam :-). hope you can figure it out. I assume the system enables you to send an email to the email address I registered? I didn’t enter any other information on my profile there. what fun.


  130. Let me tell you, the Glamberts are a real challenge to the Claymates and Soul Patrol. I visited over at the AI forum and you have a strong base. A fellow Anoop Troopers started a thread there and posted:

    People are still so listless, disinterested and depressed about the whole deal and our great loss..

    She described exactly how I feel about Anoop’s departure. He didn’t have his own little package. They ran out of time, so he got no on-air support from the judge’s. He had to share his interview time with Lol, and often didn’t get to sing all of his songs. Because of the “Judge’s Save”, Anoop did not make the Top 5 like he should have! Yes, I am still sad!

    Howver, I did commit to sending along some votes for Adam each week. I’ll vote more for him in the Finale. You all are so nice!


  131. More advice for the Glamberts from a Dreadhead… make sure you purchase a Tee shirt with his color on it. It will be easier to locate each other. Many kept in touch through cell phones outside the arena.

    Also, the Dreadheads met about 2 hours ahead of show time at a certain restaurant. It was a hamburger/hot dog price range. It was nice to see people you have been posting with for a long time.

    Several had home made signs. Bright and glimmery. It will be easier to find each other as you roam about. Also, try to meet the Idols at their bus when they arrive OR after the concert. You need to know where they will be, so check that out, too! There are so many of you – that will make it even more fun!


  132. Vonnie – I know how you feel about not having a clue regarding what MCL writes! But … I started reading on her website about AI at the beginning of Season 3, and found this article on one of my favorite reality TV websites

    Although I don’t have ANY problems on this website, Rosanne mentioned last season that she had a lot of pop-ups, so you may want to be sure you have a pop-up blocker turned on (there’s a good, free one as a part of the Google search toolbar).

    Roseanne describes in detail many of the terms that she uses in the Masterclass reviews, and I’ve found it so helpful that I’ve had it bookmark since 2004, and refer to it every year!

    I hope this helps you as much as it did me!


  133. Speaking of Adam being Jewish, I found a couple of songs on YouTube … I’m not Jewish, but I know heart and soul when I see/hear it! WOW!



  134. Kariann, Thank you for your advice and fun ideas. I have a couple of ?s re tour concerts: HOw much time does each idol get to perform? Do they have lots of group numbers? How long is the concert? (in short I want to know how much of Adam’s performance will be there…i.e. if it is all group numbers and one solo, then I am not sure I want to go…)

    Also, thank you so much for voting for Adam! I am sort of recruiting all the time now (ha, the hardest case happens to by my 16 year old son, but I did not get to the bribery stage with him yet 🙂
    I was sorry to see Anoop go, I would prefer him to stay longer – I really like his voice. I see some Anoop fans in glambert land now, so please join!

    Nanine, I could not connect to you due to “privacy” settings in your profile, but I saw some postings today re “PM problems”.. I’ll try today again.

    Anita, thx for the site – I need help as well 🙂

    Have a great Sunday everyone!


  135. nica, I will fix the privacy setting. try again tonight.


  136. Anita, thank you for the “Jewish” links. Being that I am not just a fan, but an obsessed fan – I’ve heard everything on utube that there is to find there… But I so enjoyed listening to this again – once I clicked now!
    I actually used the Shir LaShalom to “initiate” my 80+ mom on Adam. That got her interest right away (“what a nice Jewish boy, with cantorial training behind him”:)…The second thing I got her to listen to was Crawl Thru Fire (my favorite). She was somewhat stunned, but after that, she was ready for anything between these two extremes… So, now she is totally with me, votes, comes up with words for the Galmberts dictionary and charges her cell and land phones prior to Tues. 8pm…


  137. nica, I changed some settings which hopefully will enable you to add me as a friend and/or send me a message. if that still doesn’t work let me know and I will give you another way to contact me. whew, way more complicated than I thought – for my level of ability, anyway. I think I need to ask a fifth-grader to help – they seem to know it all!


  138. nica, just read your mom post. My mom is 80 and while not fully initiated as a Glambert, she is definitely a strong Adam fan and supporter. We were on the phone together when he did “Satisfaction” and I was amazed that she really liked it. That’s actually the first time I saw him, since I hadn’t been interested in watching (didn’t know about him yet.) Last week she went out for a Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration but made sure to record the show!! And she’s voting. I doubt I can convince her to do it for 2 hours but she’s making a valiant effort.


  139. I just saw the news that David Cook’s brother, Adam, passed away at 1 am due to comlications of brain cancer. My heart goes out to the family. How very sad!


  140. Nanine, I sent the friend request, check if you got it, the system did not give me any feedback. If this does not work – are you on AIM? I can give you my name there and we can decide on time and connect that way.

    All, I apologise for making these personal posts, but as soon as we connect – this will stop.

    In the meantime – I use this site as a pointer to lots of Adam’s works, including his original music – thats all the way on the bottom under “more music”. Adam’s fans will enjoy and I hope it will convince everyone else that he is a great talent!


  141. Anita,

    Thank you so much for the website! I will definitely check it out!



  142. Reading all of the most recent posts here reminds me very much of the Gray Charles website for Taylor Hicks in Season 5!!! Believe it or not, everyone who posted on that site was as “gaga” for Taylor as some of you are for Adam. I just read on another site that people think Adam is the next Elvis–they said the same thing about Taylor.

    And Mindy, I’m really jealous that you actually got to see Joe Cocker in concert. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I don’t think he is touring any longer. While there is only one Joe Cocker, I have to add that seeing Taylor in concert was an incredible experience too. I saw him once on his solo tour after Idol, and also saw the Idol show that summer. The people who have closed their minds to Taylor are missing an incredibly entertaining show. I too loved Elliott–I voted for Taylor and Elliott for most of the season. I had tickets to see Elliott in concert too but right before the concert began I had an allergic reaction and ended up in the emergency room. My daughter and friends stayed at the concert and said it was wonderful. I keep hoping that he returns here again soon.


  143. nica, I sent you a message and accepted the friend request.
    I appreciate everyone’s indulgence while nica and I have worked out getting in touch.


  144. Oh, how sad that David Cook’s brother has passed on. I can just imagine the heartache the family is feeling. My favorite from Season 4 was Anthony, and his brother also died of cancer within a year of the tour. Maybe they can touch base. Both Idols were so extremely close to their brothers *sob sob*


  145. Nica, each concert is different. Chickeze was the perfect opening act and had a whole lot of energy. He sang three songs. I believe runner-up gets 4 songs and winner 5 songs. Plus there was a group number which was really nice!

    I must warn you that the girls’ screaming interfers with some of the songs. They were more quiet on the slow numbers. Jason was very popular, but the screams weren’t as disturbing. Hahaha…

    So, please be prepared for lots of noise and excitement! When you first sit down, check out the people around you and the color of their tee shirts. I have a feeling there will be lots of his color tee-shirts around.

    No one boos any of the Idols. The concert was about two hours. Some said it was shorter than the previous years. I wish they would invite Alexis.

    Oh, they sell photographs of each Idol. I bought Jason’s photo for $5.00. The shirts and other items were kinda of expensive. So plan accordingly.

    I was so envious of the fans that met their Idol(s) and got photos and autographs. Maybe you and Nanine will be lucky? I hope so!


  146. Reading all of the most recent posts here reminds me very much of the Gray Charles website for Taylor Hicks in Season 5!!! Believe it or not, everyone who posted on that site was as “gaga” for Taylor as some of you are for Adam. I just read on another site that people think Adam is the next Elvis–they said the same thing about Taylor.

    I know the last statement is definitely true; MCL herself made a similar comment!

    I echo your comment on a larger scale; I think it’s wonderful that fans here are so inspired by Adam, but I just wanted to give a shoutout to the many other Idols who have inspired their diverse and large fan bases as well. Many Idol fanatics in the past have compiled books of artwork and writing for their favorite contestant, pitched in to send these Idol contestants presents, donated to their Idol contestant’s favorite charity, and so forth. I have read many stories from fans of how a certain contestant’s music helped them persevere through sickness, suffering, and trials. (A story about a young girl who died from cancer and loved Kelly Clarkson’s music broke my heart!) The power of music is truly incredible.

    For me, Kelly Clarkson is the one who has touched my heart the most. Her music has gotten me through so much in the last (nearly) seven years. Her heart is as much an inspiration to me as her music. And as far as I am concerned, her voice is the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. She is the only one who reduces me to tears with her voice. And I think the point of this post is not to downplay the impact that Adam has had on people’s lives but to highlight the impact that other Idol contestants have had on other people’s lives. I just want everyone to respect other people’s choices for their “favorite Idol” and understand that maybe in a different lifetime—different life experiences, timing, and whatnot—any one of us could have as easily been captivated by another singer, rather than the one who has captivated us now, and that truth is really a testament to how all these different Idol contestants have something different and inspiring to offer to their fans as artists, singers, and human beings.


  147. What you write is so true J.

    Do you recall the fans sending Jason Castro 150 balloons delivered in 8 cars to the studio where they were rehearsing? It was a madhouse. Most of the balloons were given to children at the local hospitals.

    I wasn’t a part of that! However, I believe local shops have been instructed not to make such deliveries. Jason had been sick for two weeks and the balloons were sent to cheer him. Oh, my goodness, the other Idols teased him about this incident the rest of the season!


  148. Hi, everyone! I wanted to point out this article I read (via MJ’s Big Blog):

    Essentially, the article says that the bottom 3 is correct and so is the eliminated contestant, BUT the producers have the liberty to play with the public’s perception of the bottom 2/3.

    This is actually the first time that there has been a bottom 3 for the top 5, and if you think about it, being in the bottom 3 of 5 is not that difficult. I would not be surprised if it was simply the case that Adam ended up dead center in the voting, and the producers decided to run with that for dramatic effect.


  149. Kariann1 – That anecdote is adorable! I cannot imagine the sight of so many balloons! I am sure that Jason was incredibly encouraged by such display of affection (and even the teasing!). I love seeing the dedication of fans to their favorite contestant; it is very heartwarming. Thanks for sharing. =)


  150. J, the Dreadheads also made up a Memory Book for him (maybe even 2or 3) and met him backstage to deliver the tresures. Oh, they also bought him a camera so he could do a V-blog. He was such a character.

    I sent donations to his favotite charity and Idol Gives Back. After all, I am a mature (Grammie) lady. 😉


  151. Louise –

    I should clarify exactly when I saw Joe Cocker perform. Since I am not middle-aged and saw him when I was in college, it was decades ago in the early 70’s. That was when he was at his peak. So I do consider myself extremely lucky. I have never forgotten that experience.

    I am sure that Taylor Hicks is great in a live performance. He always was great at connecting with the audience. Seeing him again on Idol this past week reminded me just how likeable, charming and engaging he is. I am not trying to demean him by saying he is no Joe Cocker. Nobody is Joe Cocker. There is only one. He is just in a class of his own. What Taylor does, he does quite well. I am glad that he had the opportunity to come back to Idol and hope that it helps him as he launches his new cd.

    Sometimes, it’s not easy to choose a favorite on Idol. I thought there was a lot of talent the season of Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin and Katherine McPhee.


  152. Louise –

    Sorry, I am tired and I made a typo in my last post. I said I was NOT middle-aged, when I meant to say that I am NOW middle-aged. Without that clarification, what I said makes no sense.


  153. Thanks, Mindy. I understood it was a typo when I read it–I have a feeling that a number of us who blog here are around the same age. I loved your description of the Cocker concert–I’ve always imagined it would be that way.


  154. Kariann, thank you for the tour rundown. I am happy to hear that we are talking several songs as long as Adam gets into top 3. Ya, I haven’t thought of screaming girls…or may be I’ll be screaming with them…I sure feel like when Adam performs… Well, its an experience, I’ve never been to a popconcert (believe it or not), so perhaps its time…


  155. Mindy . . . you will not believe this, but I opened the morning newspaper and on the front page of the entertainment section saw that Joe Cocker is actually performing in concert about 90 minutes from where I live TONIGHT! I’m trying to find someone else who wants to see him. I just can’t believe the coincidence!!! I’m wondering what he’s like now since he has to be at least in his late 60’s. I’ll have to look for recent reviews to make sure that it’s worth it if I do get to go.


  156. Well, Adam is certainly going to have to be more strategic in his game from now on. He is contoversial in the sense that he invokes in his listeners either love or hate, and precious little in between. It is difficult to be indifferent to him.

    Adam’s challenge will be to win over the fans of the Idol contestants who left. For now, it will be fans of Matt. Clearly, his rendition of Feeling Good, which left Kara feeling confused, did not win over the fans of Anoop and Lil.

    Adam should play the next round straight. No more Ring of Fire and Feeling Good confusion. It should be Satisfaction, Black or White, Tracks or Mad World type of rendition.

    The duet will also not work to Adam’s advantage as his vocals sans screaming or vocal gymnastics seems to be less outstanding in the Group Sing.

    I love Adam and I hope he surprises us all again with a sensational popular rendition that will re-gain him back his well deserved pole position.


  157. Oh Nica, you need to know this is not your typical pop/rock concert! 🙂 The closest concert I have gone to which has the same excitement was JOURNEY. Concert goers were on their feet the entire concert.

    For the Idol Concert, not all the Idols get the same amount of attention. Since there are 7 guys, it will be even more ‘fangirly’. LOL! For some, the entire audience will stand for ALL the songs. It helps if the people around you like the same ones that you do!

    Louise, I think there are quite a few (early) Baby Boomers in this group!


  158. Nica and Nanine, what kind of camera do you have?


  159. Kariann1 said, “I think there are quite a few (early) Baby Boomers in this group!” Early Baby Boomers is a much more appealing description than “senior citizen.” Thanks! 🙂


  160. Hi folks,
    I want to “Report” that Nanine and I have happily connected -thank you again for your patience with our “personal” posts here.
    We decided that we are going to the tour concert in August. So, now we have to get the tickets!


  161. Speaking of tickets – auntieaudie, do you have the password you mentioned? BTW, why does one need a password? and is Ticketmaster the only place to get tickets (other than at inflated prices such as stubhub)? Thanks for your help, anyone who can answer.


  162. oops, posted but did not finish…
    Kariann – you mentioned the “code” for pre-sale…How do you get it? and when? Please share with us…thx

    IN the meantime I am so excited that it is Tuesday! In the Glamberts land we call it “Adam day” (Monday is “Adam Eve”).

    idleidolfan, I totally agree with you – the voter dynamic is probably not in Adam’s favour… however, the devoted fans got energised last week, so I hope we’ll get thru this week. I can not see Adam going “safe” on a rock week, I hope he goes all the way out, we’ll enjoy it…To tell you the truth I have no idea how anyone else can measure up to him, but as you said, the quality does not matter in this case, its more “political” than anything else…
    RE duets: I agree with you again, it is a “loose-loose” for Adam: if he lets his real voice go – he’ll be accused of “oversinging” and if he holds himself back – he will not be as great as he is… My hope is though, that his pro experience will carry him and he’ll surprise us all again. BTW: are you voting? Please do.

    Kariann, I have a farely new Cannon camera with 1MB of memory. Why are you asking? What advice do you have?

    I am looking forward to discussing tonight’s performance on this forum and please visit us in Glambert land.


  163. WOW, I just re-read my own post and I DO SOUND LIKE A COMMERCIAL…. sorry,,,LOL!


  164. Nanine, In the past, there has been a password that allows you to buy tickets before the ‘actual’ sale date. I have found that it’s cheaper to go to the venue to get tickets, as you don’t have to pay the outrageous TicketMaster fees. However, I’m not clear as to if you can get the password advance tickets at the venue. Also, at the venue, if there’s a long line, it will take a while, so if the show might sell out, Ticketmaster is much faster. Lastly, if you live a long way from the venue, obviously it’s not worth it to drive there for tickets!
    Hope this helps a bit!


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