Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 8: Group Three Results Show

American Idol This is a traveling day for me, so I may or may not be home in time to see the Group 3 Results Show.    This time traveling factor is less problematic for me, given the fact that the talented Jason Castro will not be performing on the Results Show as planned.

Since I was really looking forward to this live performance and bemoaning the fact that I would be on a plane instead in front of my television set, I am relieved that I won’t be missing Jason after all.  I am sure that he will be re-scheduled at a later date.

And , the results are, well, the results – three will advance and that will be that – unless the producers have yet another surprise in addition to announcing the Wild Card performers.

I am not too sure why Jason’s performance was canceled or postponed, but, according to sources, there is exciting news in store for him – and by proxy for us -in the near future.  That’s good enough for me.

So, on with the results and, if all goes well with the “time travel” thing from my end, I can catch the last half hour of this show.

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14 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 8: Group Three Results Show”

  1. Well . . . bored. LOL I can’t wait until the show is on! After thinking about it a bit, the three people who I think are going to make the Top 12 tonight are Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, and Von Smith. Von is the one I am least sure of, but I think he deserves it.


  2. Well; I think there never was a doubt that Lil and Scott would make it through. Was a little bit surprised by Jorge though; definitely expected to see Von or Ju’Not instead…

    The highlight of the night, for me, was the Wild Card revelations! Very happy with nearly all of them…would have liked to have seen Kristen McNamara and Ann Marie Boskovich in that group.

    Eager to hear what everyone else thought of tonight and the Wild Cards!

    Hope your trip home was a pleasant and safe one, MCL!


  3. Happy to see that my favorite singers moved on to the Top 12 and some of my other favorite singers are in the Wild Card Show.

    It will be a great performance show tomorrow night – some really good singers in this Wildcard group.


  4. Thanks Stone Rose. Home at last but very tired. Had a great holiday but always good to come home again.


  5. Welcome home, MCL!!

    Given that they didn’t have enough time for Jorge to finish singing, I can only assume Jason didn’t perform tonight because, what with choosing the Wild Card performers tonight, there just wasn’t enough time. I certainly hope they have him back later on in the season!


  6. So, what are the wild card contestants going to sing? No real time to prepare something new.


  7. Well, I thought tonight’s episode would be exciting and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Overall, I was pleased with the three singers who made it through to the Top 12. I was not surprised in the least to see Scott and Lil make it, but Jorge I didn’t fully expect. In a way, I would’ve prefered Von over him, because I believe that Von gave it his all last night and deserved that spot. Still, Jorge did really good as well and he is a quite likable person, so I am happy for him. Now, here are my thoughts on the Wild Card contestants:

    1. Von Smith: The judges hit the nail on the head with this one. I completely agree with them that he needs another chance. However, I am concerned for him because he really only has one day to prepare for the most important performance of his life, while most of the other Wild Carders have had more time to think about it. Still, I admire his tenacity and drive to succeed. Those traits will take him far not only in this competition, but in life as well.

    2. Tatiana Del Toro: I know the majority of Idol viewers probably groaned in annoyance at this selection. I, however, was in the minority. Tatiana, as strange and grating as she can be at times, performed very well two weeks ago. In fact, after Alexis, I would easily venture to say that she was the second best female of the night. Those tears of joy she was crying are a resounding testament to how badly she wants a spot in the Top 12. Now, without America’s seeming disdain of her holding her back, she only has to win the judges over to advance. I truly and sincerely wish her the best. I have a soft place in my heart for her actually.

    3. Jasmine Murray: Yay! Kudos to the judges for this choice as well. I remember when Jasmine caught my in Hollywood Week, and I thought for sure at the time that she would sail right into the Top 12. However, she really had the odds stacked against her in semi-finals because she not only made a not-so-good song choice, but she had the dreaded curse of going first as well. Basically, she deserved a second chance and she got one. However, if she is going to claim that elusive Top 12 opening, she absolutely must recapture the magic she had in Hollywood Week. A mediocre or “safe” performance just won’t cut it.

    4. Matt Giraud: Like Jasmine, Matt also stood out to me in Hollywood Week. His rendition of “Georgia” on the piano was very soulful and enjoyable. I think he just tried WAY to hard to stand out in the semi-finals by picking a very popular (and great) Coldplay song in hopes that it would curry him favor with the voters. Obviously, he made a mistake in that assumption. However, by the grace of God, Matt has been given one final chance to save himself from being officially banished from Season 8. What does he have to do to make the Top 12? It’s quite simple really. He MUST play to his strengths–and his greatest strength is soulful singing. Choosing a Pop song, for instance, will likely be his undoing. Hopefully, he learned his lesson from that whole “Viva La Vida” fiasco and will come out the better for it.

    5. Ricky Braddy: Good for him. Due to performing so early on in the show and having little to no prior screen time, Ricky just couldn’t get enough votes to make it to the Top 12 (despite the fact that he has amazing vocals). Now, he doesn’t have to worry about lack of screen time or voter popularity. The one thing I dearly love about this Wild Card round is that it effectively evens the playing field for everybody. Fan popularity or lack of exposure are no longer issues at all. What Ricky must do now to succeed in this round is to just use that awesome voice God gave him and give it his all. I wish him the best!

    6. Anoop Desai: Yes! I was so happy he is getting another chance. Having to compete with the likes of Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver in his group could not have been easy, and from what Ryan alluded at, Anoop only missed making the Top 12 by a mere 20,000 votes. You can’t argue with that math. Numbers never lie. Anoop definitely CAN sing and I believe he stands a considerable chance of making the Top 12. I hope he completely and thoroughly blows the judges away!

    7. Megan Joy Corkrey: Well, she definitely deserved a second chance, that’s for sure! I know you really liked her, MCL, so I am glad that she has this amazing opportunity to save herself. Here’s what I think she needs to bring to the table tomorrow night. Her niche obviously appears to be country, so (like Matt Giraud) is absolutely essential that she plays to her strengths and does a country-ish song. However, she must pick one that is more contemporary sounding than the last one she performed. She needs to show the judges that she has all the makings of a current country star!

    8. Jesse Langseth: I was like . . . what?! No offense to Jesse at all, but I did not see this one coming. There were SO MANY other singers who I think should’ve had her spot. To be completely honest, she was actually my least favorite of the singers to perform in Group 1. However, perhaps that was just an off night. Well, here’s the thing, whether I agree with the judges on this one or not, she DOES have a cherished shot at the Top 12, and I truly wish her the best. I hope she can prove wrong my first impressions of her and perform WAY better than she did her first time in the semi-finals. Still, that said, I will be VERY surprised if she makes the Top 12.

    Well, 7 out of 8 wasn’t bad at all! I think the judges have done an exceptional job at choosing the Wild Carders. I am so looking forward to tomorrow night. It’s something I’ve never really seen done on Idol since I’ve started watching it, so that makes it all the more exciting! My only regret is that Nathaniel Marshall didn’t make the Wild Card round. Underneath that guady appearance (and I do believe that is what did him in) is a TERRIFIC voice. I think I will look back on this season and wonder what could’ve happened for him had he been given the chance to advance a little farther. Anyway, it was a very fun night tonight! I’m glad you made it back safe and sound from your vacation, MCL! Good to have you back!


  8. I think Kristen Mcnamara deserved the spot more than Jesse Langseth based purely on vocal talent, but I can speculate as to why the judges may not have picked her. Looking back, even though Kristen has a better voice, she just wasn’t a team player in the group round, and that really left a bad taste in my mouth over her. I mean, she wanted to ‘rest her voice’ on the one night you MUST practice for a performance the next day? She should’ve rested her voice the day BEFORE group round. Poor teamwork on her part. I would’ve been very irritated at her for not wanting to practice, and she caused unneccesary tension in her group. Being a musician means collaborating with others even if you may not be in ‘top’ condition, and she just didn’t show that to me. That’s my take on the situation.


  9. That is a very interesting question, awestruck! I surely hope it won’t be the same songs that didn’t get them through the first time–that wouldn’t make sense. But having one day to prepare a new song doesn’t make much sense either. Hmmmmmm


  10. Awestruck – all the Top 36 contestants are told ahead of time to select a song for the WildCard show – in case they are selected. This gives the vocal coaches and musical arrangers ample time to prepare for their songs. Also, the songs need to have copyright clearance for live televised performance, so this gives the producers time to carry out the legalities of their song selections.


  11. Thanks ReReader. Nice to hear from you again. I was having problems with my email in Florida and I couldn’t respond to your email. Could receive them but couldn’t reply. Very weird!

    I think you are quite correct about the time constraints re Jason’s performance. It seemed to be a very packed show – poor Jorge – you only heard an abbreviated version of his song.

    I am sure Jason will be re-scheduled for another Results show performance. Actually I prefer this, as the Top 36 shows do not receive the same elevated ratings as the Top 12 shows.


  12. You are so right!

    And I see you answered my question below by answering Awestruck, so thanks for that! That makes a lot more sense, but of course that made it all the more stressful for these young artists. This is a brutal winnowing process this year, even more than the last few years, painful to watch.


  13. I think the wildcard crop is very good, except I still don’t think Jasmine Murray is ready for this competition. Her singing in “Love Song” was very tense and throaty. I wish Mishavonna Henson had a second chance; I could tell she really wanted this.

    I’d really like to see Anoop and Von advance. I’ve been a fan of Von from his YouTube videos for a while. I was a little skeptical about Anoop at first, but I saw some videos of his work with the UNC ClefHangers, and I really like his passion! He has great range too.

    Also, I agree with Galen that strangely enough, Tatiana was one of the better ones in Group 1. She was actually in tune, and she was much more composed. I’m not sure if I actually want her to advance to the top 12, but choosing her is not totally bizarre to me.


  14. It was a pretty good show on Tuesday. The three I thought would get through, did get through. Jorge needs to relax a little bit and have some fun. I am sure Puerto Rico is proud of him.

    Von did a good job, so I wasn’t surprised he got into the Wild Card round. For so many, this TOP 36 format is just awful!

    My favorite has been Anoop, although Adam is such an entertainer. Anoop may surprise a lot of people with his talent. I think Megan will go through. It seems they need another girl. Jesse is probably worthy, but it seems they really like Jasmine. Ricky is another choice, but there would be 8 guys.

    I hope AI never uses this horrible format again!


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