Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 WildCard Show

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Tonight, we have an opportunity to hear the eight fortunate WildCard contestants once again. Overall, this is a superb group of singers and it seems quite sad that only three will advance to the Top 12 at the end of the show.

Once the singers have completed their performances, their fate is in the hands of the judges. After deliberation, the judges will announce on live television the singers that they collectively feel will make a valuable musical contribution to the Top 12.

The Wildcard performers are: Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray, Jesse Langseth, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy Corkrey, Ricky Braddy, Tatiana Nicole Del Toro, Von Smith.

The Masterclass doors are now open! Are you in agreement with this group of chosen singers? Who gave the strongest performances? Did the judges get it right? There is a lot to discuss, so be free with your commentary – but respectful at the same time.

Enjoy the show!

Major Update:  We have a first ever Top 13 this year, that includes Wild Card singers  Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraud and Megan Joy Corkrey.  I am going to be one busy Masterclass Lady!

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36 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 WildCard Show”

  1. MasterClassLady… I always love your thoughtful reviews! Thank you!

    Overall, I’m happy with the wildcards who were chosen, with the exception of Tatiana. I just can’t get over her drama queen act.

    As for Ricky Braddy, it’s pretty sad that yet again, he was given almost no airtime. Ryan just sent him straight to the couch, while he talked to all the other wildcard contestants. It seems deliberate to me that they’re not featuring him at all. Just doesn’t seem fair.


  2. MCL – i don’t know if someone already told you about this, but you really MUST have a listen to David Archuleta’s song Zero Gravity. He co-wrote it. It is brand new to us since the start of David’s tour and it’s super cool. Reportedly he has already recorded it and I am really hoping Jive releases it sometime soon.

    Beyond the great song, be sure to watch how David’s stage presence is improving! He has gained and is gaining so much more confidence on stage, don’t you think?

    The audio is very good. Enjoy! We would love to read your thoughts on Zero Gravuty.


  3. MCL – Another song I recommend to you is David Archuleta’s Save The Day. It’s on the Japanese release of his album. It’s cool and wonderful. Does David need furthur introduction than that?

    Enjoy! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on Save The Day as well.


  4. MCL – I don’t know if someone already told you about this, but you really MUST have a listen to David Archuleta’s song Zero Gravity. He co-wrote it. It is brand new to us since the start of David’s tour and it’s super cool. Reportedly he has already recorded it and I am really hoping Jive releases it sometime soon.

    Beyond the great song, be sure to watch how David’s stage presence is improving! He has gained and is gaining so much more confidence on stage, don’t you think?

    The audio is very good. Enjoy! We would love to read your thoughts on Zero Gravity.

    (This is a re-post, but I wanted to fix some typos)


  5. I’m rooting for Von, Ricky and Megan. I think these 3 are very strong and hope they make it in. Maybe there will be a twist. Who knows?


  6. IdolGirl -there is always a twist; however, I am predicting that those three should advance to the Top 12. Yet, the judges love Anoop, so one of these guys may be sacrificed in favor of Anoop.


  7. Kirsten- I did hear this song already and love it so much. I hope to focus on some of David’s latest adventures in the near future. It is difficult trying to keep up with him and some of the others from season 7. They are all doing so well and righhtfully so!


  8. Speaking of Season 7, Brooke White is releasing her album on June 2, 2009!

    This is a Season 8 thread, but all I can do is talk about Season 7 people. LOL.


  9. OK; already, I’m really upset. Ricky truly is an amazing vocalist….and Tatiana has a tremendous voice.

    I am so very happy about Jasmine, though!!

    And WOW!! what a surprise this year!! History made in the idol realm tonight…. 🙂


  10. First, congratulations to our top 13! I’m sure everyone worked hard to be here.

    But since this is about picking favourites, here are my rankings (could change):

    #1) Adam – crazy mad talented
    #2) Alexis – love this girl

    In my opinion, the above 2 singers are standouts. They have the package and I see stars when they are on stage.


    #3) Danny – Very nice sound, cute. I separate him from the above 2 because we’ve seen this before.
    #4) L’il Rounds – Very strong singer, but like Danny we’ve seen this before.
    #5) Matt – Not the best singer in the world, but I like his natural sound. He’s also cute, which helps.
    6) Megan – Not the best singer in the world, but she’s unique and not karaoke.
    7) Kris – Pretty good singer. I like his sound, but something is missing and I think it’s creativity. He could prove me wrong though.
    8) Scott- Nice sound.


    9) Allison- Not the greatest singer in the world, but she has a spark.
    10) Jorge – Very strong singer, but I find him old fashioned.
    11) Anoop – I don’t get the hype. Not crazy about him repeating songs.
    12) Jasmine – She got in because of her age, which is understandable.
    13) Michael- He got in over much stronger competitors

    I still want to congratulate all of the top 13, even those that are not my faves. If I could have it my way the following singers would still be in the competition:


    Good luck to our top 13! I’m looking forward to this season, and especially to seeing Adam and Alexis.


  11. There’s a You Tube vid of Ricky singing “Love You like LA”. It’s amazing! Go listen.

    Every season someone gets robbed. This season it was Ricky. 😦


  12. This reminds me of Australian Idol 3. They had a top 13 that year for the first time because they had an extra wildcard contestant advance.

    I have to say that I’m really bummed that Von did not make it. =( I know tons of people thought he should have advanced from his group, and the fact that he didn’t even advance from the wildcard is a travesty. This young man has so much passion and talent for singing. I really know that he would have put his heart fully in this competition.

    I haven’t watched the performances yet, but I heard that some of the ones who got in just had “okay” performances. *sighs*


  13. Rosanne,I would love to read your critique on Katharine Mcphee’s performance at Chris Botti Boston concert singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.


    Thanks so much.

    I’m so disappointed Ricky Braddy was not given the opportunity to move on.


  14. I had high hopes for Ricky and Von but, unfortunately, their performances in this Wild Card Show were not as strong as their first performance during the Group Rounds.

    That being said, both deserved to advance based on the strengths of their cumulative performances over the course of this season.

    However, what I don’t understand is why Tatiana – and not Anoop – came “under the gun” for repeating a song previously sung in the earlier rounds of American Idol?

    You can’t chastise one singer and praise another when both committed the same artistic crime.

    I didn’t think that she should be a Top 13 finalist, but, if you want to be objective here, she actually performed her song 1000 times better than did Anoop.


  15. MCL, I agree with you on Anoop. I don’t get the hype and why was he repeating a song????

    I LOVE Adam though and Alexis is amazing but very much under the radar. This would be my dream top 2 for the reasons I gave above.


  16. I think that Danny Gokey should’ve just sang the whole wild card show, therefore putting everyone else out of the waiting, and announcing him the American Idol of 2009! So, we wouldn’t be forced to listen to songs we don’t know and won’t ever want to now, like most of them, except Jasmine Murray’s “Reflection,” performed….Danny Gokey Rocks!!!!


  17. I agree with you also, MCL. I think the judges were quite a bit harsh on Tatiana tonight. That poor girl has put up with so much throughout this entire competition, and I kind of hoped she would make the cut just to prove to all of her haters that she CAN sing–quite well in fact. Still, I am very proud of Paula for taking the time to really try and comfort Tatiana. Paula is truly a credit to American Idol. Her sympathy and compassion for Idol contestants is often made fun of, but I am sure when you’re the one standing on that stage singing your heart out, it is a blessing to hear some warm words of encouragement. God bless her!

    I really LOVED tonight’s Wild Card Round and am thoroughly satisfied with this year’s Top 13! What a WONDERFUL surprise that one was, huh? Honestly, I didn’t see that one coming! Out of all of the changes that have taken place this season, I am 100% behind this one! More or less, the contestants that made it through the Wild Card rounds are probably the ones I myself would’ve chosen. I’m a big fan of Jasmine, Anoop, and Matt. Megan Joy is slowly growing on me, though I can’t say I’m a massive fan of hers yet. Still, she certainly deserved a spot in Top 13!

    You know, when it is all said and done, I believe the right Top 13 has been selected in spite of a crazy format and all kinds of unexpected twists and turns along the way. It just goes to show you that American Idol works in the end! Here’s how I personally rank the Top 13 in terms of how much I like each one.

    1. Danny Gokey (He has the “IT Factor”, an incredibly unique voice, and great heart. The definition of an American Idol!)
    2. Scott MacIntyre (such an inspiration with a killer vocals)
    3. Adam Lambert (best stage presence of the bunch with a mad range)
    4. Jasmine (my favorite female singer who has huge, penetrating voice)
    5. Anoop Desai (excellent personality and a better voice than he is often given credit for)
    6. Matt Giraud (Very soulful and has the “look” of a contemporary artist)
    7. Allison Iraheta (Loved her “Alone” performance and she just has something about her I like)
    8. Kris Allen (Certainly, the underdog this year)
    9. Michael Sarver (Like his personality more than his voice)
    10. Alexis Grace (Very distinctive; I want to see her sing more contemporary songs though)
    11. Lil Rounds (Powerhouse voice, but a little boring to me)
    12. Jorge Nunez (I want to like him, but I’m still not convinced he deserved a spot over Von)
    13. Megan Joy (I just am not a fan of the kind of songs she sings. Very pretty, but she still has to grow on me)


  18. Hi MCL…

    I posted somewhere here a couple of days ago after I got back from seeing David Archuleta in Buffalo, perhaps you missed it. He was fab and is growing in leaps and bounds. The song ” Zero Gravity “, which is mentioned here, was my favorite of the evening.

    I’m glad the grueling process of choosing the Top 12 is over. I’m really sorry for Ricky Braddy, I think he’s terrific. However, my favorite, Matt Giraud made it and I look forward to the competition really starting. See you all next week.


  19. I think one of the reasons that the judges criticized Tatiana’s song choice was because “Saving All My Love” was the song she sang on the first elimination show. And they said something about “hearing it three times now”. I do think that Tatiana has a lovely voice but unfortunately she seemed a little out of control (that’s putting it mildly!).

    I’m not sure I like this format. But I’m excited for next week’s show. I wish all the idols luck.


  20. Wow, that performance is the best I’ve heard from Katharine in a long time! I love her sultry approach to this song! She really ought to do this genre of music. And I love the range of this song for her voice. Katharine sounds so much better when she’s not pushing the limits of her range.

    I really like her note at 3:44, not because it’s particularly high (it’s a D5) but because it seems to show that Katharine’s gotten a lot better at navigating and smoothing out the register changes in her voice. She’s had trouble with that note in the past, and here her voice sounds much more “connected.” Good for her! I hope to hear more. =)


  21. American Idol is only a springboard, after all. It’s not the end of the world. If any of those eliminated contestants really enjoy singing, they will find a way to succeed.

    Besides, even those who do very well may improve dramatically AFTER the show. Brooke White seems much more sure of herself now, and where do I begin with David Archuleta’s growth as an artist!

    I wrote about this on this thread already, but I will again. MCL – Have you heard David Archuleta’s song Save The Day? If I read your previous comment right, you have already heard Zero Gravity. These two songs are very different fron anything David performedd on Idol. His capacities seem to be expanding since Idol ended.

    I guess my point is, don’t lose hope for those eliminated. If they really want it, there is more than one avenue to success.


  22. Oh my, I cannot believe how good and how relaxed Katherine sounded and looked! This was an outstanding performance and it should be featured as another blog topic.

    I will write more about her performance later – have to travel today to see my daughter in The Sound Of Music.


  23. Great synopsis Galen. Do you want my job? haha Your comments always appreciated.


  24. I will be writing something about David. I heard Zero Gravity and was truly impressed. This young man embraces growth, doesn’t he? Love him!


  25. I think the judges gave Anoop a pass on repeating a song because a) it wasn’t the same song he did during the first semifinal round, it was a Hollywood song that the audience only heard about five seconds of and judges hadn’t heard in several months, and b) they like him and wanted him to make it through no matter what. There are also some grumblings on the ‘net that the producers told him he could *only* sing “Angel of Mine” or “My Prerogative.” With this show, that doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

    It’s funny, though, they mentioned that Tatiana had sung “Saving All My Love For You” three times — Hollywood, Semis, and Wildcard. Technically, they gave her a pass on her first repeat and only called her out when she did it a third time.

    I thought the Wildcard show was better than any of the semifinal shows. Switch out Matt for Ricky and Megan for Jesse, and I’d be really happy. I simply don’t care for Megan at all. It’s not her “vibe” that I’m opposed to. It’s that she is incredibly affected in trying to achieve that vibe. She’s got the least natural singing style I’ve ever heard. She sounds like she’s trying to mimic Adele or Duffy or Corinne Bailey Rae, and it’s all horribly forced and painful to listen to. With the Adeles and the CBRs of the world, I at least think that’s what they naturally sound like. Megan sounds like she’s doing an impression.


  26. Thank you for posting that link. What a terrific performance!


  27. Thank you, Rosanne. I look forward to more of your critiques.


  28. IdolGirl, Do you have a link to that video?


  29. Thanks for the link!! Katharine always was a favorite of mine, and she’s only improved with time!! Great performance!


  30. I noticed the same thing about Tatiana and Anoop….and just chalked it up to the judges eccentricities again. But very disappointed in them nevertheless.


  31. I loved Anoop’s performance because of his interaction with the audience. He may have been nervous, but it looked like he was having fun! Poor guy, they really put him through a lot. He cetainly has a good fan base which will help.

    Megan was Simon’s choice from the moment he laid eyes on her. She did not do well. Actually, I thought Tatiana had the strongest voice tonight, but there was no way the judges would pick her. Part of me thinks this was all part of an act and Paula was in on it.

    Overall, it was a good show even though not all 13 are terrific singers. I am sure many will improve as we go along.

    MCL, I bet you will miss the warm weather you had on holiday! ;o)


  32. I completely agree, MCL! I too have just been blown away by how successful David has been lately (not that I expected anything less, of course)! I look forward to you in-depth analysis of his latest work. I really like “Zero Gravity,” but, you know, I think I like “Save The Day” even more! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite songs and I am so thankful I found a high quality version of the song to download on my MP3 player! He needs to get these songs available as singles ASAP!


  33. Hey, I just found out what next week’s theme will be. For those of you who don’t know, it looks like it is going to be Michael Jackson week. He is not going to be there as a mentor, but they are going to be performing his songs. Certainly interesting and quite unexpected. I wonder if we’ll have another “Billie Jean” moment like last season?


  34. Thanks, MCL, for your kind words. I appreciate this excellent site where someone is free to discuss American Idol in a kind and respectful fashion. It is amazing how hostile everyone is over on the official American Idol website’s forum. Not often a very friendly place. LOL No, I don’t want your job though! hahaha There’s no way I could do it like you do!


  35. Ooooohhhh. I hope Adam sings Dirty Diana.


  36. MCL – I know I’m bombarding you with David Archuleta links, but I hope you’re enjoying them. I’ve sent you Zero Gravity and Save The Day so far. Get ready for another treat!

    Here’s “My Hands” performed on March 7, 2009! Your original criticism on this song was not being able to understand the lyrics. Well, they’ve changed it up a bit. Patricularly watch for the crowd interaction and just wait for the ending! I think the lyrics and the concept are much easier to understand when it’s done like this. I have no adequate words to describe this video so I’ll just wait for yours. Once again, enjoy and share your thoughts!


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