Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8: Choosing The Top 50

American IdolWe are almost there, folks! This is the week in which both the Top 50, and then subsequently, the Top 36 are revealed to the masses.

However, those of you who want to be spoiled, just head on over the JoesPlaceBlog.Com, MJsBigBlog.Com or Idolforums.Com and see the results there or here or here!

With all these spoiler sites chomping at the bit, gone is the suspense and drama! It’s the best of the best tonight and tomorrow and most of us already know the facts. (yup, I am a spoiled Masterclass Lady, but, since this site is “spoiler-free’, you won’t see the names until they are aired on Fox).

So, let’s get to it, shall we? On with the show!

Update: Top 53 or 54? According to JoesPlaceBlog, this is the final list

Masterclass Synopsis Of the Top 50ish show

The singers are set to peform alone on stage at the Kodak Theatre, in the illustrious company of pianist, Michael Orland.

Up first is Adam Lambert and, although he is struggling a bit with the upper notes, the judges seem to be in agreement that he is a key contender in this competition.

Matt Giraud sings a very neat rendition of “Georgia” while accompanying himself at the keyboard. He really showcased the depth of his vocal range and highlighted the gorgeous quality of his head resonance.

Jamar songs a very good rendition of “Delilah”. Very good indeed, even though his voice is not technically the greatest! He does have style though and, hopefully, the substance will develop over the next few weeks if he makes the Top 12.

Danny Gokey sings a beautiful rendition of “I Hope You’ll Dance” and Paula loves him to death. She can barely stay seated. Always good to have Paula on your side – she is indeed a positive force in this competition and will reinforce confidence in singers that she feels have the most potential to succeed.

Anoop begins his solo performance after the commercial break and he is great. Then a very nervous Jorge gets his chance to shine and his voice sounds very rigid and taut. Darn those nerves, Jorge! You have a beautiful voice. Relax and breathe!

He is followed by Scott MacIntyre at the piano who sings Daughtrey’s “Home” and is brilliant. Just brilliant! He sings with such ease and style and exudes a beautiful persona on that stage, His voice is smooth and comforting.

Kendall Beard is the first female showcased in this episode and she performs an impressive version of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”.

Then Stevie Wright, Lil Rounds and Kristen McNamara perform quite well, although I could do without the shouting, especially from the latter two.

Mishavonna sings a lovely version of Michael Buble’s “Everything”. I loved it! She infuses this song with her distinctive style and sound. Super!

At this point, my notebook went crazy and, in an effort to retrieve a ton of information, I missed about ten minutes of the show.

Okay, I am back with Stephen Fowler seated at the piano and he forgets his words. Oh dear, too bad. He looks so distraught as he leaves the stage. This competition is not for the faint of heart.

Oy vey, here comes the never-ending saga of Tatiana and Nick aka Normund – quite the pair! Although I do like Normund/Nick.

Nick Mitchell sings a campy version of “Georgia” – this guy is truly and delightfully wacked. I love him! Call me crazy, but he is an entertainer royale!

Oh my, there is Leneshe – I love her. And then Ann Marie Boskovich, followed by Junot. They are all great performers, so let’s see what happens here with these young singers.

Before the commercial break the singers are sent to one of four rooms and from these four rooms, the Top 50 will emerge. And from this Top 50, the Top 36! I feel like this show has been on for a year already. What a long ordeal and process.

After the commercial break, young Leneshe and Kaylan – both incredible talents – look extremely nervous about their chance of advancement.

Kai Kalama seem to struggle with his performance flashback, while Michael Sarver definitely soared with his showcase.

The contestants look absolutely exhausted. Randy said that the performances were so sporadic.

However, after the judges’ deliberation, Group One is through (didn’t get all the names but there will be a link to the Top 50 at the end of this synopsis.)

Group 2 includes Michael Castro and Leneshe and this group does not make it to the Top 50. Very unfortunate indeed!

After commercial break, two groups remain sequestered and have yet to find out their fate. Group 3 is through, however, a group that includes Anoop, Adam Scott etc., so it’s all good.

Group 4, which includes an “over the top distraught” Tatiana, is sent through. Huh? OOooookay!


So, if you want to know the names of the entire Top 50, click here  and your prayers will be answered.

Also, the Masterclass doors are now open,. Let the comment flooding begin. I’m a-waiting

Until tomorrow!

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9 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8: Choosing The Top 50”

  1. I was also disappointed that Leneshe didn’t make it. I thought she did a good job. I still can’t believe Tatiana is still in but she’s not a terrible singer, she just annoys me to death. Anyway, I am very pleased that Anoop, Adam, Jorge, Danny, Matt G., & Scott all made it through. They are all great singers.


  2. Well after a few Tuesdays of NOT being able to watch the show, I finally settled in tonight to enjoy it. Not to sure what to make of the choices by the judges….

    Tatiana???? Are they for real?? She is just getting too annoying for me. To whinny ( I get her some cheese if she wants….). Too distraught. Oy.

    I was very sad to see Leneshe go – she is more deserving over Tatiana (insert headshake).

    Oh and Stephen Fowler…he gets through! What?!? He forgot the lyrics (…and it was the song our current A.I. to boot…) What is to say that nerves are not going to get the better of him on live T.V. (Images of Brook White flash through my head…as Ryan alluded too)

    Oy – well this is my rant tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will shed some light on some of these decisions.


  3. Thank you MCL for your recap! I think most voices sounded tired and strained for the most part (though that is to be expected with the schedule, etc). I am very glad the top 36 have had a lot of time to prepare and to rest up!


  4. Well, after the fiasco that was last week’s horrendous group episode, I was so relieved that tonight’s episode got us back on track, focusing more on the singing and less on the drama! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed tonight and look forward to the two-hour (finally) long episode tomorrow! Here are some of the highlights of tonight’s show that left an impression on me . . .

    –Danny Gokey: I honestly do not know who made the Top 36 yet (I’m the minority who decided to not be spoiled) LOL! However, I have absolutely no doubt that Danny has more than secured his place within the ranks of the Top 36 and even the Top 12! His voice was excellent tonight and I LOVE the song “Dance” that he sang! He actually changed it up quite a bit and made it his own. The way he did that reminded me very much of a certain someone last season who always had a knack for making songs his own . . . and that certain someone ended becoming the American Idol! With David Osmond sadly gone, I am definitely on the verge of calling Danny my new favorite!

    Scott MacIntyre: I have always had a soft spot for this guy ever since his first audition. I admire his boldness and tenacity. Being visually impaired and having the courage to take on American Idol says a lot about his strength of character. I have to be honest, when he performed Daughtry’s “Home” tonight, my exact response was a verbal “Wow! This guy can sing!” All of a sudden I became a very big fan of his and look forward to seeing him perform in the future! Now, I like both Scott and Danny! I would not be disappointed at all if either of them became the American Idol! In fact, my mom (who predicted Carrie Underwood would win after seeing her first audition) commented that she wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to Danny vs. Scott in the finals! I am certainly inclined to agree with her!

    Norman Gentle–Okay. I have not been a massive fan of this guy in the past and still am not. I believe he is an excellent entertainer, but I don’t think this competition for him. However, I am not going to deny that he does have a voice underneath all of that flamboyance. I honestly am speechless. I just do not know what to make of him. Ah, well . . . I wish him the best.

    –I’m really liked Ann Marie Boskovitch as well. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of hers or anything, but she left more of a positive impression on me than any of the other female singers did tonight.

    –I was glad Joanna Pacitti made it through as well. She has an awesome song you can download off of iTunes, and I was thoroughly impressed by it! It is called “Let It Slide.” Has anyone else listened to it?

    –Last but not least, I was just a bit disappointed that Michael Castro went home without us ever getting the chance to see him perform in Hollywood. With Jason being his brother, I admit I was curious to see how his little bro performed. Well, there’s always next season I suppose.

    Like I said, tonight’s episode was brilliant and more or less I think the judges got it right. I loved how Simon left the other three judges to deliver the bad news! LOL I look so forward to tomorrow! Great masterclass, MCL, and God bless everyone on here!


  5. Galen – thanks so much for your in depth comments. This takes a great deal of thought and effort on your part and I wholly appreciate your input here on the MCL site. I missed part of the episode because of some technical issues here, so your observations are much appreciated.:)


  6. Sara- i agree. The singers looked and sounded thoroughly exhausted. I am sure we will see some fine singing from all of them next week, as they have had time to rest and prepare properly. Not a fan of the Top 36 format this year, so we shall see what happens.


  7. Bizzee and Erin- I hope they bring Leneshe back. I loved her so much. Tatiana is there for filler and to ensure that the truly deserving singers get through to the Top 12. At least, that’s the plan I would think!


  8. You’re very welcome, MCL! Honestly, this site of yours is the best place I have found to discuss American Idol on the web–and that includes the official website! I agree with you that I also am a bit concerned about the Top 36 format. With nine singers being sent home every week, there’s sure to be some real talent that slips through the cracks. I hope that America is very smart this year when it comes to voting. The reality is that in the normal Top 24 format, a person could probably keep his or her favorite in the competition by calling in only a few votes. Now, however, to keep your favorite alive in the competition, it is almost imperative that you vote for at least an hour for them. Get those Speed Dial buttons ready! LOL


  9. Galen and MCL, you are both absolutely right about the top 36 format. It is why I don’t like the “pimping” of some contestants over others. There are bound to be really good singers put through who haven’t had the back stories or much air time. They will have to sing like their lives depended on it to compete, and pray the judges also prop them up a bit. It isn’t a very even playing field coming into voting. Let’s hope the judges DO save some of the best who inadvertently slip through the cracks (think Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson)…


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