An Emotional Jennifer Hudson Makes A Huge Comeback At The Grammy Awards.

Jennifer Hudson can now add a Grammy to her growing collection of awards. The Oscar-winning actress won her first Grammy Award this evening for best R&B Album and I cannot think of one performer who deserved this award more than Ms. Hudson.

Even given her auspicious start as a finalist during the Season 3 competition of American Idol, she was eliminated from the show early on in the competition. However, this did not deter Ms. Hudson. American Idol has now commenced their 8th season and, in all that time, not one performer -winner or no – has achieved the monumental success and accolades that Jennifer Hudson has achieved.

However, all of the success was brutally interrupted by the tragic murders of Jennifer’s mother, brother and nephew in October 2008. It defies all logic that Jennifer was able to somehow pick up the pieces of her life and bravely make a comeback in the last few weeks – first at the Superbowl last weekend and then through her performance this evening at the Grammy Awards. Her performance tonight was an emotional beginning to Jennifer’s life without her mother by her side and it was a moment in time which I will never forget.

Below is her inspired performance of The Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl last weekend and I will add her Grammy performance as soon as possible. Enjoy.

Oh, and as a final note, visit Jennifer’s Official Site where you can download her phenomenal rendition of the American National Anthem.



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12 Responses to “An Emotional Jennifer Hudson Makes A Huge Comeback At The Grammy Awards.”

  1. Actually, the award was for best R&B album, not best female r&b vocal performance. But I am so happy she won the award & hopefully, she’ll win more & her performance tonight was absolutely wonderful. She so deserved it after all the hell she had to deal with the past three months.


  2. Erin – I corrected my big “oops”. I was talking when the nominations were being read and was distracted. Thanks for focusing me in the right direction. Best R&B Album is huge.


  3. I saw Jennifer’s superbowl performance and I meant to get in touch with you about it. Absolutely Incredible!


  4. other than that I did not enjoy the grammy’s very much. I liked Cold Play, Taylor Swift/Miley Cirus (and I am not a Miley fan at all) and I can’t remember much else. Either I am getting old or incredibly out of touch with music because I did not recognize very many poeple. Oh Sugarland was good, too. No Davids???


  5. Yes, cookiemonster, I also was disappointed that neither of the Davids were there. However, I think I may know why. I was watching a preview show of the Grammys on TV Guide channel hosted by Joey Fatone. In it, they referred to Carrie Underwood as a newcomer. Now, Carrie Underwood hasn’t been around for decades yet, but I do not consider her a newcomer anymore! Anyway, I knew when I heard her referred to as a newcomer that we would not see Archuleta or Cook at the Grammys. That’s really a shame, because I believe “Crush” deserved a nomination for best Pop song. Still, Lord willing, if the two Davids have a productive year in 2009, just maybe we can hope to see them at the Grammys next year.

    Oh, and about Jennifer Hudson–I was happy that she won that grammy. It cannot dull the very real pain she must be experiencing right now in her soul over the tragic loss of her family, but I believe that her family is so proud of her in Heaven right now. She is an immensely strong person and has a lot of faith in God. Because of this, I am confident that she will be able to carry on with her life, win even more grammys, and continue to make her family proud. God bless her.


  6. I’m with you CookieMonster and Galen. The Grammys were lacklustre and totally forgettable. The big surprise was that I loved Coldplay – their music has really evolved over the years and I thought they were excellent. Very distinctive sound and style. Loved them.

    Whitney was on drugs and looked weathered – what a mess! Miley was screaming, but Taylor was wonderful – beautiful angelic sound to her voice.

    Jennifer Hudson sounded tired and her voice was somewhat compromised, but all of this was to be expected. Just walking on to that stage and making an appearance so soon after the tragic death of her family members is a testament to her strength and determination as a person and as an artist. So happy that she received the R&B award – Whitney should have been looking up to her instead of the other way around!


  7. Also – it is a bit too soon for the Davids, although it would have been nice if they were given the opportunity to present an award. To put it all in perspective, Michael Buble and Josh Groban have yet to receive a Grammy – now that’s funny and pathetic wrapped up in one big package!


  8. Congratulations to Jhud. Truly well deserved. This is very much a tough phase she’s going through right now, so I wish her all the best.

    And speaking of the Davids, Mr. Archuleta went to Hawaii recently and did some performances there (both official and unofficial). Hope you’ll enjoy them MCL.

    I very much appreciate the updates you’ve been doing here MCL. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂


  9. Hello RealMix and than you for stopping by. I wish I could do more updates, as there is so much to write about. However, I do the best I can and I appreciate your kind comments.

    Thanks also for sending me the YouTube links of David’s performance in Hawaii. I have been meaning to feature this performance, so I will look at the videos now before my afternoon voice students arrive. I am sure he was tremendous – he always is, isn’t he?

    And Jennifer – well she is another example of an exemplary role model for young and old everywhere. A true class act – like David.


  10. MCL, you are absolutely right!! Miley Cyrus cannot sing at all & should’ve never tried singing in the first place. I have no idea why so many young people look up to her…to me, she’s a joke. I agree that people like Jennifer & David A. are examples of great role models & of course, terrific singers. I am starting to think of Jennifer as somewhat of a role model to me because despite losing three of her family members, she managed to return to the spotlight doing what she loves.


  11. MCL, I just read that Jennifer also won three NAACP Image awards tonight!! This is all really huge for her & I’m so glad things are finally looking up for her.



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