A Retrospective Of Jason Castro’s Performance In Garland, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma On December 2008

jasoncastroWell, as the saying goes: “Better late than never”. I have finally found a pocket of time to have a relaxing and, might I add, very enjoyable listen to Jason Castro’s outstanding December 2008 performance in Garland and Tulsa.

However, if you wish to access all the videos assembled on one page, click here at the YouTube.Com site and many of the songs that Jason performed at the Garland concerts will be available, gallery-style, for your viewing pleasure


The first song that I had a listen to was “Tell Me So” and, before I move on to comment, please know that this concert featured all of Jason’s original song material. And this song was an outstanding testament to the strength of Jason’s songwriting skills. The song is musically fluid and the lyrics blend just beautifully with the melody line. Jason is such a sensitive artist and so in touch with his emotions. His genuine, relaxed manner is transmitted through his musical compositions and his voice is expressive and dynamic during this performance.

One can easily sense Jason’s comfort zone – he is performing music that he truly loves and to which he is obviously committed. This is music that pours forth from his heart and soul and, as a result, he is a relaxed, accommodating presence on stage during the course of this concert. It really is a shame that, during the course of American Idol, we never really saw Jason in true form. He was a shy, almost awkward young singer on stage and yet, when listening to the remainder of songs, I realize that he is very far removed from the “character” we saw on American idol.

During the Garland and Tulsa concert, Jason is in command on stage, enjoying friendly, often comical banter with the audience. His voice sounds absolutely perfect and he has adopted a very sophisticated approach in his songwriting profession. There is real evidence of depth and sensitivity in his music and I can hear so many of these songs as number one hits. Listen to the beauty and passion of “Love Uncompromised” and `“Sweet Medicine”`and the dynamic variation Jason achieves with his voice when he is inspired with the right song material – his own. His head tone is just gorgeous and so clear and transparent. Mmm, mm!

Oh, and as an aside, I have reviewed “Sweet Medicine” previously. Have a click and read – it`s all good, very good!

And what a kick of nostalgia and sentiment to hear Jason`s superb soulful performance of White Christmas. in the middle of a very cold January. This is one of the best renditions of this number I have ever heard and it chased away my January blahs in a monumental way. It is gorgeous and speaks to the distinct artistry of one Jason Castro. Oh, and yes, I heard and loved how he grabbed every vowel in the word “Christmases” – really grabbing the “àh” vowel in the 2nd syllable.

As Jason’s voice matures and settles, his voice is going to grow in stature and depth. More important, if he finds a good voice teacher to hone his technical skills while preserving his natural musicality and relaxed singing style, he will be truly unstoppable. This is important, because what we do not want to see happen is for Jason to lose his natural spontaneity when he sings, as evidenced in songs like the beautiful “It’s All Right With Me”. His voice resonates with strength and passion during this number. Listen to the lovely ad-lib portion a the end of this number. Just outstanding!

All he needs is further study in the correct breathing skills when he performs, coupled with the very important circular mouth formation/relaxed jaw combo when grabbing those vowels. All in time, however, and I sense that Jason will wisely protect his voice. It is indeed a precious commodity.

I might add that I really loved his performance of Leonard Cohen`s “Hallelujah”– it was heartfelt and full of the angst that is at the core of this song`s story. Beautiful performance, Jason!

This was a great way to begin a very busy week here at MasterclassLady.Com and I do apologize for the delay in writing this article. Sometimes, 24 hours a day and seven days a week does not afford one time to do everything one wants to do.

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23 Responses to “A Retrospective Of Jason Castro’s Performance In Garland, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma On December 2008”

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely review, MCL! You’ve always been a supporter of Jason’s and his fans appreciate it very much. I’m so glad you enjoyed his new material! This is just the beginning!


  2. Thanks MCL for taking the time to review Jason’s new music. I was fortunate enough to be in Garland, and hearing him sing his new original songs live was amazing! His voice is so pure, and he seemed to really enjoy himself! I totally agree that many did not get to hear the real Jason Castro on American Idol. But with the New Year, I hope that many will come to know the real Jason Castro and his beautiful music! Those who have taken the time to get to know him soon realize that his music comes straight from his heart and not from a list of pre-approved American Idol songs. A toast to the New Year, to you, and to Jason’s future!


  3. I forgot to add … here is a wonderful rendition of Jason’s “White Christmas” that he sang at Lakepointe Church on Christmas Eve.



  4. Thank you for taking the time to review Jason’s new songs. I also got to hear them live in Garland and as you would imagine, it was amazing.


  5. Dearest MCL….thank you thank you thank you for your review of Jason Castro’s original and performance music. I value your opinion because you are the professional that knows what a good singer sounds like. But most importantly, you understand the depth of his talent in songwriting. Thanks again. I love your comments and I hope we will get to enjoy more of Jason’s music in the years to come.


  6. Thank you so much MCL. We so appreciate your support of Jason. It is so thrilling to hear someone of your experience and calibre review Jason’s music and find in him the depth, the passion and the consummate artist that he is.


  7. For some reason my last comment did not post. So if this posts twice, I apologize. I want to thank you for commenting on Jason’s new songs and his performance. It is thrilling for the fans to hear someone of your experience and caliber appreciate Jason’s songs, his passion and his artistry.


  8. Thank you so much for the fantastic review 🙂

    I was also lucky enough to be in Garland, and his performance was simply amazing. As fantastic as Jason sounds on video, there’s so much more to his music, his performance, his voice, in person – there’s a richness there that sadly does not get conveyed as well on the videos. I hope everyone has a chance to see Jason live, as it is an experience NOT to be missed.


  9. Thanks for the wonderful review, MCL! I’m so glad you enjoyed the songs–it is a special gift for songwriting that Jason has–and I’m sure he appreciates your care and concern!


  10. Thank you so much for the review. I was privileged enough to get to see his first concert in Tulsa. We were able to stand right at the foot of the stage. The sound was amazing. Too bad the videos can’t do the songs justice. He really has to be experienced live.

    Were you able to find “So Fast” from the two concerts? That was a song he wrote pre-Idol. He changed it up quite a bit from the original demo.


  11. “Mmm, mm!” is right!

    BTW I usually get my fill of Christmas songs by the time Christmas arrives but I’m still listening to “White Christmas” What a beautiful gift!


  12. Hi everyone:

    I am so glad that I finally had the opportunity to listen to Jason’s remarkable performances in Garland and Tulsa. My goodness, he is talented.

    Now we are truly seeing what the judges and producers obviously noticed when they discovered Jason. True star quality and songwriting skills that are superb.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by. I really hope that this young man is signed to the “right” label and managed by the “right” person. He has to be very careful with whom he aligns himself, as his talent is very special and needs to be managed in the same special way.


  13. Dear MCL:
    I have a question about the speed at which Jason sings now as opposed to on Idol or even pre-Idol which I hope you can answer.

    It’s very noticable to me that Jason sings a lot slower these days-is this on purpose? or was Idol rushed? I prefer the quicker pace to OTR and Someday and Daydream than how he is performing them now.

    I totally respect your feelings on this matter and would love to hear your comments on this question.

    Thank you so much!


  14. Hey JasonFan:

    I think that Jason is more relaxed and in control of his music and that makes a huge difference in the performances that we are hearing from Jason post-Idol.

    Don’t forget, they were probably on a timeline with their performances – both on the show and on tour – and had only so much time to devote to their numbers. I also remember that Jason did alter the speed of OTR and Daydream over the course of the tour. At times, he would sing the songs faster or slower and I think that had to do with how he was “feeling” the music at the time.

    Jason is an introspective artist, so it is natural for him to relax the tempo of each song. I never like to hear a song performed in a hurried manner, as we lose the true emotion conveyed through the lyrics.

    Thanks for your question – it was a good one.


  15. Jason signed up with Hard8 Management. I don’t know which label he’ll be going with, but I heard he had a few offers on the table.


  16. Hard8 Management? Have to “google” this information to see who they are. Thanks for adding this. Much appreciated!


  17. here is the link: http://www.hard8management.com/

    Jason hasn’t been added to the roster yet, but I am sure that will come in time.


  18. MCL, thanks for your review of Jason’s post-idol performances. Jason in his own element is so very special. His song writing talent is remarkable for one so young. His voice possesses such a purity. I like to say Jason signs from his soul and in doing so is able to relay the true feelings of the songs he sings so that a listener feels as well as hears them.

    I am also glad you mentioned that Jason commands the stage. IMO he is an artist that does not need gimmicks or stage prowling to hold an audience captivated. All you need do is watch Jason’s facial expressions to be enthralled.

    From the first time Jason stepped on the Idol stage I knew he was something truly special.


  19. MC, Thanks for your review- I absolutely love Jason’s voice — I love the haunting sounds of his middle and lower range as well as his falsetto. Jason is truly an artist- He captivates his audience and does not need to shout or growl etc.


  20. I’ve just had a chance to read your review of Jason’s post-Idol concerts, and want to thank you for making time to listen and review. I am amazed at Jason’s writing skills – It’s Alright With Me touches something deep inside me. I am so proud to be a fan as I believe he has a very successful career ahead. It has been fascinating to watch his growth from the shy young man on AI to the confident performer he is today. I look forward to all that is to come for him. Thanks again for your comments.


  21. well, MCL, here’s another performance for you to watch… this was at the Santa Barbara film festival… it’s Jason singing Hallelujah


  22. Hey MCL,

    Here is the companion video to the one Becky posted of Jason’s performance of “Hallelujah” at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. This is the screnwriter, director & lead actor of “Amar a Morir” speaking after the screening. They’re discussing how the song & singer were chosen for the film.


  23. MCL, if you really want to hear another folk singer then you should check out the music of John Denver. I absolutely love his voice…kind of similar to David Archuleta’s.


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