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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz, Friday, October 3rd.

Another great promotional video for David Archuleta’s CD release, produced and edited by the very talented MichelinaMaria. Special thanks to Janey79 for sending the link to me. Enjoy everyone. Clickety click here.

Saturday Night Live Skit: Tina Fey As Sarah Palin. You’ll laugh and laugh!

I have a new Twitter page. Please join and remain current with all things “masterclass”!

David Archuleta’s Photo Shoot, courtesy of Janey79 and FansOf David.Com

David Archuleta’s Album Cover for his full-length CD.

Visit David Cook’s Official Site and have a listen to his new single, “Light On”.

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  1. Inspired by jocobeleon’s promotional video, michalinamarie, submits her own. You may remember her from the amazing tribute videos she has done of David Archuleta in the past.


  2. oh, another great one from the one and only MichelinaMarie — thanks Janey – we keep chasing each other all over the internet.

    I am sure this was already posted — but another MicehlinaMaria tribute of WYSYLM — I just need a good excuse to listen to this one again! Make me happy and makes me cry at the same time?!

    Watch the Debates MCL?

    Off to listen to David Cook’s “Light On” — I think I am the last person to hear it.


  3. Good Saturday Morning MCL:

    Since I see that Janey and ArchieFanDoc have posted these wonderful tributes to David, I have decided to post this youtube video of David singing WYSYLM from the SLC concert. Though I’m sure you have seen videos of this performance, this is 7:56 of a pure heart connection between David and his fans. I have never seen a performer connect so intensely with his audience.


  4. Crush debuts at #15 on VH1 countdown earlier today:


  5. Hi everyone:

    I was out of town and just returned. Busy 36 hours so I am really beat here! Thanks for all your updates and I will check on them again before I head off to bed.

    ArchieFan – I did watch the debates and I thought that both candidates were extremely respectful of one another.

    However, what struck me, as well as my daughter, was the fact that Obama clearly engaged his eyes with McCain – from the introductory handshake and throughout the entire debate. The reverse was not true and it troubled me.

    Obama’s political insights and solutions came from a position of strength and confidence – he seemed fearless, yet, rationale.


  6. MCL — I promise– I will write a letter to President Obama next year asking him to grant you honorary closet American citizenship status.


  7. oh, time for another “montage” are you ready for 7 minutes of “The Ride of Your Life”


  8. A very special song for a very special someone, sure to brighten your day.


  9. Hi there everyone:

    I have been having a really lousy day. I am sick with the flu and have some sort of tooth or gum infection-ugh. So thank you so much for these beautiful videos. You made my day and I will look at them either tonight or tomorrow.

    Is anyone out there a dentist? I take really good care of my teeth, so this is a real mystery here.

    ArchieFan – I’ll hold you to that Obama letter.:) Marc and Janey -thanks so much for the videos


  10. MCL, OMGosh! I’m worried to pieces….will you be going to a doctor tomorrow? You are at the top of my prayer list, may you feel better soon.

    Becky is trying to locate an HQ mp3 Be Still My Soul for me. I heard it on the FOD chat last Thursday. Believe me when I say there is no better version of this song. It includes a few comments by David about how much this song means to him and how much it has helped him through life’s ups and downs. The moment I receive I will send it to you.


  11. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather MCL. Get better quickly.


  12. Janey will you share Be Still My Soul with all of us? I would love to have that also. MCL sorry to hear that you are ill. I will include you in my prayers. I am not a doctor or dentist but if you have a tooth ache clove oil will take the pain away until you can get to a dentist. Just a suggestion.


  13. Gemzone, but of course.


  14. Good morning MCL:

    I sure hope you’re feeling better today. My good friend is a dentist so I called him this morning to ask if your gum / tooth infection could have anything to do with you having the flu.

    He said it’s very unlikely that a cold, flu etc will cause a tooth or gum infection. A sinus infection can sometimes make your upper teeth hurt, not the flu.

    Just thought I’d let you know. Get well soon!


  15. Marc- I am feeling a touch better today, but, oy, this gum pain! I am off to my dentist tomorrow, as he is swamped today.

    I do appreciate your effort in contacting your friend. I didn’t think the two were related, but, you never know.

    Warm salt water is my friend for now. Thank you so much Marc. 🙂


  16. Janey and Gemzone – your prayers and get well thoughts are most appreciated. a little soothing from David’s rendition of “Be Still My Soul” would do the trick also. I can’t wait to hear this HQ rendition.


  17. MCL, if you’re reading this sometime Monday you can go to last night’s chat on FOD and at the 1:02 mark you can hear the HQ version of BSMS. Keep us posted on your well being. We care.


  18. Janey – this recording was just beautiful. David’s voice and that song – pure magic. He should record an Inspirational Album. It would be so beautiful and so meaningful. He has so many avenues that he could travel was his God-given gifts.


  19. MCL, I hope David gets many, many opportunities to record all types of music. In today’s blog, MCL, you have seen it haven’t you?…David remarks on the improvement in his song writing skills…he mentions the increase in his confidence specifically. I heard something in his voice when he said that…I heard a smile and a sense of accomplishment, a sense of personal satisfaction.

    OMGoshMCL! I don’t think I have the patience for this, waiting until Nov. 11 is too much to ask!

    btw, how are you feeling?


  20. OMGosh! I just realized my mistake. David’s remarks concerning his song writing are on his voice message, not his bog. Here is a link if you need it:

    and the text;

    “guess…aaahh, dangit!—guess…aaahh, dangit!—guess…aaahh, dangit!—Hey, it’s David! I’ve been listening to your questions…and they’re pretty awesome. I’ve picked a couple of them here to answer, and the first one is from Melissa. And she’s from Connecticut. And she asked if I was writing any of my own songs, and Melissa, I actually have been! *heh,heh* I’ve written a few before in the past, and lately, for this first album project I’ve been writing a lot more than I ever have been and it’s been a lot of fun. And actually this past week, I’ve been doing a lot of writing sessions with other people –other AMAAAZING songwriters and it’s been SOO cool to be working with all these different people, especially with writing because…you know, it’s something I’ve always wanted to, um, learn how to, you know, EXPAND *heh* in that area of music…and also, you know, working with people who’ve written some of my favorite songs, even, it’s just soooo crazy, it’s like “I can’t believe I’m, writing a song with you” *heh* But… it’s been so much fun…I…there’s just been been……..a BIIIG jump from even a few weeks ago with my songwriting…just, such…I’ve, like, learned so much and increased so much in confidence and I’m just looking forward to writing even more, so *heh* thaaat’s…the answer for that question…AAAND…that’s it for now… I guess….aahh, dangit!


  21. Thanks for sending this along Janey. David – what a sweetheart. I love how he embraces life and every new challenge that comes his way.

    Still under the weather here, so please bear with me. I am moving at such a slow pace and still trying to teach. Plus I am involved in a huge fundraiser this Saturday.


  22. MCL…please take care of yourself, David and the world needs you…go as slow as you need. I was so sorry to have missed you in the chat last night. I arrived home about 8:00 pm PDT, logged on only to find I had missed you by minutes! Dang it!

    The entire chat can be read here:

    Brett was able to answer a few questions from the very chatty janey….

    janey: Brett, is David overwhelmed by all the fuss…does he understand his influence?
    Brett: janey…he does now…he was overwhelmed…I don’t think he is now

    janey: Brett…sorry if already asked…have you read David’s songs
    Brett: I have heard several of the new ones…oh my…absolutely amazing….absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    janey: Brett, sorry if already talked about..can you tell us about the choice of album cover…what does David want us to know..what image does he think it represents?
    Brett: janey he hasn’t told me that…but I believe it’s to be taken seriously for all…imho
    janey: you like the cover?
    Brett: I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brett: David’s writings (personal songs) are out of this world…that’s what’s gonna keep him around forever!

    janey: BRett, is it important to David to achieve commercial success?
    Brett: janey…commercial success…not one tiny bit…means absolutely nothing to him…absolutely nothing!!!!
    janey: in a sense though, some success gives him more opportunity to reach more people and to share himself with them
    rett: Janey that’s true…but David would tell you he doesn’t give a hoot about being famous…he jsut loves singing and whens people say there lives have changed for the better…that keeps him going…the rest just falls in line

    janey: What’s the best way for us to let David know how much he’s done for us?
    tt: David would tell you…just do good to others and that’s a payback to him…honestly it’s that simple and I say keep buying his cd’s…lol

    Brett answers many more of our questions mostly between the 7:58 and 9:16 marks. He covers questions regarding David serving a mission, a possible concert in the spring in SLC, and lots of other things.


  23. Hi MCL:

    I just wanted to say that I hope you’re feeling better and I’m sorry I missed you on the CDC chat last night. From what Brett said, David’s album is going to be very exciting. We have a lot to look forward to!

    Take care


  24. An interview from this morning:

    and one more, click on “Woody and Jim” next to home:


  25. It’s a Happy Day today MCL! David’s Crush has officially gone Gold with 566,629 copies sold as of today! Just the first of what is sure to be many Gold records on there way to becoming Platinum!


  26. Yesssssssss! Gold for Archie! Thanks Marc and thank you Janey for the links. Just finished teaching and I am “spent”.

    I am sorry to have missed you people on CDC chat last night, but, in addition to my computer freezing, I was just really tired and wanted my bed.

    I read the CDC transcript and it looks like veryone had a great time. It was neat reading Brett’s comments – what a sweet, considerate gentleman!


  27. This vid is Jessica Simpson singing Angels. Could you check it out when your feeling a lot better? Though this probably will make you ill. I’m curious what your thoughts are.


  28. Good Morning MCL, I hope you are feeling better. Here I go tearing up again….A perfect song for our David:


  29. Thank you so much Janey. I am still not operating at 100%, but, receiving good medical attention.

    Appreciate and love seeing all the wonderful David Archuleta videos. Thank you so much for sending me this latest video. It is beautiful.


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