American Idol Season 7 Tour in Fort Wayne, Indiana on September 10th, 2008

Three more concerts left-with two shows scheduled for the State Of Indiana – tonight and tomorrow!

Hey there Fort Wayne Idol fans:

I am posting this thread early today, so that you can come on and gab before the Idol concert tonight, scheduled to take place in the Allen County Memorial Coliseum.

As we approach closing night of this extremely memorable Idol tour, I am sure the singers’ adrenaline is surging through their collective bodies at full throttle. These performances will probably be even more spectacular than the previous, with tons of surprises in store for their fans.

So, please come back here and share your stories, post your video links and/or just reminisce on this magnificent Top 10 American idol tour.

You can also email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!
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20 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Fort Wayne, Indiana on September 10th, 2008”

  1. Am I first? Here’s some Jason from Ft. Wayne:

    Very jumpy video, but good audio of Over the Rainbow, uploaded by HannaB20 (complete with someone trying to sing along with Jason’s head voice!)

    I’ll be checking for more Ft. Wayne to pop up tomorrow!


  2. Yes, Rereader you are indeed first. I think everyone is traveling to the last two Idol shows. haha

    Anyway, I am off to listen to my little Jason.

    Thanks so much



  3. Delivered by Rereader

    Uploaded by HannaB20

    Performed by Jason Castro

    Over The Rainbow

    Jason welcomes everyone to the second half of the show as he strums the intro. to this song for the third last time in this tour.

    He sounds relaxed and strong, but he is still suffering from a bit of nasal congestion, poor thing.

    And yet, the tempo he sets for himself is unhurried and very laidback, allowing him to fully enjoy and appreciate the love and adoration from the fans.

    You know, it’s quite amazing that he able to deliver such a resonant vocal sound, considering that his technique is not as refined as it could be.

    Love his pure vowel approach to the “eye” diphthongs, such as in the word “find” and “fly” – he really has a cohesive approach to the “ah” vowel and this vowel also encourages him to retain an open and relaxed throat. As a result, his voice flows from his vocal cords free and easy, like a bird with wings.

    I love that some of the audience members join in with the “head voice” section of “over the rainbow, hoo” at the 3:03 mark. I think I did that as well when I watched him in Toronto. haha

    Great performance. Only two more to go. Sniff! I will miss these reviews of Jason, but, by the same token, am anxious to hear him move onto new music – some of his own, of course.! Now the fun really begins!


  4. MCL — OH, how I wish that was true — that we were all off to the last shows!

    There are just snippets of David A’s set so far —
    we are waiting for Jenny from to upload her videos
    – today was dedicated to 9-11


  5. MCL, I have to thank you for the constructive and helpful critiques you have given throughout the season to all the Idols, and particularly for Jason–he’s grown and learned so much, and in such a short amount of time! It must be so satisfying and gratifying to see your advice and instruction put to such good use…


  6. Waiting patiently has never been a virtue of mine so until jenny can upload her’s, we can amuse ourselves with a sometimes blurry but still David “Apologize” from Fort Wayne:


  7. Aha! Most of Jason’s Crazy uploaded by joshuazgirl128. Video is shaky, but audio is very clear.


  8. MCL, It is almost impossible to the think this is the 51st version we’ve been blessed to hear this summer. How is it he makes it sound like the first time?

    From Fort Wayne, WYSYLM:


  9. Once again David has me at “street”. Is it me or the quality of the audio, did David spend too much time with the fans that afternoon, perhaps chatting a little too much and tiring out his voice?


  10. Apologize, is it true, only two more to go?


  11. While I love the close up videos for obvious reasons but I can also appreciate the broader, audience encompassing long distance ones, somehow seeing thousands enjoying David’s performance adds to the experience. Here is SBM:


  12. Oh my, lots of fun stuff ahead for me. I will review these later on today and, I have to tell you, I canNOT wait. Duties call, however, so will be back later.

    Thanks again everyone


  13. MCL and my apologies to David, I’ve just been reminded that David spent the previous day with air travel and recording….perhaps this explains my previous perception? Then again,it just may be the audio quality. By all first hand accounts, David sounded his usual stellar self. MCL, your expertise is again being called upon. Can you explain the effects a recording session may have on an artist’s voice?


  14. Delivered by Rereader

    Uploaded by joshuazgirl128

    Performed by Jason Castro


    Now, I haven’t heard this song for a quite a while and so it feels very comforting to see and hear Jason’s soothing voice and persona. It has a calming effect on me – one which I need after such a busy week.

    And, doesn’t his voice sound beautiful in this performance? I love the expressive soulful elements he imparts to this stellar song choice – it is so natural and real.

    Somehow he has managed to overcome the technical challenges of this song so very well over the course of the tour. It’s truly remarkable really.

    Does anyone remember how he used to struggle for those upper notes in the refrain? Well, no longer. His upper voice almost floats out of his mouth – there is an ease in the vocalization process that wasn’t as prevalent in the early stages of the tour.

    However, he still needs to work on consistently rounding out that mouth, but, overall, his voice sounds so focused and centered in this song. What a huge improvement. Hey, dare I say it? It’s a Masterclass miracle. haha


  15. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded bysomethingooey

    Performed by David Archuleta

    When You Say You Love Me

    And like a bird with wings, David’s voice flys through the audience, covering and wrapping them with its expressive warmth and love. He sounds like an angel when he sings this song and the dynmaic levels he brings to this song are truly special.

    Hmmm – now, when he moves into the “what could it be” section, his voice sounds a little tired, but it comes with the crazy-paced territory he has been covering over the last three months.

    Is it just me or does it sound like he has a cold? I hear a little nasal congestion in the lower part of his register. But, then, as quick as a blink, he moves forward to the “I could flaaaaahhhhhheye” section and his voice sounds absolutely magnificent and resonant.

    And “oooo”, I loved the vocal pirouette on the word “time” -beautifully vocalized. And that perfect singer’s posture gets to me every time – one foot slightly ahead of the other, with a sligh bend in the knees and a wonderfully elevated rib cage.

    What a perfect role model he is for aspiring singers who want to carve a niche for themselves in the music business. It’s not only about the talent; it’s about elevating your talent to the highest level possible through hard work and dedication to the art of singing well and good. This is what has made David so special – sublime talent combined with meticulous attention to detail.

    And that “alive” really hit a home run tonight as well. It just seems to get better and better and better. And then, when he allows his voice to become more contemplative through those heartfelt “oos” that follow, I just get shivers, I truly do.

    And then the pièce de résistance – the heartfelt “I love you – with a few beautifully placed upper notes added to “you”, lest we forget. We never shall David. Never! We love you too darn much.


  16. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by cardinaljen

    Performed by David Archuleta


    And for the third last time, David ascends to the stage, wrapped in an ethereal haze, one that compliments the perfect ambience that David establishes through his vocal expressiveness.

    His articulation is so clear and precise – yet heartfelt -and he does this throughout every section of this song – loud or soft, high or low.

    So many times, singers lack intensity for the words when they sing lower and/or softer, but this is never the case for David. He has so much respect for the poetic line of the music, always communicating the emotion with sincerity and passion.

    And as a result his voice sounds resilient and focused and the intensity is always maintained through every dynamic level in this song performance.

    And he soars to even greater heights through the “oh ya” section – unbelieveable really. He realy grabs the “ya” with determination and power.

    And as he moves to his last take of the refrain, he adds a soulful twist on the second last “angels” (4:30 mark)with ease and clarity. He moves to an upper note and then vocalizes downward – just like that – no problem. Oh David, you are something.

    And, of course, the last “angels instead” is true brilliance. Melisma all the way, baby – up and down and sideways!

    And -by the way – whatever happened to that problematic upper note on the word “it” in the last refrain? All better! He just brushes the note delicately, instead of reaching for it. That’s the secret! Keep the phrase moving forward – in a straight line – and never think of “ups” and “downs” with your vocal register!

    It also helps to think over the note – like spiking a volleyball downward. My, I do go on, don’t I?


  17. Janey – he sounded a little tired, but that’s to be expected. I think he may have some sort of cold happening again. I think. Who knows? I’m just sitting here typing this stuff and am very far away from the real thing, so who knows? haha

    And, no need to apologize. You worry about him and this proves that you are a caring fan.

    Recording sessions, per se, shouldn’t negatively affect a singer’s voice. Most recordings are not done live and have the added security of digital technology to assist a singer.

    However, with the Davids, fatigue is a huge issue here – they are dividing their time between the concerts and the recording sessions and the interviews. Everyone wants a piece of them and that is what’s exhausting.


  18. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by cardinaljen

    Performed by David Archuleta


    Oh darn, I missed the dramatic ascension to the top of the stairs, But, I still get to see the rhythmic walk down the stairs. Haha! And here it comes. He is far, far away in this video, but I can still see and imagine in my mind.

    And wowowow – that hunkerdown “too late” is really “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (I had to travel over to wiki to get the correct spelling – I was pretty close) tonight, isn’t it?.

    And I love watching the audience watching him. This is what makes this video so special. We don’t get to see David’s tormented face when he sings this song, but we can see the audience’s reactions to this fabulous performance. In a way, it transports me in a very real way to this performance. I feel that I am in attendance.

    And his head voice certainly is clear and pure – like a bell- and this is why his full tenor range sounds so beautifully focused from song to song. He always mixes the perfect complement of head voice into every part of his vocal range and this adds such clarity and brilliance to his voice.

    Excellent performance David! You are just wonderful!


  19. Will be back in a bit everyone!


  20. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by cardinaljen

    Performed by David Archuleta

    Stand By Me

    Yea – the Archuleta “Meet And Greet” song, but it’s going to be a very distant “meet and greet” as the camera zoom was obviously compromised. But, the audio is terrific – so clear and distinct. Youca n hear David’s spoken words and then, when his singing voice “kicks in”, it is so transparent. Gorgeous.

    And as he walks closer to the videographer, we get a glimpse of David’s strong rhythmic presence on that stage. Oh, and before I forget, I want to remind everyone that this arrangement was the creation of the triumvirate known as Archuleta, Archuleta and Parkinson. And, therein lies the reason for its success. Three stellar musicians with a vision = jackpot.

    And oh my, how he caresses the word “daaaaaaaaaahling” (2:51 mark), bent knees and all.! A semi-hunkerdown position! And then follows the calypso ‘beautiful girls” segment of the number, driving the entire group of ladies wild as only our little Latino can do!

    And then the final “stand” – strong vocal sustaining presence, as always, on those three upper level descending notes combined with the full Archuleta hunkerdown, followed by an ascending scale on the word “by”, further followed by a lovely vocal suspension on the word “me” and even further followed by a soulful “oh’ melisma as a punctuation mark to the entire song. And everyone wonders why he’s tired? The kid is relentless in his goal to please and entertain his audience to the very, very best of his ability.

    Yes, our David gives US something to sing about night after night after night.


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