American Idol Season 7 Tour in Bridgeport Connecticut on September 6th, 2008

Hey there Bridgeport!

As we approach the end of this exciting Top 10 tour, one can only imagine how bittersweet this must be for these talented young singers.

It’s been a long, hectic, but enormously exciting ride for these artists and, although many are anxious to take their dreams and elevate them to yet another level, it must be difficult for them to say farewell to their musical peers.

However, on the other hand, the intensity and drive of their performances should be pulsating at record rates – they want to leave their final mark on that stage. Therefore, I have no doubt that you will be experiencing something extremely exceptional in the Arena at Harbor Yard this evening.

So, please share all your performance memories, photo links and video links with us. We love all the singers very much, so, we hope to see and hear many performance recaps of tonight’s show.

You can also email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!
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14 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Bridgeport Connecticut on September 6th, 2008”

  1. Between the close-ups and the “ohohooohs” and “yayayaaaahs” I have only one word to say…mercy!

    This song has taken on a whole new meaning for me since I became aware of it’s inspiration a week or so ago. While ‘ve always loved it in the sense that I love everything David does, it’s now in a class all by itself.

    As more Bridgeport videos become available, I will post them.


  2. ‘ve~I’ve


  3. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by archieandcook

    Performed by Archuleta Artistry


    And, according to the very observant Janey79, David continues to inspire with his soulful interpretation of this beautiful song.

    The video captures him at the beginning of the first refrain, but what a gorgeous capture it is! Close and clear – it’s the next best thing to being there.

    And look at the relaxed roundness of his mouth as he sings -ah, perfection!

    Then the camera pans out, for a fuller visual effect and then slowly zooms forward. Great visual work.

    David sounds as remarkable as ever. And, oh my, the close visual on the “oh, ya” segment is truly riveting and memorable. You can practically feel his body pulsating and projecting his vocal sound forward on those pure, clean, sublimely focused vowels.

    And, as he enters the final journey of this song, the question is: “What surprises do you have in store for us David?”

    He quickly licks his lips and sings a gorgeous “wherever IT may take me” – slam dunk! Perfect.

    Re, the “lip licking”, this is a common problem among performers in general – the initial nervous tension actually dehydrates the mouth and, basically, is a real nuisance until the artist slowly reaches a comfortable level of performing on stage.

    I speak from experience – I always struggled with this – even when I was conducting my choir. Ugh – the worst. But, it would slowly disappear after the first 5 to 10 minutes on stage.

    Anyway, back to the Master, nice double pirouette on the word “call” – wooo! And that close-up shot of his last “I’m loving Angels instead” is wonderful. Can you feel the passion? And the voice – running up and down on the word “angels” – is just the ticket, isn’t it?

    Oh how I will miss these performances once the tour is over. But, get ready, everyone, the best is yet to come.


  4. Here is Bridgeport SBM:


  5. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by archieandcook

    Performed by Archuleta Artistry

    Stand by Me

    And, we are on a roll here thanks to Janey and archieandcook

    Once again, David graciously acknowledges the crowd and thanks them for their undying support of all the singers in this extremely talented group of 10.

    And he gives a nice little wave to the crowd during the intro. of this song. he sounds wonderful as always. What a symbol of composure and finesse! He may be only 17 but he is a consummate pro on that stage – visually and aurally. Just outstanding.

    And, the Stand By Me “meet and greet” segement continues and the fans go nuts of course. They know he’s coming to them!! Wheeeee!

    Oh – I love the hand extension to the crowd when he sings “Just as long as YOU stand by me” at the 1:50 mark. Those fans must really be in seventh heaven now!

    And then, the little footstep run into “So dahling, dahling” – my personal favorite after the calypso dance during the “beautiful girls” segement. Oh, David. You are such a flirt. ahahaha

    Wow – look at the security guard in the orange shirt watching the crowd with his back to David -2:12 mark or so.

    Another extremely powerful vocal performance from David!


  6. MCL, pardon me for delivering and leaving without comment. I just now got the chance to listen to SBM and I’m thrilled this is the first night in weeks David does not seem hampered by a cold or allergies. Perhaps that is the reason for his calm and warm smile prior to this performance? I was also impressed by David connecting with individual audience members as he does on more than one occasion in this tape. It sounds to me he might have sang, “you beautiful girl”, looking directly at one very lucky lady, am I mistaken? On a last note, I particularly enjoyed both “I”s. The strength of each of them draws me in and keeps me wanting more.


  7. MCL, a gentle reminder if I may….time permitting might there be a chance for you to revisit the “Grand Rapids” thread and offer your professional insight? I believe you were having computer problems at the time I posted those performances. Thank you so much. As always, I look forward to your thoughtful commentary.


  8. Janey – I meant to do this yesterday. I will try this evening – promise! Have to run out for a bit. See you later.


  9. MCL, no worries, you are worth waiting for!

    WYSYLM, Bridgeport (partial):

    I love this view. We get to see what David sees, the beautiful smiles and adoring faces of the fans at his feet. This must have been an incredible night for him, one I’m sure the audience and David will never forget. He seems relaxed and in complete control of his voice.

    This performance gave me chills.


  10. Delivered byJaney79

    Uploaded by werollthatway

    Performed byArchuleta Artistry

    When You Say You Love Me (Partial)

    Janey79 said “I love this view. We get to see what David sees, the beautiful smiles and adoring faces of the fans at his feet. This must have been an incredible night for him, one I’m sure the audience and David will never forget. He seems relaxed and in complete control of his voice.

    This performance gave me chills.”

    So, I am thoroughly excited to see this performance and this song always gives me chills, so I guess I am going to experience double chills, right?

    So, as David introduces this song, you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice. He must be feeling better and, of course, even more energized as this tour approaches closure.

    And look at the smile he has for the crowd when he begins – just adorable.

    Oh my this is a superb video. The fans looking at him with adoration and awe – yes, I have the goosebumps, Janey!

    And his voice is truly the 8th wonder of the world – just an exquisite and precious instrument.

    I love the girl biting here fingernails with her arms on the stage and then, when he nails the word “fly”,she is just so overwhelmed. Everyone is – night after night after night.

    His voice is spectacular and I love how he rythmically conducts portions of his melody line to lend extra punch to the words. So,so musical.

    And the video stops right after the ooooos. Darn, I was hoping to see the girls melt during the last the three words: “I Love You” We love you too David – from the bottom of our hearts to the depths of our soul.

    Now, I have to go and find a blanket!haha


  11. MCL, grab another blanket,here’s a full WYSYLM from Bridgeport:


  12. Janey – oh my the video quality is beautiful and I can really understand his spoken introduction. He is so darn sweet – he says: “you want to tell people that you love them as much as you can”. How can one not love this guy? He is truly special.

    Credit should be given to trudimoon. This is great video footage.

    And those arm sweeps are glorious. Like he wants to give everyone a great big giant hug. Love the rhythmic arm movements as well – propelling the words physically and vocally to that vulnerable place in out hearts.

    And finally, I hear the last line: “Do you know how I love you” and it just touches me so much, how caring and loving this young man is to everyone in his life.

    Okay, that was definitely a two blanket performance -no make that a two blanket performance plus a duvet. haha through tears here.

    Thanks Janey.


  13. Janey – I will do Grand Rapids tomorrow. I’m beat! Hang in there!


  14. Thank you Janey for providing all the links

    After watching these videos – ArchieFanDoc is left speechless. A good way to end the night.


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