American Idol Season 7 Tour in Kansas City Missouri on August 29th & 30th, 2008

Hey Kansas City!

You are the recipients of a American Idol Top 10 Idol show tonight and tomorrow. Hmmmm – I wonder how this happened? I wonder?

Could it be because of this guy right here?

David Cook, American Idol

David Cook, American Idol

Oh yes, indeed! This year’s winner – David Cook – hails from Blue Springs, Missouri, a 20-minute car ride away from the heart of Kansas City.

So call me crazy, but I think that the Kansas City fans must be extremely excited in anticipation of tonight’s and tomorrow’s show. This is a Cookie homecoming of sorts and what a great moment in time this must be for him and his family.

I look forward to hearing and seeing all the videos and recaps tomorrow and reviewing the performances of Cookie and the rest of the Top 10 singers.

So, please take a moment to add your thoughts, memories, photos and videos right hear in the comments section of this blog topic.

You can also email me at Looking forward to meeting all of you!
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28 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Kansas City Missouri on August 29th & 30th, 2008”

  1. A few brief seconds with “Apologize”:


  2. Although I can’t say for sure, this must be from one of the KC concerts as David sneaks in a cough or two:


  3. Glad you found some videos, Janey. I find it amazing that David is so consistent with every performance, despite fighting a lingering bug. And when he does need to cough, he is so subtle and sneaks it so in conspicuously, never detracting from the delivery of the song.

    Hearing these same songs, I always look forward to certain power notes, like “fly….” love the turns he adds. I also love how he never “over-sings” but adds subtle crescendos that add power to his sustained notes.


  4. Hazelnut40, I left a link to a previous SBM performance of David’s from Homecomimg Week in the above “weekend, Aug.30 thread”. I would love to know what you think about the last soulful/rock “daaarliiin”. I do believe it’s my all time favorite. Hoe does he do it?


  5. hoe~how, dang typos!


  6. I hadn’t heard that clip Janey….thanks for pointing it out! David is such a confluence of natural talent, impeccable training, and divine inspiration isn’t he.

    I’m sure MCL is the better one to speak on the vocal specifics (I’m just an instrumentalist…haha) but I sure do recognize unbelievable artistry when I hear it! And yea, that “darrrrlingggg” (and other notes like it) just oozes with artistry. He lingers on a note, even as the accompaniment moves forward into the next phrase, and he seemlessly catches up and flows right back into the melodic groove. And MCL is right…it’s as if he adds these nuances to suit his musical mood. Love that!


  7. Finally! Yea! Thanks for the videos Janey. Will have a look at them later today.

    Hi to you too Hazelnut! 🙂


  8. oops…a typo for me, too. Back a couple posts, should read “INconspicuous”.


  9. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by Clairebearrox04

    Performed by David Archuleta

    A few brief seconds of Apologize

    I’ll take what I can get. Thanks Janey and thanks clairebearrox04

    This is longer than I thought -1:51 minutes. And there is a great shot of David on the large screen. Ooooo – he’s not feeling well tonight. Something’s up. Maybe he’s still sick, as he seems less energizied than in previous performances.

    He looks worried, although his voice sounds quite good. Hmmmm. Oh – there you go – he’s coughing in the middle of the song. Oh, boy, I will be so happy when this tour is over and he can get a little R& R.

    Also, I hope One Republic is enjoying all the great PR from Archie’s phenomenal performance of this song. “Apologize” aired on the radio the other day and I went “David’s on the radio” to my husband and then I said: “Oh no, it’s just that I associate this song with David now.”

    Time to move on the “Crush” baby! And who knows what other gems David has in store for us when his new CD is released!


  10. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by harleyd1981

    Performed by David Archuleta

    When You Say You Love Me

    This is a partial video of this performance, but thank you so much Harley for uploading this. And to Janey, of course, for delivering it to this site.

    It opens with his sweet dialogue to the crowd and they listen appreciatively to his kind words. He sounds very rerlaxed, although the slight nasal quality is thee because of his cold.

    But, does he ever pour his heart and soul into this song! His diction is always so clear and precise, yet so heartfelt and expressive.

    And I love the vocal pirouette he did on the word “time” – excellent – once again signaling to all of us how masterful he is in changing the melody line with a subtle, yet creative style.

    It stopped before the big “fly note” but I have no doubt he hit that note and all the remaining notes out of the ballpark.

    Just a beautiful performance. I never tire of hearing David sing this song – never! It is truly special. Very spiritual, like a prayer


  11. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by randompplrock33

    Performed by David Archuleta


    This is another video of Apologize in Kansas. Boy, that cold was really giving him trouble – some phelgm or something in the lower notes and his upper notes aren’t as centered. He shouldn’t be singing – he should be resting, but “on with the show” I guess.

    Case be told, even when his voice is functioning at 70% capacity, he still sounds spectacular. Plus, his technical skills sure add the reassurance he needs to help him vocalize efficiently throughout this performance.

    But, man, once he cleared his throat a couple of times, that sustained “too late” segment was glorious and resonant. His voice is really a work of art, it truly is!

    And I love his little three-step into the last take of the refrain. He is such a rhythmically secure performer, initiating all these stage movements in an effortless manner.

    And he ends the song with powerful vocals indeed to match his authoritative presence on stage.



  12. Oh MCL, if David gets any better I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it! Here from KC 8/29/08 is Angels. I’m blown away by the wonderful new “street”, the reoccurring final “it” and glorious last “angels”. Have mercy on us David!


  13. A full length Apologize:


  14. Janey, I hear ya! Since you said it out loud, I’ll join in now too. 🙂

    Once again, wonderful nuances….he takes beautiful liberties, while always maintaining the integrity of the melody. Loved that 4th jump between “wherever–it”, as well as the added touches to “call”. I never tire of his interpretations. Anwar had this effect on me as well, but David surpasses.

    Great clip…thanks Janey!! Nice way to end my night. Looking forward to MCL’s thoughts on this one. G’night!


  15. You had to add another one didn’t you. 😉 Well worth taking a few more minutes off the sleep docket…. I’m clicking out of here NOW before I go back to YouTube and listen to a dozen more.


  16. Hazelnut40, “I never tire of his interpretations.” Me either! And what a summer tour it’s been!!! In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the auditory treats that were in store for us. Thank you Hazelnut for sharing your musical wisdom and appreciation of David.

    MCL,Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to comment on David’s performances. Every performance brings something new and exciting, something that I get hooked on and can’t let go of. Your comments often bring tears to my eyes, I so love how you love him.


  17. Hi Everyone, I’m back! Janey what are we doing up so late????
    Well I am trying to figure this stuff out. So far I was able to upload the last half of PDSTM – and as you can see all is well with David and David.

    I have 19 minutes of pure David Archuleta at the 8/30 show – but I can’t upload it! Need to figure out how to cut video. Also I was too consumed with watching the show – and NOT through the view finder – and did not notice that the “zoom” had gone back to wide angle! (also I think I was singing along very off key) Hopefully on Monday there will be others who posted and I can just keep my video to myself.

    David was wonderful despite still having “the cold”. A couple of very minor voice cracks but otherwise you would not know that he was still sick. Even though I must have heard these songs a hundred times, it was still like hearing it for the first time. I can never tire of hearing that voice!

    I met him at the after party – hmmmm, what a fantastic young man – so giving, so attentive to his fans. He would run quickly to a side room to “cough”, and then come back. As usual, he was the last to leave the room – it had to be past 11:30 – and after that he was outside signing until shortly after midnight the last one again – then they handlers had to whisk him off to the buses and on to Minnesota. No MCL – there is no vocal rest.

    I am going to attempt to upload some video of after party – so check out my other video section when look at PDSTM.

    MCL — love the new set up and the “media blitz” – it is like one stop shopping.


  18. One thing about this season’s tour is that almost everyone is enjoying each performer, while still cheering for their favorite(s). This may be a hard act to follow for Season 8. Another thing (not that it should matter), but this is a good looking group. Talent + looks + good time. WOW!

    Glad to hear David C. got a wonderful welcome home! So pleased that Jason is just getting better and better with each city. “Stand By Me” still remains my favorite of David A. What an awesome voice.


  19. MCL, there’s so much to read in the Media Blitz – I love it! Have a Happy Holiday!


  20. And here’s some Jason from Kansas City, like David A., still battling that persistent cold/bug they picked up–no doubt, it comes from them hanging out together! They really need to let these kids get some rest, every once in a while…

    All three uploaded by TeresaRenee75:

    A nice piece of Over the Rainbow


    and Daydream


  21. Well, well, well! look what happens in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. Lots of great commentary and links! Thank you so much everyone.

    And Kariann and ArchieFan – glad you like the Media Blitz. I am having a blast with it as well – like a kid in a candy store. Thank heavens for Google Alerts.

    Which reminds me, I better add today’s entry.

    Welcome back – ArchieFan – glad you enjoyed the concert and don’t worry about the video. I had some great footage and then my computer accidentally corrupted the DVD. What can you do? Just enjoy your personal video and thanks for adding these links.

    And, ReReader – finally some Jason. I agree, Jason and David are always together it seems, so it’s natural that they both became ill. They still sound great though.

    Will look at the links a bit later. Have to add the Media Blitz for Monday.

    Bye for now everyone:)


  22. Ooops – forgot to say “Good morning” to Hazelnut.! Good mooooooorning!


  23. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by djhsail

    Performed by David Archuleta


    Janey originally said: Oh MCL, if David gets any better I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it! Here from KC 8/29/08 is Angels. I’m blown away by the wonderful new “street”, the reoccurring final “it” and glorious last “angels”. Have mercy on us David!

    So, let’s focus on her observations, shall we? I have been waiting to hear this performance all day, so let’er rip, little David.

    Ooooooo – I love the planetary backdrop that is showcased so well in this video. Very ethereal and heavenly ans so appropriate for this song, wouldn’t you agree?

    And David sounds so fantastic and that expressive voice is a real treasure indeed. Listen to the focus and clarity of his voice. And his articulation is so, so splendid; he grabs every vowel and thus ensures the forward continuity of his melodic line when he sings.

    I am particularly impressed that he sustains his voice so cohesively on the “eh” vowel in the the word “Angels”. Many singers would close on the “l” consonant far too soon, thus hindering the continuity of the melody line.

    But, David, always so studious and meticulous in his approach to the art of singing, understands the importance of all these fine details when he sings, for, when they all come together, the end result is a magical vocal experience.

    And then, as Janey pointed out, he changes his vocal direction on the word “street”, first descending -which is normal – and then suddenly vocally ascends while sustaining the “ee” vowel. Another example of the vocal element known as Archuleta Artistry! haha. He deserves his own technical term, don’t you think? He’s more than earned it!

    And his upper vocals are perfect in this performance – so clear and focused and centered. There are those sustained vowels again = ProtectiON” affectiON!”

    And the ad lib “oh yeah” section is an unbelievable, “through the roof” experience. His voice is so strong and so powerful and he obviously is accessing powerful forces within him to create this level of projected vocal sound. The best I have ever heard and that is saying a lot given his stellar performance history on this tour!

    And the final upper note “it” – perfect, centered and finally so liberated. Anothr Janey observation! I can feel and hear his heart and soul just bending and weaving the phrase line with outstanding vocal dexterity.

    Oh – be still my heart! Janey – the last “Angels” – I was not ready for that upper note in the first syllable of “Angels”. That vowel has been plaguing him at times and it just seems that David tackles any challenging vocal glitch with determination and resolve. That was an extremely gutsy, risky vocal – a high B, I believe.

    Wow – and he sang that with full voice, but the head voice component added the necessary ring and clarity. Outstanding! I am at a loss for words.


  24. Delivered by ReReader

    Uploaded by TeresaRenee75

    Performed by Jason Castro

    Over The Rainbow

    This is not the whole song, but still it is long enough for me to get a sense of Jason’s voice during this performance. He sounds very good and his voice is so clear and transparent.

    Also, the pace of the song is a little quicker and I like it. It sounds more playful and it certainly has more drive and momentum. All of this adds energy and focus to Jason’s voice and certainly assists him with his breathing.

    And, because his breathing is in control during this performance, the ends of his phrases have more continuity. This also diminishes the noticeable “silent spots” in this song, something that was very problematic for him during the earlier part of the tour.

    Awww- listen to the vocal pirouette on the word “fly” (at the 35 second mark) – that’s new. Good for you my Jason.

    And his voice just continues to amaze, doesn’t it? Listen to the clarity of his head voice when he sings his falsetto notes during the words “over the rainbow” – gorgeous. And nice clean sustained “ah” vowels in that nasty “eye diphthong in the words “fly” and “why”!

    The bel canto approach, sustaining on those pure vowels, adds such depth and resonance to his voice and ensures and even, centered pitch throughout his melody line. Excellent work, Jason!


    Boy, he really pours his heart into this doesn’t he? And, once again, I think he has found a happy place with this song and rightfully so. It works so well with his vocal style, -the lyrics, the rhythmn, the arrangement is perfect for Jason.

    Okay – that upper “crazy” was perfect. He sang the “eh” vowel and avoided all the vowels in the messy “aye” diphthong. He adopted a more British approach and MCL is doing a happy dance here. Both he and Archie are on a mission to perfect that “aye” diphthong and I am lovin’ it! Go Jason!

    Now, wasn’t that beautiful? He needs to refine it more so, when he repeats the rest of the “crazy” words, but that will come. It is a huge improvement for Jason and, as a result, his voice sounds focused and resonant. It has real presence.

    However, his “eye diphthongs, in words such as “time” and”life” are very pure and centered. He sustains his voice on the pure “ah” vowel and, asa result, his voice sounds clean and transparent.

    And as he approaches the last refrain , he nails that word and note once again. I am so darn proud of this young man. Now round out your mouth Jason – it’s tough, I know, but you can do it. 🙂


    And he initiates this song with a relaxed tempo and a demeanor to match. This is always a joy for me to see and hear. He is truly in his element when he sings this song.

    And listen to the upper note on the word “alright” (about 1:27)- gorgeous and with a hint of vibrato to boot. Wooo!

    Please somebody good sign this young man to a recording contract. He needs to be heard and appreciated for a long, long time.


  25. Hi everyone…back to join the party. After being gone all day it sure is fun to come home to an aural feast! Yea that last Angels was really special….had to revisit it! Also, love Jason’s version of “Crazy”. Such a nice departure from the frantic original.

    I do love Jason…I find myself really rooting for him. And let me tell ya, when he casually sauntered out on stage in Tampa, it was the biggest ovation of the night (pre-Davids of course). I hope he finds his niche in the market.

    Jason and David have a nice rapport. I heard on an interview where Jason said to David how he reminds him of himself at that age, and David was then worried and hopes he doesn’t turn out “weird” like him. Too funny!!


  26. What am I still doing back in Kansas City????

    I think this is one of the best Angels (or am I biased because I was there?)
    -And he hits that high B note again on the last Angels, this time while apparently suppressing a cough which he lets out at the end.
    How does he do this???
    MCL – is this high B the highest note he has done (and while recovering, slowly, from respiratory infection??? How does he do this?????????

    Angels KC 8/30/08 Silverrete90:

    (((hmmm, I have a little cough, start of a col — who did I catch this from???)))



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