American Idol Season 7 Tour in Dallas Texas on August 25th, 2008

Hey there Dallas!

This is Day 2 of the American Idol Top 10 journey through the great state of Texas. As I write this, I can only imagine the fan frenzy happening at the American Airlines Center, as these Perfect 10 singers share their immense talent with the fans in Dallas.

And I am sure you are extremely proud of your boy, Jason Castro, whose home state is – you guessed it – Texas!

As I said last night in the Houston thread, Jason is the Top 4 finalist from this season’s exciting American Idol show and I am sure the fans will be there in droves to cheer on their boy!

Therefore, please come and celebrate when the show is over and have a gabfest in the comments section of this Dallas blog. We would love to embrace some of your Southern hospitality and charm.

Also, we welcome your recaps of tonight’s performance at the American Airlines Center as well as your video and photo links. Even though we know that this is a very special couple of days for the talented Jason Castro, we are very Idol friendly here. We love all the singers and wish to promote all of them in the best possible way.

You can also email me your Idol memories via

Bye for now and see ya real soon!
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12 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Dallas Texas on August 25th, 2008”

  1. MCL, I hope you’ll be ok with me posting this. During the LKL interview last week, it was revealed that the idols would be participating in the Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C) program on Sept 5. The show will be televised on CBS, NBC, & ABC. The challenge is to raise at least $2100. The team has raised $1100 so far.

    An Angel by the name of Pecan Pie started a team (CRUSH KIDS’ CANCER – ARCHIE’S ANGELS) on the website If anyone would like to donate to a charity in David’s name, please consider this one. The site states that the team with the highest donation will get their team announced on the show. There are a few ways to donate (phone, online or mail).


  2. Pouncer84 – I will add this to the Masterclass Lady Media Blitz. Thank you so much for making me aware of this.


  3. MCL, found an “Angels” from Dallas but decided against posting the link as the quality of the audio makes it difficult to hear David. I did find a very good “WYSYLM” and while David is conserving energy he still sounds amazing:

    MCL, could you share with us the concerns an artist might be faced with when performing with a cold?


  4. Delivered by Janey

    Uploaded by fanbabyTX

    Performed byDavid Archuleta

    When You Say you Love Me

    David was battling a vey bad cold when he performed this number last night, but, still, his voice sounded amazing. This is when technical skills come to the rescue in full force – when the natural voice and the body energy are encountering ill health and/or unbelievable fatigue, both of which David is feeling at this point on the tour.

    He coughs a bit before he sings, but, when he opens his mouth, he is transformed into the vocal wonder that we have come to know and love.

    However, his breathing is a bit compromised because of the congestion he is experiencing and you can hear the heightened nasal quality in his voice because of his cold virus.

    However, he knows HOW to breath quickly and efficiently and so, even though he is taking a few more gulps of air within his phrase lines than what is customary when he performs, he does so wothout disturbing the natural flow of the melody line and the focus of his voice. Good. For. Him!

    You know. we can learn a great deal by watching David perform while “under the weather”. We learn that hard work. dedication, strong preparatory skills and outstanding talent will always be evident in any set of circumstances – whether, illness, personal problems,fatigue etc. is being experienced by the performer.

    It’s called: “Being a professional” and David is that and so much more. He gives and gives and gives and finds strength in his physical resources that he probably didn’t even know existed.

    Listen to his voice – it’s gorgeous! And the passion and the artistry – truly exceptional.

    Boy, he must be happy to have reached the end of this extremely difficult song. Loved the vocal pirouette on the word “love”.

    Spectacular performance!


  5. Thank you MCL for the lesson regarding performing in spite of illness. Another outstanding illustration of David’s technical skills at work:


  6. MCL, just found Apologize from Dallas:

    and here is Angels. Perhaps the first audible glitch of the tour, perhaps not,(maybe just the recording) at the 2:12 mark:

    if it is a glitch from our performer I will add he continues on and finishes like the pro he is, in your words MCL, with exceptional passion and artistry.


  7. Hi Janey:

    I haven’t had a chance to hear the entire performances of Apologize and Angels, but I will listen tomorrow.

    Thanks for always being so diligent in sending those videos.

    Bye for now – MCL


  8. Some Jason vids up from Dalls (mixed quality, but it’s what’s there!).

    Over the Rainbow, through the beginning of Crazy, uploaded by CTR2017

    30 seconds of Crazy, uploaded by amytx84

    and Daydream, uploaded by brisblondie.

    Jason said in his weekly vlog that he woke up the morning of the Dallas concert with a runny nose and a sore throat…


  9. Oh dear, everyone is sick. I will look at Jason’s and David’s videos later on today. Time for the tour to end already!

    Thanks Rereader.


  10. Delivered by: Janey79

    Uploaded by:CTR2017

    Performed by: David Archuleta


    David has been fighting a nasty cold virus, but you would never know it. His voice sounds very good. However, ic an hear the nasal quality that is so prevalent when anyone has a cold.

    Plus, those perfect 5th intervals on the “aye” are problematic for him tonight, but still very impressive considering the circumstances surrounding his health.

    However, he never loses his emotional core – it is always front and center when he performs and this is such a wonderful attribute that has always impressed me the most about David. He is such a dedicated and passionate artist and always wants to give the best performance possible for his audience. And you most certainly do, David!

    And his head voice sounds beautiful in this performance despite his cold. Typically, singers have more problems with their middle range than their upper head voice range. The normal speaking range of a singer’s voice is where problems usually ensue when vocalizing whisle fighting a cold virus.

    Cold? who would know? It was still a fabulous performance! Bravissimo!


    Syesha introduces David to a very impatient and hysterical crowd. they want their David, let me tell you!

    And he starts this song beautifully, always with that hushed intensity – so appropriate for the mood of this gorgeous song.

    As he moves into the refrain, he starts to have some intermittent problems with his voice because of his darn cold – more specifically on the word “reflection”, – but smoothly dismisses this minor problem by maintaining unbelievable focus. His face never looks anxious, he stays in the moment and just keeps sailing ahead.

    Yah – you show them how it’s done David! Kick that technique into high gear! And the second “reflection” is perfect. haha. I love this kid! Totally the bomb!

    And, my heavens, the “oh yeah” instrumental/vocal section is exrtaordinary tonight. Maybe his diaphragmatic muscles are working harder because of his cold? He introduces the “yeahs” a little earler in the segment but bookends this repetitive word with “oh” vowel.

    Oooooooo – I loved the new rhythmic take in the phrase “It may take me” during the final refrain. Unbelievable. And that was one slam dunk of an ending – vocal pirouettes and jetes to die for!

    Cold? What cold! This was a remarkable performance. Kudos David

    Next up: Jason Castro – a little later on today.:)


  11. Delivered by: ReReader

    Uploaded by: CTR2017

    Performed by: A very ill Jason Castro

    Over The Rainbow and Crazy

    Lots of static videos from Dallas plus Jason and Archie have been very sick with a horrid cold. So, as a result, Jason has the same nasal sound to his voice that I heard when David A. performed.

    But, you know what? He does not sound worse for wear. His voice is quieter, yes, but still quite resonant given his health situation.

    Still fragmenting those phrase at times, but, in all honesty, it must be really difficult to breathe adequately.

    And, wow, his head vocie was spectacular wasn’t it? The audience cheered him on. Yea, so do I Jason!

    And his mood and demeanor is as genuine and as enthusiastic as ever. Great, great work Jason!

    Following this, he jokes with the crowd and moves into his second number, “Crazy”.

    And, oh. my. goodness. His upper notes in the refrain are spectacular – really focused and centered. And with a cold? Unbelievable. Someone’s been practicing.

    The “aye” diphthong is certainly more pure and refined. This is wonderful progress I feel. Ooops, I hear a bit of rasp in his voice but it certainly does not faze him as he continues on his merry way to complete a very outstanding performance of this song.

    The video stops at around the 1:00 minute mark – but it was enough to know that this was a great showcase. Super Jason!


  12. Delivered by ReReader and Hannah B

    Uploaded by BrisBlondie

    Performed by an ailing Jason Castro


    Oh my, he tells the crowd that he was introduced to the song via American Idol. He had never heard of this song before. Isn’t this something? To me, it is such a suitable song for his vocal style and persona – fits him perfectly.

    And look at his animated features – so open and expressive when he performs this song. And that smile is killer, isn’t it? So genuine and so sweet.

    His voice sounds magnificent once again and it appears that this cold is not hindering his triple showcase at all. Love the slight hint of a vibrato as he held his final note before the musical interlude – gorgeous. To me, he is looking and sounding more and more like a star with each stop of the tour. His confidence and poise has increased immensely over the last couple of months.

    And there’s that infectious smile and wave again as a fan yells out his name. He is so elated to be back in his home state. Does my heart good!

    Absolutely stellar performance! I added this song to my “Favorites” You Tube Page. But I need more. A -hunting I go!


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