American Idol Season 7 Tour in Sunrise Florida on August 20th, 2008

Hello Sunrise Florida!

Over the next two days, the American Idol Top 10 singers will grace your beautiful state with their outstanding vocal talent.

And, since this is the state that produced two singers from this year’s crop of finalists – Ramiele and Syesha – I can well imagine that both concerts will be filled to capacity.

Therefore, I hope you will submit your recaps, videos and/or photo links to this blog topic. Or, if you are a bit on the shy side, please feel free to email me your stuff at

Have a blast at the Bank Atlantic Center! Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
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16 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Sunrise Florida on August 20th, 2008”

  1. MCL, I went to the show tonight & David A. sounded PHENOMENAL!! Hearing him sing live was even better than hearing him sing on the show. He just put his heart & soul into all four songs he sang. I particularly loved When You Say You Love Me because it really brought the message to his fans that David genuinely appreciates all the love & support they have given him. And of course, it was a fantastic vocal. His long-held notes gave me chills. All of them did a great job…the only one I didn’t particularly care for was Ramiele.


  2. Well just a snippet from the Sunrise show — just to pique your interests — hopefully complete videos will be uploaded later.
    The big news is David A is “without jacket” and David and David antics at the end of the show.
    Posted elsewhere is statement of “10 minute ovation” for Archie?
    Maybe Erin920 can fill us in if the latter is true.

    Part of Stand by Me – beautiful girls:


  3. ArchieFanDoc,

    WOW….thanks for posting that clip! Great quality, and he sounds so resonant in that lower register, and just soars in the upper. He also seems so relaxed, confident, and energized.

    I am heading to the Tampa show tonight, and that was a wonderful preview!


  4. Well – here is another partial tidbit from the ImAlbert10

    very partial Apologize: ( David has a new duet partner in this one -)

    If no better uploads by tonight – I will post a complete Angels –and David Squared antics, tonight.


  5. Erin – so happy that you enjoyed the show. Isn’t David – and the others – a phenomenal live experience?

    Yes, I agree, little Ramiele is the weak link in the line up. Great voice and cute to look at – but she needs to develop more performing skills and refine her identity as an artist.

    ArchieFanDoc – will review the links a bit later. Thank you.

    Hazelnut sounds very enthused at David’s vocal sound. It has become more muscular as the tour progressed and, coupled with the fact that his Mom is now with him, he must be feeling pumped.

    He just enjoyed a superb reunion with his entire family and his Mom’s family is based in Florida as well. Lots to sing about, for sure!


  6. It was a wonderful experience. David was just incredible live. And he did get a big standing ovation…both Davids did, actually but I think Archie got a little bit more than Cook. I also really enjoyed Brooke, Michael, Carly, & Jason. Even the ones who I am not crazy about such as Syesha, did an amazing job. : )


  7. From Sunrise:

    Notice the standing ovation!!!


  8. Ok are you ready? Here we go — some Miami Heat.
    You can take the boy out of Miami, but you can’t take Miami out of the boy.

    Complete Stand by Me: ELOQUENCIA

    followed by his standing ovation and then WYSYLM: ELOQUENCIA

    Only video of screaming girl, I mean of Angels I could find – Parisnuma:

    Watch this just for the last few minutes – the David’s do another version of “the bow” turns into something else – this time it is puppet master.


  9. Just one Jason partial so far–
    Partial Crazy, uploaded by parisnuma

    And thanks so much for the shoutout yesterday, MCL!! I really loved that video….


  10. Oh no Janey! your posting #7 had not appeared yet in the thread when I opened up my dialogue box and started to put together my #8. I could have gone to bed an hour earlier! Oh well, the sleep deprivation was worth it!


  11. Oh my – look at the links. Have to run out for a while, but will have a look at then a bit later.

    Thanks everyone.


  12. Delivered by ArchieFanDoc

    Peformed by David Archuleta

    Complete Stand by Me: uploaded by ELOQUENCIA

    Nice close video of our sweet David. Wow – she must have agreat zoom option on her camera.

    David sounds as brilliant as he always does with this song.

    I love the camera work in this video. Superbly done, Eloquencia! And the sound is remarkable.

    Look at his mischievous face as he moves into the upbeat “beautiful girls” section. And woah – great camera work – focusing on the first stomp of his red shoes in this section of the song and then breaking away to his face. Awesome!

    The camera flows from one scene to another – like it has been filmed and edited by two or more cameras. Boy, what is this videographer’s story? How did she/he/they do this? Enquiring Masterclass minds want to know!!!

    Extraordinary vocals and sublime artisty wrapped up in a genuine and inspiring package known as David Archuleta! Unbelievable!

    Oh my – that is one wild crowd and look at the standing “O”! Lots and lots of Florida sunshine and love there for our David – but, hey, that’s the way it has been at every stop of this tour.

    Continued standing ovation and then When You Say You Love Me uploaded by ELOQUENCIA

    Oh my, he is so ecstatic at the audience response. Look at the audience on their feet – they canNOT get enough of him. David trys to talk but they keep on screaming and screaming. I’ve never seen anything like this.

    However, when the music starts for WYSYLM, all is quiet – well pretty quiet. It’s about David and his gorgeous, expressive voice.

    Once again – great camera work here. Just excellent. And he is letting it rip – his emotions are on full throttle tonight and, understandbly so. He is in the land, the state and the city of his birth. Such a riveting presenc he is on that stage. And the voice -in a class by itself.

    Every word of every phrase means so much to him and the result is an expressive and musically sensitive performance. Where does he get his stamina? Certainly, the stuff of prodigies. And, something new, he vocalizes one last upper pirouette on the final word “you” – aspecial gift to the fans from his hometown.

    Angels uploaded by Parisnuma

    His voice sounds beautiful and extremely resonant at the beginning of this song. The audio has a little static, especially at the upper end, but you can still hear the resonating essence of David’s voice. Gorgeous!

    Nice melodic variations as always. And, guess what everybody! He abandoned the “yeah, yeahs” in favor of “ohs” instead. I think, during the last concert or two, he was doing a combo of both, but, in this concert, it’s “ohs” all the way.

    A few days ago, I mentioned how much I liked the “oh” at this point in the song The inclusion of the “oh” vowel” in the ad lib section of the song adds a more ethereal quality to this portion of the song and further compliments the emotional essence of the poetry.

    You see? David always finds a way to rejuvenate and elevate a song that has been performed countless number of times of over the last couple of months – the sign of a true professional!

    And all those “ohs” relax the throat and encourage him to keep a circular mouth formation – like sighing through his upper range. All of this comes in real handy when he moves through his last refrain following this and, lo and behold, he nails that upper note on the word “it”. Woo! He just kept the momentum flowing from the diaphragm and allowed his mouth and jaw to relax as it did in the instrumental portion of the song. Briliiance personified.

    Some nice melodic turns toward the end of this song. This is probably the best performance of this song I have seen from him. Out.Stand.Ing!


  13. Delivered by Janey79

    Performed by David Archuleta

    Apologize (partial – the last 1:38 uploaded by Eloquencia

    And David is really pumping out those notes from every part of his range. This song never sounded so good since David Archuleta adopted it!

    He is pouring every ounce of expressivity and emotion he owns into this song and his musicality and melodic creativity is what sets his performance of this song apart from the original artist.

    Just a magnificient performance, David!


  14. Delivered by Rereader

    Performed by Jason Castro and uploaded by uploaded by parisnuma

    (Partial -1:17)Crazy

    Gahhhhhh! Look at my Jason singing with a round mouth. I love it! And, come on everyone, doesn’t his voice sound magnificent as a result? He is dropping his jaw and as a result, his diaphragmatic muscles are effectively focusing his voice forward, in the vocal masque (face).

    There is a ringing clarity to his vocal timbre – no breathiness or vocal confusion. It’s all there in brilliant color and sound. He is still spreading his mouth on the “ee” vowel in the word “me”, but, hey, we have to move those mountains one day at a time.

    And that “ee” vowel is problematic for many singers at first – you have to develop an”ah” approach to the vowel and then, later, try to refine it. However, the higher one sings, the more “ah” is added into the mix. It’s the only way to sing this vowel -and some others like “i” or “eh”- without tensing the throat.

    Great singing Jason – extremely expressive and musical.


  15. MCL you asked, “How did she/he/they do this? Enquiring Masterclass minds want to know!!!”

    eloquencia video taped the projected image from the jumbotron above the stage. She voomed in on it, filling up the entire lens on her camera. There are indeed 2 cameras below the stage capturing the performances.

    btw, thank you for, “lo and behold, he nails that upper note on the word “it”. Woo!” It truly was glorious, wasn’t it?


  16. voomed~zoomed, dang typos!


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