American Idol Season 7 Tour In Newark, New Jersey: July 30th & 31st, 2008

Hey Newark!

Not fair! Two nights! So I better see tons of video footage and video links after the show or else! 🙂

I look forward to hearing from all of you. I know the show is going to be as outstanding as always.

You can add your commentary or links in the comment box below this blog topic or email me your photos, video links and recaps at

I hope to get back to a normal routine of reviewing the video links submitted by my readers, ao send them along and I will do my best!

Have fun at the Prudential Center tonight and tomorrow!


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33 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour In Newark, New Jersey: July 30th & 31st, 2008”

  1. is it my imagination or did Chikezie skip the final group performance? i’ve only seen one clip and that of the final group performance so i will look forward to the recaps.

    btw. first time poster here but a long time lurker, mcl, thank you very much for your blog, it has given me many many hours of entertaining, thoughtful reading.


  2. No Chikezie in the group number? Maybe he was sick?

    Hey New Jersey – we need your recaps and video links!

    Thanks so much for your kind remarks, Tomsuzuki and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  3. Hey there everyone — while we are waiting for New Jersey — we can recap Pittsburgh (aka Picksburgh)—- we kind of forgot about them with all of the excitement over MCL Toronto postings. Everyone one on other sites threads are talking about his “change ups” on all of the songs, especially the ending of SBM.


  4. Reports were that he was late in the first group number? and no show for the final group or after party. At least two people mentioned that Michael seemed sick. One person said David seemed a bit croaky? when he talked briefly at the signings before and he was extremely rushed through that(18 minutes). Probably due to press.
    Im going to see if I can find some more recaps and ill look for vid too.


  5. archiefandoc Says:
    July 31, 2008 at 11:08 am
    Hey there everyone — while we are waiting for New Jersey — we can recap Pittsburgh (aka Picksburgh)—- we kind of forgot about them with all of the excitement over MCL Toronto postings. Everyone one on other sites threads are talking about his “change ups” on all of the songs, especially the ending of SBM.

    I quickly watched SBM – it was amazing. I’m going to head over to the Pittsburgh blog entry.


  6. Found a fox interview before the concert and David sounded fine.. so who knows what that was about.



  7. Well, they certainly look more rested than in Toronto. Maybe the fact that they have no traveling to deal with over the next couple of days has relaxed them. I sure hope so!


  8. here is just some speculation, someone over at AI boards posted this:
    “After doing some more reading on a different site – it was reported (don’t know if it’s true so I don’t want to post mis-information) that there has been a stomach virus going around and that he was dealing with that. Someone also said Michael Johns said he wasn’t feeling well, so I hope they can get it under control before all of them end up with it. They all have to be worn down at this point!!!”

    here are a few vids:

    Please dont stop the music:

    Billy Jean:


  9. Thanks Frogcooke – will review these vids later. You know, Michael looked really, really tired and so did David Cook at the after party in Toronto.

    Are they drinking enough water? I still think that something has to be reworked with their schedule. It’s exhausting.


  10. I forgot to include this in the above post but… Apologize is just.. WOW… intense!


  11. from over at MJS, someone who was at the afterparty:

    ” I was at the after party last night and Michael Johns told us that Chikezie has a virus and that’s why he didn’t come out. He has been feeling bad for a while.
    Jason seemed like he was sleep walking, the poor kid was so tired. Cook is hoarse and said he wouldn’t have a day off until sometime in the middle of August. There kids are getting beat up by the schedule and they are not even half done.”


  12. Giving all the idols some lovin.. lol


  13. and here is Michaels queen medley:


  14. All I can say is WOW — no signs of the fatigue I heard in Pittsburgh with DA set here!
    Maybe that jogging in Pittsburgh had a delayed effect — as strange as it seems, I think that jogging is a good conditioner to help with breathing for someone with vocal chord paralysis. I think that he is not able to do this daily like he use to may be hurting a bit.
    Any how — it just find it amazing that he can sing at all!!!! Someone finally said this (?his ENT doctor, not sure who was quoted) in the People Espanol article post on fan blast site. ((confession time – I deal with several people who have vocal chord paralysis – some who have lost their jobs because of it))

    Someone posted previous Pitts thread about David A smiling more — I noticed that too — I like to think that (though still staying as humble as can be) that he finally is saying to himself — yeah, I’m good, and just enjoying himself.

    I hope that in the morning he is not putting his fingers into his ears so he does not have to hear himself sing (like he did during the Final Interview after AI) – that Elvis Duran won’t be able to help himself to make fun.

    Poor two Davids — good for them going to the teen choice awards -but unless they are going to be there virtually through a remote feed during the taping — they might be doing a whirlwind flying back and forth over the country on their “day off” — no rest for these guys!


  15. From Frogcooke – Comment #8

    When You Say You Love Me:
    Performed by David Archuleta and uploaded by livehead16

    How about one more song? I think so little Archie. How about 100 more?? Soon enough, soon enough.

    I love how he immerses himself in the soul of the song right from the outset – as soon as the musical intro. begins.

    Great video, nice and close. This video is freezing on me big time! I only reached the point in the song when he sings “What could it be”. I tried several times with this video. Grr! Love how he places his hand over his heart when he says the words “my heart stops beating”

    Please Don’t Stop The Music:
    Top 10 Group Number and uploaded by livehead16

    This is a great song – better live than on film. High energy and it captures the celebratory nature of the whole evening so very well.

    No Chickie – I guess he was sick! Too bad. Out comes Jason and he sound fabulous – good boy!

    Oh my goodness, I love how Michael and Cookie don those shades and pose for the crowd. So cute!

    Where’s Archie? I saw eveyone else but him. I guess the filmaker was a Cookie fan! hahah

    Ah yes, Archie and Cookie do the runway act at the end of the song and it is so endearing to see them give each other props! Now, if only all the fans could relax and enjoy the fun. We are in for one wild ride with these Davids.

    Cookie gives a great verbal send-off to the crowd at the end. Excellent.

    The song is contagious – stays with you long after the show is over – like the memories! Bravo and Brava to all!

    Billy Jean:
    Performed by David Cook and uploaded by livehead16

    I love me some Billie Jean -can’t wait to hear it once again. And the video and audio are excellent.

    OOoooo – his voice sounds hoarse and he is straining. He certainly didn’t sound like this in Toronto – the voice was more free and technically secure. Fatigue issues once again I am sure!

    However, the passion and power of his performing skills are stellar – he still gives the audience what they paid to see – a great rock star in the making.

    But, he doesn’t look happy when he leaves the stage – he must be “under the weather” and he most certianly has every right to be. This tour schedule is not for the faint of heart – it is taxing, exhausting, physically demanding and relentless.

    Hey David – even when you are “under the weather” you sound 100 times better than the majority of the singers out there in the biz already. Courage!

    Performed by David Cook and uploaded by livehead16

    Well, let’s see how this goes. Here he comes – rising from the depths of the stage and his voice sounds very beautiful in the opening strains of the melody. And here comes the “I love you New Jersey” – excellent. So far, his voice sounds quite relaxed in this song – it doesn’t tax the upper limits of his vocal range.

    Also, the vowels are rounder – lots of “ohs” and “oos” and “ah” – so these vowels focus naturally forward in the vocal masque.

    In Billie Jean, he has to contend with “ees” and the “eye” diphthong and this presents problems for him. Always think “ah” David when singing the “eye” diphthong – so much easier!

    I love how he stops toward the end of the song – what a teaser! He has the crowd in the palm of his hand. Great, great number.


  16. frogcooke Says:
    July 31, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    Up the steps he goes before he kicks !!! with this song. haha Beautiful midrange singing and there is that gorgeous, gorgeous head voice. He sounds healthy and relaxed.

    Nice rhythmic walk down the stairs – I never noticed that before. One step at a time – to the basic beat. Super! And this continues as he makes his way forward on the stage.

    Love the sustained purity of his “eh” vowel when he sings the word “late” during the knee bends (also a good technique in and of itself. Perfect! Nice round mouth and a purely focused vowel.

    My goodness this young man is supremely musical – his body moves so freely with the basic rhythmic structure. Excellent passionate performance.


  17. frogcooke Says:
    July 31, 2008 at 1:43 pm
    Performed By Syesha Mercado

    Okay this song is killer – unbelievable! She pushes her voice though and there is no need to do this. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous and of itself and you can hear it in the softer passages.

    But she sings this song with musical determination and passionate artistry and wrings every ounce of energy she has in her tiny little body to communicate the essence of the message in the song. This is a very difficult song and she gives a memorable performance of this number.

    But – I can’t dismiss the spread in her mouth when she sings in her upper register. She is putting undue pressure on her vocal cords because the neck muscles are so tense and I fear for the overall health of her voice in the long term.

    Performed By Jason Castro

    Well Jason sounds great, doesn’t he? and look at how relaxed he is with the crowd. Smiling and moving around that restricted space and having the time of his life.

    Vocally he is sounding stronger and stronger and that mouth is maintaining a circular position – more so than in earlier shows. This was a fluid and extremely musical performance. He phrased his melodic line so well and his breathing was managed more efficiently.

    Nice verbal adieu to the crowd! I love my Jason!


  18. MCL – thanks for the lengthy review!

    Hmmm – really, that was the first time you took note of the saultry saunter down the stairs and down the stage? After the singing, that is the best part of the show!

    Let’s pray for poor Chekezie and sweet dreams of Crush tonight.

    Until 7:40 (4:40 for some of us) in the morning, adios


  19. againstthedyingofthelight July 31, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    MCL, you aren’t kidding about the schedule demands these kids are facing. For the last several shows, much to the dismay of waiting fans, Cook hasn’t been coming out with the Idols after the show to meet fans at the busses. Well, we found out the reason yesterday. A security guard revealed that he leaves immediately after the after-show to head to a studio. Perhaps studio time is cheaper after midnight?! Absolutely crazy.


  20. Oh my – that is really really crazy. This should be documented an released as a book, if for no other reason than to prepare singers for the realities of the music biz. No wonder he is exhausted. That’s just nuts. How can he sing in the middle of the night?


  21. MCL, when the tour schedule was first announced I asked you somewhere on this blog your take on how the performers would hold up. I’m still very concerned, there doesn’t seem to be a break for any of them, especially the Davids. They have youth on their side, will that be enough?

    Be sure to tell us what you think of “Crush”!


  22. againstthedyingofthelight August 1, 2008 at 3:59 am

    No vids, yet, but a couple of other Cookie crumbles:

    First, he posted a blog on his Myspace (alas, not a vlog). He mentions his producer and the first official member of his band. He also apologizes for price-gouging on EBay of his old band’s CDs by people he used to know, and he plugs Archie’s and Kristy Lee’s new singles, which I thought was very sweet.

    Also, MCL, at the risk of stealing the thunder of Archie’s “Crush”, per a report from a pre-show fan encounter, THIS song from Analog Heart MIGHT be on DC’s album. What do you think?

    I do like this song, but I have to admit that it’s only my EIGHTH favorite on Analog Heart. If he does include it, I hope he rerecords it because the song needs better production values and the vocals are spotty in some places (I’m one of the most critical fans– of anyone I support– that you’d ever meet!)


  23. I dont know which day in newark this was…. but *flirt alert* at :40 in on the video…. LOL



  24. Some Jason from Newark (NOTE: I’m not allowed to listen to music this week, so I have only the vaguest idea what these sound like, hope the sound quality is decent!)

    All four of these uploaded by SuzyCastroFan
    Over the Rainbow
    The end of OTR and most of Crazy (with between song chat)
    End of Crazy
    Most of Daydream


  25. You’re not allowed? Oh dear. Well, I will give you my take on these performances later on in the day.

    Off to Church services and then painting my daughter’s living room.

    I can’t wait to hear Jason though. I am sure he sounded great – his voice is opening up even more so and his stage technique is really, really improving.


  26. You’re not allowed? Oh dear.

    Yeah–in the 9 days culminating in Tish’a B’Av (next Sunday), observant Jews are in mourning for the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and can’t listen to music, or attend public entertainments, or do a whole bunch of other things that tend to cheer people up. So I’ll just have to wait until after and listen to everything in one big marathon. 🙂 I can read your analyses, though!


  27. All four of these Jason Castro were uploaded by SuzyCastroFan and sent to me by Rereader
    Over the Rainbow:

    I love the great ad lib changes that Jason does in the introduction of this song. And, do you notice how more cohesive his phrases are sounding?

    Certainly, not as breathy and, also, the entire performance is certainly more expressive. Listen to his crescendo when he sings the three notes on the word: “I”

    Again, he subtly alters the melody here and there. Excellent!

    Lovely head tone toward the end of the song and he carries it down to his mid-register, resulting in a cleaner and more resonant vocal presence throughout his range.

    He still needs to watch that he doesn’t allow too much space to appear in between words – such as the words “behind” and “me”, as well as “find” and ”me”.

    Just hold your breath a little longer on pure vowel “ah” in the “eye diphthong in the words “behind” and “find”, so the result will be beehaaaaaaaaaheyennduh meeee and fahhhhhhhhhhheyenduh mee

    The end of OTR and most of Crazy (with between song chat)

    Good strong ending of Over The Rainbow. Super.

    And he talks freely with the crowd. I love how he interacts so sincerely with the crowd.

    And, as he begins this song, his voice sounds so strong and powerful as he adds his signature folksy, yet, bluesy style to this song.

    His vowels sound distinctly pure, such as in the word “crazy” – he is leaning toward the purer “eh”. This allows him to properly focus and center his voice.

    End of Crazy:

    And, look at him opening his circular mouth and dropping his jaw on the word “crazy” – great improvement there! Super work , Jason! You are definitely improving! This makes me so happy.

    Most of Daydream:
    Oh he sounds spectacular tonight. I am hearing a little vibrato coming through and it adds character and musicality to his vocal timbre.

    And he is singing with poise and confidence, allowing his distinct artistry to shine like the rising star he has now become!

    The audience is cheering long and hard and rightfully so. All three songs were performed with assurance and flair, yet with the youthful exuberance and relaxed charm we have come to love and appreciate in Jason.

    Bravo times 3!


  28. ReReader – I finally added Jason`s review. Thanks for sending the links once again.

    Nothing wrong with being true to your religious traditions. It is what grounds us – the reason why we exist.

    So, next Sunday, you will be amply rewarded with lots of Jason music. He is most definitely imrproving.


  29. Thanks, MCL!!! I love knowing what I have to look forward to–and love knowing how well Jason is doing! (He’s learning so fast!)


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