Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Top 5 Performances: The Music Of Neil Diamond

American Idol Season 7 Top 5 Performers

I am looking forward to the show tonight. I really love Neil Diamond. I was fortunate to see him in concert years ago and he staged a superb show. He is a passionate, intense performer and absolutely adores and respects his audience.

So, I think he will give these singers excellent advice on what it takes to arouse and stimulate an audience with authority and conviction.

I am now entering week two with this horrible cold and flu virus. I have re-arranged my teaching load here, but I am still pretty wiped.

I will do my best with this week’s Vocal Masterclass and have it online ASAP.

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38 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Top 5 Performances: The Music Of Neil Diamond”

  1. According to MJsBigBlog (http://mjsbigblog.com/), the song choices (but not the order) for this week are:

    Jason Castro – “Forever in Blue Jeans” and “September Morn” –
    David Archuleta – “Sweet Caroline” and “America”
    Brooke White – “I Am … I Said” at the piano and “I’m a Believer”
    Syesha Mercado – “Hello Again” & “Thank the Lord for the Night Time”
    David Cook – “I’m Alive”, “All I Ever Really Need is You”

    What do y’all think?


  2. I think the correct order is here: http://idolforums.com/index.php?showtopic=554653

    Great song choices all around. I think “September Morn” may just be Jason’s moment – if he allows the words to really live through his voice.

    Syesha cannot lose with “Hello Again” – this is a tearjerker of a song.

    Not as familiar with David Cook’s songs – maybe when I hear them?

    David A. – good strong choices

    Brooke – “I’m A Believer” – seems like a strange choice. I am not as familiar with the first song.


  3. It was a speedy night for our idols. Here is my review:

    David Cook: He is the star of the show. His voice is just so gorgeous (my God, the ending on that second song….just gorgeous). The nuances, the tone….it’s simply amazing. Each week, he looks better and better, and he diversifies too. I personally think he’s untouchable in this competition, and he has earned it every step of the way. The artistry, the looks, the voice = superstar. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a package this strong on an Idol show, ever. He is miles ahead of the other contestants, and I think it’s at a point where it’s difficult to deny this, even if you are not a fan of his.

    Syesha: She is adorable. I loved the first song. It was really pretty, and I really hope she stays. She does not deserve to go home.

    Brooke: First song was a trainwreck for me, but I liked the second one. It was very pretty.

    David A.: I didn’t connect with him tonight; however, on the first part of the first song I thought he sounded great. He has a pretty voice, but I don’t always connect with him…..maybe it says more about me than him….I find it hard to connect to singers who are so young. I still want to see a David vs David showdown, if only because the 2 singers are both so talented, yet so very different.

    Jason: Sweet, charismatic, cute kid, but he did not bring it tonight, and the singing fell short for me as usual with Jason. It’s getting hard because we are down to 5 singers, and someone has to go home. I really don’t think it would be fair if he were to stay over the others. I appreciate that he’s different, but I do have a singing threshold.

    David Cook is a superstar
    Jason, sadly, should go home. Please don’t send Syesha home.


  4. David Cook was my Favorite tonight.


  5. I say tonight because he hasn’t been my favorite but I can definetely see him winning. He has grown on me. It is funny because I hardly noticed him at first. David C. was the most versatile of the night.


  6. I…don’t quite know what to say. I went over to the show clips at http://mjsbigblog.com/, and after several listens, I still think Jason sounded fine* (and his posture was way better in both songs this week–maybe he’s been reading your critiques, MCL!). No, there was no great moment, unfortunately, but no one else on the stage was trying to sing immediately after being told that the performance they were about to give was charmless and empty; I would think that would throw anybody off, much less the only real amateur in the bunch.

    (*Actually, as usual, I thought he sounded better when I listened again, and better yet the third time. I don’t know how he does that.)


  7. I’m not to sure how to feel about tonight’s show. For the most part, I did enjoy it but at the same time, I felt that it was just okay….weird, I know. I just feel that for a top 5 show, it could have been much better.

    I really liked Syesha tonight! I agree, idolina, plz don’t send her home. I also thought Syesha looked absolutely gorgeous tonight…the colour and style of dress really suited her tonight…and her hair was fabulous too (sorry…i know, i know we are suppose to be commenting on their singing…couldn’t help that one!) (anyone else notice that she performed without shoes tonight???)

    Brooke….please go home! I did not like her 1st performance; not her style at all. Although the second was better, maybe because it was her style!

    Archuleta….good! His 1st song (for me) was a lot more memorable (probably because I’m more familiar with it)

    Cook….superb as usual!

    Jason…I think it is his time to leave too! Although, I do have to say he was much better than last week!

    My picks for leaving…well either Brooke or Jason! But I said that last week and was completely wrong!! So who knows??

    MCL, I really hope you are on the way to feeling better! Two weeks, eh? Rest as much as you can….and ensure to get waited on….;-)!!!!!


  8. Rereader, that happens when you want to like something.

    Also the quality on youtube probably isn’t as good as the one on your TV Set.


  9. I feel If Michael Johns and Carly Smithson were still here, this show would’ve been better.


  10. the quality on youtube probably isn’t as good as the one on your TV Set.

    No, actually, my tv is a 13-incher with a roof antenna (in Manhattan, no less). The sound quality on YouTube is usually better. And, no offense, but I started out the season not liking Jason very much–until I realized that he sounded better in the recaps, so I’d go over to YouTube, and he’d sound better there, and I’d end up buying the songs from iTunes. I NEVER buy songs from iTunes, I’m old-fashioned and buy CDs. (And I really can’t get into dreads.) There’s just something about Jason’s interpretations that hook me.


  11. “No, there was no great moment, unfortunately, but no one else on the stage was trying to sing immediately after being told that the performance they were about to give was charmless and empty; I would think that would throw anybody off, much less the only real amateur in the bunch.”

    It was totally unfair to Jason and I do believe his fans will save him. I loved his choices, but feel he could have done better. This was a GOOD theme; one can only guess what Paula’s huge mistake will do to the show.


  12. Oddly enough, I thought Jason’s “I was choking and there was something in my throat” voice sounded better than his normal voice. Keep on choking, Jason!

    I don’t think September Morn was a moment. I was fairly bored during it despite how good it sounded. I felt like I was in an elevator. But I don’t like the original either. *shrug*


  13. From the Entertainment Weekly website (http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2008/04/on-the-scene-th.html)

    “At the ad break, the judges were all whisked out of the studio, Syesha Mercado, David Cook, David Archuleta and Brooke White left waving to the audience, and Jason Castro was left on a stool, stage center, contemplating what, exactly, had just happened.”



  14. Hey everyone:

    I didn’t see the show tonight – I was just too ill. Had some sort of relapse. I appreciate your comments and will check here from time to time.

    Did something happen during the show? With Paula?

    Thanks guys and gals


  15. That’s odd thatt you didn’t like Jason in the beginning rereader because I thought he was best in the beginning of the season.


  16. Hi, MCL–I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had a relapse; I really know how awful that flu bug is. (I went in to teach after 1 week, and ended up flat on my back for another few days ‘cuz of it, yuck.)

    Yes, something happened on the show. Since they were squishing in 2 Neil Diamond song each into one hour, they had announced that the judges would only comment after each singers’ second song. But after the fifth singer (Syesha) went the first time, Ryan called all the Idols back onto the stage for a “quick overview” judging. I think he just wanted an overall view, but Randy ran down each singer. When Paula did that, she started with Jason, since he went first–and continued on to give him a negative critique of his SECOND song, basically calling it charmless and empty and that he wasn’t fighting to stay in the top four–despite the fact that he had not yet sung his second song. When they finally stopped her, she tried to cover by claiming it was her critique for David Cook, who she then proceded to call fantastic. (!) According to the the Entertainment Weekly website (http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2008/04/on-the-scene-th.html) I cited above (they have the clip of Paula there, but you can hear the whole first song judging from the link “Paula is wasted” on http://mjsbigblog.com/ , right under the links for the individual performances), they then plunked Jason down on the stage to sing his second song, without letting go backstage for a couple of minutes to collect himself.

    There’s a lot of disagreement on the web as to whether she was reading a script someone prepared for her, or whether these were notes she took during rehearsals–but I can’t say I like either as an excuse, since performances can really change from time to time.

    damonson–well, we didn’t ever really see Jason until the top 24, and I already had picked out some favorites from the preliminary rounds (Carly, David A.). Jason had to win me over!


  17. Masterclasslady — if you go to MJ’s Big Blog, there should be a transcript.

    YOu can also see it on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42aujhtAYzU I think seeing it is almost necessary, because it was such a disaster.

    In essence, Paula judged Jason Castro on a song he had not yet sung! Total trainwreck.

    I know I don’t comment really, but I always read….

    For me:
    Jason Castro’s voice actually suited his songs, but he wasn’t fantastic. I like him a lot still, but he really doesn’t seem like he wants to be there anymore.

    David Archuleta: I’m sorry, I just cannot stand him. He is, technically, a lovely singer. with a gorgeous voice. But I don’t feel he emotes well or really even understands why he’s singing about, and I think that his performances often tend to be a real mess. Honestly., I thought he was flat all through his performances, and I didn’t like his tinkering with the melody in ways that make him sound warbly. I don’t understand why the judges don’t call him on it (ok, maybe I do, after seeing Paula mess up!)

    Brooke White: Love her voice, but the first song was a disaster, she looked so unhappy and uncomfortabl.e She needs to stay behind the piano, it suits her well.

    David Cook: I always love him. I thought he did a great job, and for me, he’s the one with the most sheer musical talent. Maybe it’s because I could never dream of arranging music! Transpose, yes. Arrange? No. Plus, I love the timbre of his voice.

    Syesha: Ah, she’s winning me back again. She did very well. She was an early favorite, and I don’t much care for the diva sound on her so she lost me… but she’s growing on me again.


  18. MCL –

    The judges gave their critiques after all 5 had sung their first song, Paula said something about Jason’s first song then started talking about his second song for when he hadn’t sung it yet, then tried to cover it up by saying it was for David Cook. Priceless! Watch it here:

    All the performances are up on this channel:


    David Cook and Syesha did really well I thought, but the others were slightly forgettable. The entire show felt very rushed, in fact.

    And next week’s theme is songs that inspired rock & roll:


    Hoping you are on the mend, MCL! 🙂


  19. Just shuffled out of bed – needed food!

    Honestly, the whole Paula mess made me giggle like a crazy school girl. This is the best yet. Something to look forward to reading about in order to break up the tedium of lying around like a dishrag.

    Thanks all. Keep yapping. Will check back and read your links later. xo


  20. The Paula disaster also made me laugh and definitely makes one wonder about the credibility of the show!

    Here’s another link to it that you can read about:

    I wonder what will happen tonight!

    MCL, I really hope you begin to feel better soon. That flu bug can be quite a nasty thing!!


  21. I just watched the performances on Youtube and, to me, the only truly great performances were Syesha’s.

    Sorry fans of everyone else, but between wrong song choice and technical flaws and everything else in between, the other singers sounded really flat to my ears. And emotionless.

    Thanks for the link Bizzee et al


  22. Credit to Jason – he did stand up midway through the “September Morn” and tried to visually and emotionally connect with the auidence.

    Last week, I mentioned that he should have changed his stage position during “Memory”, as he remained seated through the whole number.

    So, good on him for making this change this week.


  23. Well, MCL–maybe he has been reading your critiques! There’s a radio interview with Carly Smithson (http://star94.com/shows/mm_index.cfm?show=mm) where she says that he practices his butt off (her words), so…who knows? I hope so…

    I have to agree that only Syesha stood out last night–my only problem with her performances was, well, they felt so much like performances, not so much like connecting with Syesha. (This was more true for me of her second performance than her first, but even so.) I think she needs a touch–but only a touch!–of Brooke’s vulnerability.

    I seemed to me, as well, that singing two songs in one night was not a good thing for David A., since, well, they sort of sounded the same, and the originals don’t. (Except that I thought he sounded better, technically, in the first one.) Maybe if there had been more of a difference in tone and tempo?

    Brooke’s I am…I said was nice, but…no, I’m a Believer was not a good choice. (And manic is not the same as happy.)

    I thought both of Jason’s performances were solid, albeit not spectacular. I quite liked Forever in Blue Jeans (I thought it started a little too low energy, but picked up okay); September Morn could have used more intensity, but under the circumstances…

    I can’t really comment on David C.’s performances because…well, I don’t remember them that well. He’s a performer I generally greatly admire (although I don’t like his style of music it’s plain to see that he does it very well), but since I usually have a vivid memory of his performances and don’t this week–I’m guessing they were just okay? I’ll have to go back and see.

    Really, all of them (except Syesha) seemed kind of tired and washed out this week. And the breakneck speed they were going at–it felt more like a recap than an actual show.

    I just want to say that I’ve been poking around the internet during lunch today, and this must be the most civil and intelligent–and least hysterical–AI website on the web, so thanks all, and especially you, MCL!


  24. rereader – thank you for your comments and it is nice to see that the people that post here are doing so in an intelligent and though-proving manner – one that stimulates lively, but respectful, discussion.

    I will attempt to post a mini-Masterclass article later on in the week, but, cannot do so until I start to feel noticeably better. It’s too draining and I have, in fact, cancelled all my vocal coaching for the week, so online vocal coaching must suffer too. 🙂

    Interesting that Jason practices his butt off. Who knew? Just goes to show that appearances can be deceptive. That “stand up” movement popped at me though. Good for him.


  25. So you disliked the Davids as well? : (


  26. No – I didn’t dislike them. I just thought they didn’t deliver as well as they had during other weeks.


  27. Then who didn’t you like at all?


  28. Hi everyone. I usually don’t post here, but I love reading all the comments. MCL, I love reading your reviews each because you see the positives in every contestant, and truly do give constructive advice (unlike the AI judges). I’m sorry you’re feeling so sick, and hope you are better very soon.

    I just want to say how much I was looking forward to Neil Diamond week, but I was pretty disappointed with the song choices, especially for David Cook. I wasn’t familiar with either song. The first one was just okay, and the second one much better. But still, I don’t even remember what they were. I was SO hoping he’d sing one of Neil Diamond’s early hits, like Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry, or Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon.

    I thought Syesha did well last night, and I liked David A’s America, although I’m not that crazy about the song to begin with. Simon’s negative comments about Syesha are frustrating!

    Jason was forgettable last night, except for Paula’s comments! Yikes! I liked him at the beginning of the season, but it doesn’t seem like he’s grown at all. And after reading your reviews, I can understand the technical problems with the way he sings.

    Brooke’s first song, I’m a Believer, was awful. She needs to learn to move around when performing, and it just seemed really weird. Her second song was much better, but still I’m not a huge Brooke fan. I thought she should have been gone by now.

    Anyway, thank you MCL for letting us participate here! Hope you’re better soon.


  29. First of all, I’d like to tell you that I enjoy your critiques immensely.

    I have to say that I enjoyed David Archuleta’s performances yesterday. He chose to do two upbeat songs that showed a different side of him. He infused each song with his own interpretation. David’s ability to connect with the audience, both live and at home cannot be underestimated. He deserves to win this not only because of his talent (being called a prodigy by many, including Neil Diamond) but because he is truly a wonderful, kind, humble human being. He is the perfect role model in today’s troubled world of Lindsay Lohans and Brittney Spears. I look at him and see hope for the future. I know in the end this is just a reality show but David has touched my life….and I know I’m not the only one.


  30. After watching the tape of the show three more times, I do feel Brooke should go home. Does anyone wonder if she has been presecribed some medication for her nerves?

    I still feel sadness towards the events involving Jason. I still can’t believe they left him all alone during the commercial break after Paula’s critique of his second song. And why did all the contestants and judges leave with Jason just sitting there on the stool. I wish someone would have spoke with him about what just happened.

    I think Brooke goes home.


  31. Thanks everyone. You people have been great through this sick phase in my life. I have the best readers on the planet.

    The singer that was extremely disappointing to me last night was Brooke. She tried to hold it together, but I think she has reached her limit, quite frankly.

    With Jason, I see true possibility for growth. He just needs a strong and determined mentor.

    Syesha will have a wonderful career beyond Idol. Beautiful face and equally beautiful voice and style.

    The Davids – impeccable, just didn’t have a strong night, although I did love David A.’s classically pure approach to “America”


  32. katherinesmom May 1, 2008 at 2:51 am

    I have to confess that “Forever in Blue Jeans” and “September Morn” are two of my least favorite Neil Diamond songs so Jason came out with a strike against him in my book. Anyway, I agree with you, MCL, that Syesha put together the best set of the night. I especially liked what she did with “Thank the Lord for the Night Time”. Her “Hello Again” sounded a bit thin to my ear, as if her softer volume lacked the same resonance she has when she sings louder. I hope this did enough for Syesha to keep her in the game because it would be a shame for her to go before….

    Jason and Brooke! I did like “Forever in Blue Jeans” better than “Sept. Morn” but both songs lacked energy. Brooke’s faulty breath support really shows in uptempo songs and she really has quite the vibrato (I think it’s really tremolo as it was wonky fast!). She still is doing that “fall off” thing at the end of each phrase. I think she would be better served to develop enough stamina to string more phrases together. Probably too late in the game for that now, alas.

    Davids- Cookie sounded a bit airy in the first, then had that “nasal” tone in the second song. I liked his enunciation last week in “Music of the Night” as he tends to slur his words, making it really hard for me to understand the lyrics. I also wish he would connect with the studio audience more as I feel like all his energy is going to smoldering looks into the camera. I think we really know who spent the week looking in the mirror while singing into the hairbrush, don’t we 😉 . (MCL, last night, David C. asked Ryan how he prepared for this week’s show, and Ryan gave that answer. Not very funny. )

    David A.- I still like his voice but still not lovin’ his song selection. I know he must be getting advice from his dad and his vocal coach but it might serve Arch better to go with songs that he really feels like he can sink his teeth into.

    I too, would like to thank you, MCL, and the other posters here for the sensible discussions about AI. Try to get better soon!


  33. Precise anaylsis, MCL. Neil Diamond recommended guidance for Jason. Vocal training, good song selections, and a nurturing record company will do wonders for him.

    Syesha truly has a career on Broadway, in the movies, modeling, commercials, etc.

    Now please hurry up and get well. Please!


  34. Just want to say that I love your reviews. I really appreciate the fact that you find good things to say about each contestant and the criticisms are always constructive and encouraging. Very well done!!

    I saw Simon on an a talk show interview where he was asked if the judges saw the performances for the first time on the night of the show. He said that they always watch the dress rehersals from a live feed in their trailors. I think that explains what happened. Paula watched dress rehersal, wrote her comments to be delivered at the end of both performances as planned. Then when Ryan slipped her a curve and told the judges they were to critique the first half of the show she just read from her notes. Pitiful Paula. I felt horrible for Jason (as most of America did). I completely agree that she should have apologized last night. I was also shocked by her critique of David Archuleta last night and wondered what performance she was critiquing. When I watched his first performance Tuesday I noted how much he smiled and moved across the stage. He seemed so upbeat, happy and confident… and that smile at the end sealed the deal. I was worried about how he would perform after Simon said his performance was ameraturish because he seems to take everything to heart. He came back strong with America and still seemed to be having a great time. I was happy for David beacuse he has been criticized for doing so many slow ballads and being a one trick pony. I was glad to see that he changed things up. I cannot critique his vocals, but I thought his stage presence was great! To hear Paula say that he needed to look like he was having a good time…. what does she want? Am I wrong or what did I miss?


  35. Welcome nannyblue:

    I am not able to write a Masterclass article this week because I have been sick with the flu, so I apologize for this.

    But, yes, I was confused about Paula’s comments as well and, quite frankly, I think the scales are being tipped for a David Cook win. Her comments to David A reflect this.

    I am sure there is a great deal of banter between the producers and judges and the outcome of this banter is reflected in judging comments that have little or nothing to do with the actual performance.

    Watch carefully next week. It will be pretty apparent who the actual chosen one is – it has been thus so every year without fail.

    Thanks for stopping by.:)


  36. Kariann – I am trying to get well. Darn, I canNOt stand lying around like a limp rag. Grrrr.

    Thanks again


  37. Hi, MCL–

    Don’t worry about the article, just please take care of yourself. Not that we don’t love to read your analyses because of course we do, but first things first!

    I’m just so sick and tired of all these attempts at vote manipulation. Not only does it insult the audience, but, first and foremost, it does so much damage to these young people, who have done nothing to deserve it. With these blatant attempts at getting the winner they want, I shudder to think what the judge and producer choices for the “unchosen” two of the final three are going to be.

    And there’s no need for any of it, really. Syesha, as you said above, is going to have a wonderful career–since she has said she is more comfortable singing as someone else, she has a great shot at succeeding as a Broadway/film star. That would make my only negative about her–that I don’t feel a connection to her when she sings–a big positive; when an actress sings in a role, you want to connect not to the actress but to the character! But that’s also why I don’t see her winning this thing–because as well as she sings, she’s usually at a slight remove from the viewing audience, and let’s face it, people don’t power-vote for a single great performance, they power-vote for the singer for whom they feel an emotional connection of some sort, and power-voting is what gets a contestant to the final 2.

    Like you, I see a lot of potential in Jason (particularly as a recording artist)–he has the raw talent in both voice and musicianship, and to me it seems as though he’s showing some growth already. I went back and listened to his performances in order, and to me it sounds like his voice is getting stronger. He certainly has gained more control over it–in the earlier songs his voice slides around a good bit (sorry, I don’t know the proper term!) and he was apt to hit false notes; in the later performances it’s much less common. I think he really needs a chance to get some good vocal training and to work on technique without all of America watching him so that he won’t be afraid to try out new things. But although he’s my personal favorite, I never thought he’d get farther than fourth or fifth (or, barely possibly, third), and I think if the producers had just left things alone that is where he would have ended up naturally. He’s the one I’m most afraid for, should he make the final 3–all of the other remaining finalists are far better capable of coping with a malicious song choice or two. (Which is one reason why you need to get yourself some solid technique, Jason!)

    That leaves the two Davids, who I think would have ended up as the top two without any of these machinations. Both of them, I think, can do very well in big arena-type settings, which is what the producers always seem to want, so I’m kind of surprised they are being so blatant.

    David A. caught my attention in the audition rounds with that pure, sweet tone of his, and he was one of my favorites through “Imagine.” His losing some of his luster for me has really nothing to do with him personally (he seems a sweetie), and nothing to do with either his voice or vocal skills (formidable, especially at his age). First, he seems to be getting more and more tense (no big surprise there), and I worry for him, he’s so young and seems even younger than his age. Second, I would just really like him to sing a song unembellished once in a while. Or at least, to change up the type of embellishment he uses. So my problem is really with whomever is doing his arrangements (and it may be that that’s all his father, but he is the one singing them).

    I think that originally the producers were aiming for a David A. win, but then David C. started popping up with masterful performances, and they decided they have a shot at getting some of that Daughtry success that slipped through their fingers–particularly since David C. is, to my ear, far more musically talented. I don’t like his favored type of music, so I likely wouldn’t buy his album, but that says nothing about his ability to succeed in his chosen musical genre, and I think he will succeed–he’s already gotten enough exposure to achieve that without 19E. (Which is of course what they are afraid of.)

    Goodness, this has turned into a long post! I hope it makes sense…


  38. I think that the David C. pimping doesn’t necessarily mean he is TPTB’s chosen one. David A. was such a heavy favorite at the beginning that they knew there wouldn’t be any suspense to the show if they didn’t build up at least one challenger…


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