Archive | April 21, 2008

Jordin Sparks’ Burgeoning Career Halted Due To Health Problems

I am extremely upset regarding the recent news of Jordin’s Sparks health problems. According to MJs Big Blog, Jordin’s career is temporarily (I hope) on hold until the inflammation in her vocal cords subsides. When will the mentors/managers/agents of these young singers realize that pushing these artists to the brink of exhaustion while singing with […]

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Kelly Clarkson Sings With Heartfelt Emotion For Pope Benedict XVI

When I listened to the opening refrains of “Ave Maria”, I was actually worried. Kelly sounded a bit breathy and fragmented within her approach to her phrase lines. However, Kelly being Kelly, the end result was absolutely glorious. She added some lovely vocal embellishments during the second verse of this song. Yet, in the end, […]

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