Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The Top 7 Performances On American Idol

Now, finally we had a show happening last night. I thought that, generally, the singers were very good and I congratulate the genuine, supportive talent of Martina McBride for nurturing and guiding these singers toward successful and real performances in their country themed showcases.

I will be posting my Vocal Masterclass article sometime tomorrow (maybe today if I can get my act together), but, until then, your comments are always welcome. I would love to generate a lively discussion on this year’s group of singers

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11 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For The Top 7 Performances On American Idol”

  1. Sorry Masterclass Lady. I agree with much of what you say on your wonderfully written articles, but I didn’t think this show was much better than the last one. Phil gave a middle-of-the-road performance that no one will remember, Jordin was good(but STOP singing songs that have already been sung on Idol numberous times, please), Sanjaya gave his worst performance yet, although it was very laughable, LaKisha was a fish out of water in the country genre, and her performance showed it, Chris’s nasally voice was more grating than it has ever been before, Melinda was great as usual, although I wanted her to knock some Dolly Parton or Faith Hill out of the park instead of something that no one’s ever heard of, and Blake’s voice was weak and the high notes he sang made me flinch(the song wasn’t wonderful either).

    I long for Season 3, where contestants like George Huff, Fantasia and LaToya London hit home runs even on nights like this when they were far removed from their comfort zone. Country week has never sounded less country than it did last night IMO.


  2. Melinda is such a class act. I agree with Martina McBride. At this point of the competition, Melinda has to show more attitude and personality. If she keeps going like this, there is no way she is losing this competition. By the way, she looked so beautiful last night!

    And I really think Simon’s comments about Jordin were premature. Jordin is a good singer and she has an amazing talent. However, she’s been very inconsistent this season.

    Overall, Melinda should win “AI”.


  3. I thought that this show was miles above last week’s show. There simply was no comparison.

    I kind of liked the fact that the singers added their own style to the country genre.

    Some of the singers were still not singing as well as I know they can, but, as far as performances go, I thought that they looked more relaxed than last week.


  4. I agree with you MCM, that last night’s show was a big improvement over Latin night. All the singers, even those who didn’t sing as well as the should have, seemed much more comfortable this week.

    I felt bad for Sanjaya this week. He is an appealing person, so I understand why people vote for him, but his rendition of “Something to Talk About” was not a good performance. I think that formal vocal training would really make a tremendous difference for him. I have the feeling that if he had auditioned a couple of years later after his voice has matured more, that he would have done better.


  5. Yes, I thought Sanjaya needs more time for his voice to mature but, truly, I think his voice is improving somewhat. It takes a male singer a long time to develop his voice and reach its full potential.


  6. MCL, I really would like to know why not very many people have appreciation for Phil and his vocal talent? I am a vocal music teacher, and I would love to have a male in mt class with a voice like his. I think he’s letting all this negative stuff ruin his performances. Who could blame him?


  7. I absolutely LOVED Melinda last night! She was terrific in her performance! I don’t think she’ll be anywhere near the Bottom 3 tonight!

    Belle Book


  8. Why am I the only one that doesn’t mind Chris’ nasality? I actually think it was suited perfectly for his song choice last night. Although choosing a Rascal Flatts song was a bit obvious, he sounded very similar to the lead singer (maybe that’s the problem). I could see Chris doing really went in the country genre. The nasal twang could lend itself quite easily to a variety of country song. Grant it, not all country singers are like that but the twang is what sets country singers apart from others.

    As for the rest, I thought Phil did an awesome job in comparison to his other performances. He finally looked confident and was engaged in his performance. The whole thing look effortless for him last and I thought it was great.

    Melinda was awesome as always. Is there anything she can’t sing?

    Jordin was phenomenal last night as well. I was blown away by the subtleness of her performance. I loved how she started out softly, full of emotion and then built to a quiet crescendo until finally reaching the chorus and letting loose. It was brilliant.

    Blake sounded good but for some reason I just didn’t get it. The song was weird for me and the performance just left me a little confused. But I did notice that he keeps lifting his head on the higher notes. See? I learned something from here. 🙂

    LaKisha seemed to be truly lost last night. Her head just wasn’t in the game and she seemed to be making “rookie” mistakes. I am sure she could sing those notes in her sleep but for some reason she was shouting all the way through the chorus. It wasn’t good at all.

    And lastly we have Sanjaya. If things go accordingly, he should be going home tonite. Last night’s performance was so unbelievably bad. He started out ok but then seemed to get worse with each passing beat. It seemed like he just suddenly lost confidence in what he was doing and started doubting everything he was doing. He was off key, out of rhythm and just awkward on stage. Enough already! He needs to be gone so we can get back to the real competition.


  9. Well, it was bound to happen. Sweet little Sanjaya is gone. I think he will do just fine, but he looked so young and vulnerable tonight after the elimination announcement.


  10. Mary – I think Phil was very crafty by showing his natural flair for the country genre.

    I think that, up until this point, he didn’t have a sense of definitive style that the viewers could identify with.

    Off for some quiet time. The Top 7 Vocal Masterclass article will be online tomorrow.


  11. I have loved Jordin’s voice from the beginning and am so glad that as her confidence grows each week so does her ability to show off her wonderful voice! She sings best with the group when she is completely relaxed and having fun…in fact, her voice is the best one in the group sings!! I really hope she is in the final!


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