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Masterclass Monday: I Want To Be Able To Do The Music That I Feel: David Archuleta


Where did this young man come from? I am speaking about the sublimely gifted Season 7 American Idol Runner-Up, David Archuleta.

This interview from Yes.My was conducted to herald David’s return to Malaysia for a full concert on 26 July 2011 at Stadium Negara.

The article states that “hot off the release of his new album ‘The Other Side of Down’, David shares with us his plans for the future, his recent departure from record label JIVE, and his take on relationships”.

However, it was the tone of the article that captured me. It strongly highlighted David’s profound maturity and intelligence, how he has such an enormous grasp on the truly important things in life, such as integrity, spiritual belief and an highly developed moral compass.

I had the pleasure of meeting David when he was on tour with the Season 7 American Idol finalists. When my husband later asked about the “meet and greet”, I said it was an enormously enjoyable experience.

However, I also remarked that I felt that there was something else going on with David that was intangible and very special. He seemed to view the world through sensitive and meaningful eyes, very knowledgeable and perceptive.

This article reinforced everything that impacted me during my singular meet with David.

You must read it and share your thoughts. If nothing else, you will walk away with a renewed sense of respect for the very gifted David Archuleta.

Also, this article is the first in a series of articles from a new feature here at MasterclassLady.Com called Masterclass Monday

Each Monday, I will add videos photos and articles that I feel provide am enormous learning experience for the MCL Community. And, since I can’t be everywhere on the WWW, your suggestions are welcome as well. Hope to hear from all of you.

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28 Responses to “Masterclass Monday: I Want To Be Able To Do The Music That I Feel: David Archuleta”

  1. Dear MCL….Thank you for writng such a loving supportive article of David. He is one of a kind isn’t he.!!!
    His voice, and his heart are forever linked and the world is a better place because David is such a great role model for all of us! He is definitely a “gem”that shines so brightly!

  2. Sharon – thank you for your comments. I just admire David so much and had to share this article with all of you.

  3. Thank you for your article on this MC. I love this interview and David’s thoughtful responses. I am so proud of David for making these important decisions vs going the popular route. He is a deep thinker and so gifted. Life is too short to do just what others think you should do. David is 20 going on 40 when it comes to music. I’m enjoying the journey.

  4. Thank you for highlighting this interview.

    “However, I also remarked that I felt that there was something else going on with David that was intangible and very special. He seemed to view the world through sensitive and meaningful eyes, very knowledgeable and perceptive. ”

    Exactly. Hope you can get to see him again soon.

  5. Thank you for the support you always show David. I am excited for what David is doing for himself and his fans. I for one will always support this amazing young man.

  6. What happened with him during his AI tenure is–unfortunately–expected. I have been less-than-impressed with how AI does some of its business. Hmm . . . Maybe it is time for a new King Records:) Where we have interesting mashups.

  7. Rosanne,

    You said it so well!! Those are the reasons why I’m so proud to be a fan of this young man. He’s showed such class when it comes to speaking about Jive, being most respectful, despite the fact that Jive didn’t totally accept David’s vision for his career. I believe he’ll find the right fit someday soon. Until then, I’m looking forward to a few singles from David this year. A Spanish song or two would certainly be SWEET!!!

    I love your idea of “Masterclass Monday”. I’d be more than happy to give you suggestions when I come up with some.

  8. Thanks everyone for your input.

    Anita – please send in suggestions. The help would be most appreciated. I was hoping to add more today, but became distracted with numerous activities.

    There is always this evening. :)

  9. You are one of those people that really understands what makes David so special; it’s not just his music, but the person behind it that makes his fans love him so much. I respect him so much for doing what he believes in and not just what is commercia. I hope when the time come for him to move on professionally doing what moves HIM, that producers, labels, and radio gives him the attention he so richly deserves. Thanks again for posting your article.

  10. Thank you MCL for your support of David. It is interesting to hear your assessment of meeting David. I have been lucky enough to meet him several times, and he definitely has a goodness aura about him. He was just 18 the first time I met him, and although, he is one of those lucky people who will probably look young forever, he had a mature strength about him. He made everyone feel that he was honestly happy to meet them. He has that ability to look you in the eyes and make you feel you are meeting someone who cares about the world in general. I am in my late 60’s, and just wanted to add him to my brood of grandsons.

  11. Thank you RD and grannycrush. David is definitely a remarkable young man and always leaves a strong, positive impression on everyone.

  12. Thank you, Rosanne for another thoughtful post on David Archuleta. David’s fans love him as much for the qualities you outlined in your article as they do his stupendous musical talent.

    I thought you might enjoy seeing this fun video posted by some of David’s Malaysian fans in anticipation of his upcoming concert in Kuala Lumpur. It’s obvious they agree 100% with your assessment of David, and have gone all out to show their love and support for him. Note: There’s a slight pause in the video at about 3:37. Be sure to keep on watching to hear from a few of the fans on why they love David. I think you’ll find them kindred spirits!

  13. Roseanne, it seem everyone’s comments fit perfectly when describing David. He has so many devoted fans that will follow his kind heart where ever he goes. He has pure talent that will last a life time. I am happy he did appear on Idol as he may never have been found. Indeed David is a remarkable young man! I wish him the best!

  14. Thank you MCL for your support and spot-on reviews of the super-talented David James Archuleta! He is the true epitome of CLASS! I’m so proud to be one of his forever fans!

  15. You are most welcome angel50. I will always and forever be a fan of David James Archuleta.

  16. MCL – I also love that article. David says things sincerely but not in a “look at me” way. He just honestly says what’s on his mind. Did you ever get to read his book, Chotfd of Strength? He expresses even more of his thoughts there and it is very uplifting.

  17. Unfortunately, I have yet to read David’s wonderful book. It will happen – probably this summer. :)

  18. I meant to type “Chords of Strength” in my above comment. You know how it is with typos. Happy reading, MCL!

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeWj24QyIRw David’s beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner last weekend at the Stadium of Fire in Provo, Utah. Watch as it starts with a 12 year old David :)

  20. David has had 2 concerts in Asia so far this week and they have been stellar. We were wondering what your thoughts are on his vocals of the cover of Heaven. We are amazed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2p0zmIXI3CU

  21. Rosanne,

    As hollyre said, you must listen to David’s cover of Heaven, performed in Asia. I have not been able to stop listening, and it made me cry. It has to be one of his best performances EVER!

  22. Rosanne: Holly and Anita beat me to it! You’ve simply got to take a listen to David singing “Heaven.” For variety, here it is in sepia tone:

  23. Hi everyone:

    Please forgive my absence. Summer = no schedule and random visitors.

    I listened to David’s “Heaven” and it was indeed a heavenly performance. I will blog about it soon and, as well, David Cook and Jason Castro plus so much more

  24. Hi Rosanne! I’m looking forward to your blogs. We’re not pressuring you, though. It’s been a busy summer for you, so whenever you have time. At least you’ve listened to David’s Heaven!!!!

  25. Anita-I’m looking forward to my blogs too lol. I am so “out of the loop”. Every summer, chaos reins. Relaxed chaos but you know what I mean. David’s “Heaven” – gorgeous!!

  26. Hi MCL, Don’t want to overwhelm you with “HEAVEN” videos from David’s performance in Manila, but THIS one is such high quality I thought you might like to see it: http://tiny.cc/h86ae. Also, when you have time to do your blog about it, I wonder if you might talk about his bonus songs on the TOSOD Asian Tour Edition. I’m including a link to those, too, in case you haven’t already heard them. http://tiny.cc/m4q0o. Thanks so much!

  27. “However, I also remarked that I felt that there was something else going on with David that was intangible and very special. He seemed to view the world through sensitive and meaningful eyes, very knowledgeable and perceptive”.

    ~~Thank you Rosanne for sharing your thoughts & perceptions of David with us ~ ‘viewing the world through sensitive & meaningful eyes’ is something that is so rare for a 20 year old..something that definitely sets David apart from the rest. His spirit is unstoppable~so very proud of him & blessed to be his fan! <3


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