Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season One Live Quarter Finals: Team Adam And Team Cee Lo


Last week’s show, featuring the singers from Team Blake and Team Christina, was very good. Not excellent, but good.

And, truth be told, there was only one standout singer and she was from Team Blake – Dia Frampton.

I felt that she was truly unique and brought a relaxed Indie vibe to her performance. I just loved her.

Tonight’s show features a more diverse group of singers and I have high hopes for the level of competition in this episode. There is some serious collective star power in these two groups and the elimination process should be interesting.

Hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to add you comments after the show.

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14 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season One Live Quarter Finals: Team Adam And Team Cee Lo”

  1. OK, I just heard what I wanted to hear from The Voice. Javier Colon. But what a voice!! I thought Casey Weston, Devon Barkley & Nakia also gave excellent performances. But my money’s on Javier.

    I was surprised but pleased that Beverly got the audience save. She’s certainly outside the “pop mainstream”. I was not surprised that Christina picked Frenchie as her save.

    And I’m very pleased that America saved Dia. Xenia? Weird choice. We’ll see what happens.


  2. Sorry, I removed a sentence from my comment & then didn’t put it back in. I was going to say that I wish Javier would do just a little less facial grimacing. But he rocks.


  3. I agree, Darlene. There is so much strain in his facial muscles. He doesn’t have the greatest technique.

    Yet, still, after all these singers, I still love Dia. She is my favorite. Star power and talent combined.


  4. I’m sure the judges had to prepare their picks ahead of time, but I have to say that they seemed quite invested in their mentees (opposite of mentor?). I don’t think Christina was faking it. I was little surprised she chose Frenchie. I thought she might choose the little girl who can dance. How great that two shaved head women made it!


  5. I really liked Vicci’s Jolene – it was more restrained than I would have expected and good because of that. I was surprise that I enjoyed Casey’s performance – first one from her I liked.

    Javier didn’t do it for me at all -it was just OK.

    I was disappointed in Jeff (really didn’t like it) and Nakia (again no more than OK).

    Christina’s team – no surprises there.

    Blake – I really expected him to pick Patrick (although his song last week was nice but nothing special) – but as he said he has been watching itunes, and decided to Xenia.

    Itunes update:
    10. Dia – Heartless (from last week)
    13. Javier – Angel
    25. Vicci – Jolene
    30. Casey – Black horse etc
    41. Xenia – Price Tag (Last week)
    73. Javier – time after time (earlier rounds)

    Adam’s team:
    Xavier – will get vote – he’s ahead on itunes
    Casey is second on itunes but Adam will probably pick Jeff because he prefers him

    Cee Loo:
    Vicci will get the public vote
    Nadia would probably get Cee Lo’s vote.

    I must admit I preferred the signing on the battle rounds


  6. Rosanne,

    I missed last week’s performances. I’ll have to check out Dia’s “Heartless”, since you mentioned how great it was! I find Frenchie quite impressive. When had she auditioned for American Idol?


  7. Anita – I can’t remember when Frenchie auditioned for Idol. Before Season 7 I think. I can’t think back any farther. Lol


  8. Barbara – thanks for the ITunes update. Nice to se Dia is still leading the pack. She is my pick to win it all. She has the entire package. A real star. But, I do love Vicci as well. Then, comes Javier and that is sort of it for me.


  9. Rosanne,

    I just listened to Dia’s “Heartless”. I liked it alot. She sure shows originality!! Dia reminds me of Sara Bareilles, and a absolutely love her music!! What do you think of Frenchie? She sure is a powerhouse vocalist! Vicci’s “Jolene” was excellent I thought. Patrick Thomas’ “I Hope You Dance” was overpraised by the judges. I didn’t find anything very special about it.


  10. Rosanne,

    Since watching Christina on “The Voice”, I’ve thought of her performance of “Contigo En La Distancia” from a few years ago. She sure could sing that song well, but I’ve got to say, David Archuleta definately out did her. One of the things that made David’s better was his emotional connection with each and every word. The warmth in his voice was incredibly breathtaking. As Randy Jackson once said to him, “You caressed every word!! That was one of the most stunning performances I’ve ever heard! Christina has a big voice, but she just can’t match David’s technique!!


  11. MCL, it was Season 2 when Frenchie was considered the main competition for Kimberly Locke. The producers wanted Ruben fro the beginning, but as we know, Clay was the top vote getting every single week up to the Finals.

    I am not as impressed with Christina as I was in the beginning. I did think Raquel Castro had a good chance. I think she would have gone far in Idol. Dia is a favorite, too. I agree, Vicci will get the public vote Nadia would probably get Cee Lo’s vote.

    It seems the final will have 4 singers. Should be good! I think Cee Lo is growing on me. :o)


  12. I must admit my favorite show right now is, “So You Think You Can Dance?” I am hooked!


  13. Okay! I’m back…graduation and college registration is behind me; we are ready for the fall, Oh yeah, and pay tuition!!! 😦

    Anyhoo! I watched the last couple of The Voice’s…I still like Dia, Xenia (glad Blake picked her), I wasn’t impressed with Adams or Cee-Lo’s teams…who picked Cee-Lo’ songs for his team members???

    I think that if Dia comes out strong again next week the other teams are in trouble! And, if Xenia can gain a little (or alot) more self confidence the other teams will really be in trouble.

    Does anyone know how the voting will go next week?


  14. Dia is at 78 on the Hot 100 – really interesting to see this sort of TV program reflecting in the charts like this – it does show how something can capture people. I wish we could have seen this during AI.

    I’m sure I’ll get bored when the novelty wears off……


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