Barbra Streisand Set To Appear On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Set your DVRs Streisand fans. Your favorite diva, Barbra Streisand, will make a special appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Why now, you say? Well, Ms. Streisand is set to release a new CD called “Partners” which will include show-stopping vocal duo performances of Barbra with an eclectic array of artists including Andrea […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Top 12

Well, just two more weeks and we will crown another AGT winner. Look at the talent in that picture. Pretty much any one of these acts could win but I am still rooting for Miguel Dakota. He is the most marketable because he possesses every element you look for in a star – talent, charisma, […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 5: It’s All About Family

This show is addicting! And it is not only the food that tickles my cravings but also the storyline depicted throughout each episode. This week, under a great big box, the Top 5 receive a surprise in the form of their family members. Pictured above is Top 5 Finalist, Leslie, with his wife. They look […]

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Comedian Joan Rivers Dies At The Age Of 81

CNN has just reported that comedy legend, Joan Rivers, has died at the age of 81 years. Ms. Rivers had stopped breathing during throat surgery at a Manhattan medical clinic last week, according to the New York Fire Department. She apparently suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest during a procedure CNN had reported on Wednesday evening […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Semi-Finals Week Two

Picture Credit: NBC/America’s Got Talent I am in a bit of a hurry here, so I grabbed my favorite Nick Cannon picture to get this AGT topic going. What a great, great show last week. I do believe the strongest acts prevailed but it was a tight race. It was sad to see any of […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 6: Breakdown In The Kitchen

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox I am so sad. Big Willie was eliminated last week. He brought a sense of flair and enthusiasm to the MasterChef kitchen and all of the remaining competitors were noticeably saddened to see him leave. He was loved by all. And so, the Top 6 Home Cooks must forge on without her […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Semi-Finals Week One

Picture Credit: NBC/America’s Got Talent I am in love with Nick Cannon and his fashion sense. Look at that jacket. Doesn’t it scream MasterClassLady? I happen to think that Nick is a wonderful host and entertainer. The man has it all – loveable, humorous, empathetic and just plain all round nice guy. The show would […]

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66th Emmy Awards With Host Seth Myers To Air On NBC

Picture Credit: Emmys Another year, another Emmy Awards show to kick off the Fall TV season. The awards show is slated to air on Monday, August 25th at 8:00 PM on NBC. The host this year will be the always entertaining Seth Myers. I am not crazy about the majority of the nominees. Same old, […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 7: Tag Teams Rule In The Kitchen

This week, the Top 7 are treated to letters from homes and, as a result, their morales and spirits are considerably boosted. Although this show is a blast to watch, for the home cooks, it is a very intense, sometimes lonely competition. I am sure the pressure to succeed is huge and many have sacrificed […]

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A MasterClass Moment: David Cook’s ShowStopping Response To Caleb Johnson

When will American Idol Season 13 winner, Caleb Johnson, ever learn to keep his mouth shut? Someone “google” him a filter and a brain because this guy does not know how “keep a lid on it” to save his life. Recently, he dissed American Idol Season 7 winner, David Cook, by saying that he – […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Quarter – Finals Group Four

Picture Credit: America’s Got Talent/NBC And so this week, America’s Got Talent showcases the Final Group of 12 Quarter-Finalists. Scheduled to perform on Tuesday, August 19th at 9:00 on NBC are: One Voice Children’s Choir Cellists Emil & Dariel Extreme Dance Company The Bad Boys of Ballet Mothmen Dance, Magician Smoothini Dom the Bom’s Triple […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 8: Fighting For The Perfect Teammate

Picture Credit: MasterChef This week, the MasterChef Top 8 will be working in Teams of 2 and the kicker is this: they have to pick their own teammates. I was chuckling when I watched the video below – that Leslie breaks me up! He proves that age and experience really rock and he is quite […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Ten: Sex, Drugs And Rock And Roll

I may have experienced my teen years during The Sixties but this particular “free to be” revolution didn’t even come close to being on my radar. However, many young people embraced this hippie, “why not” revolution in am effort to “find themselves” and/or express themselves without barriers. Good times! Really good times! Really, really, really […]

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Hollywood Legend Lauren Bacall Dies At Age 89

Well, today is another sad day. Hollywood star, Lauren Bacall, has died at the age of 89. I loved her. Everything about her – her exquisite acting, her classy look, her professionalism, her voice and her name. Lauren. So beautiful. However, her real name was Betty but she was convinced by her agent to change […]

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Remembering Robin Williams: “Make Your Life Spectacular”.

I was just watching CNN’s remarkable coverage of the death of iconic comedian and actor, Robin Williams. They played his graduation speech from the movie, “Jack”, and it struck me as so poignant and so chilling, considering that he is no longer with us on Earth. His words, “Make your life spectacular – I know […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Quarter – Finals Group Three

Last week’s show showcased many exceptional performances and I am happy with some of the acts voted through to the semi-finals. That being said, I feel singer Jacob Curlee is as sweet as pie but he is one of the weakest singers I have ever seen on these shows. His voice is expressionless – no […]

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Iconic Comedian Robin Williams Dies At Age 63

Some Mondays are worse than others. And this is a heartwrenching, devastating Monday with the untimely death of the great Robin Williams.. With this news, the Hollywood world is in turmoil – the restaurants are surrounded by an eerie silence as mourners express their inward grief over this news. I am sure this shock has […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 10: Let’s Play Football!

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox This week, the Top 10 take to the football field to highlight their cooking prowess. Led by Team Captains, Elizabeth and Jaimee, both of whom won the Top 11 challenge last week, the home cooks must provide football snacks for the crowd while weathering, so to speak, the unpredictable natural elements. Like […]

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A Masterclass Moment: American Idol Contestant Serenades And Dances With Jennifer Lopez

Okay! this is too darn cute. It made me smile and I like to call it my Masterclass Moment of the Day. It appears that a contestant in Nashville, upon receiving his gold ticket for Hollywood, had another ticket in mind. An opportunity to slow dance with judge Jennifer Lopez. However, what made this moment […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Nine: The Times They Are A-Changin’

The Sixties was quite the revolutionary decade. Looking back, it seems almost unbelievable that the social issues raised during this decade were significant enough to warrant change, but, we have evolved and become a better culture as a result of the social movements of strong leaders during this decade. Acceptance of Homosexuality , equal rights […]

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