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MasterClass Monday: Andrea Bocelli Sings The Lord’s Prayer For Pope Francis

   Did anyone catch Andrea Bocelli’s glorious and inspiring performance of The Lord’s Prayer during the Festival Of The Families celebration on Saturday, September 26th in Phildaelphia?   What a moment!  Pope Francis must have been incredibly moved by this performance as we were by the Pope’s love, presence and  spirituality throughout his entire USA […]

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American Idol Season 7 Tour In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: August 13th, 2008

Hey Philly Idol Fans: The Top 10 Idols are once again visiting your fair state, but this time they are rocking it out at the Wachovia Center. We hope that this blog entry will encourage some new readers to come on board and add some video or photo links, recaps and more after the concert […]

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