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R.I.P.: Music Legend Aretha Franklin Dies At The Age Of 76

Today is a sad day. Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, is dead at the age of 76 of pancreatic cancer. And, with her passing, we have lost another special and unique legend. I am speechless here and, yet, even though we knew this day would come, it seemed that she was ageless and and everlasting. […]

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CNN Airs Roots: Our Journeys Home, Focusing On The Personal Roots Of CNN Anchors

Picture Credit: CNN.COM Have you been watching the mini-episode of CNN’s new historical project, “Roots“? I have been viewing snippets of this documentary this past week and, depending on the storyline, have been moved to tears of sorrow and laughter. I was touched to see the humanity and sensitivity displayed by these popular anchors who […]

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Flight MH370: Finding the Truth With Don Lemon On CNN Tonight

The disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 on March 8th, 2014 has been addressed as one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. But, more than that, given that we are living in an advanced technological age, where everything from a cell phone to a missing person can be readily traced, it is completely unfathomable that […]

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